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Little Black Book Of Scripts - Todd Falcone. 1. Todd Falcone's “Go To” Business Script What you are about to experience is what I call my “go to”. Little Black Book of Scripts (2 CD's one book in DVD case) on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Todd Falcone's Little Black Book of Scripts ( 80 page book with 2 CDs) [ Todd Falcone] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

Little Black Book Of Scripts

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Todd Falcone free download Little Black Book of Scripts. One of our favorite products. Great idea because trying to wing recruiting without MLM scripts will only make your life miserable. Knowing exactly what to say and how to say it is key in MLM. Easily Rid of Prospecting Fear Forever with Todd Falcone and his Little Black Book of Scripts. My new favorite prospecting “guru” and I highly.

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Todd Falcone. Michelle Pescosolido T About the Author: Hearkens back to a simpler time.

They eat it up. Like when Captain Kangaroo was king and Casey Kasem was in kindergarten. It's Kippie. Here's the thing: That orchid on the desk? Well, I just got it. Which can only mean it's a new picture. Let me see that. She's right. This cruelty cannot continue. With a "C.


I'll do my best to catch the culprit, Kippie. Thank you Nice to meet you. I've worked here for three years. Okay, people, need you focused right here! It's all about sweeps. Give me drama, pathos, life unfolding. Make me cry. Regurgitate something fresh. Give it to Daddy. Mixed parents. Happy mixed parents. I like it. You can't corner the midget market!

Yours party during holidays. Don't touch me! We combine the segments. We share the credit and the midgets. We work together here, people. We are a team. BlackBerries, desk organizers. Electronic footprints Under the right circumstances, they could be a girl's best friend.

Especially a scorned girlfriend, wife, mistress Run the prep. Let's go! Come on. Take it back. She was just kidding. And I tried to pretend I was.

First the doorbell, then the staff meeting? I am absolutely mortified. Don't worry, no one will remember. Oh, please. I'm the only victim here.

Why should I be forced to share credit with? If you make sweeps even with shared credit, that's a huge deal. I happen to know that the people from Harpo, Oprah's group TiVo every one of our shows. For what it's worth, I really like your "Little Black Book" idea. So don't cry in my soup. The most outrageous, the most provocative attention-grabbers. We're beginning sweeps now, so things are in the can. Of which we average nine a month. The APs. When an AP gets a slut It's like a credit.

You need so many credits to advance. He's next. The only way to jump ahead of him is if you land the live show. Anyway, if you do, you're instantly promoted. Hey, Kippie. Great show. Let's not go there. You must be Stacy. I am so unbelievably sorry about what happened. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. Hello again. So sorry to hear about you and Neil. I thought he was a keeper. Excuse me. Ex, actually. How's Neil? Oh, me! You're right.

The Official Todd Falcone Little Black Book of Scripts Review

I should get as many shows on the air as possible. Be seen. Noticed by somebody. Okay, so, what I'm about to do should not be interpreted as groveling It's merely a loss of personal integrity. Larry, wait up!

Talented too. Okay, I'll do the midgets. He cares too much what everyone thinks. Especially Kippie.

Who do you think leaked the pictures to the tabloids? Her ratings are down, and she's got five years left on her contract. You do the math. I haven't been here long enough to say. A year and a half ago I was on Wall Street. And before that I drove a bus. It's all pretty much the same. People will tell you who they are if you just listen. You can figure them out.

Sometimes you can help. I'm uncomfortable with touching and sentiment. It's all about the bottom line. She used to be prime-time out of New York. Now she's syndicated in Jersey. It's one thing to start here, but you don't climb your way to Trenton. Nothing we can do, short of winning sweeps. You've been teetering, and you just crossed over.

A lot. But that's irrelevant. That may be so, but does it reveal who your true friends are? Are they keeping secrets? Well, it's not a secret anymore for someone Man, you should have seen what came out of this animal.

I miss all the good stuff. You better apologize. I think you just insulted Bob. I did not. I'm sorry, Bob. I'm sorry. Where are you going? Two minutes. Did I tell you about Nieuwendyk's cousin? MVP out of Detroit? Guess who he's seeing Friday morning. His request. Yeah, you told me. It's amazing. Honey, this fast-forward thing isn't working.

Come here, boy. Yeah, plus Robbie Moore, out of Buffalo? These guys are, like, the top two recruits in the country. And if I can nail them both No ifs. You will. I know it. Jesus wept! No more hot sauce, all right? My agent. My friends. My boyfriends. I knew it. I knew she barfed. You heard Lulu Fritz barfing? Yeah, couple times. You think I'm gonna need a sweater in Detroit?

In May? You don't feel compelled to explain further? We dated. A little. I told you that, didn't I? Let me think. Thought I did.

Are you gonna be cool staying here by yourself? Don't let him walk you. Who's the boss? Because we don't sit around talking about past relationships. She was a relationship. You told me about that med student you dated right before me. And then the girl before that. What's her name? It's just, you end up fighting over old ghosts.

It's history. It's over. The past is past. That's before the past was a supermodel that barfed quietly. You know, I don't pry into your old boyfriends. Here's a little tip: I never dated Brad Pitt. All right. Shut it off, okay?

Look, I've had really bad experiences If you have to know, we had problems in bed. Hallelujah - Okay? So no more Lulu Fritz? I will never mention the name "Lulu Fritz" again. We made an agreement not to discuss old relationships. Those who do not learn from his history are condemned to repeat it.

Doesn't matter who he dated. What matters is why he stopped. Say Derek's like Neil. How do you find out before you're too far gone? He won't say: "I was screwing my way through the phone book.

They'll always give dirt. What are they like? You can tell a lot by studying where he came from. I haven't met them. He doesn't bring girls home. Meeting the folks? I don't wanna make him feel uncomfortable. Let's not do that. That'd be bad. You have a right Nay, an obligation to find out more. He's away for, what, two weeks? Take that time, I beg you. Learn a few things. Information's power. You wanna keep your man, you find out why they didn't.

Look, I agree. There's better ways to do it. Since no one argues with the lord and master, you gotta get creative. All men should come with letters of recommendation, or warning labels. Or little black books. Does he have one? Speaking of which, what was Lulu's last name?

Working Girl,. You've never seen it? Staten Island girl trying to make her way in the big city And Mike Nichols.

He's famous. He's a genius. Plus, he's married to Diane Sawyer. I don't wanna be her, Barb. I wanna work with her. I will work with her. I believe I will. Ira Nachlis. Senior associate producerlproducer, Kippie Kann Do. I am trying to give a young innocent her minutes of fame. We'd like you to come in tomorrow for an interview. We'll do lunch and throw up Catch up.

Little Black Book Script

I would love to expose myself to your viewers. Not going there. So how did the documentary affect your personal life, Lulu? Well, it forced Stephen, my ex, to face his truth. He barfed too. And before Stephen? I didn't date much. I was shy. And ugly. Why do supermodels say how ugly they were when they were young?

Is it because they want us to know they suffered? Do they think that it makes them more deserving? That we'll forgive them their bounty? Note to supermodels: None of us believe you. So the only relationship you ever had ever was Stephen? I mean, I dated a few people. His name came out of that mouth.

Her "Derek" was my Derek. She is. Go ahead. I was so young. I can hardly remember. Someone needs to chill. Actually, the bedroom Two, sometimes three times a day. Funny how your memory just snapped back like that. Anyways, Derek and I didn't talk much.

I just used him for Why'd you split? I did. All the time. But he stuck around like a lovesick puppy. Finally, I asked him to go back to his old girlfriend. She called all the time, begging him, pleading.

She mentioned it. Well, Joyce. He only went back to her out of pity. I wonder what he's doing now. Hey, Derek. This is Lulu! Just thought I'd give you a call and let you know I was in town. Quietly barfing cow. And suddenly, my certain world didn't seem so certain after all. Hi, Bob. Are you hungry? I'm not hungry. Lulu dangled before me like bait on a wire. I swallowed it whole It was time for the past to meet the present.

Bob, look. A box.

I just need to clean up some stuff. He told me to. Just checking things out, you know? Oh, look. So this is hysterical Joyce. You don't look so desperate. You look athletic. And pretty. Where was this taken?

New York City Marathon. Where you crossed the finish line. And you were crying. And so was Derek while he hugs you. There's so many neat pictures, Bob. Rachel Keyes. You are a podiatrist, I think? What's with that little minx-like smile? Can you just not look at me like that, please? It's making me very uncomfortable.

I'm done. And don't judge me. Okay, Bob? Hey, Stacy, it's me. You there? Okay, I guess you're out with Bob. Listen, I left my Palm at home. I need you to go through it and get me some numbers.

Take care. Did you hear that, Bob? Derek left his Palm at home. Guess we'll have to look for it. If I were a Palm, where would I be?

If we were Palms, where would we be, Bob? Where is it? Where could it be right now? He asked for it. Where could it be?

Todd Falcone

Life's about certainty. It's about being in control. Password, password, password. What would his password be? Thank you. Go to your bed. Go to your bed, Bob! Seconds before opening the metallic case I envisioned all the evil flowing into the world. I was Pandora.

And then I got over it. Look at that. Joyce works at the Kaleidoscope Kitchen. Brand-new place. Know what that means? It's a new entry. That place has only been open two, three months. How would he know that unless they still talk? We could give her a little jingle. Where's Leo? We're doing research on an upcoming episode Now, how about that doctor he dated? What was her name?

Look what you learned with Lulu. He didn't cheat. Little lie. Unless it's a pattern. Say, hypothetically, you get a dog. What do you like about it? Why are you looking to be involved in a business of your own? Are you primarily looking for a part-time income, or are you looking for a serious full-time income? How much money are you looking to make? Given you found the right opportunity, how much time are you prepared to devote to your business each week?

If you get this far into the probing process, you will definitely want the ask this question. Other than the money itself, what is it exactly that you are looking for?

In other words, what specifically will you be able to do when you have that kind of money coming in that you cannot do today? This is critical. This is their WHY! Remember it…write it down. Take them Thru the Information Gathering Process It sounds to me like you are the right type of person for our business.

What I need to do now is provide you some information about our company and what we do, so you can make an informed decision as to whether or not it makes sense for you.

Sound fair? Take them through the process. Take Their Temperature This next section may happen immediately, if you are able to disseminate information to them right there. If not, you will be scheduling a time to get back to them and take their temperature. After you expose the prospect to your information, you need to find out the interest level of your prospect. Let me ask you a simple question.

If you were to rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 10, one being not at all interested and ten being I am ready to get started right now, where do you see yourself? You are asking for a number. Get the number. It gives you a good gauge as to exactly how interested they are.

It sounds to me like this is obviously not for you. Who do you know who may be interested in a business like this? If they answer 6 through 8: Let them tell YOU what they need in order to make a decision. If they answer 9 or Excellent, let me share with you exactly how you get started in the business… That means, sign them up!

You still may get questions, but obviously they are interested. Get them the answers they need, and enroll them. Close, Conduct a 3-way Call or Book a Follow up You are nearing the end of the process with your prospect at this point.

They will either not be interested and you ask for a referral, they are moderately interested and you find out what they require to make an informed decision, or you sign them up. They probably simply need a little more information and validation, perhaps even a little time to 6. Pay it forward and share it with your friends on Facebook and Twitter by clicking the share buttons below. You just clipped your first slide! Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides you want to go back to later.Mlm Network Marketing- The Fastest You won't hurt my feelings.

It's out of power. That's funny. I haven't watched much, but doesn't Kippie Kann do more of the In other words, what specifically will you be able to do when you have that kind of money coming in that you cannot do today?

And if he has nothing to hide, why hide these old relationships? So…once you get comfortable with how to get the conversation started, the rest is easy. What up? The Little Black Book of scripts not only gives you the words to say, but tells you some awesome tips and secrets on how to deal with this ruthless market.

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