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Want to Learn Hacking But Don't Know Where to Start..? If so, this book is specially designed for you. Hacking Secrets Exposed is an easy-to-follow, complete. Full text of "How To Hack: Hacking Secrets Exposed (A Beginner's Guide)" This book will take you through the concepts of computer hacking in a very simple. A professional guide to becoming a ethical hacker. How To Hack: Hacking Secrets Exposed (A Beginner's Guide). bySrikanth Ramesh.

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hacking secrets exposed a beginners guide (HOW TO HACK Liability DisclaimerThe information provided in this book is to be used for. HACKING SECRETS REVEALED. Information and . A potential hacker would do a scan on a range of IP address for systems with “File and .. address book. Contribute to stevelorenz/Security-and-Networking-eBooks-Collection development by creating an account on GitHub.

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Readers also enjoyed. About Srikanth Ramesh. Srikanth Ramesh. Telnetwas primarily designed to operate within the local network and hence does not take care ofsecurity. On the other hand SSH manages to offer total security while connecting toremote hosts on a remote network or Internet. Akin to telnet SSH also uses a client software and requires a username and password toestablish connection with the remote host. Each of these services are uniquely identified by a number called network port or simply referred to as port.

If a computer wants to avail a specific service from anothercomputer, it has to establish a connection to it on the exact port number where theintended service is running. For example, if a terminal is to request a web document from a remote server using HTTP,it has to first establish a connection with the remote server on port 80 HTTP service runson port 80 before placing the request.

In simple words, port numbers can be compared to door numbers where each door grantsaccess to a specific service on a computer. The following table shows a list of popularservices and their default port numbers: When data such as a mail, message or afile has to be transmitted between two hosts, it is fragmented into small structures calledpackets and are reassembled at the destination to make the original data chunk. Since Internet is the mother of millions of computers each having a unique IP address, itbecomes impossible for people to remember the IP address of each and every computerthey want to access.

So, in order to make this process simpler the concept of domainnames was introduced. However, since the network protocol understands only the IP address and not the domainnames, it is necessary to translate the domain name back to its corresponding IP addressbefore establishing a connection with the target server. This is where DNS comes inhandy. All this processwill happen in a split second behind the scenes and hence goes unnoticed.

How DNS Works? Let us understand the working of Domain Name System using the following example: This request is oftenreferred to as a DNS query. The local name server will receive the query to find out whether it contains the matchingname and IP address in its database. If found, the corresponding IP address response isreturned.

This process continues until the query reaches theDNS server that contains the matching name and IP address.

The IP address response then flows back the chain in the reverse order to your computer. The following figure 2. A firewall can be simply compared to a security guard who stands at theentrance of your house and filters the visitors coming to your place.

How to Hack: Hacking Secrets Exposed: A Beginner's Guide

He may allow somevisitors to enter while deny others whom he suspects of being intruders. Similarly afirewall is a software program or a hardware device that filters the information packets coming through the Internet to your personal computer or a computer network. How Firewall Works?

Firewalls may decide to allow or block network traffic between devices based on the rulesthat are pre-configured or set by the firewall administrator. Most personal firewalls such asWindows firewall operate on a set of pre-configured rules which are most suitable undernormal circumstances, so that the user need not worry much about configuring thefirewall.

The operation of firewall is illustrated in the below figure 2. However, in order to meet customized needs large networks andcompanies prefer those firewalls that have plenty of options to configure. For example, a company may set up different firewall rules for FTP servers, telnetservers and web servers. In addition, the company can even control how the employeesconnect to the Internet by blocking access to certain websites and restricting the transfer offiles to other networks.

Thus, in addition to security, a firewall can give the company atremendous control over how people use their network. Firewalls use one or more of the following methods to control the incoming and outgoingtraffic in a network: Packet Filtering: In this method, packets small chunks of data are analyzed against a set of filters.

Packet filters has a set of rules that come with accept and deny actions which are pre-configured or can be configured manually by the firewall administrator. If the packet manages to make it through these filters then it is allowed to reach the destination; otherwise it is discarded. Stateful Inspection: Instead, it compares certain key aspects of each packet to a database of trusted source.

Both incoming and outgoing packets are compared against this database and if the comparison yields a reasonable match, then the packets are allowed to travel further. Otherwise they are discarded. Firewall Configuration: Firewalls can be configured by adding one or more filters based on several conditions asmentioned below: IP addresses: In any case, if an IP address outside the network is said to be unfavourable, then it is possible to set filter to block all the traffic to and from that IP address.

For example, if a certain IP address is found to be making too many connections to a server, the administrator may decide to block traffic from this IP using the firewall. Domain names: Since it is difficult to remember the IP addresses, it is an easier and smarter way to configure the firewalls by adding filters based on domain names.

By setting up a domain filter, a company may decide to block all access to certain domain names, or may provide access only to a list of selected domain names.

If the services running on a given port is intended for the public or network users, they are usually kept open. Otherwise they are blocked using the firewall so as to prevent intruders from using the open ports for making unauthorized connections.

Specific words or phrases: A firewall can be configured to filter one or more specific words or phrases so that both the incoming and outgoing packets are scanned for the words in the filter. For example, you may set up a firewall rule to filter any packet that contains an offensive term or a phrase that you may decide to block from entering or leaving your network.

Hardware vs. Software Firewall: Hardware firewalls provide higher level of security and hence preferred for servers wheresecurity has the top most priority. The software firewalls on the other hand are lessexpensive and hence preferred in home computers and laptops. Hardware firewalls usually come as an in-built unit of a router and provide maximumsecurity as it filters each packet at the hardware level itself even before it manages to enteryour computer.

In the presence of a proxy server, there is no direct communication between the client andthe server. Instead, the client connects to the proxy server and sends requests for resourcessuch as a document, web page or a file that resides on a remote server.


The proxy serverhandles this request by fetching the required resources from the remote server andforwarding the same to the client. How Proxy Server Works? An illustration of how a proxy server works is shown in the Figure 2. An example of client can be a user operated computer that is connected to the Internet. Since it the proxy server which handles the requests betweenthe client and the target, only the IP address of the proxy server is exposed to the outsideworld and not the actual one.

Therefore, most hackers use a proxy server during theattacks on their target so that it would be hard to trace back to them. Compared to Windows operating system Linux is more secure, stable, reliable,multi-user capable and compatible with both server and desktop usage. This makes it oneof the most popular operating system next to Windows. As an ethical hacker, it is most essential to have a sound understanding of the Linuxplatform, its usage and commands.

Since it is a freeware, highly secure and stable operating system, millions of servers on the Internet runs on Linux. Some of the best hacking scripts and programs are designed only for Linux. LINUXIt is no doubt that Windows is the most popular desktop operating system known for itsuser friendliness and graphical user interface. As a result, most computer users across theworld are familiar with the Windows operating system but are new to Linux.

Known for its security, stability, flexibility and portability.


Widely used for desktop usage by home and office Widely used for server usage by enterprise and corporations. The operating system is mainly based on graphical The operating system is mainly based on command useruser interface GUI. Designed to operate with only one user at a time. Designed to support simultaneous multi-user operation. More than 70, viruses are reported for Windows Only around viruses are reported for Linux till datetill date.

Comes as commercial product and hence available Comes as an open-source and hence freely available. Hat, Debian, CentOS etc. Table 3. You can choose from a widevariety of Linux distributions like Ubuntu, Fedora or Debian where each of them containtheir own collection of software and applications but shares a common Linux kernel.

As abeginner you can choose Ubuntu as it easy to install and user friendly. You can find thedownload link and installation guide from the official Ubuntu website for which the link ismentioned below: Official Ubuntu Website: One is to install the operating systemon to the hard drive just like you do it for the Windows.

However, this method requires aprior experience of installing and configuring the operating systems. This in fact is a good alternative to installationand provides an easy way to get Linux running on your system without modifying any ofits previous settings and existing file system. But this option does not save your workupon shutting down your computer and hence suitable only for usage like penetrationtesting and learning.

One of my favourite distribution for hacking and penetration testing is Kali Linux. The link to the website is given below: Kali Website: This should give you a bootable live Kali DVD. For yourreference, I have used the bit 1. He posted about the source code that he developed in theMinix news group.

The feedback was good and the source code started to spread aroundthe world via FTP and over the years Linux became a very popular operating system.

Today, many great network programs, security tools and servers including DNS, Emailand Web server are being developed for Linux by programmers and hackers around theworld. This site will certainly ease you to choose as well as select the very best collective books from one of the most desired seller to the released book lately.

It will consistently upgrade the compilations time to time. So, hook up to internet and see this site always to get the new book daily. Are you among them? The life high quality will certainly not only concerning just how significantly expertise you will gain. Even you read the enjoyable or enjoyable e-books, it will assist you to have boosting life top quality.

Feeling enjoyable will certainly lead you to do something perfectly. You might not be useless when reviewing this e-book How To Hack: Hacking Secrets Exposed: A Beginner's Guide, By Srikanth Ramesh Never mind if you don't have enough time to visit the publication store and search for the preferred publication to read.Some of the common types of computer network include: Finding your public IP is extremely simple.

The source will be yourown computer called localhost. Objectives of DoS Attacks The objective of a DoS attack is not to gain unauthorized access to the system but rather to prevent the legitimate users of its service from accessing it. If a computer wants to avail a specific service from anothercomputer, it has to establish a connection to it on the exact port number where theintended service is running. Otherwise they are blocked using the firewall so as to prevent intruders from using the open ports for making unauthorized connections.

DoS attacks cause all the existing connections to the network to get dropped and also prevents new connections from happening thereby causing the WLAN virtually unusable. Firewalls can be configured by adding one or more filters based on several conditions asmentioned below: Should you have any questions, comments or feedback feel free to get in touch with my email address mentioned below: No Prior Knowledge of Hacking is Required.

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