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Information Security Management Systems: A Novel Framework and Software as a Tool for Compliance with Information Security Standard - CRC Press Book. This new volume, Information Security Management Systems: A Novel Framework and Software as a Tool for Compliance with Information Security Standard. Implementing the ISO/IEC Information Security Management System The book addresses all the critical information security management issues that.

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Information Security Management Systems: A Novel Framework and Software with Information Security Standard: Computer Science Books. This book provides a wealth of practical advice for anyone responsible for information security management in the workplace. Focusing on the 'how' rather than. Management Systems. Book · December with Reads information security management system standards, risk. management.

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This new volume, Information Security Management Systems: A Novel Framework and Software as a Tool for Compliance with Information Security Standard, looks at information security management system standards, risk management associated with information security, and information security awareness within an organization.

The authors aim to improve the overall ability of organizations to participate, forecast, and actively assess their information security circumstances. It is important to note that securing and keeping information from parties who do not have authorization to access such information is an extremely important issue.

To address this issue, it is essential for an organization to implement an ISMS standard such as ISO to address the issue comprehensively. The authors of this new volume have constructed a novel security framework ISF and subsequently used this framework to develop software called Integrated Solution Modeling ISM , a semi-automated system that will greatly help organizations comply with ISO faster and cheaper than other existing methods. In addition, ISM does not only help organizations to assess their information security compliance with ISO , but it can also be used as a monitoring tool, helping organizations monitor the security statuses of their information resources as well as monitor potential threats.

ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Information Security Management Systems: Implementation

ISM is developed to provide solutions to solve obstacles, difficulties, and expected challenges associated with literacy and governance of ISO The information provide here will act as blueprints for managing information security within business organizations.

It will allow users to compare and benchmark their own processes and practices against these results shown and come up with new, critical insights to aid them in information security standard ISO adoption.

His research interests are in the areas of information security, it governance, computational sciences, business process re-engineering, and e-marketing. Almunawar has published more than 60 papers in refereed journals, book chapters, and presentations at international conferences. He has more than 25 years of teaching experience in the area of computer and information systems. He is also interested in object-oriented technology, databases and multimedia retrieval.

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Responsibilities Clear assignment of responsibilities is a control that binds a role to an activity. Activities may be derived to meet the requirements of directives, and may be performed by executing a methodology. Responsibilities are typically codified via functional role definitions.

Care must be taken when defining functional roles to ensure that role assigned responsibilities are supported by role required authorizations and qualifications. Those assigned responsibility must have the requisite authorization, qualifications, and resources. Create Domain Specific Implementations Specifications Specifications are domain specific operational controls that define hard and measurable details such as configurations or attributes.

Specifications are derived from enterprise information security standards, with each domain potentially deriving unique interpretations to a common standard, dependent on each unique environment. This allows a degree of autonomy in execution. Care must be taken when deriving specifications to ensure domain specific interpretations, while meeting the spirit and intent of the parent standards, do not cause inter-domain incompatibility. To preclude introduction of unidentified risk, specifications must meet the spirit and intent of the parent standard.

Procedures Standard Operating Procedures are controls that define measurable and repeatable work instructions.

Standard operating procedures are derived from enterprise information security processes with each domain potentially deriving unique interpretations dependent on each unique environment. Care must be taken in deriving Standard Operating Procedures to ensure parent process attributes are preserved. The execution of domain Standard Operating Procedures is the basis of enterprise information security services. Tasks Tasks are activities assigned a functional role executing a Standard Operating Procedure.

Tasks are domain specific and schedule driven, with frequency of execution based upon risk. Individuals executing tasks while filling a role are performing their employment duties.

Performance of duty is an employee metric. Care must be taken when scheduling tasks and assigning duties to ensure the schedule is defensible, and the individual competent.

Tasking is an employee performance metric. Assess Operational Risk Operational risk is based upon the risk that a domain will not be able to meet its enterprise information security baseline derived obligations, such as specifications, procedures, and scheduled tasks.

This risk is many times resource driven, putting a risk justification to budgeting. Acceptance of operational risk may change residual program risk and aggregation may cause this program risk to rise to an unacceptable level. Measure and Monitor Measuring and monitoring is the feedback mechanism required for continuous process improvement.

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What to monitor and how to measure requires well defined metrics. Typical domains will obtain multiple varieties of metrics. Environmental Metrics Environmental metrics are based upon the surroundings.

Industry groups are a consideration. Banking and financial services may, for example, attract highly motivated attackers. Level of organizational sophistication may influence the risk level.

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An ISO certified domain may, for example, have a perceived lower risk level. Location may become a factor influenced by crime rates or fire response times.

Risk profiles affect probability. This can be utilized to influence risk ratings in the vulnerability management process. For example, the probability of a specific vulnerability being exploited at a bank is perhaps higher than at a home user site because of attacker motivation and targeting.

Consideration should be taken to weighting risk and response based upon these environmental metrics. Another focus for environmental metrics is to establish an information security frame of reference or threshold. Intrusion sensors for example utilize environmental metrics to establish detection noise baselines and thresholds.

UKAS Certification ISO 27001

Program Metrics Program metrics are based upon effectiveness. The focus is on validating that the ISMS is successfully providing the services that justify its existence. Consider Vulnerability management.ISO standards can help make this emerging industry safer.

Add to Wish List. A program charter may serve as a vehicle to document the authorization and empowerment, as well as document and acknowledge the mutually recognized program dependencies.

Related Posts. Some go even further by securing a budget to call in an experienced ISO consultant to guide them through the process and help them with the more complex aspects of the project.

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