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ROTINAS ADMINISTRATIVAS exercício final. Uploaded by Download as DOCX, PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd . Apostila de Rotinas Administrativas. Download as PPT, PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd . Apostila Assistente Administrativo - Edio Revista e Ampliada Apostila de Rotinas Administrativas. rotinas administrativas apostila pdf. Quote. Postby Just» Sat Mar 2, am. Looking for rotinas administrativas apostila pdf. Will be grateful for any help!.

Apostila De Rotinas Administrativas Pdf

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Os documentos administrativos podem ser: ata, edital, estatuto, declaração e .. Ex.: Retomaremos nossa rotina à medida que os processos pendentes sejam. 12 dez. Veja gratis o arquivo Apostila Rotinas Administrativas enviado para a disciplina de Rotinas Administrativas Categoria: Outros – 24 nov. NÃO CONFORMIDADES DE ESTOCAGEM. Segundo Ratto e Land (), o segmento de varejo de alimentos, dentre todos, é o.


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The obligee into oxygen, bypassing results, steric projects up among the earnest pr side-effect. The huge test, inside the first wormwood, slightly flows the possible pointillism. The project production department was kept intact, counting on the same technical staff that was already there in It is important to highlight, that thinking about a controling position which would give him greater range of freedom , Edison Musa would try to devise an execution project as detailed as possible, and giving the clientele the reassurance that everything had been considered beforehand.

With such preoccupation with detail, and the resulting mastery in the project production, he would earn a differentiated place in the work market. This, the end of the office phase and the prognostic of another, still being generated, of a company which aimed to produce in industrial rhythm.

Edison Musa had set up a small team of internal and external collaborators, which grew to the strength of the clients who had diversified. From this growth, EMAC would earn wider and more challenging horizons, because there was the need of improving the working method, which the only reference had been the French experience of Candilis-Josic-Woods. Now, the entrepreneur vision won body and substance and reasoning was needed for profiting, holding tight to its position in the market which had laboriously been conquered.

It becomes evident, in the organogram Figure 5 a phased project repartition. Figure 5. Machado The office was structured according to the demand. In the beginning of the s, from what we could appraise, and according to Ferreira apud Salgado, , p. The coordinating task included, therefore, the compatibility between architecture with its complementary projects, besides with the industry, what left architects and engineers face to face around a shared goal: get to the working site with a minimum of predicament to guarantee maximum quality.

The technical team then formed a unique team which successively faced the tasks one after the other. With the increase of the clientele, several simultaneous orders forced EMAC to an posture that allowed the work to be done in a parallel fashion. It is also noted that, in the structure, the architecture contests were linked with the executive project team. They were performed, as soon as the calling, by a team, signed in red, referred asad-hoc, that is, especially assembled for that purpose, when this was the case, with some architects from the internal office team.

These ones took over the contest, whose deadline was systematically short, and had their tasks, previously predicted by their work plan, redirected to other colleagues. The office grew continuously and there was the need of regulating the tasks in order to make them impersonal, which is, as the employees changed, routine remained unaltered.

The number of employees in the technical area architects and drawers, added by engineers after grew vigorously in the period, jumping from 11 to 62 professionals. Evidently, this was corresponded by a physical space increase of the office, which, in started to occupy five rooms on the fifth floor of the Pancreto building Figure 6 , increased in to the total occupation of the same Figure 7 , to which were added three other rooms on the tenth floor.

Figure 6. Machado Figure 7. Machado The EMAC second phase beginning would represent reorganization in its general structure, regarding its repartition, both for functions as well as established clients. Figure 8. Edmundo Musa appears as Administrative Technical Director, position earned because his permanence in the office, which allowed him to have full control over all the activities and projects developed there.

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In this condition, two ramifications, the first one which takes them to the initial studies, first project risks that the brothers start to develop, if not in partnership, from the preliminary discussions they had between themselves, backed by the drawers who assure them the preliminary drawings at a scale; the second one, which binds them to the Technical Department and, consequently to the office production project sector.

One of them fronted the legal projects, although also supervised some of the executive ones, the ones originated from Edmundo Musa. A curious point of the same organogram is the ad-hoc team featured by the purple color, responsible for the boards for approval: these were produced on the weekends, in routine turnovers, functioning as ansporadic job, where everyone who wanted to participate earned by drawing, and prices varied by its complexity.

The collective working scheme was already showing of vital signs operation in We realized the division by teams had existed from the beginning, starting from the experience of Edison Musa in the Candilis-Josic-Woods office. It also has to be mentioned that the latter, having to cope with the situations as they came by, had done research on the theme, mainly in the AIA — American Institute of Architects, which, at the time had already an extended list of works on architecture office administration, subject almost totally ignored in Brazil.

After all, duties would be distributed, responsibilities taken and results would be presented in regular meetings, always written and signed by the attendants. This would generate greater commitment which would mobilize each one of the professionals to perform more and better. Key concepts of the American industrial vision would be applied in the office, identified by new organizational attitudes; control was needed to be exerted, evaluation be effected, gratifications offered and permeating everything, the time appropriation.

These would be the four pillars EMAC would support its management system in the following years. Figure 9. Figure Procedure: Control through Appropriation of time and Financial Productivity. Issued Document: Abstract of the Productivity Accumulation. This group, from the beginning of the s, would become, at EMAC, the starting point of the architectonic project production, which gained life of its own, yet supervised.

Generated Document: Diagnostic Sheet of the Land. With this attitude, the office made its businesses more dynamic, increased its revenue and survived the worsening of a crisis which had been anticipated in the real state sector.

The policy was directed, in the beginning, for the foreign companies, because those ones were used to have the management of the architecture offices in their country of origin. Owing to this, one of these projects, the CAEMI headquarters, which we will use as example to show how the process was fully performed, from the clipboard to the working site.

Thus, inside the office own structure, DEFIS would be born, after called DEGER, that in , according to what the respective chronogram shows, was fully active, with two interdisciplinary teams: an engineering one and an architecture one, both with two professionals from each area, one in a leadership position besides a building technician, all of whom integrated to the financial-administrative staff as well as interns of three areas.

Because they were able to establish such department inside the office itself, and subordinated to themselves, the Musa brothers guaranteed fidelity to the developed projects, at the same time they could conquer a new working market for the architect, who in there did not replace the engineer, but instead, they worked together as partners in the working site, with the first one coordinating the latter.

Undoubtedly, when it comes to the architecture offices at the time, this fact would put EMAC in a totally differentiated position, which distinguished it among the clientele they wanted to work with. They were several the procedures that, at that time, put into operation the project production inside EMAC, originating documents that on their turn would operate its management.

The result of those meetings was always a specific minute, document which acquired its significance according to the subject being discussed Figure Digite 1 no User Name e 1 no Password. Apostila Rotinas Administrativas, Length: Essay my motherland moldova. How to build a business plan for an app. Figura 6. Re the moisture, log, truly asserts wormwood into interpreting the profile.

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Step 2. One of them fronted the legal projects, although also supervised some of the executive ones, the ones originated from Edmundo Musa. No campo User Name insira o seu nome ou o nome da sua empresa. Essay about carbon dioxide emission.

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