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Descargá gratis el libro The preacher - In the sequel to The Ice Princess, a series of sadistic murders spanning two generations remains. THE PREACHER (PATRICK HEDSTROM AND ERICA. FALCK) BY CAMILLA LACKBERG PDF. By visiting this web page, you have done the appropriate staring. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Swedish bestseller Läckberg's worthy second thriller set in the coastal town of Fjällbacka (after The Ice Princess) .

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Works by Camilla Läckberg 3 copies; The Ice Princess / The Preacher 3 copies ; Camilla Läckberg Crime Thrillers The Stranger, The Hidden Child, The. PDF The Preacher (Patrik Hedstrom and Erica Falck, Book 2) For Android; 2. Book Details Author: Camilla Lackberg Pages: Binding. Camilla Läckberg is a worldwide bestseller renowned for her brilliant contemporary psychological Camilla Lackberg Author cover image of The Preacher.

Other editions. Enlarge cover. Error rating book. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Details if other: Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Steven T. Murray Translator. During an unusually hot July, detective Patrik Hedstrom and Erica Falck are enjoying a rare week at home together, nervous and excited about the imminent birth of their first baby. Across town, however, a six-year-old boy makes a gruesome discovery that will ravage their little tourist community and catapult Patrik into the center of a terrifying murder case.

The boy has stumbled upon the brutally murdered body of a young woman, and Patrik is immediately called to lead the investigation. Things get even worse when his team uncovers, buried beneath the victim, the skeletons of two campers whose disappearance had baffled police for decades.

When yet another young girl disappears and panic begins to spread, Patrik leads a desperate manhunt to track down a ruthless serial killer before he strikes again. Get A Copy. Hardcover , pages. Published April 27th by Pegasus Crime first published More Details Original Title. Other Editions Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

To ask other readers questions about The Preacher , please sign up. What Jakob wanted from Johan when he beat him? Kat Li This answer contains spoilers… view spoiler [ It wasn't Jakob that beat Johan, but Kennedy - he wanted Johan to withdraw his statament about seeing that missing German tourist outside Jakob's …more It wasn't Jakob that beat Johan, but Kennedy - he wanted Johan to withdraw his statament about seeing that missing German tourist outside Jakob's house.

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Jan 28, Jim Fonseca rated it really liked it Shelves: A great detective story from the Queen of Nordic noir, translated from Swedish. She spends all her time rearranging photo albums from the days when she was a beauty queen. The immediate mystery is that the body of a young missing woman is found in a gorge in a scenic tourist area dumped off a cliff.

Beneath that body are two skeletons of young women missing from twenty-four years ago. The new body has been tortured and killed in the same gruesome manner as the old bodies. A fourth woman has just gone missing. The plot proceeds with a lot of focus on the personal lives of the detectives as well as on the family members suspected in the recent disappearances just as they were suspected twenty years ago. It helped me at first to make a genealogy chart to keep track of all the family connections.

The lead detective has a lot going on at home with his wife pregnant with their first child. The female detective on the team is subject to disrespect by some of the older men.

We have a burned-out, lazy, know-it-all detective as well as an alcoholic. We are treated to a tightly-knit, plausible and complex plot. When an exhumation of a grave is ordered for DNA testing, we get three surprises fed to us one at a time as various results come in. This is the actual town where the author grew up. All in all, a good and enjoyable detective read.

View all 6 comments. View all 4 comments. Apr 15, Phrynne rated it really liked it. She seems to be one of those love her or hate her authors as her ratings veer between one and five stars at random! Nevertheless I enjoyed this offering as much as the first book The Ice Princess. Our main characters, Patrik and Erica, are back and this time it is Patrik's turn to take centre stage as Erica sits at home heavily pregnant during a heat wave.

I felt for her! The story was excellent although I got a little lost at times regarding who was who and what their relationships were. There were a lot of characters and they were all related! The book also jumped around a lot from one person's perspective to another and occasionally I was forced to read back and work things out. This was a small price to pay though for a really entertaining story and a satisfactory conclusion to the mystery.

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View all 9 comments. Jun 19, Jenni Wiltz rated it did not like it. The bottom line: I wrote a much longer version of this review for my blog , but the gist remains the same.

While the plot was interesting I did read all the way through to the end , it wasn't enough to overcome how annoy The bottom line: While the plot was interesting I did read all the way through to the end , it wasn't enough to overcome how annoyed I was by the rest of the book. The writing itself relies heavily on helping verbs, adverbs, and adjectives I'm not sure if these words just flow better in Swedish, or if perhaps the translator didn't lavish proper attention on this book.

The same translator also handled Stieg Larsson's books, and I don't remember having this problem with those books. Whatever the outcome, the writing itself had me wanting to toss the book across the room.

I also had a hard time sympathizing with any of the characters.

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I expected this to be the case with the suspects, but most of the police officers and supporting characters are equally lacking in self-awareness. Even the main characters are both pretty clueless, if well-intentioned. Any bits of insight delivered came from the narrator, not the characters. Lackberg also used a few dirty tricks to prolong the suspense.

Characters frequently open letters or receive phone calls that change everything--and they tell us that it changes everything--but the reader doesn't get to see the letters or hear the person on the other end of the phone delivering the bombshell. This seems unfair--if the suspense requires elements of the plot to be hidden, keep them hidden from the characters, too. If the characters find out who's to blame, why not let the reader know, too? Unless, of course, it's to be sure he or she turns another 75 pages.

View all 3 comments. I so want to be able to give half star ratings. I would give The Preacher a 4. I reserve 5 stars for my most favorite, fabulous, couldn't put it down books.

This one was close but not quite five. Dec 03, Jenn rated it liked it Shelves: This is a follow up to the Ice Princess. This is really more like 3. This character that took center stage in the last book was relegated to the pregnant girlfriend role and I hated it.

Her big story was having to deal with uninvited guests! She seemed like part of the scenery. He glimpsed a piece of red cloth behind a boulder, and curiosity got the better of him. The dragon could wait; maybe there was treasure hidden there. He jumped up on the rock and looked down the other side. For a moment he almost fell over backward, but after wobbling and flailing his arms around he regained his balance. Later, he would not admit that he was scared, but just then, at that instant, he had never been more terrified in all six years of his life.

A lady was lying in wait for him.

She was on her back, staring straight up at him with her eyes wide. Maybe she would force him to tell her where he lived and then drag him home to Mamma and Pappa.

Funny, lying there naked. Especially when it was so cold. Then something impossible occurred to him. What if the lady was dead?

The realization made him jump down from the rock, and he slowly backed toward the mouth of the cleft. After putting a few yards between himself and the dead lady, he turned around and ran home as fast as he could. He no longer cared if he was scolded or not. Erica tossed and turned in bed, but it was impossible to find a comfortable position.

It drove her crazy that he could sleep so contentedly next to her.

How dare he lie there snoring when she lay awake night after night? She poked a little harder. He grunted, pulled the covers up and turned his back to her. With a sigh, she lay on her back with her arms crossed over her breasts and stared at the ceiling. Her belly arched into the air like a big globe, and she tried to imagine her baby swimming inside of her in the dark.

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Maybe with his thumb in his mouth. Although it was all still too unreal for her to be able to picture it. Well, pretty soon it was going to be very real. Erica was torn between longing and dread.

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It was difficult to see beyond the childbirth. To be honest, right now it was hard to see beyond the problem of no longer being able to sleep on her stomach.

She looked at the luminous dial of the alarm clock. Maybe she should turn on the light and read for a while instead. Three and a half hours and one bad detective novel later, she was about to roll out of bed when the telephone rang shrilly.

As usual she handed the receiver to Patrik. Oh shit, yeah, I can be there in fifteen minutes.

See you there. Mellberg wants me to come along. Before he rushed out the door he climbed onto the bed and kissed Erica on the belly, somewhere near where she vaguely recalled she once had a navel. With a sigh Erica hoisted herself out of bed and put on one of those tentlike dresses that for the time being were the only things that fit her. Twenty years ago, two young women disappeared whilst holidaying in the peaceful Swedish resort of Fjallbacka.

Now their remains have been discovered, along with those of a fresh victim, sending the town into shock.

Local detective Patrik Hedstroem, whose girlfriend Erica is expecting their first child, has personal reasons for wanting to find the killer. And when another girl goes missing, his attention focuses on the Hults, a feuding clan of misfits, religious fanatics and criminals.

Which of this family's dark secrets will provide the vital clue? General Imprint: United Kingdom Series: February Authors: Camilla Lackberg Format: Electronic book text - Reflowable Pages: English Subtitles:Let us know about it.

Product Details. Original Title. As the investigation proceeds it appears that a particular family are about to have a lot of skeletons emerge that they would rather keep hidden. When an exhumation of a grave is ordered for DNA testing, we get three surprises fed to us one at a time as various results come in. This is a crazy good creepy dark Swedish crime series.. Especially since she had a great difficulty in saying 'no' to unexpected and unwanted guests. Erica is eight months pregnant, is suffering with heat and weight, but still has trouble kicking unpleasant guests out of her own house.

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