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of stature, rocklike in faith, Mother Teresa of Calcutta was entrusted with the mission of proclaiming God's thirsting love for humanity, especially for the poorest of. Mary Teresa Bojaxhiu commonly known as Mother Teresa and honoured in the Roman . According to a biography by Joan Graff Clucas, Teresa was in her early English was the language of instruction of the Sisters of Loreto in India. Indian language editions include Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu. Mother Teresa was born in Albania in , and died in Her real name is Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu. She became famous the world over for starting the.

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Biography of Mother Teresa - This app deals with the complete Biography of Mother Teresa. This reference app provides quick access to all the information on . Everytime you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing. -Mother Teresa. See attached file (Mother. Mother Teresa: A Biography - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online for free. Modern popular culture promotes celebrity: people who are .

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Mother Teresa was born on in Macedonia. Continue to app Rating: She also possesses a good role of leadership.

Her whole life was dedicated for the poor and prays her devotion to God. Mother Teresa of Calcutta won This app only provides Mp3 Streaming and no download feature because it may infringe the copyright. Click stars to rate this APP!

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Newsletter Submit. Continue to app. View Screenshots. While the cause of his death remains unknown, many have speculated that political enemies poisoned him. In the aftermath of her father's death, Agnes became extraordinarily close to her mother, a pious and compassionate woman who instilled in her daughter a deep commitment to charity. Although by no means wealthy, Drana Bojaxhiu extended an open invitation to the city's destitute to dine with her family.

When Agnes asked who the people eating with them were, her mother uniformly responded, "Some of them are our relations, but all of them are our people. Agnes attended a convent-run primary school and then a state-run secondary school. As a girl, she sang in the local Sacred Heart choir and was often asked to sing solos.

The congregation made an annual pilgrimage to the Church of the Black Madonna in Letnice, and it was on one such trip at the age of 12 that she first felt a calling to a religious life. Six years later, in , an year-old Agnes Bojaxhiu decided to become a nun and set off for Ireland to join the Sisters of Loreto in Dublin. Afterward she was sent to Calcutta, where she was assigned to teach at Saint Mary's High School for Girls, a school run by the Loreto Sisters and dedicated to teaching girls from the city's poorest Bengali families.

Sister Teresa learned to speak both Bengali and Hindi fluently as she taught geography and history and dedicated herself to alleviating the girls' poverty through education.

On May 24, , she took her Final Profession of Vows to a life of poverty, chastity and obedience.

As was the custom for Loreto nuns, she took on the title of "Mother" upon making her final vows and thus became known as Mother Teresa. Mother Teresa continued to teach at Saint Mary's, and in she became the school's principal.

Through her kindness, generosity and unfailing commitment to her students' education, she sought to lead them to a life of devotion to Christ. On September 10, , Mother Teresa experienced a second calling, the "call within a call" that would forever transform her life.

She was riding in a train from Calcutta to the Himalayan foothills for a retreat when she said Christ spoke to her and told her to abandon teaching to work in the slums of Calcutta aiding the city's poorest and sickest people.

Since Mother Teresa had taken a vow of obedience, she could not leave her convent without official permission. After nearly a year and a half of lobbying, in January she finally received approval to pursue this new calling. That August, donning the blue-and-white sari that she would wear in public for the rest of her life, she left the Loreto convent and wandered out into the city.

After six months of basic medical training, she voyaged for the first time into Calcutta's slums with no more specific a goal than to aid "the unwanted, the unloved, the uncared for.

Mother Teresa quickly translated her calling into concrete actions to help the city's poor. She began an open-air school and established a home for the dying destitute in a dilapidated building she convinced the city government to donate to her cause.

In October , she won canonical recognition for a new congregation, the Missionaries of Charity, which she founded with only a handful of members—most of them former teachers or pupils from St. Mary's School. As the ranks of her congregation swelled and donations poured in from around India and across the globe, the scope of Mother Teresa's charitable activities expanded exponentially.

Over the course of the s and s, she established a leper colony, an orphanage, a nursing home, a family clinic and a string of mobile health clinics. In , Mother Teresa traveled to New York City to open her first American-based house of charity, and in the summer of , she secretly went to Beirut, Lebanon, where she crossed between Christian East Beirut and Muslim West Beirut to aid children of both faiths.

By the time of her death in , the Missionaries of Charity numbered more than 4, — in addition to thousands more lay volunteers — with foundations in countries around the world. The Decree of Praise was just the beginning, as Mother Teresa received various honors for her tireless and effective charity. In , Mother Teresa was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in recognition of her work "in bringing help to suffering humanity.

Despite this widespread praise, Mother Teresa's life and work have not gone without its controversies. In particular, she has drawn criticism for her vocal endorsement of some of the Catholic Church's more controversial doctrines, such as opposition to contraception and abortion.

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In , she publicly advocated a "no" vote in the Irish referendum to end the country's constitutional ban on divorce and remarriage. Mother Teresa in Theory and Practice , in which Hitchens argued that Mother Teresa glorified poverty for her own ends and provided a justification for the preservation of institutions and beliefs that sustained widespread poverty. Since her death, Mother Teresa has remained in the public spotlight. For her unwavering commitment to aiding those most in need, Mother Teresa stands out as one of the greatest humanitarians of the 20th century.

She combined profound empathy and a fervent commitment to her cause with incredible organizational and managerial skills that allowed her to develop a vast and effective international organization of missionaries to help impoverished citizens all across the globe. Despite the enormous scale of her charitable activities and the millions of lives she touched, to her dying day she held only the most humble conception of her own achievements.In order to respond better to both the physical and spiritual needs of the poor, Mother Teresa founded the Missionaries of Charity Brothers in , in the contemplative branch of the Sisters, in the Contemplative Brothers, and in the Missionaries of Charity Fathers.

During the years of rapid growth the world began to turn its eyes towards Mother Teresa and the work she had started.

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Despite the enormous scale of her charitable activities and the millions of lives she touched, to her dying day she held only the most humble conception of her own achievements. The four types of structure are: argument, explanation, definition, and description. Here 20 small boys and girls met to receive instruction. They rose in rebellion time and again against their conquerors.

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