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E-BOOKS BY: Saadat Hasan Manto. Collection of books and magazines on Urdu language & literature . Manto Ke Gum Shuda Aur Ghair Matbua Afsane. A collection of afsaney (equivalent to the Short Story in English Literature) by the celebrated Saadat Hasan Manto, one among the very few. Best of Manto book. Read 15 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. English translation of short stories.

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Manto Ke Behtreen - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free. The contains top Afsanas of Sadat Hasan Manto-one of the controversial short stories writer. he talked about sex workers and drug peddlers- the topics Ganjay Farishtay by Saadat Hasan Mantto. Saadat Hasan Manto. Books By Saadat Hasan Manto. Most Popular Books Bitter Fruit: The Very Best of Saadat Hasan Manto. Saadat Hasan Manto. Praise. “The undisputed master of the modern Indian short story.” —Salman Rushdie “An incredible book and a compelling argument to Saadat Hasan Manto's.

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Popularly known as Manto, this short story writer is one of the greatest, as well as the most controversial, writers belonging to Lahore, Pakistan. His stories, originally written in Urdu, are simply narrated, having an essence of lyricism, metaphors and deep insight into human nature. This collection of stories has been carefully translated by Aatish Taseer, and done in a way that is said to have maintained Manto's original style and its effect. This collection has twelve translated stories, cov Popularly known as Manto, this short story writer is one of the greatest, as well as the most controversial, writers belonging to Lahore, Pakistan.

This collection has twelve translated stories, covering a variety of themes including partition, dogmas, women and society, sexuality, politics, and religion. The book begins with the author's introduction, which is a must-read if you are like me a first-time reader of Manto's stories, and wish to get an insight into the relationship between his Urdu stories and its translations. He has talked about his own experience and the declining fate of Urdu language. It greatly enhanced my reading experience as it gave a glimpse into Manto's literary life, influences and ideas.

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I have personally been fascinated with short stories that narrate stories worth telling in a novel, in just a few pages. Those stories have memorable characters, places and habits that come back to you at a later time. Manto's stories have that quality, and a lot more that's hard to describe in words. Read full review http: View all 5 comments. Feb 17, Ann Justin rated it it was amazing. Brilliant portrayal of partition View 1 comment. Feb 10, Athar Ali rated it it was amazing Shelves: Ustaaaad manto usually known as porn writer ,but as he writes blatantly he is termed as the torch bearer of ugly face of society.

Nov 15, Salman Tariq rated it it was amazing. Manto at its best, Writers sell the lies, manto sold the truth.

These stories are eye opener for anyone who thinks beyond languagist abuse. The penguin edition has choicest short stories by Manto one wouldn't want to miss but the original urdu definitely stands out. Personal favorites are A woman of all seasons, khol do and the odour. This is an amazing compilation of short stories. Manto writes in Urdu during the Indian partition. If you can get your hands on it, read it. Oct 12, Raafia rated it it was amazing Shelves: A time-well-spent book.

Things are exposed and yet so true. Urdu vocabulary is smooth that nourishes the novel and the reader too. Manto is a mystery, my his nature, that is his books. I wish he was honored when he was alive. Selected stories from Urdu's preeminent story writer.

Dec 31, Prakruti Maniar rated it it was amazing. GO to http: Oct 15, Avinash Aggarwal added it. Eesher Singh peeled her clothes off as skin off a goat.

He squeezed her breasts, spanked her buttocks red, kissed her cheeks, and sucked her nipples wet. Kalwant Kaur started to boil like a hot pot on a blazing stove.

But in spite of all that foreplay Eesher Singh could not get it up. Like a skilled wrestler, he used all the tricks in the book but none worked. Kalwant Kaur, who was brimming with sexual intensity, was getting irritated with his unnecessary moves. Just throw the trump card. He loosened his grip and fell next to Kalwant Kaur panting.

His forehead was sweating bullets. Kalwant Kaur tried very hard to get it up for him but to no avail. Disappointed and infuriated, Kalwant Kaur got off the bed, picked the chador hanging on the nail on the wall and wrapped herself. Kalwant Kaur was steaming. Is there another woman? Now, swear to Waheguru. Kalwant Kaur went berserk. She picked up the dagger from the floor, removed its cover like a banana-peel, and stabbed Eesher Singh in the neck. In a frenzy, Kalwant Kaur kept stabbing him and cursing the other woman.

He had deep sadness in his voice. Kalwant Kaur pulled back. He looked at Kalwant Kaur with the mixed feeling of gratitude and protest.

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Your mother? He tasted it and his whole body shivered. He touched his neck, felt the blood and smiled. Eesher Singh smiled again underneath his blood-filled mustache. When the riot broke out in the city, like everyone else I also participated. I gave you the loot but did not tell you one thing. Kalwant Kaur had no feelings for him and paid no attention to his suffering.

I killed six of them, with the same dagger you stabbed me with. There was a beautiful girl in the house. I took her with me.

Eesher Singh once more tried to blow the blood off his mustache. Taste a different fruit. On the way…what was I saying…oh, yes…on the way, near the river, I lay her down by the bushes.

First I thought deal the cards. Eesher Singh opened his tired and sleepy eyes and looked at Kalwant Kaur whose whole body was trembling. His hand was colder than ice. Many of the passengers were killed on the way, many were injured and a few were missing. When Sirajuddin opened his eyes the next morning, he found himself lying on the cold ground of a refugee camp. There was a seething crowd of men, women and children all around him.

Bewildered by it all, he lay staring at the dusty sky for a long time. There was a lot of noise in the camp, but old Sirajuddin was deaf to it. Anyone who saw him, would have assumed that he was in deep and agonised thought about something.

His mind, however, was blank. Sirajuddin lay gazing absent-mindedly at the dusty sky, till he suddenly caught sight of the sun. He woke up with a start.

A nightmarish vision rose before his eyes — flames, loot… people running… a station… firing… darkness and Sakina. Overcome by fear and anxiety, he began searching for Sakina in the crowd like a demented person.

There was an uproar all around — some of the refugees were searching for their children, others for their mothers; some for their wives and others for their daughters. Dejected and tired, Sirajuddin sat down, and tried to recall exactly where and how he had lost Sakina. After that his mind went blank. She had been killed before his very eyes — but where was Sakina? As soon as he remembered that, he put his hand in his coat pocket and pulled it out.

Had Sakina managed to reach the station with him?

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Had she boarded the train with him? Had he fainted when the rioters had attacked the train? Had they abducted her? He could find no answers to any of his questions. Sirajuddin needed help and sympathy, but then everyone around him needed help and sympathy. He wanted to cry, but he could shed no tears. He had lost the capacity to moan.She is just someone on the street in front of his house — a poor, beggar woman, maybe smelly, unwashed, but with a young supple body.

Aarzoo rated it it was amazing Mar 16, She had been killed before his very eyes — but where was Sakina?

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Lateefe 7. He died on 18 January , in an apartment located off Hall Road in Lahore. A nightmarish vision rose before his eyes — flames, loot… people running… a station… firing… darkness and Sakina.

The only thing I regret is not having read them in Urdu. She moved her hand painfully towards the cord holding up her salwar. Talal Shah rated it really liked it Nov 22,

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