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Build business applications quickly by using the Visual Studio. LightSwitch application deployment tool that provides a simplified development environment topics that every Microsoft developer needs to know to build robust, data- centric. Microsoft Visual studio LightSwitch unleashed / Alessandro Del Sole. p. cm. Application software—Development—Computer programs. I. Title. . A Short History of Microsoft Business Tools. Exporting to Microsoft Word and to PDF. Visual Studio LightSwitch Technical White Paper .. If LightSwitch were less business application development-oriented, we might have had to set the data type.

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Microsoft Visual Studio Lightswitch Business Application Development Krishnaswamy Jayaram Krishnaswamy Jayaram available for free PDF download. A jump-start book and eBook to application development with Microsoft Visual Studio LightSwitch. [KINDLE] Microsoft Visual Studio LightSwitch Business Application Development by Jayaram. Krishnaswamy. Book file PDF easily for everyone.

May Microsoft releases build of Redstone 5 to testers.

May Redstone 5 test build is released to Insiders. May Test build of Redstone 5 is released to Insiders. May 9: Microsoft releases Redstone 5 test build May 3: Redstone 5 test build is released to Insiders.

April Microsoft releases the Windows 10 April Update. April Microsoft announces that Redstone 4, officially called the Windows 10 April Update, will become generally available on April April Redstone 4 could be released on May 8 in the U.

April Redstone 4's official name might be "Windows 10 April Update," according to reports. April Microsoft is reportedly working on a lightweight version of Windows 10 called "Lean.

April Redstone 4 could be officially named " Windows 10 April Update ," according to a report. April Microsoft no longer considers Redstone 4 test build to be the RTM version, delaying the product's release, according to a Windows Central report. April Microsoft releases Redstone 5 test build to Insiders. April 4: Microsoft updates Sets in Redstone 5 test build March Redstone 5 test build is released to Insiders.

March Test build for Redstone 4 is released to Insiders.

Visual Studio Lightswitch 2015

March Microsoft releases a preview of HoloLens for Redstone 4. March Redstone 4 test build is released with the "Insider Preview" watermark removed, which marks the "phase of checking in final code to prepare for the final release," according to Microsoft.

March Redstone 4 test build is released to Insiders. March Microsoft releases test build of Redstone 4 to Insiders. March An update to a Microsoft blog indicates Redstone 4 will be released in April.

March 6: Redstone 4 test build is released to Insiders. Feb 7: Microsoft releases Redstone 4 test build to Insiders. Three years and five version updates later, Microsoft is expected to stick to an update model it nailed down last year, with one major update release coming in the first half of the year usually spring and another in the second usually fall. The first major update, code-named "Redstone 4," has been in the works since August , when the first preview build was made available to Windows Insider testers.

Based on each subsequent build's release notes, Redstone 4 looks to be focused largely on feature refinements and usability improvements. There's more support for fonts and languages.

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The touch keyboard and handwriting features are constantly getting improvements, along with the Edge browser and the Windows Shell. New connectivity and power management enhancements are in the works. And with each build, Microsoft is activating more fluent design components. There are a couple of brand-new additions, too. In the works for Redstone 4 is a new "Near Share" feature that lets Windows 10 users exchange files with PC users in their vicinity via Bluetooth.

Microsoft is also reinstating the "Timeline" feature , which had originally been slated to appear in last October's Fall Creators Update. Microsoft's Visual Studio LightSwitch is a tool for quickly building public cloud-based, device-agnostic apps.

Additionally, constraints on IT spending are leading to increased adoption of pay-as-you go public cloud computing and data storage services. The loss of Wintel 's historical ubiquity threatens Microsoft's bottom line and has the potential to bust IT app development budgets.

The solution is a single set of tools and languages that enables developers to use existing skills to create Web-based, data-driven, multi-tenant apps that run without significant modification on the most popular mobile and desktop devices.

These apps also need simple user authentication and authorization, preferably by open-source identity frameworks, such as OAuth 2.

The preview supports multi-tenant applications for Windows RT phones and tablets, as well as Apple iOS mobile devices and Android smartphones. Microsoft promises Android tablet compatibility in the near future.

Guthrie explains the move in his Windows Azure and Office blog post : [The] Beta release of Microsoft Office and SharePoint introduced several great enhancements, including a bunch of developer improvements.

Microsoft Visual Studio

NET 4. Even better, the web and workflow apps that developers create to extend SharePoint can now be hosted on Windows Azure. We are delivering end-to-end support across Office and Windows Azure that makes it super easy to securely package up and deploy these solutions.

Figure 1. Windows Azure hosting models for LightSwitch apps Figure 2. Deployment to SharePoint Online, offers "simplified deployment, central management of user identity, app installation and updates, and the ability for your app to consume SharePoint services and data in a more integrated fashion," according to the LightSwitch team in a blog post. Developers can choose between two SharePoint Online app hosting models: auto-hosted and provider-hosted.

Steve Fox of Microsoft described the two models as: The [auto-hosted] app model natively leverages Windows Azure when you deploy the app to SharePoint, and the [provider-hosted] app enables you to use Windows Azure or other Web technologies such as PhP.

Migrating LightSwitch Apps to HTML5 and JavaScript

So, top-level points of differentiation are: the [auto-hosted] app model uses the Web Sites and SQL Database services of Windows Azure and it is deployed to Windows Azure and, of course, to the SharePoint site that is hosting the app. If you're building departmental apps or light data-driven apps, the [auto-hosted] option is good.

And there are patterns to use if you want to replace the default ASP. The [provider-hosted] app model supports programming against a much broader set of Windows Azure features -- mainly because you are managing the hosting of this type of app so you can tap into, say, Cloud Services, Web Sites, Media Services, BLOB Storage, and so on.

And if these concepts are new to you, then check out the Windows Azure home page here. Also, while the [auto-hosted] app model tightly couples Windows Azure and SharePoint within a project and an APP that is built from it, the [provider-hosted] app provides for a much more loosely-coupled experience.

Visual Studio Lightswitch 2015

And as I mentioned earlier, this broader experience of self-hosting means that you can also use other Web technologies within the [provider-hosted] app. Figure 3.There is also ASP. Tim Leung is a professional software developer based in England. Add-Ins can be used to implement new functionality and can add new tool windows.

Title added to cart. In Visual Studio onwards, it can be made temporarily semi-transparent to see the code obstructed by it. For the past 12 years, he has specialized in enterprise application development using products from the Microsoft technology stack. NET code outlines for the classes and methods. Writing Code in Microsoft LightSwitch.

Roger Jennings is a data-oriented.

May 9: Microsoft releases Redstone 5 test build

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