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going to court on behalf of Michael Harris: a man the. LAPD believes who starred in the Michael Connelly's bestseller Blood . The Reversal []. Longtime. michael connelly's fiction - reversal (), and a brief part in the fifth witness ( ) and download the reversal a lincoln lawyer novel book pdf keywords: free. Echo Park (). The Overlook (). The Brass Verdict (). The Scarecrow (). Nine Dragons (). The Reversal (). The Fifth Witness ().

Realy anoying. Avidreader99 Another excellent Connelly book.

He is one of the best mystery writers. It is difficult to put his books down. Very fast reads.

Michael Connelly,Peter Giles: The Reversal

I only have 2 left to read and will wait impatiently for his next book. Randy Mack! Excellent read, good twists.

This book will keep you up late at night reading what Harry is doing next. Can't wait to read the next Novel.

DHosk Very good read. Characters stay with you. I enjoyed this story very much.

Jessup is soon seen visiting various mountain trails in the Mulholland area, and on one occasion parks his car outside Bosch's house at night. Bosch and Haller, both concerned for their own teenage daughters' safety, develop a theory that Jessup was a serial killer but are unable to investigate fully for fear of blowing the police's cover.

Legal procedures require that the jury is kept ignorant of Jessup's post-conviction history. Testimony given in the original trial, where the witness is no longer available because of death or infirmity, has to be read aloud to the jury by Harry Bosch, but the key to the case is still Sarah Gleason's testimony.

Cold-Case Trial: Two Opposites on Same Side, Facing Down a Killer

During direct examination, Sarah admits that the dress Melissa was wearing was hers and that her stepfather was raping her, which accounted for the semen stains. The defense focuses on presenting the stepfather as the real killer and Jessup as the victim of the family's lies. To undermine Sarah's testimony, because of her history of drug use and prostitution in the years since her sister's murder though she has now been rehabilitated , Haller concludes that "Clever Clive" must have a witness who will claim that Sarah had told a different story during her "lost years.

Locating Roman's current prostitute Sonia Reyes, Bosch persuades her to enter the courtroom at a crucial moment in Roman's testimony, which causes Roman to alter his testimony and effectively destroys the defense case. While anticipating a plea bargain offer from the defense team during a lunch break, Bosch and Haller instead learn that Jessup entered Royce's offices with a gun and killed Royce, two of his legal team and a policeman who followed him.

Jessup is now at large, but the police surround and kill him at a hideout under the Santa Monica pier that had been discovered by Bosch as a result of the police surveillance activities. Jessup's death ends the search for Melissa Landy's killer, but leaves the prosecution team with a host of unanswered legal and moral questions.Man am I glad I did. Jessup is soon seen visiting various mountain trails in the Mulholland area, and on one occasion parks his car outside Bosch's house at night.


Jessup is soon seen visiting various mountain trails in the Mulholland area, and on one occasion parks his car outside Bosch's house at night. This page was last edited on 21 August , at However, DNA evidence subsequently showed that semen stains found on the dress Melissa was wearing, which could not be definitely matched at the time, came not from Jessup, but from the girls' stepfather.

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