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The mission of #ebooks has always been to have a nice, friendly irc channel for trading ebooks and chatting with others of the same interests. We endeavor to. Question: Why should you use IRC to acquire ebooks, there are so many For ebooks, I know of two servers that host channels dedicated to. Undernet: #Bookz, #ebooks IRChighway: #ebooks.

Irc Ebook Channel

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I just found two vast ebook repositories on IRC. results, simply copy the line into the #bookz or #ebooks channel (depending where you performed the search ). Search Ebooks in chat room topics of around IRC networks! 13 users – eBooks-Shares Official Channel | Announce Channel: #ebs-announce | GO SIGN . Chat room #ebooks on IRC network Undernet: Get information Here you see a small report about channel #ebooks, a chat room on IRC.

Over there we can see some details about the Publisher, the writer and more. There are some ads that look like download buttons that they are all fake ones. The real one is shown is the picture below. This link makes a search on a website based on some unknown filters it has but us does a great job.

The only thing you have to do is just search for the title you are interested in, in the custom search field. Google CSE.

There are a lot of websites that work with torrents, and to help you find some of the torrent files the have, you can use a search engine like torrentz the one I use the most. The reason I use those two, is that they have a system of rating the user that uploaded a file. You can see if the uploader is a trusted person, so you can download the file.

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Also is important to take a look at the comments before you start downloading. IRC is probably the most complex way to download an e-book but you will find amazing how many books someone can find online.

There are a lot of softwares for IRC clients depending on your OS and if you want a free or paid one. Here are some suggestions I have for you based on your OS. Probably there are a lot of channels you can use for ebooks.

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Just Add a Server and type the following. You also have to fill some fields like your nickname, a name, some additional nicknames in case your main nickname is taken. Next step is to join the channel. There are some bots on this channel that will do the work for you. What I have to do is go in the channel and type:. This will cause some responses based on the amount of ebooks found.

In my case it was only one. Then a pop up appears and I just have to accept the download. That download is a small file zip that inside there is a txt file with ALL the available books from the query I searched for.

I just unzip the downloaded file and open the. Search results from SearchBot v2. For easier searching, use sbClient script also very fast local searches. You can get that script by typing sbClient in the channel.

Now i can see that this is the book I was looking for and the format of the ebook is epub, which is fine for me. So, in order to find the ones you can't find, there a few other ways to find them. You can download ebooks via irc. Once you're in, all you have to do to find what you want is to simply type: search "Author or book title" You'll get a message saying that your search has been accepted.

A few seconds later a searchbot will offer you a file, so accept the download. That will send you a. Extract that and you'll get a list of files.

I searched for Lian Hearn and got a list of files. Here's an extract from it:! I'd copy the text shown below, deliberately removing the file size information I've been booted for that before :!

#ebooks Undernet - E-Books Chat Room

After seconds you get a prompt asking you to accept or decline the file. You know how to do the rest.

There are private torrent trackers that require either registration or an invite from someone else already on the site in order to join.

It's not advisable to try to gain access to one for just a few textbooks seeing as most require some sort of effort to look for something that may or may not be there. FreeTheTextbooks might be worth it as it's open signup.

By now you're probably not going to find the book online.

However, you still have many options. You can rent it from Chegg, get it used from Biblio. Chegg is a site where you can rent or buy used textbooks and also read some of the online.Background Information Wikipedia "File sharing" category Wikipedia's full list of file-sharing related articles. Send 'a' or 'A' to accept.

What I will see is a list of books available to download. Also, cleaned up version check code.

This is fine, but you need to deal with a few more pop ups. Search results Search results will be collected or loaded according to search type into mIRC windows. So, in order to find the ones you can't find, there a few other ways to find them. To search the online bots individually you would type find Name of the Book or Author instead of search..

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