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Download the ken follett books in order book in PDF file format for free at sidi-its. info Faktor Merde. Author: Stephen Clarke. now longman chemistry 11 květen Home; Clarke, Stephen: Faktor Merde. Content. Detail · Content 8 hodnocení čtenářů. Faktor Merde Borrow Ebook. Select. Borrow Ebook. To ask other readers questions about The Merde Factor, please sign up. Be the first to ask a question about The Merde Factor . Shelves: english, ebook. Funny .

Merde Faktor Ebook

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DOWNLOAD OR READ: DIAL M FOR MERDE PDF EBOOK EPUB MOBI. Page 1 DOWNLOAD | READ Faktor Merde () by Stephen Clarke in dial m for. The merde factor is a book writen by Stephen Clarke. This is a biography of sorts of one of Britain's most outrageous – and under-rated – Princes. [PDF] Faktor Merde Paul West 5 by Stephen Clarke. [PDF] Migrating Heritage Experiences of Cultural Networks and Cultural Dialogue in Europe by Perla.

I also got a really solid re-education of French swear words and slang which was nice too! The book was funny and I enjoyed it and wanted to finish but the story in itself left a little something to be desired.

Thank you to Century for our review copy.

All opinions are our own. View all 3 comments. Jun 29, Kim Tong Lim rated it really liked it. Stephen Clarke, a British, studied French at Oxford. He once moved to Paris and got a job as a journalist for an English Language magazine. With his unique experience, Stephen Clarke is qualified to write novels on life in Paris viewed from an Englishman. If you know the French language, I reckon that you would enjoy more than I, because French phrases were used in conversations between characters in the story.

The author knew that some readers might not understand French, so he added the English equivalent to these French words.


I found that this was not an impediment to enjoying the hilarious story. The story takes a dig at French people, French society and all its quirkiness.

Not in anyway rude but it describes how foreigners view these Parisians from their own lens. The Parisians may not feel the same way, being on the receiving end. The storyline was unexpected towards the end.

I found myself tickled by the creative literary flair of Stephen Clarke. This book is entertaining and it should lift you up from any gloom you might be under. It is suitable as a travel companion when you are on a holiday to survive Paris next time. Mar 30, Julia rated it it was ok. I picked up the book because of the amusing title, read the first chapter and thought it was funny. Bought the book a month later and saved it for my vacation.


When I started reading it again it wasn't all that funny. I had a hard time getting into it And it took me several weeks to finish it. It got all cheesy at the end, but a bit cute and now in retrospect I can say that some of it was amusing.

Not a must read, but okay. I've read the first one, which I thought was much better. The writing is generally tight and characterizations are well-thought-out, but not always consistently. There are a few weaker sections where the plot feels forced, especially at the outset.

The middle sections flow more easily, and the end wraps things up well, if a bit hurriedly. Overall though, I like his style and approach, but this isn't his best. Dec 13, Monica rated it liked it Shelves: Funny, better that the previous two in the series. May 13, Lauren Coblence rated it really liked it. Easy read.

Jan 29, Zbyszek Sokolowski rated it really liked it Shelves: Zabawne bardzo polecam. Oct 15, Book-shelf Shelf rated it liked it. There is no doubt this is a funny book and on the whole i enjoyed it, but i have to say i got very irritated with the sentences in french.

Stupid thing to say you might say judging by the cover and the fact it has a very french feel to it, and to an extent i agree. But although many authors do this with all sorts of languages, this one doesn't have the meanings Having said tha There is no doubt this is a funny book and on the whole i enjoyed it, but i have to say i got very irritated with the sentences in french. Having said that, there is very many people who will see straight past the french and enjoy this book whole heartily, the humor is brilliant and the book did keep me gripped to the end so i would give another of these books ago, but without any promises.

View 1 comment. Oct 15, Xanthi rated it liked it. More Paul West fun. I like the way the author manages to poke fun at the French and their ways, but do it in an almost loving way. His fondness of France, whilst still being able to appreciate its absurdities, is very entertaining, indeed. Oh, and the wacky character of Jake is back in full force, in this installment.

I do hope there will be another Paul West book in the future. In the meantime, I will hunt down the author's non-fiction works. Roses are red, Parisians are blue Business and love life will intertwine and no poetry contest had higher stakes. Incredibly funny!

Oct 21, Adrianne Poulard rated it really liked it. Love these books! Stephen Clarke really "gets" the French! I found myself laughing out loud while reading the book because I've had similar experiences or thoughts. My husband and I both found the series funny and very entertaining.

The characters are fantastic I know people who fit each of them! Can't wait for the next one! Mar 04, Francois A rated it did not like it. That was really merde.

I remembered the first book in the series as somewhat amusing so I was disappointed that this iteration fell so flat. Same linguistic misunderstandings, more incomprehension of local administration, good old French protectionism. Clarke writes well but confuses writing a lot with developing a story: Time to put the Merde to rest. Jul 27, Rachel rated it liked it. I loved the first 2 in this 'series' haven't read 3,4. This had some funny moments and for someone who lives in France, a lot "Preach!

Well-written, but just not exciting to read after having read some of the others. Now if this was my first Paul West read then I would rate it differently. Sep 14, Moses rated it liked it Shelves: Very solid work by Stephen Clarke, a very successful writer at leaking French into an English book with a brilliant sense of humor.

I suggest reading the Merde Factor to those with some ideas on French culture and especially Parisian approach to life. Una nueva aventura de Paul West en la capital de Francia.

Todo es profundamente irracional y divertido. Lo mejor es el amigo poeta.

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I saw the title and assume it going to be a funny book. Well it funny alright but took me a long time to finish.

It's not the kind of book that the story is exciting and can put it down , at least for me. Aug 04, Alexandra rated it liked it.

Public Representations of Immigrants in Museums

Quite funny but some depth in characters and plot is missing. It is overall a pleasant, light summer reading. Should it be taken as such, you will enjoy it.

Paul is back in Paris, with no money, no job, nowhere to live. Jean-Marie, his old boss, is trying to cheat him out of his share in their English tea room. Alexa his old girlfriend seems to be stalking him. And to make things worse, his American friend Jake keeps reciting poems at him.

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It was great fun getting back to writing about Paul, and even more fun actually trying to compose some of Jake's awful rhymes. In this novel, Paul is a judge in a poetry competition — first prize, get your poems published — and Jakes needs a friendly hand if he's going to stand any chance of winning. Now Paul is a faithful friend, but there are limits. And when you read the poems you'll see that Jake goes way beyond the limits.

Paul also tries to give his life some stability by becoming a fonctionnaire , a civil servant, that famous species of French person with a job for life, early pension, and the complacency that goes with it.

But his work for the Ministry of Culture doesn't quite turn out like that. And talking of culture, Jean-Marie shows that he is a fungal, bacterial life form by sexually harassing one of his young interns.Is said every time a disease baffles comprehension- it gives satisfaction to the listener. Never use to refer to a woman. Stephen Clarke, a British, studied French at Oxford.

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I like the way the author manages to poke fun at the French and their ways, but do it in an almost loving way. Eyebrows that meet in the middle a sign of jealousy.

Found particularly in judges.

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