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Breakout sensation Monica Murphy takes the romance genre by storm with the deeply emotional, completely addicting story of Drew and Fable. Temporary. One Week Girlfriend book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Temporary. That one single word best describes my life these. Three Broken Promises. One Week Girlfriend Quartet (Series). Monica Murphy Author (). cover image of Four Years Later.

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He needs someone to play the part of his girlfriend for one week. In exchange for cash. As if that's not weird enough, ever since he brought me into his world. Editorial Reviews. Review. “A sweet and sexy read with a dash of angst. It will hook you from One Week Girlfriend: A Novel (One Week Girlfriend Quartet Book 1) - Kindle edition by Monica Murphy. Download it once and read it on your Kindle. Editorial Reviews. Review. “A sweet and sexy read with a dash of angst. It will hook you from One Week Girlfriend: One Week Girlfriend Book 1 by [Murphy, Monica]. Audible Sample. Audible Sample. Playing Playing Loading Loading.

We have time. Bought her a bunch of clothes too. The similarities are undeniably there. We'll settle back into our usual roles. Where you hate me and I hate you. It'll be a lie.

I might've hated you before all this, but now… I think I'm falling in love with you. Love's tendrils round the heart doth twine, as round the oak doth cling the vine.

Ardelia Cotton Barton.

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The only thing he seems to want though is… Me. Headline , Una semana contigo. That bitch. The girl is toxic. What time he dropped me off at my house—around five—which gave him plenty of time to go somewhere else with Ryan and end up with the girls. Every tiny molecule that makes me into who I am literally aches for that to be the truth.

Maybe he did leave my house to go meet another girl. He is a known player. Who am I to him, really? He says a bunch of stuff, and it all sounds good, but maybe he says the same thing to lots of girls. Not like her and Ryan have known each other that long, but you know what I mean.

This was taken last night. Gets the painful part over with, you know? Of course she feels that way. She just recently gave up her V-card to that guy. Proof again that Ryan is a total jerk.

He runs hot and cold with Liv, especially before they officially got together. I thought hearing it would bring me some satisfaction but so far, no go. Livvy is watching me in shock, with her mouth hanging open and her eyes wide. Forgive him. Forget all about that girl cozied up next to him. How I wish I could go back to yesterday.

Sitting with him at the coffee shop, listening to his sweet words and not savoring them enough. The most we ever did was the night I discovered my now ex-boyfriend having sex with my now ex-best friend… My entire body goes warm at the memory. We hooked up that night and took it pretty far, but not too far. The bell rings and I shoot out of my class as fast as I can, staring straight ahead as I exit the doorway and turn left when I normally turn right. No one pays me any attention anyway, which is a good thing.

But then again it infuriates me. No way could he see anything in me. I make no sense. I blame it all on Tuttle. Liv is standing close to Ryan, laughing up at him after he leans in close to her ear and whispers something.

My stomach twists and I fight the disappointment that wants to take over me. I say nothing in return, just send him a withering look.

Livvy sighs as we stop on the opposite end of the lockers. The photo was taken at a party late last summer. He swore up and down he was being one hundred percent honest. That photo is old.

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So he can go out and do something like this again? He also looks really angry and…hurt? No way. Temptation sweeps over me, urging me to take another step forward and wrap my arms around him. But I fight the impulse and win. When he crosses his arms, he looks intimidating. I take a step back. Are you really going to be such a bitch? His handsome face is a mask of ferociousness, and his eyes are so hot I swear they singe my skin when he looks at me. You know how I feel. My entire body is tingling and the urge to throw myself at him for a job well done must be some sort of instinctual reaction.

Never waver. Ryan and Liv slink away. Neither do I. I thought that was good enough. Exhales loudly.

More Than Friends (Just Friends #2) - Monica Murphy

I turn to watch him walk away, shocked and annoyed that he left me wanting more. Left me feeling bad, like I should chase after him, full of apologies. I refuse to play his head games. Better to stay safe and alone versus getting burned.

Liv stayed after school to watch Ryan practice—gag. She forgave Ryan way too easily, but she did point out yet again that maybe I was the one being stubborn. My decision is made. Brings drama into my life. After lunch I have AP English with Tuttle, and I sit in my usual spot at the front of the class, refusing to look back at him. My neck remains warm the entire period. I could feel his eyes on me, watching me, staring at my nape.

I totally regret wearing my hair in a high ponytail. When the bell rings, I bolt out of class so fast I run into the edge of a desk on my way out. That probably caused a major bruise. See his face. Look into his eyes.

Instead of driving straight home after school like I normally would, I go in search of a job. I need money. Lots of it—and all for college.

I pull into a shopping center parking lot and walk from store to store, asking if they were hiring. Asking for applications. But those types of businesses are getting harder to find. Pushing open the door, I walk into the chilly shop, noting how clean it looks. A vaguely familiar teenage boy sits on a stool behind the counter with his back against the brightly painted wall, his head buried in a book.

He startles, nearly dropping the book to the floor, but he catches it just in time. I recognize him immediately. Blake Stephens. Are you by chance hiring right now? Blake jumps to his feet, coming to stand directly across from me behind the cash register. I can put in a good word for you, too. His rapt attention is kind of creepy. Can I have an application, please? I take it from him with a faint smile, thank him for the pen and clipboard he also hands me then go sit at one of the small table so I can start filling out the application.

The machines, the toppings bar, the bathrooms, the floor. Mom runs a tight ship. He was guaranteed a job for the rest of his life. I glance up to see a pleasant-looking older woman stop at the register to talk to Blake. Blake said you were hiring? She glances at him over her shoulder. That was way too easy.

He would never do that.

What about Ryan? I was so hurt and confused. And then Dustin showed up. The minute Dustin left, I cried. I felt so bad for using him, but I was still angry at Ryan too, you know?

And Em. Maybe even Ryan. I plan everything so her spontaneity blows my mind on a regular basis. No more boys.

I just got a part-time job. You got a job? At Yo Town?

Poor dude. He pretty much keeps to himself.

Can you get me a discount? I love football. I love how our team is slowly turning themselves around—and a lot of that is because of Tuttle. Ugh, stupid Tuttle and his gorgeous face and perfect lips and irritating, smug personality.

He is nothing but trouble. Someone who was in my advanced classes these last three years, though I never really talked to him. Someone I watched play out on the field while I sat in the stands wearing hideous, itchy polyester and an awful hat with a feather plume. Well, now he is. No more band, no more football and no homecoming dance. There are worse things to deal with in life. Or so I tell myself. I need this job. Who will I sit with during the game? She really needs to work on that.

Become a more thoughtful person. It could be anybody. Worse, it could be Tuttle. Pushing his luck. Pushing himself on me. He watches me, pleased with my reaction or whatever, but then the smile slowly dies. Wait a minute.

Is he…jealous? Of Blake freaking Stephens? I take a step closer to Blake, because yes. Truthfully, it feels kind of awesome, knowing that talking to Blake is driving Tuttle insane. Blake has always been quiet and shy. Blake is more my type of person than Tuttle could ever be. I need to remember that. I like staying busy. Blake smiles, taking a few backward steps until he turns on his heel and settles into his seat.

I return my attention to the front of the classroom, resting my linked hands on top of my desk, determined to get into attentive student mode. All I can think about is Jordan Tuttle sitting behind me.

Watching me. What is he thinking? Does he hate me for cutting him out of my life? I doubt that happens to him much. Meyer ignores the groans that sound throughout the room. This will be great. A group project. I hate them, mostly because I always end up doing all the work. Meyer calls over the commotion that starts at her announcement.

I part my lips, ready to say yes, when I hear someone speak from behind me. I try not to let him affect me, but I swear I feel my toes tremble in my shoes. He looks ready to roll his eyes.

Or walk away. He does neither. He somehow gets away with it. The desk beside me is empty and he drops his perfect body into the seat, tipping the desk onto its two front legs so he can lean as close as possible in my direction. And they are a lot. Mostly having to do with touching.

And kissing. The boy can kiss like no other. You two are going to be great partners together! Meyers exclaims when she stops in front of the both of us. She clasps her hands together, a giant smile on her face. Meyer is already gone, moving on to talk to someone else. I show up at Yo Town promptly at four.

Then she sends me back out into the shop so I can be trained. By Blake. I pick it up pretty fast, which fills me with relief. I notice those are the theme colors of the store. Or put on the toppings. The customers do it themselves and bring their yogurt to us, where we weigh it and collect the money.

Easy peasy. How hard can this job be? I hate it. I hate that he brought Tuttle up, yet I also feel responsible for it. Blake shrugs, his cheeks coloring. Next time, right?

I feel like I need to make it up to him. Pointing out what everything is, he explains I need to make sure to keep everything well stocked. Bantam August 27, Language: English ISBN Start reading One Week Girlfriend on your Kindle in under a minute.

Don't have a Kindle? Try the Kindle edition and experience these great reading features: Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Read reviews that mention week girlfriend monica murphy chance boyfriend second chance new adult next book even though girlfriend for a week second book fable and drew really enjoyed football player thanksgiving break looking forward home for thanksgiving fake girlfriend wait for the next quick read must read younger brother.

Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. It was a heartbreaking read, but I loved seeing Drew and Fable grow closer and help each other through a difficult time, especially for Drew.

Drew was the one who approached Fable about accompanying him home for Thanksgiving. The attraction between Drew and Fable was there early on, their relationship grew gradually and quickly become intense.

It really saddened me to see what Drew had to endure and I just wanted to reach in there and hug him!

One Week Girlfriend Series

Monica Murphy is an author that I have become to enjoy. One Week Girlfriend had heartbreaking moments, but there were sweet times between Drew and Fable that I loved. One person found this helpful. This book was soooooo good!!! The writing completely sucked me in. The premise was fresh - took a plot that has been overused but tweaked it slightly so that it was completely different. It was unique and unpredictable. Drew is sexy as hell. He's a star football player in college, comes from a wealthy family and keeps out of trouble.

Appearances lead you to believe that he has a perfect life. Fable is a strong female lead. She works as a waitress at a local bar, has been around the block a time or two and has no idea who her father is. From the outside, you might think she is a shallow slut. Looks can be deceiving. This book stayed with me after I read it. I had a complete book hangover.

I wanted to jump into the book and drop kick Adele. And Drew's dad for that matter. While I'm making a list, let's add Fable's mom to those in need of an butt kicking.

When Drew and Fable get together in the most unorthodox way, they discover what's underneath the surface. And they realize that even though they run in different circles, they do have a connection.

They get each other in a way that no one else does. I love the chemistry between Drew and Fable. I love watching them grow.

And I will never hear the word marshmallow without thinking of this book or these characters. Thank you, Monica Murphy, for such an awesome book!!

This one is on my re-read list!! Great concept of a story and loved how the author had both of the characters having their own chapters so we can see what they both think. She works at the local bar and is a townie.I hear her laugh. Jordan and Amanda. Jordan is real. I look sloppy and comfortable. What happened to the whiny little brother who followed me everywhere as if he worshipped me? He played the role of Mike Baxter, a conservative father fighting for his manhood in a house filled with women.

I need to get over him.

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