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What to Expect the First Year. Heidi Murkoff Author Sharon Mazel Author (). cover image of What to Expect Before You're Expecting. We offer eBooks for your Kindle device or reading app. Try one today! ×. Title details for What to Expect Before You're Expecting by Heidi Murkoff - Available. From Heidi Murkoff, author of the worlds bestselling pregnancy and parenting books, comes the must-have guide every expectant couple needs before they.

What To Expect Before Youre Expecting Epub

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So, I wrote a book—delivering the proposal for What to Expect When You're Expecting just two hours before I went into labor with the baby who. S. are currently trying to conceive, and medical groups now recommend that all hopeful parents plan for baby-making at least three months. Download EBOOK What to Expect Before You' Ebook Read NOW PDF EPUB KINDLE - - What.

The whole point of this exercise is to see how ereader apps handle your epub file, prior to publishing your book and having readers alert you to the surprises they find in your epub file after it is published. Add a line in the meta section of the content.

Easier to view the image below than to try and describe in text. Keep clicking the green arrow top right of the UI until your file perfectly validates. This was immensely frustrating but valuable, because at least I now know that my cover image works on three mobile readers and not on the other. I suspect that image dimensions are in play here and that CSS is also involved.

Tech support emails eventually yielded Aldiko responses blaming me for using the wrong image and offering no suggestions. I still have not found any advice on optimum cover image dimensions or image best practices, so I have no firm answer as I write this article.

Each ereader comes with its own default CSS. Each ereader also has menu options that turn external CSS off and on.

Playing with these settings and evaluating how each setting affects your epub reader is valuable experience. The default fonts, font sizes, page justification, and backlighting all worked quite well for my eye.

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The table of contents in all the readers appeared as expected. If your book has images and you want to support mobile readers, then early testing of your epub file could be well worth your time.

Uploading and checking the epub file tends to be an iterative process. Remember that old scientific method from high school? Maybe it was college.

It has not changed since then and continues to suggest making one change at a time and then evaluating that change in a new version. As I am testing and making new versions, once I upload the epub from my laptop Dropbox client to the Dropbox cloud, it is a simple check to look at the time stamp in the file name and verify that I am looking at the most recent version of my epub file.

I thought this simple step proved to be the most important in my evaluating. Once I start to make changes, it is easy to forget if I have uploaded the latest version or not.

Adding the timestamp into the file name makes it easy to check the version on my laptop against the version in the Dropbox cloud.

It is also worth noting that in Windows Explorer on my laptop I like to have the Date Modified column displayed and not the Date column.

A Step by Step Guide to Evaluating Your ePub Files on Kindles, iPads, and Smartphones

I may be suspicious, but I think deleting the current file from both device ereader and Dropbox prior to uploading the fresh file is an important part of the process. I start with removing the local epub file from each of the ereaders. You will need to remove the local file in each ereader you have used. Once the local epub files are removed from within each reader app, I then go to the Dropbox client on my phone or iPad and remove the file from the Dropbox cloud.

With the epub file in the Dropbox cloud, I single tap to open the Dropbox client on my iPad. With the iPad Dropbox client open: Select from the displayed list of files or search for the file.

Single tap on the file name that you want to read in iBook. After seeing this message all you have to do is go to the upper right corner of the iPad screen and tap on the right-most icon with the downward swooping arrow.

That tap reveals a list of the iPad apps capable of reading an epub file. Tap iBooks once and voila, your epub opens within iBooks ready to go. On the iPad, you want to see: how the cover image looks on the iBook shelf if the table of contents look right if text flows around images what effect do the default settings have Removing the local file from iBooks is similar to the ereaders.

I also like to view the epub file within a web browser. Installation is a snap. I did download and use it a bit. It is a quick install and a quick test. Like Aldiko, and likely for similar reasons, it broke on the same images in the same file that looked good on all my other testing apps and devices. Other than the image issue, it does seems to work OK as a testing preview device for text-centric issues.

For all the attention that epub is getting, looking good in Amazon and on Amazon devices remains paramount. So I think the Kindle Previewer deserves a shout out. When I started in , everything was done manually via the KDP interface in a web browser. Flash forward to January and downloading, installing and using the Kindle Previewer was a huge change for me relative to earlier methods.

The Kindle Previewer took my very same epub file I was testing with elsewhere, converted it including large color images and offered me a choice of three different simulated Kindle devices to view the converted file. Very easy to use. I think every indie author should download and use the Kindle Previewer. I think it is well worth using to evaluate your file and how well in converts to the mobi format.

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Please note that I still adhere to the image size limit of kb. I did not use iTunes in this testing process, mainly because I use an Android phone and not an iPhone. Downloading my file via Dropbox was effectively an end around using iTunes. Working in iTunes is certainly another possible route to go when testing local files.

My experience with the Aldiko reader app left a bad taste in my mouth. I remain shocked that I have been unable to find any image best practice recommendations from either Aldiko or Adobe. At this point I cannot find a fix and am left wondering what to do, other than recommend the other reader apps. On the upside, if your book contains few images, then you may not have any issues. I thought Aldiko handled text just fine. Before you believe me completely and give up on Aldiko, do try one setting that might change things a bit.

Clear it or fill it and evaluate your images after each change.

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It looks to me like this turns external CSS on and off. Remember — change one thing at a time and observe the results. What to Expect Before You're Expecting. An estimated 11 million couples in the U. And who better to guide wanna-be moms and dads step-by-step through the preconception and conception process than Heidi Murkoff?

It's all here. Everything couples need to know before sperm and egg meet up.

What to Expect When You're Expecting (5th ed.)

Packed with the same kind of reassuring, empathetic, and practical information and advice and tips that readers have come to expect from What to Expect, only sooner. Which baby-friendly foods to order up say yes to yams and which fertility-busters to avoid see you later, saturated fat ; lifestyle adjustments that you'll want to make cut back on cocktails and caffeine and those you can probably skip that switch to boxers.

How to pinpoint ovulation, time lovemaking, keep on-demand sex sexy, and separate conception fact it takes the average couple up to 12 months to make a baby from myth position matters. Plus, when to seek help and the latest on fertility treatments—from Clomid and IVF to surrogacy and more. Complete with a fill-in fertility journal to keep track of the babymaking adventure and special tips throughout for hopeful dads. Next step?

What to Expect When You're Expecting , of course. Workman Publishing Company. June 23, Availability can change throughout the month based on the library's budget. You can still place a hold on the title, and your hold will be automatically filled as soon as the title is available again. The OverDrive Read format of this ebook has professional narration that plays while you read in your browser. Learn more here. You've reached the maximum number of titles you can currently recommend for purchase.

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You can still place a hold on the title, and your hold will be automatically filled as soon as the title is available again. Amazon, however, uses a proprietary format with the extension. On the front, Emma, the baby who started it all, pregnant with her first baby and our first grandchild , Lennox. Unfortunately, as I feel somewhat desperate for information on the subject as I imagine many readers will , I felt I had to push through, less I miss all the good information that--no matter how far I read--I was always worried might be on the next page.

I suppose if there's a silver lining to the launch of Smashwords Direct, it's that maybe we can help writers do the right thing achieve full Smashwords distribution for the wrong reason availability of Smashwords Direct.

I conceived a baby, and then I conceived a book.

This tells me many authors who have avoided Smashwords out of misplaced fear have unnecessarily missed out on up to five years of sales and platform-building opportunity. Should we be having sex everyday?

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