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the foregoing marks' respective logos, Deathwatch, and all associated marks, and unit insignia, characters, products and illustrations from the Warhammer. Codex Deathwatch 8th - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or Codex: Deathwatch, GW, Games Workshop, Space Marine, 40K, Warhammer. Games Workshop, Warhammer 40,, Warhammer 40, Role Play, Deathwatch, the foregoing marks' respective logos, First Founding and all associated.

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Deathwatch - Game Master's, , MB. Deathwatch - Honour the, , MB. Deathwatch - Mark. Since his induction into the Deathwatch, .. in Warhammer 40, The. Rules). find disturbing, and refuses to fight with sanctioned Deathwatch wargear. Warhammer 40, armies. The first is to use an entire team of Deathwatch Space. Marines. Up to one Kill-team can be included in any Imperium army as an .

Wednesdays and Thursdays are my busy days, though, so I doubt I will get much done then. But, Mac Tonite should post soon about the skill advances. He has history with the Dark Heresy and Rogue Trader games and can give us more insight.. Gotta know what is and isn't possible for us. They're fairly comprehensive. I'll get to it, bitch!

Bitch ass bitch! All who input Southern Rhovanion, no matter if to go back and forth or to stay out their lives, needs to prepared themselves for daily encounters with the whims and forces of Nature. Growing issues have specific importance during this zone ruled via the woodland as soon as referred to as Greenwood the nice. In each nook of the wooded realm Nature is grasp, and to stay the following very easily one needs to the best way to determine and assemble the beneficial crops turning out to be wild and unfastened and, simply as very important, to spot, steer clear of, and use while priceless the effective toxic vegetation Nature strews simply as generously in one's pathway during the wooded area and the plains.

There as soon as was once an afternoon while the wooded area bloomed attractive and prairie flora sweetly scented The Plains of Talath Harroch. There as soon as was once an afternoon while the Fives sang to the seasons, and while Nature appeared calm and forgiving in her approach.

During those years of restoration after the good Plague, which hit Southern Rhovanion simply as difficult because it hit Gondor, humans were thrown again upon the severe assets of the wildlife.

Vestiges of the Plague upward push back one of the electorate of Southern Rhovanion; maybe as a result various refugees who come the following from different components to stay or die, based upon what destiny holds in shop for them. The Plague struck humankind extra violently than it struck Nature, and people who stay in Southern Rhovanion at the moment are greater than ever on the mercy in their environment. The noble selflessness firing runes.

Crude voices roared words of panic and role. Those Watch Masters furnished with an abundance of such confusion. Thus, each Hellblaster must be ready to servants. It is the job of the Hellblasters to eradicate such concentrate their fire upon such targets to the exclusion of all else, abominations. Hellblasters do not risk self-sacrifice single-armament fire support teams. The entire squad carries lightly, for they recognise their value to the Imperium of Man, but potent plasma incinerators, directing these weapons against they will chance death without a second thought when the stakes priority targets that threaten the advance of the Adeptus Astartes.

Often a squad of Hellblasters will be all that stands between a Considering the plethora of monstrosities fielded by xenos armies, it is no surprise that almost every watch fortress has a standing requisition order for Hellblasters.

Many Watch Captains prefer to field these warriors as Guilliman intended, lacing small squads of them in amongst more varied Kill Teams to provide reliable close- range fire support.

Indeed, the watch fortresses of Doombreak, Furor Shield and Indomitus Point have taken to using Hellblasters much like lighter, more manoeuvrable Devastator Squads in order to deal with the hulking Tyranid and greenskin monstrosities they face.

When fielded as part of a Fortis Kill Team, Hellblasters adopt a protective role. More than one watch fortress has already started fielding Fortis Kill Teams that include a higher proportion of Hellblasters amongst their ranks, pairing them with Malleus Kill Teams to annihilate heavily armoured enemies at both long range and close quarters.

Those battle-brothers drawn from the Imperial Fists, for example, demonstrate a particular talent for knocking out enemy siege engines with their plasma incinerators, coupled with a stubborn determination to do their duty no matter the cost. By comparison, those from the Iron Hands have the ability to rapidly cogitate the changing target priority values of the enemies around them, while Scythes of the Emperor Hellblasters are as skilled as they are ruthless in exterminating Tyranid bio-horrors.

An experienced Watch Captain will seed in the most appropriate Hellblaster battle-brothers to each Fortis Kill Team, dependent upon qualities such as these, and upon the enemy they are likely to face. Living up to their designation, Aggressors fists make short work of those enemies foolish form the most belligerent of all Primaris enough to engage them hand-to-hand, while Space Marine squads.

Indeed, the relentless advance of an Aggressors have seen considerable use by Aggressor Squad is a psychological weapon Watch Companies that face lightly armoured in its own right, for panic spreads quickly but numerous xenos foes. Deployed the might of the Adeptus as slowing. When the foe tries and experience of several Chapters at once, to slay him, he endures. When the foe where their pugnacious suite of weaponry can linebreakers to crack enemy strongholds turns to fight him, he prevails.

Conversely, when armed with the incoming fire of the foe. They specialise in see is the righteous hatred in flamestorm gauntlets the Aggressors engulf breaking open seething nests of xenos horrors, his eyes.

Download E-books Deathwatch (Warhammer 40K, Core Rulebook) PDF

In either case, their crushing lead the advance of the Deathwatch. Skull-helmed terror troops that strike from the shadows with When the Reivers strike, they do so in whatever way will best devastating force, Reivers embody the most frightening and spread terror and panic through the enemy ranks.

Hurled clusters inhuman aspects of the Adeptus Astartes. They are masters of of shock grenades pump out savage cacophonies of mind- stealth, slipping deep behind enemy lines or dropping secretly onto shredding sound and bewildering sprays of hololithic imagery planets weeks in advance of any other Imperial forces.

However, intended to terrify and confuse. Then they launch their assault in through flesh and bone. The strike of a single squad of Reivers is shocking and terrifying style. Their Mk X Phobos armour boasts auto-dampened servomotors and virtually silent power plants, The Deathwatch have found numerous uses for Reivers. Such warriors excel against ill- prognosticator spirits and other techno-arcana.

These allow them disciplined or superstitious xenos races, who scatter in abject terror to see in multiple spectra over great distances, track audio and life when their attack begins. When faced with the less comprehensible signs of enemy sentries, and rapidly predict patrol routes and the psychology of alien races such as the Tyranids or Necrons, Reivers like to ease their infiltration duties.

Others traverse even ambush-killers are a substantial boon to their battle-brothers. That the most treacherous terrain using grapnel guns and high-tensile is not to say that teams of Reivers cannot have a deadly impact adamantine climbing lines, allowing them to approach through against such inhuman foes. Fort Prescience has found particular territory that their foes have discounted as wholly impassable.

In success in its battle against Hive Fleet Leviathan by combining these ways do Reivers attack from unexpected quarters, the better Reivers from the Raven Guard, Hawk Lords and Lamenters and to shock and disorient. Silent as ghosts they slipped through the shattered window. Stained-glass shards ground beneath their careful footfalls, but not a single fragment cracked.

One by one, the Deathwatch Reivers loped through the shadows of the high galleries and took up position, backs pressed to crumbling pillars. Heavy bolt pistols were unshrouded. Combat blades whispered from sheathes. Shock grenades were primed, runic counters cycling swiftly downward.

Below, the Kroot mercenaries were oblivious. They sat around their cook-fires, roasting human flesh and cleaning out their crude firearms as they conversed in guttural clicks and croaks. On the balcony, the Reiver Sergeant raised a hand, four fingers extended.

A single Kroot looked up, its attention snagged by the scatter of projectiles that sailed from the gallery. Its eyes widened and its beak opened to screech a warning, but its cry was drowned out by a heart-stopping eruption of light and sound. The next second the Deathwatch struck, Reivers launching themselves over the marble railing and dropping feet first, heavy bolt pistols thundering.

Codex Deathwatch 8th

Avian aliens burst in bloody sprays, gore spattering those still staggering, blind and terrified, through the mayhem. Roaring amplified battle cries, the Reivers butchered their panicked victims, blasting open skulls and hacking out throats until barely a handful of fleeing Kroot remained.

The Reivers let them go, the better to spread word of terrifying, ghostly killers through the xenos ranks…. The vast experience of Their skill at arms has been honed in despair of eternal war, but also the most these Veterans is never wasted.

When his decades of gruelling warfare, and further sinister foes of all — those breeds of xenos company is embroiled in a war against an refined over the course of their Long Vigil. Though the draws breath. Watch Masters with strategic observations This breadth of experience only widens to optimise their deployment.

The Veterans of the Deathwatch are over their service in the Deathwatch, selected from those who excel at killing lending a perspective that makes common monstrous foes. These Veterans have cause a weapon, and conventional strife fought alien armies on a hundred seem trivial.

They have stood firm in the a whole. Rival Chapters, forced into an in the cold void of space and path of tidal waves of alien flesh, infiltrated adversarial position, may find themselves through the ruins of cities laid low. Even so, physical ability is not in a Kill Team work together to find a the only criteria by which they are judged solution. In this way the steel-strong - Veteran Brother Lauraedian worthy of joining the Deathwatch.

The Veteran Assault Marines sent to the Deathwatch are melee experts beyond compare. Many have put down looming alien monstrosities with no more than a combat knife and gut instinct. Once seconded to a watch fortress, these killers are armed with a profusion of weaponry and equipped with a comprehensive knowledge of alien anatomies that makes them hideously effective. The Vanguard Veterans face xenos beasts face-to-face, and their blades find their mark with unerring precision.

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Close combat is not the only means by which the Vanguard Veteran elevates his Kill Team in the arts of war. Bounding across the wilderness of alien worlds and through dying metropolises in a series of long leaps, these warriors use their powerful jump packs to reach high vantage points, looking down upon the disposition of the foe as a tactician looks upon a cartograph.

To do so takes immense skill, for such warriors make themselves tempting targets, but this is a quality the Vanguard Veterans have in abundance. Some Vanguard Veterans range far from their squads during battle, trusting to their experience and independence to complete covert operations that a larger team would find impossible, striking hard and fast from the gloom before moving on just as swiftly. The most gifted at this approach hail from the Raven Guard — it is said Edryc Setorax made over forty kills in the Great Pit of Ghosar Quintus with neither friend nor foe aware of his proximity.

Some, such as those from the Flesh Tearers, take a far more bombastic approach. Courageous, some would say to the point of insanity, these warriors hurl themselves to the forefront of the battle no matter the odds. With every thunderous sweep of their weapons, they hurl broken xenos bodies through the air in sprays of gore. Others, cooler headed and more strategic, lead their brethren in a concerted charge.

For these warriors, timing is everything — a premature assault might be gunned down or torn apart before the Deathwatch can strike true, but a well-chosen attack can break a xenos battle line in a storm of shimmering blades and slashing claws. Vanguard Veterans play a key role in Dominatus Kill Team tactics. He stomps to battle armour affords it legendary power and masterpieces are an inspiring sight, and bedecked in the finest armour type ever resilience.

Heavy-gauge plasteel and their brethren will fight all the harder to created by Mankind. Terminator armour ceramite plates are supported by a complex honour them. The most common weapon is said to incorporate a minute sliver of the system of servo-motors, fibre bundles, they bear is the storm bolter, able to lay armour of the Emperor himself.

Deathwatch - Deathwatch Core Rulebook

This relic- adamantium rods and hydraulics filled down a fusillade of firepower on the fragment imparts a mysterious blessing with blessed oils.

The armour is bulky, but move, and often twinned with a power that sometimes sees the wearer walk still allows the wide range of movement fist capable of splitting even wraithbone. It incorporates an inbuilt weapons — assault cannons with such a hit from a lascannon or heavy ordnance. For Furor Tyranids outnumbered us thirty to behest of the owner and ritually repaint pattern horde-slaughter, the sheer bloody one.

It hardly seemed a fair fight… its colours. The left pauldron bearing carnage caused by a pair of lightning claws for them. Where the Vanguard Veteran represents the pinpoint application a crackling storm of empyric lightning.

More than one xenos of force, the Deathwatch Biker is a nigh-unstoppable battering invasion has been stopped in its tracks by such tactics, the alien ram. Deathwatch bike incorporate shot selectors, just as with the boltguns of their infantry battle-brothers — though a Deathwatch The Bikers of the Deathwatch are excellent shock troopers, Biker can lay down twice the firepower, and usually at high speed. When the order Bolters hammering, squads of Deathwatch Bikers can rapidly for the final charge comes, theirs is a blunt and unsubtle duty — to annihilate even the densest swarms of alien terrors.

As with many elements of their alien- burning clouds of superheated gas, or bathing their enemies in hunting brotherhood, however, their role is multifaceted. The bikes the Deathwatch ride are outfitted to function for weeks at a time, their stowage and fuel efficiency geared towards long Deathwatch Bikers take every opportunity to prove themselves missions in the field — when bringing war to an alien world, capable of bringing low the most evasive of alien races.

They gladly resupply is rarely an option.

Though they are earthbound by nature, hunting strategy. By circumventing the foe with a wide sweeping their determination is never found wanting.

Deathwatch Bikers manoeuvre and attacking from an unexpected angle, the Bikers can will hunt their quarry relentlessly over months, even years, until use their homing devices to slingshot heavily equipped elites into their targets let their guard down — and when the storm breaks, the the heart of the enemy army. No subtle ploy is this, to be played ensuing victory will be all the sweeter. Bolters thundering, engines out over the course of days, but a sudden and startling assault.

Key to the lethal effectiveness of the Deathwatch is their ability to surge swiftly into battle and strike precisely where and when they will have the greatest impact. The armoured transport vehicles used by these black-armoured alien hunters are fast and durable, shielding the Deathwatch battle-brothers from harm as they bear them to war.

The carrier. An adaptation of the Rhino, the nests of foul xenoforms or striking at Rhino has been a mainstay of the military this vehicle exchanges a modicum of its key targets on worlds already overrun by strength of the Adeptus Astartes since the transport capacity to accommodate the the alien foe.

Fired like projectiles from days before the Horus Heresy. Its metal ammunition hoppers, power cells and the launch bays of orbiting Strike Cruisers, skin is thick, its construction robust and auto-ballistic reliquaries required for a each Drop Pod is an armoured capsule, its machine spirit dauntless. This is just turret-mounted heavy weapon. Typically shielded against the heat of re-entry and as well, for the Kill Teams that ride these this is either a twin heavy bolter, ideal for built to accommodate a squad of ten machines to battle are quick to push their scything through tight-packed masses of Space Marine warriors within its restraint limits, forcing them into hotly contested enemy infantry, or a twin lascannon whose harnesses.

The small elite Kill they resemble hurtling meteorites, arcing their tracks. Teams of the Deathwatch have found great down towards the enemy on trails of fire. Storming through rockets, bringing it down in a controlled firepower can be goaded back into the streets of overrun hives or ploughing — but still punishing — impact that scatters growling, belligerent life, its machine spirit deep into xenos strongholds, Razorbacks and terrifies the foe.

Locking bolts fire hungry not only to serve, but to slay. Boasting a range of devastating weaponry that can be tailored to tank- busting support or close-quarters slaughter, these versatile war engines are potent battlefield assets.

Essentially immortal, each has most gifted Apothecary cannot pull him to powder and reducing xenos infantry to centuries of combat experience, and is as back, he will be given a choice — die in bloodied corpses. The eldest amongst them are known forever incarcerated in the sarcophagus of as Venerable Dreadnoughts, honoured a Dreadnought. A Dreadnought is essentially a walking tank, a piston-driven masterpiece of the Such timeless warriors spend decades at a Cult Mechanicus.

Such is the artifice of time in hibernatory slumber, for to face the its design it can fight much in the manner Amongst the ranks of the Deathwatch undiluted passage of time would drive even of a Terminator, but with truly inhuman are Dreadnought battle-brothers from the most formidable mind to madness. At its heart is the mechanical many different Chapters. They become strengths, weaknesses and battle plans life indefinitely and has a suite of neural alien-hunting immortals whose war upon makes them deadly warriors and strategic relays that enable him to move the war the xenos lasts for evermore.

Perhaps if the being that came to be known as Xenomortis had understood what would become of him, he would have chosen death instead. Known only by the motto that appears upon his scrollwork, Xenomortis lost his identity long ago. Theories abound as to why. The most enduring is that this venerable machine could store only so much information within his bionically enhanced mind, and that the hatred he bears for the alien is so profound that he has put aside all knowledge other than that which pertains to its destruction.

This claim gains credence with every engagement, for Xenomortis always seems to pursue the course that brings the swiftest doom to the alien. His plan of attack is invariably directed at the lynchpin of the enemy host and his weapon requisitions are geared to breaking the specific breed of xenos that forms it. It is said his wrath is pure enough to stave off death forever, though the Chaplains of the Deathwatch worry that madness may claim him instead — the blood of a thousand alien species has anointed every square inch of his form, yet still it is not enough to quench his violent obsession.

So fierce are the energies of the Minotaurs and the Howling Griffons held Powered by hyper-dense reactors and Redemptor that, over time, they burn away back a tide of Tyranid war-beasts for six servo-actuated fibre bundles, they exhibit the heroic pilot interred within. A Redemptor extracted and laid to rest for good, making port. Yet wherever they fight, they have a Necron Monolith, while with heavy an immediate and spectacular effect. Such battles call for deployment of the heaviest and most powerful battle tanks in the Space Marine arsenal, for only through the application of overwhelming might can victory be secured.

Its capacious interior strongholds torn wide open, there is the infiltrators to shambling ranks of Necron can hold the power-armoured warriors of Land Raider Crusader sent into battle. Warriors, the Deathwatch face many foes a Kill Team, or even bear Terminators into that can entirely infest the territory they the fray.

A variant upon the standard Land Raider, conquer. The Land Raider Redeemer is the Crusader replaces its lascannon the perfect answer to such overwhelming Each Land Raider has a powerful machine sponsons with hurricane bolter arrays, alien swarms. Bunkers animus will drive the armoured behemoth defence lines and annihilate enemy war and ruins that moments before provided forwards, sill fighting furiously, even engines, the Crusader charges into battle exceptional protection now become death when it has sustained wounds that would with all guns blazing.

Meanwhile, its traps as they fill with blazing promethium. The Crusader crashes reduced to living torches that soon fall focus upon the foe by themselves, laying headlong into the very heart of the enemy and blacken. In the first the Primaris Space Marines, the Repulsor over.

Its gravity waves pound the ground instance, these vehicles are deployed to is unique amongst Adeptus Astartes beneath it to rubble, flattening enemy increase the mobility and durability of battle tanks in that it is held aloft upon a defence lines and collapsing trenches on Fortis Kill Teams. They allow the Primaris thrumming cushion of grav-waves.

Ventral top of screaming warriors.

So durable are Repulsor tanks that the lighter Land Speeder, they do afford it passage through a buffeting storm of they can easily shrug off whatever weapons exceptional manoeuvrability. Rubble and barricades are similarly no obstacle to In terms of firepower, the Repulsor carries The Watch Master of Fort Obsidus, Astoren this relentless vehicle, which simply hovers a veritable arsenal.

Its turret mounts Korr, has proven especially adept in the over the obstructions and keeps going. Wazdakka, knowing that his hail of shots reduces swarming aliens to forces cannot hope to keep pace with gory paste in seconds. With any foe that approaches too close, and can their spectacular firepower, these mobile swiftly eliminate threats from the ground roadblocks tear through the light Ork and air alike as the tank advances. In this way the Deathwatch have allocation of Repulsor tanks as part of blunted several recent Ork assaults.

Whether they seek to assassinate an alien prophet or cripple a titanic xenos war engine, extract a vital operative from amidst an inhuman infestation or plant a world-killing virus bomb to effect strategic genocide, Kill Teams often need airborne speed to achieve their aims.

For such missions, there is no finer gunship than the Corvus Blackstar. The Corvus Blackstar is a sleek and deadly The pilot of each Blackstar is a veteran Blackstars mount twin assault cannons, pattern of combat aircraft, much prized Techmarine who has earned the right to some bear a prow-mounted lascannon by watch fortresses across the galaxy.

The pilot uses the same machine power of the godhammer pattern guns to colossus, the Blackstar penetrates the outer each time; so intense is this training that destroy heavily armoured targets. This allows the pilot to pull off with a profusion of missiles.

These strongholds, its weapon systems are highly aerial manoeuvres so spectacular he can allow the pilot to choose dracos air-to- advanced, allowing the Blackstar to cause leave all but the pilots of the unnaturally ground warheads that turn swathes of devastating impact for a craft of its size. To ensure enemy aircraft so that their master might Astartes have ever sanctioned. However, its Kill Team reaches the fray intact, the rule the skies.

Primarily it flock of prey. Once on the tail of its victims, fulfils the role of transport, combining it will shoot down the enemy craft it judges the hurtling speed of the Drop Pod with to be the greatest threat. While many the manoeuvrability of a Stormtalon Gunship and the offensive capability of a far larger craft. Once in position it changes from fighter craft to hover vehicle with a twist of the engines, its front-mounted doors yawning open with a hiss of pistons so that the Deathwatch operatives inside can leap out and charge directly into the fight.

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Even ancient technologies. They strike with clockwork and rare methods of attack are sanctioned by the precision, whether their assault numbers a Watch Commanders — synched teleportariums single Kill Team or several Watch Companies crackle within Strike Cruisers, Kill Teams working together.

The Watch Captains ensure sent through the ether to burst back into the that each team reaches its target at the critical material universe with bolters blazing; burrowing moment, their fine-tuned war plan a series of transports drill under the foe to erupt with overlapping attacks from which there can be no explosive force; psychic portals open in the midst salvation.

Corvus Blackstars soar from the clouds, of the enemy, Librarians leading sudden assaults debarkation doors wide to allow the Deathwatch as if from nowhere just as the foe is at its most warriors within to drop directly into combat. When the Kill Teams attack together, Thunderhawk Gunships swoop through storms of they bring a swift and unmerciful end. In such circumstances, extremely difficult for the enemy to land Angel.

Many a primitive culture, saved the Blackstar cluster launcher mounted a telling blow. Should a xenos missile, from the predations of the alien, has seen at the rear enables the craft to rain down drone warhead or similar explosive device the Blackstar that brought their deliverance a hail of explosive projectiles.

A full close in on the Blackstar, high-calibre as a mechanical seraph and worshipped it squadron of Blackstars can clear a landing auspicator arrays will detect its for generations afterwards. It with atmospheric drop forces of Primaris The Blackstar has advanced systems to appears as if the Blackstar Inceptors, the latter clearing beachheads ensure its survival from the inevitable spreads wings of smoke into which the former can deploy in order reprisal. AT WAR A Deathwatch army is a striking tabletop force, their black armour contrasting with the vibrant heraldry of their Chapters as they storm into battle.

The models shown below were created by combining Primaris Space Marine kits with components from the Deathwatch upgrade frame. The two are compatible, and make it easy to create dynamic Primaris Deathwatch battle-brothers. Hellblaster Sergeant from the Hellblaster from the Reiver from the Blood Angels Reiver from the Space Wolves Ultramarines with assault Iron Hands with heavy with combat knife and heavy bolt with bolt carbine plasma incinerator plasma incinerator pistol.

Veteran with heavy Veteran from the Iron Veteran from the Veteran from the Salamanders thunder hammer Hands with power maul and Flesh Tearers with with Infernus heavy bolter storm shield Deathwatch shotgun. Watch Captain in Terminator Armour from the Venerable Dreadnought with heavy plasma cannon Crimson Fists with storm bolter and relic blade. As the onrushing broods of Genestealers draw close, the Deathwatch unleash the sudden, overwhelming firepower of their Fortis Kill Teams to annihilate the xenos wholesale.

Blackstar cluster launcher. A Corvus Blackstar equipped with a twin assault cannon, hurricane bolter and stormstrike missile launchers. A trio of Corvus Blackstars speed low and sinister over the ruins of the battlefield. The starting force shown on this page exemplifies the might of the Deathwatch. When collecting a Warhammer 40, The force shown here has been assembled devastate massed enemy infantry.

The army, it always helps to start with a from the Start Collecting! Deathwatch other is ready to enact Dominatus tactics, goal or a plan. Some people like to set. They are supported by be as competitive as possible, and will hero to lead the charge.

Artemis bears the ancient strength of a Deathwatch collect strictly to it. Others prefer to weapons fit to purge the most powerful Dreadnought, whose plasma cannon follow their gut, adding new units to xenos warlord, and in extremis he can and power fist will make short work of their collection as the whim — or their deploy his lethal stasis bomb.

Whatever the case, knowing how Following the Watch Captain into battle This force conforms to the Patrol you want to start your army, and roughly are a pair of Deathwatch Kill Teams.

Detachment requirements, allowing it how you want to develop it over time, is The first is equipped for Furor tactics, to generate Command Points and spend immensely helpful. Watch Force Artemis advance into battle, led by their cold-eyed Watch Captain and ready to purge the alien menace. The Shield that Slays 7. Led by brave heroes and supported by powerful tanks and gunships, their Kill Teams storm into battle to annihilate all before them.

Building on the starting force presented on the previous page, this psychically gifted and Terminator-armoured Librarian Raphaen sizeable collection of Deathwatch would be sufficient for a whole and the iron-willed Chaplain Ulnor. Its Kill Teams have been adapted and expanded upon, just as the Deathwatch themselves can mix and match The core of this force comprises several heavily equipped Kill their warriors in whatever formation is optimal for defeating the Teams, whose breadth of armaments and martial might makes foe at hand — this is just one example of the exceptional tactical them the match of far more numerous foes.

Fortis Kill Team versatility that the Deathwatch have to offer. Lydeor gather the varied strengths of the Primaris Space Marines into a single unstoppable whole. Meanwhile, Malleus Kill Team This Watch Company is led by Watch Master Gideon Borleos, a Ventar are well equipped to eliminate the heaviest enemy support grim and exceptionally pragmatic warrior whose strategic skill elements, Dominatus Kill Team Tybhald are ready to butcher the ensures that he always gets the most out of his elite warriors.

He elites of the foe, and Venator Kill Team Khai use their speed to is supported in the field by the heroic Watch Captain Artemis, the overrun the enemy with ease.

Watch Master Borleos 9. Kill Team Dontal and tanks alike, while the bikers of Kill Team Guideos stand ready to outflank and run down those foes that survive the fusillade. Watch Captain Artemis Kill Team Guideos. The remainder of this force consists of armoured support elements. Librarian Raphaen Ancient Tarpheon Ancient Tarpheon is a Dreadnought, whose armoured resilience and heavy firepower make him an invaluable asset, while the Land 4.

Chaplain Ulnor Land Raider Raider Vigilor Maximus can bear Deathwatch warriors into the Vigilor Maximus fight while laying down withering fire of its own. The three Corvus 5. Fortis Kill Team Lydeor Blackstars, meanwhile, are capable of acting as both fast-moving Corvus Blackstar gunships and forward transports, lending this army even more speed 6.

Dominatus Kill Team Venator Kill Team Khai Corvus Blackstar Points to be spent on powerful Stratagems as the game progresses. Each datasheet includes the characteristics profiles of the unit it describes, as well as any wargear and special abilities it may have. Any abilities that are common to several units are described below and referenced on the datasheets themselves.

Units of Aggressors, Bikers or Inceptors containing 6 models can also be split into two units, each containing 3 models. Add 1 to the hit rolls for this Dragonfire bolt weapon when targeting a unit When this unit fires any ranged weapons from that is in cover.

If you do so, choose one kind of ammunition from the table to the right This weapon always and apply the corresponding modifier. Heavy Weapons. When this is the case, the unit may take any item from the appropriate list below.

The profiles for the wargear in these lists can be found in the Armoury of the Deathwatch section pg One weapon can be chosen from the following list: Iron Halo: Watch Master.

Watch Captain Artemis. Only one of this model may be included in your army. If you choose both, subtract 1 from all Hellfire Extremis hit rolls made for this weapon. This weapon automatically hits its target. If the attack hits, deal D6 mortal wounds to your target. On a 6, he does not lose that wound. Rites of Battle: During deployment, if this model Ammunition pg 64 has a jump pack, you can set it up high in the skies instead of placing it on the battlefield.

At the end of any Iron Halo: You can re-roll hit rolls of 1 made for than 9" away from any enemy models. During deployment, you can set up this Ammunition pg 64 model in a teleportarium chamber instead of placing it on the battlefield. At the end of any of your Movement Iron Halo: When attacking with this weapon, you must subtract 1 Power fist Melee Melee x2 -3 D3 from the hit roll.

At the end of any Psychic Hood: You can add 1 to Deny the Witch of your Movement phases this model can assault from tests you take for this model against enemy above — set it up anywhere on the battlefield that is more PSYKERS within 12".

PSYKER This model can attempt to manifest two psychic powers in each friendly Psychic phase, and attempt to deny one psychic power in each enemy Psychic phase. It knows the Smite power and two psychic powers from the Librarius discipline pg At the end of any of your Movement Crux Terminatus: Psychic Hood: I am a living weapon — honed, deadly and versatile enough to take the fight to the xenos foe and prevail.

Ammunition pg 64 Jump Pack Assault: During deployment, if this model Litanies of Hate: At the end of any of this model. Wreathed in the protective energy shield of his rosarius, a Deathwatch Chaplain leads the attack. Ammunition pg 64 Teleport Strike: During deployment, you can set up this Litanies of Hate: At the end of any of your Movement of this model.

It is our greatest weapon against the endless Chaplain in Terminator Armour xenos threat. Hatred of their unclean forms, their unnatural weapons, their rapacious appetites and their false deities. Hatred of every aspect of their alien nature.

Let hatred lend strength to your arm and steel Primaris Chaplain to your resolve. Let hatred carry you to victory over these unclean creatures, until nothing remains of them but butchered meat and burning ruin. Litanies of Hate: A Watch Sergeant can take the place of one Veteran. A Black Shield can take the place of one Veteran. Equipment list. Mixed Unit: A unit of Veterans can contain models with Atonement Through Honour: A unit that contains a different Toughness characteristics.

If there is no majority, the Deathwatch player may choose which of the Vanguard Strike: Vanguard Veterans can move across models values is used.

In addition, when a unit of Veterans that includes any Vanguard Veterans Falls Back, it For the purposes of determining what models a vehicle can can shoot later that turn as if it could FLY.To find out more about Warhammer favourite Chapters, exemplifying the appearance, favoured wargear 40, or download the free core rules, visit warhammer Deathwatch after a ceremony to mark his in his former life, but thousands more departure.

Avian aliens burst in bloody sprays, gore spattering those still staggering, blind and terrified, through the mayhem. As such, their battle-brothers typically carry a wide Deathwatch to mow their enemies down right up until the spread of both ranged and close-combat armaments that allow inevitable moment that the enraged alien survivors push their them to engage varied enemies across all manner of battlefields.

Once per game, instead of shooting loses a wound; on a 6 the damage is ignored and that any weapons in the Shooting phase, this model can use wound is not lost. For example: The Ultramarine sustained squad mode ability grants each member a flat bonus on ALL tests equal to his fellowship bonus and also grants one floating re-roll to the team every turn, which is so unbelievably handy it's almost broken. Roll a D6 each time an Inceptor finishes Aggressors does not suffer any penalty to their hit rolls for a charge move within 1" of an enemy unit; on a 6, that unit Advancing and firing Assault weapons, or for moving and firing suffers a mortal wound.

However, a sudden convulsion in the dark. This may result in battle-brothers moving from one Kill Team to another, or may lead to entire Kill Teams of the same type of specialists, such as Aggressors or Bikers, being fielded.

Others traverse even ambush-killers are a substantial boon to their battle-brothers.

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