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Contents. YOUR Best Life NOW cards divided into the following six categories: Enlarge Your Vision. Develop a Healthy Self-Image. Discover the Power of. Your Best Life Now. 7 Steps to Living at Your Full Potential. by Joel Osteen. 10th Anniversary Edition: Updated with New Chapter & Foreword Read More. Your Best Life Now: 7 Steps to Living Your Full Potential by Joel Osteen. Warner Faith, New York, NY. Hardcover, pp. Why are so many people drawn.

Start your day with faith and expectancy, and then go out anticipating good things.

Expect circumstances to change in your favor. Expect people to go out of their way to help you. Expect to be at the right place at the right time. Dont be surprised if you hear a voice whispering in your mind, You dont have a chance. This is going to be a lousy day for you. Nothing good ever happens to you.

You might as well not even get your hopes up. That way, you wont be too disappointed. Dont listen to such lies! You cant even have faith without hope!

Start expecting doors of opportunity to open for you. Expect to excel in your career. Expect to rise above lifeschallenges. While Id never suggest that anyone should abandon his or her dreams, the truth is, your life will follow your expectations. What you expect is what you will get. If you dwell on positive thoughts, your life will move in that direction; if you continually think negative thoughts, you will live a negative life.

Its important to understand that you are already equipped with everything you need to live a prosperous life; youre filled with possibilities, incredible potential, creative ideas and dreams.

Your best life now journal : a guide to reaching your full potential

But just because those things are within you doesnt mean they will do you any good. In other words, youve got to believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that you have what it takes. You were created to excel; you have ability, insight, talent and wisdom.

Maybe you have come from a poor environment, or maybe you dont have a lot of material possessions right now. Thats OK; there are good things ahead for you. But let me caution you; dont allow that poverty image to become ingrained in you. Dont grow accustomed to living with less, doing less and being less to the point that you eventually sit back and accept it.

The battle is not for a piece of land or for natural resources such as gas, oil, gold or water. The prize in this war is much more valuable. The battle is for your mind. To live your life at your full potential, you must discover the power of your thoughts and words.

Thoughts determine actions, attitude and self-image. Really, thoughts determine destiny. We must be extremely careful not only about what we ingest through our eyes and ears, but what we think about. If you dwell on depressing thoughts, you will live a depressing life. If you continually gravitate toward negative thoughts, you will gravitate toward negative people, activities, philosophies and lifestyles. Your life will always follow your thoughts.

Almost like a magnet, we draw in what we constantly think about. If youre always thinking positive, happy, joyful thoughts, youre going to be a positive, happy, joyful person and you will attract other happy, upbeat, positivepeople.

Our thoughts also affect our emotions.

Book Review: Your Best Life Now, by Joel Osteen

We will feel exactly the way we think. You will never be happy unless you first think happy thoughts. Conversely, its impossible to remain discouraged unless you first think discouraging thoughts. So much of success or failure in life begins in our minds and is influenced by what we allow ourselves to dwellon. Many dont realize it, but we can choose our thoughts. Nobody can make us think about something.

You decide what you will entertain in your mind. Just because a negative, discouraging thought occurs to you, doesnt mean you have to water it, nurture it, coddle it and help it togrow.

Anyone can be temporarily discouraged and depressed. Life is tough, and sometimes it takes its toll on us. We all get knocked down occasionally. But you need not remain down. If you are depressed, you must understand, no one is making you depressed. If youre unhappy, no one is forcing you to be unhappy.

If we see something we dont like, no big dealwe just ip the channel. We need to learn how to mentally change channels when negative images of the past pop in our minds unexpectedly. Unfortunately, when some people see those negative experiences on their minds screens, instead of quickly changing channels, they pull up a chair and get some popcorn, as though theyre going to watch a good movie.

They willingly allow themselves to relive all those hurts and pains. Then they wonder why they are depressed, upset ordiscouraged. Learn to change the channel. Dont let your mind or your emotions drag you down into despair.

Instead, dwell on the good things in your life. No, start looking through eyes of faith, seeing yourself rising to new levels. See yourself prospering, and keep that image in your heart and mind. You may be living in poverty at the moment, but dont ever let poverty live in you.

Too often we become satisfied and complacent, accepting whatever comes our way. Ive gone as far as I can go. Ill never get any more promotions. This is just my lot in life. Thats not true!

Your lot in life is to continually increase. Your lot in life is to be an overcomer, to live prosperously in every area. Quit eating the cheese and crackers and step into the banquet hall! Page 3 uncooperative, sarcastic or sullen.

You are choosing to remain in that condition, and the first step out of that mess is to recognize that the only person who can improve the situation is you!

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We must take responsibility for our own actions. As long as we keep making excuses and blaming the family tree, our environment, past relationships, our circumstances and attributing blame to anyone or anything, we will never be Do you take time to make a difference, to encourage others, to lift their spirits, to make people feel better aboutthemselves? We must realize that, to a large extent, we can control our own destinies. Your circumstances dont have you down. Your thoughts about your circumstances have you down.

On the other hand, you can be in one of the biggest battles of your life and still be filled with joy and peace and victoryif you simply learn how to choose the right thoughts. Its time to think about what youre thinking about. You may not be able to get to the programs you need.

All too often, you unwittingly pass along the virus to a friend, family member or businessassociate. Usually these problems occur not because the computer is defective, but because somebody reprogrammed or contaminated good, valuable programs or informationwithin. Similarly, too often we allow negative thoughts, words, and other devious viruses to access our minds, subtly changing our software, or corrupting our information or values.

We were created to live abundant lives, to be happy, healthy and whole. But when our thinking becomes contaminated, we make serious mistakes and wrong choices.

Your Best Life Now : 7 Steps to Living at Your Full Potential by Joel Osteen (2004, Hardcover)

We go through life with low self-esteem, worries, fears, feelings of inadequacy and insecurity. Making matters worse, we pass on our negative attitudes toothers. When you recognize these things happening, you must reprogram your computer. You must change your thinking.

Understand, you are not defective. But until you get your thinking in line with your owners manual, you will never operate to your full potential. We never get to a place where we dont have to deal with negative, destructive thoughts. So the sooner we learn how to control our thought lives, the better off we will be. Because no matter how positively we live, we all will occasionally be susceptible to discouragement. What you program into it dictates how it will function.

How foolish it would be to complain, I hate this computer! It never gives me the right answer; it never does what I want it to do.

Think about it: you can have the most powerful computer in the world, but if you program it with the wrong software or with misinformation, it will never function as the manufacturerintended.

Beyond that, we now have a myriad of computer viruses lurking in cyberspace, waiting for an opportunity to destroy your hard drive and the information stored in your computer.

Such viruses can get into a perfectly good computer and contaminate the software. Before long, the computer will develop a sluggishness; it will malfunction.

Actually, nothing could be further from the truth. After all, the pattern here at 9Marks has been that we review Christian books. Open the book to any random page, and you will likely find some mention of God or even a reference to Scripture. Yet that is just window-dressing. Visualize yourself in a big house or a Lexus, and one day you will find yourself with both! Believe that God will make you successful—not saved, not redeemed, not forgiven. Just successful. Expect God to do good things for you.

Also, expect other people to do good things for you. My Father created the whole universe. Start believing that you can become what God says you can become. Take Sarah, for example. It took a long time for God to fulfill his promise that she would become pregnant. Why so long? So start believing. God created you to excel.

If you think negative thoughts all the time, how can you expect God to bless you? So take challenges in your life head-on. Be compassionate, empathetic, and kind. God has created you to give, and whatever wealth, possessions, and success he gives you, he intends for you to use for the good of other people.

No, no! Better to leave the poor guy in the dark. Happiness is a choice. So smile a lot. God will bless you if you do. Also, become a person of excellence. He blesses excellence. Then wash the one you have.You dont have to wait for everything to be perfectly straightened out in your family or with your business, or for all your problems to be solved. Nothing good ever happens to you. Its up to you. Page-progression lr.

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