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Eiichiro Oda began his manga career at the age of 17, when his one-shot cowboy manga Wanted! won second place in the coveted Tezuka manga awards . The One Piece Color Walk 1 book contains in particularly the Color spreads between Chapter 1 and Chapter Color spreads between chapter 1 and chapter Interview with Eiichiro Oda and Akira Toriyama (Dragon Ball). Eiichiro Oda,ONE PIECE Oda Eiichiro Art Book COLOR WALK,BOOK listed at CDJapan! Get it delivered safely by SAL, EMS, FedEx and save with CDJapan.

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One Piece Color Walk Art Book, Volume 1 book. Read 7 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Drool over the images in Eiichiro Oda's ONE. Documents Similar To One Piece - Color Walk Akira Uploaded by . Seba Naranjo · Akira Art Book Otomo Katishuiro. Uploaded by. Vladimir. Drool over the images in Eiichiro Oda's ONE PIECE COLOR WALK 1. The art book includes original color images from the popular manga, One Piece.

Oda: I know.

Toriyama-sensei probably doesn't remember Toriyama: Really? Oda: You mentioned something of the sort in some interview. I was thinking, "Well what about all the others?

But actually, looking at it now, I wonder why I chose this one. Oda: Well in your comments from back then, you said that you really liked the overall balance of the mecha. Toriyama: I guess I had thought at the time that it went together really well? Oda: If the actual artist doesn't know, nobody knows. Oda: My favorite one The huge poster for Jump which was the first time I drew all five of them together pp.

There is an illustration where Luffy's crew of five is on top of a polar bear.

I drew that one illustration really large. Toriyama: What, did you draw it at actual size!? Oda: I drew it by getting as close to the actual size as possible. I taped up two manuscript papers together and drew to the borders. Toriyama: What, you taped up two sheets!?

Oda: In the beginning, I actually drew spread pages by taping up pages together. Later on I realized that I just had to draw on A3-sized paper. Toriyama: Oh wow, you take this seriously. Oda: laugh Well, you really don't know. Oda: The cover for Volume 2 [of the manga collection] was one of my favorites. It has a nice 'earthy' feeling color, and looks very cool.

Toriyama: This one, I drew on colored paper. I said, "I can't afford to draw on white paper! Oda: You must be joking!! Five straight weeks of color pages!? Toriyama: I was forced to do it! By Torishima san. He makes you do completely unbelievable things!! I already have my hands tied up with just two. Toriyama: Why do you like this piece?

Oda: It's moving, but it's calm. I think that is what I like about it. As a whole, the atmosphere from the illustration is just really cool. Q: Both of you have drawn many illustrations in your career, but is there any piece that you had a lot of trouble with? Toriyama: Uh let me see I think that it is really difficult when you draw tanks or cars that exist in real life. That is because you can't screw anything up. When I'm feeling too lazy to think of designs, I end up using things from the real world, and that just proves to be a bigger hassle.

Oda: That's why I think people who drawing a series about present life must have a really hard time. Toriyama: Yeah I think so too. This illustration was a really nuisance.

One Piece Color Walk

That is because this bike exists in real life. It isn't good to draw something that exists in reality. Oda: Well not that it's bad Oda: I end up liking everything when I finish drawing.

It's fun to draw illustrations. Up to the deadline I'll be drawing, and when the editorial staff takes it away, I think, "I don't want to let go of it yet! That's how you are completely different from me.

If that was the case [for me], I'm sure it would be fun. Q: From here, we'll start talking about characters. Can you tell us each of your favorite character from your manga? Toriyama: I believe mine would be Piccolo. He was the first character in my manga where I was like, "He has a scary face, but he's so cool! Oda: That's right. It makes the readers happy as well.

There is a part of you that gets happy even though you knew it was going to happen.

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Toriyama: Yep, yep. Oda kun, which of your manga characters do you like? Years later he decides to become a pirate and forms his own team little by little. Luffy's dream is to travel to One Piece and become the Pirate King. Currently watching this. There are definitely hilarious moments here in this Anime. This is best watched subbed.

That's just my opinion. The comedy is kept fresh if you do watch it subbed or Raw as long as you know Japanese. Dubs just doesn't do it YHE This is the anime series that enlightens my mood. The plot is so light and there are mixed emotions including comedy and actions.. I really enjoy watching this anime, it makes me happy and at the same time I feel entertained.

I have watched this anime long time and it makes me addicted into it. ChaiTea91 7. Luffy and the crew of his band is what makes this anime fill my life with excitement and make me feel like a kid again. I have seen all the material available on the web until today, including TV series, all movies, short films, specials and OVAs.

It's my favorite anime.

Blue-Latte 7. It's entertaining to watch but I must say it has a very long story, too many characters and episodes, but the plot is very nice and the main characters are well developed.

I'm not a fan of the art style, the backgrounds are often quite plain and quickly done, though I admit the animation is quite good.

Flooi 9.

We only left the room to sleep, shower, went to the shop and eat - and even sometimes ate in front of the PC. Got thru over episodes I was hooked. And in no time I spread the word on One Piece and got over 5 friends to start watching it!

A wonderful shounen anime about friends, adventure, fighting for what you cherish and dreams. At over episodes, 12 movies and still going strong, this is one of the longest running popular anime out there.

One Piece Artbook Color Walk 2 postcard side a

Don't be discouraged about the amount of episodes, I promise it's well worth the watch. The art may not be that detailed in a sense that some are basically not realistic what do expect in a nonfiction.

Overall the huge sense of humor combined with action and the importance of a comrades, thumbs up! I followed this show for quite sometime before losing intrest in it.

After awhile it stopped grabbing my attention and began to bore me.Or are you trying to suck-up to the readers? Oda: The character develops based upon what I'm thinking, "This guy might say something like this! Oda: Yes. That is because this bike exists in real life.

Got thru over episodes The manga is in a class all of its own.

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