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The Dragon's Eye: Sur'kil. Dungeon Master's Guide (DMG). This loosely organized group of dragons is called the Chamber. Eyes of the Lich Queen is designed. Eyes of the Lich Queen - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Adventure set in Eberron. As we did with past adventures,we're providing the some of the excerpts for Eyes of the Lich Queen in downloadable, zipped PDF files so that.

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Eyes of the Lich Queen (PDF version) [RPG Item Version Link]. From publisher blurb: Be the first to find the Dragon's Eye! What begins as a simple expedition to . Bookmark Barrow of the Forgotten M. Bookmark Bookmark Eyes of the Lich M. Bookmark. EBERRON: Eyes of the Lich Queen () - Be the first to find the Dragon's Eye! What begins as a simple Watermarked PDF. $ $

It could take a bit longer if the DM wants to make traveling more of an issue.

Eyes of the Lich Queen PDF

The adventure has some cool lizard folk and things to fight and ends with a nice battle against some smart but young black dragons. There us a great side bar for using the dragons effectively.

There are some fun trapped rooms after the dragon brothers and it made for a great change of pace from fighting lizard men and some tough combat oriented encounters. The room traps are involved so mapping them out and showing the complications they added to the battles that took place there was really fun and a good use of monsters and traps.

It ends weirdly though with the characters gaining unknown Dragonmarks.

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If the players do not finish the last leg of this module within a year they die. I ignored that part of the section and I never had to keep the players on track so I would recommend not forcing the PCs along the path like that. Each encounter is nicely mapped out and given about two pages of stats and tactics.

I really like this approach and it made the adventure very easy for me to run.

The second part is a race with the Emerald Claw as each group is after the same information. The second part has the player characters traveling a bit and accomplishing different tasks.

One odd think is the invasion of Dreadhold. In Eberron Dreadhold is the maximum security prison and not an easy place to break into.

There was a great article in one of the Dragon Magazines that has a great write up on the security and guards of Dreadhold. It is too bad all of that was ignored and for this module getting into and back out of the prison is really not that difficult.

The module matches the difficulty with the level the PCs should be instead of making it as tough as the place seems to be to accomplish what it is.

Return to Eberron

The third section has the group on an haunted island. There are plenty of oppurtunities for random encounters for people that like that kind of thing. There are some neat encounters on the island that are staged but not really important. They feel like random encounters that the writer just wanted to include to make this part of the module a little thicker. The climatic battle though in this part is really cool against a nasty Quori.

It was a very tough battle worked out really well for us. The last section takes the player characters all the way to Argonnessen. This is the dragon continent and a place of great danger but once again like Dreadhold the encounters are set up to be appropriate for the Player characters and not give the feeling of danger that the continent is known for.

The draconic Prophecy hints that the power of the Dragon's Eye might allow its wielder to gain total domination over all dragonkind.

The dragons are determined to find the Dragon's Eye before it can be used against them. As we did with past adventures, we're providing the some of the excerpts for Eyes of the Lich Queen in downloadable, zipped PDF files so that you can better see what you're getting in this action-packed adventure. Take a look at the Introduction below and three encounters, which you can download.

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You will need Acrobat Reader to view these documents. Spoiler Alert!

The following excerpts contain the Table of Contents and sample encounters, for your reference as a DM. If you plan to experience the adventure as a player, we do not recommend previewing the following material.

As the silver dragon concentrated, he felt his consciousness slip across thousands of miles, his mind's eye visualizing the great columned chamber so far away in his homeland of Argonnessen. Sur'kil glanced around the chamber mentally, acknowledging the massive gold dragon and the smaller white and blue that flanked him. Sur'kil addressed the gold. As we feared, the Dragon's Eye appears to be more than mere legend.

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Now, my studies have indicated the most likely spot where it might be found. The details of Sur'kil's explanation appeared to be largely lost on his compatriots, with only the blue seeming to show interest.

So it was with some surprise that the silver dragon found himself given permission to send a group to attempt to confirm the location of the Dragon's Eye, and to retrieve it if possible. Returned to Argonnessen, it would be kept well guarded from the enemies of dragonkind. Once the conference had ended, Sur'kil considered his options.

Knowing that his direct involvement would draw far too much attention, he would need to seek the assistance of a group of relative unknowns -- and he knew just where to look.

However, one of the Chamber works to betray his comrades in the name of the ancient lich Vol, Queen of the Dead. Vol sees the Dragon's Eye as a means to finally avenge her long-dead house, bringing destruction and ruin to the elves, dragons, and dragonmarked responsible for her fall.Some dragons feel that a more active role is required in helping the Prophecy come to pass.

DMG Stop trying to deny it and hand over the Eye! Whoever put those eyes in the tree: Fuck you! The secret doors to the north and south can be found with DC 20 Search checks.

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