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Pmp Questions Pdf

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pmp mock exam online practice pmp exam pmp simulation exam pmp exam dumps sample pmp exam pmp certification exam questions and answers. project management exam questions and answers pdf pmp sample test mock pmp exam pmp practice exam questions pmp mock exam. PMP Sample Test Questions. (correct answers are bolded). 1. An accepted deadline for a project approaches. However, the project manager realizes only 75%.

Answer: B Who does each activity Choice A and D is managed with the schedule and responsibility assignment matrices.

Gocertify PMP Test Prep Exam Test Questions PDF Answers

The project schedule manages when each activity is done Choice C. A work authorization system is used to coordinate when and in what order the work is performed so that work and people may properly interface with other work and other people. You are assigned as the project manager in the middle of the project.

The project is within the baselines, but the customer is not happy with the performance of the project. Discuss it with the project team. Reschedule baselines. Renegotiate the contract.

Meet with the customer. Answer: D First you need to find out why customer is not happy. Then meet with the team and determine options.

An output of Close Project or Phase process is the criteria of A. Project archives.

A project management plan. A risk management plan.

Answer: A The project charted choice B is created in initiating. The project management plan choice C is an output of the planning process group. Risk analysis plan is an incorrect choice D.


Reducing resource spending. Performing benefits cost analysis Answer: D Benefit cost analysis choice D is done earlier in the project to help select between the alternatives. All other choices are done during closing. Therefore Choice D is the best answer. You have created the project charter but could not get it approved.

Your manager and his boss have asked that the project begin immediately. Which of the following is the BEST thing to do? Set up an integrated change control process. Show your manager the impact of proceeding without approval.

Focus on completing projects that have signed project charters. Start work on only the critical path activities. Answer: B The best thing to do would be to show the impact. This is the only choice that prevents future problem — always the best choice.

All Technical work is completed on the project. Look no further.

Which Free PMP Mock Tests Should You Choose To Practice Questions?

Absolutely FREE. Have you attended the training programme to satisfy the 35 contact hours requirement?

If not, I suggest you to complete the training programme before reading this article. Start with knowledge area wise practice tests that help you in understanding of core concepts. Review your knowledge gaps based on the results of the practice tests. Try mock tests as the last stage of PMP exam preparation.

Mock tests give you an idea of the test environment. Review your test scores and assess your preparedness for the exam. To successfully ace the PMP certification exam, it is important to practice and test your understanding of the project management concepts.

Practice, practice and practice enough questions to get the confidence.You need to make adjustments to the project to compensate for unknown risk events. Explanation on the correct answer is very important. Cost of changes increases as the project approaches completion Document the unknown risk items and calculate the expected monetary value based on probability and impact that may result from the occurrence.

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