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Warhammer Fantasy Arabia Armeebuch - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Das Armeebuch für die Streitkräfte von Arabia. Warhammer - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. warhammer timeline. Warhammer Fantasy Armeebuch Cathay. Uploaded by. Warhammer Armies: Bretonnia (Warhammer Armeebuch) with compatible format of pdf, epub, mobi and kindle. You can download books Warhammer Armies.

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Register Free To Download Files | File Name: Warhammer 40k 3ed PDF Download warhammer 40k 3ed in EPUB Format armeebuch german edition. keep coming you need a epic warhammer 40 armeebuch german edition, you can download them in pdf format from our file format that. This Amazons army is completely unofficial and is not endorsed by Games Workshop. download by clicking the army book cover below (it's a.

Most of them are "augment-like" items and fit the theme perfectly. Sigmar's Summary This is my favourite unofficial army list to date - it's brilliant! Packed full of inspiring ideas and with so much character it makes you want to drink some Alice in Wonderland potion to half your height.

This book presents you with an army you'll want to cherish, one where you'll put a name tag on the underside of each miniature base. I suspect anyone collecting this army will spend as much time working on ways to theme their army with portable soup kitchens, hot dog stands and banners adorned with culinary sayings as they do on the army list itself.

I don't expect you to collect this army but do yourself a favour, download it, print it off and have a great time reading it! Anyway, for a quick round up, click on the Bestiary Summary below for a bigger pic:- I can't thank Mathias enough for all the hard work he has put into these unofficial armies. If you enjoy them as well, please join the forum and let him know, his member name is M4cR1II3n.

The Master Thief who can steal magic items from enemy characters - yes, at last enemies will now spend pts on their death star unit-supporting magic items at their peril : Hobilar "Fast Cavalry" pony riders - who are prone to falling off! Housewives who go into a frenzy if their male-folk are hurt - now that probably is very scary.

Swan Riders and Ram Riders! Swans count as flying cavalry with archer riders with a handy ballistic skill of 5 and Rams deliver impact hits up strength 5 per ram in base contact. The Beekeeper with his Beeswarms! Whenever a unit of Dawg Riders charges, pursues or overrun, they may re-roll the dice to see how far they move. There are about 40 items, which are probably a bit weaker than those you're used to.

Most of them are "augment-like" items and fit the theme perfectly. The Emperor himself cut down the Nipponese leader. A bloody siege took place. Leng was nothing out of the ordinary. As Leng grasped the blade. Things were looking grim indeed for Cathay. Just as the Daemon was about to being unified at the time. Phoenix Talon. Before the Daemon could come to. Prince himself. Malchezaar the Insidious. What monstrosity.

Times indeed looked dark for Daemonic forces was overcome by the Cathayan Cathay. Leng was to safe keep this treasured himself. The the Deamonic army in a titanic battle in which Cathayan commanders gasped in awe at what much thousands of soldiers was slain.

Despite commander. Leng was rewarded with the fight. The son of a nobleman. The commander then quickly ordered the Rise of the Dragon Dragon Cannon battery to fire a salvo towards the Without a leader.

With Malchezaar gone. Leng was made to be Malchezaar himself swooped over the field. He knew basic strategy and how to For his bravery. His hordes were either trapped inside Dong Kou. Legions of daemons carved a union between great champions of all four poured through the gaps.

But wave after wave of Daemons supported by mutated troll monstrosities. As he ascended to the throne. The Diabolus was Emperor.

The Weijin. Once the wards Chaos Incursion were broken. Wu With the Daemons of Tsien-Tsin gone. Well organized Dragon Lancer units. Bloodlord Azaroth of the Red Mansion had on the far side of the wall. Azaroth realised that the only a united chaos would create a new reign of the Daemon-Kings on the eastern continent. The Cathayans. Bastion finally fell. Against an army of chaos Chaos Gods. His navy of steam.

Azaroth successfully counterattacked with heavy cavalry formations he had hidden in nearby valleys. After Representatives of every province gathered at a a year of siege along the length of the Great coronation on the slopes of Mount Yangming. Slobbering and blistering Chaos Spawn drew out charges from Dragon Lancers. The Bloodlord was strangled by the Siege of Dong Kou and needed to breach the Great Bastion for the most powerful chaos magic to take root in Cathay. In the face of the dread knights.

Despite the setback. The armies met on the plains outside the city. A military genius despite his a mere physical barrier was no obstacle. The chaos general had been horrifically way to the Grand Waterway. Mutations appeared in frightening from sight with the twisting magic of Tzeentch.

He introduced them to each and every But when news of the live burial of two hundred Grand Army soldier. Once inside the wall. When Azaroth darkness.

Fight for them. Cathay was held in the grip of into a full Daemon Prince of Khorne. The numbers. Azaroth was a cruel madman The wet weather hampered the shooting of the who would not let them live even if they Dragon Men.

To the surviving Cathayan Warlords. His very presence caused a wave of frenzy Azaroth had faced Xen Huong in battle before. Xen Huong walked among the defenders Many Cathayan commanderies were ready to with a group of peasants. Azaroth decided to take command of the command pavilion on an elevated platform within central force of Chaos Warriors against the heart of the Jade Palace.

The Emperor watched proceedings from his Therefore. Even so. Azaroth leaped from the Diabolus and the two mighty leaders faced each With a roar.

Cathay is prosperous. Warlords having clear boundaries between their neither flinching. Cathay has reached a pinnacle in power. The Cult of and rain swirled with flashpowder and the unnatural Dragonkind prostrated themselves on the battlefield fires of the Diabolus. Behind the great invention of Emperor have won greater freedom from the Emperor.

Howling bestially. Whether the armies of Cathay will a blow from Azaroth. Where there was a man now stood the decimating the scores of spearmen who stood in Celestial Dragon. The army their way. With a Prince fell with a howl from beyond as the chaos determination borne of failure to protect his people. The provinces paper.

The spitted Daemon gates of the city and broke through. He stumbled and fell. The Diabolus opened itself and disgorged then known as the Emperor of Cathay. He fell to his knees and prayed to the backwards and upwards to pierce Azaroth through Ancestors Gods as the Diabolus crashed aside the the chin and into the brain. Chaos warrior and impassive statue met.

Trade routes between the Old World and Cathay are established. Trade between east and west begins to flourish. Their plan is discovered celestial thrown of Cathay after her and they are both executed for treason.

The Battle of Halyim Pass. To this day she is the only woman to rule the Celestial Representatives of the Phoenix King of Empire. Tens of thousands of Cathayan civilians are taken to the slave pits of Han Kuo is annexed by Cathay. Cathay enjoys Cathay. Celestial Court. Portions of the Great Bastion collapse. Since this date near Shang-Yang.

Cathayan victory Ricco and Robbio. Cathayan traders and their home ports. Over War Nipponese armies invade Imperial junks and Southlands to secure the sources of the Arabian spice trade. Emperor devastating the land. Start of year war between when hit by a pair of typhoons. Steppe ride south and assault the Great Bastion. Because of the differences in climate and terrain throughout the country almost any kind of plant species is represented.

There is also a prevalence of herbs, perhaps even more than the west. Herbalists erbalists will find a variety of natural barks, roots, lichens, leaves, mushrooms, toadstools, and flowers. Of all the plants of Cathay however, none is so useful as bamboo. Suitable for construction, weaponry, armour, furniture, tools, and food it is nearly ly found everywhere. Many poisonous plants bedeck the eaves and gardens of Cathay, but their use in warfare is frowned upon by the government bureaucracies.

The west coast is often hidden in low heavy clouds coming in from the ocean. As the clouds reach shore hore and runs into the mountains they are forced upwards leaving most of the water behind, as rain. The south has a much more pleasant climate, with much less rain and more sun, providing the necessary elements for grain.

There is a small grain production, but not enough, so large quantities have to be imported. Less than a thousand miles south of the Great Bastion is Weijin. Indeed the whole w The building of the massive The Great Bastion can city is entrusted to the running of Cathay and its be viewed as the outstanding example of Cathayan sole purpose is to serve the Celestial Emperor.

All civilization or as a tribute to historical folly. More than a Standing over 50 feet and wide enough for three hundred tons of food each week is required to feed chariots in some places it is unlike anything in the the bureaucrats and staff. Old World.

Of all the creations of Cathay, the palace of the First begun under Emperor Chung I--Hsien it was Celestial Emperor, where sits the Dragon Throne, originally designed to be a barrier against ag the and the Never-ending ending Stair are the greatest. It sits, a barbaric tribes that lived in the North. Supplying hundred feet above the ground, reached by a two the hard labour necessary for the Lawful Wei was a thousand steps long stair, the Jade Palace is a place simple process of rounding up prisoners and of eternal wonder.

Dragons tilt and dive above its peasant workers. These Th are primarily used to patrol the borders of their empire, walking the entire distance of the Great Bastion as part of their patrols and it would be they who would capture any foreigners who took it upon themselves to try and slip deeper into Cathay without hout a divine decree granted by the Bureaucracy.

The second largest concentration of military power Encounters with pirates, elf boats, sea monsters, was to the south, where Cathay borders Khuresh, a grim weather and the perilous storms sweeping wild land of mountains, deserts, jungles and across the coasts off of Nippon to the South-east of marshes. Cathay, threaten the long voyage. Not totally uncivilised, Khuresh represents a large threat to Cathay as a number of dispossessed The Mountains of Heaven elements of Cathayan society have congregated in At the spiritual heart of Cathay lie the Mountains of the northern part of the Hinterlands seeking ways to Heaven, a small yet unreachably stark and tall range overthrow the Emperor.

There is also the threat of of mountains. Foremost of these is the mighty Ho-Huan, the great Here the military maintains a separate command to pillar whereupon sits the Great Flame of Cathay that of its northern counterpart. Upon their The commander of this station is still subordinate to western flanks lie lush forests which sweep up the the northernmost provinces but it is seen as a way tall slopes like a carpet of deep green.

Upon their of promotion, for the southern command is usually western slopes lie the hundred great Houses of the prime candidate for promotion into the role of Cathay, and below them the mighty city of Weijin, their northern superior. Only the most severe the capital of Cathay. The Mountains of Heaven censure can prevent this ascension, but has form a natural ring that surrounds Mt.

Hohuan, happened more than a few times in the past.

The forming a final, nigh impenetrable defence against southern outpost is also responsible for maintaining invaders. Only once in the history of Cathay have the trade route of the Spice Road through to Ind and its peoples been driven to this mountain citadel, and making sure that merchants stick to it and finally in that final battle the servants of the Great Flame reach their stop over.

Fu Chow The Great Flame is a relic of millennia past, a Fu-Chow is an undisclosed port city at the end of mighty beacon of the Old Ones, who created many the Red River, so-called because at certain times of such watch-fires to stabilize the world against the year, the waters would turn red. The same Chaos. In the first great assault of Chaos upon the waterway which flows through the trade reservation world, most of these fires were overturned and itself, it grew as more tributaries added to it.

Fu- snuffed out by the legions of darkness. Only two Chow is the only place in Cathay that tolerates the. Whether Sea of Storms, preferring to risk the insidious this was because of its physical inaccessibility or predations of the Dragon Isles than the more brutish because of the creatures that now inhabit it is dangers of the Ogre Kingdoms.

When the lucky unknown, but above the clouds, the mighty Flame few to ever reach Cathay find themselves on the of Cathay still drives back the darkness of Chaos. While a mile, the energies of Chaos are held at bay and danger is still rife in the western deserts of Cathay, their corrupting essence can touch nothing. Nightblade patrols and Lowborn are common in Creatures born in its influence are perfect, those lands and most caravans who reach that point untarnished ed by the blemishes and maladies caused reach Weijin intact.

All that remains then is to trade tr by Chaos. The Flame is perpetually guarded by their wares and make the return journey Birds of flame and raging Yuanjin heat, they are concerned only with the protection of Situated at the foot of the Eastern end of the the Flame, yet theyey have often aided Cathay in her Kamalayans, Yuanjin derives its wealth from the wars, ensuring that the people who protect their iron and silver ore in the mountains.

These tunnels mountain domain do not succumb to the darkness stretch for countless miles, opening into vast and leave it once more defenceless. Taking advantage advan The Silver Road of some of these caverns and dried-out dried underground The Silver Road winds its way like a glittering rivers, the merchants of Yuanjin can move their promise across the wastes between the Old World caravans under the great Kamalayan mountains to and the Far East.

While technically not a single the upper echelons of the Old Spice Road. Though road, but a conglomeration of many magically safer than travelling above ground, sometimes such warded passages, the Silver Road still forms the caravans vans disappear, possibly losing themselves in most secure method of land travel from the West to the dark maze of tunnels under the mountains. The deeper down one gets, the wider Plain of Bones in the Dark Lands.

It is customary for newlywed From there it passes on to the relative safety of couples to cast a golden trinket into the lake for Pigbarter and the Plated Rock.

The Silver Road luck. Whispereded rumours tell of more sinister rites.

The city of Yuanjin is nearly always shrouded in the shadows of the great Kamalayan mountains. Only at dawn and dusk does sunlight fall on the city, for a brief time bathing it in a red light. The city is famed for its many festivals and celebrations, as though its citizens try to forget the grip of shadow that lies over the city.

Even so, the place is much cooler and more comfortable to live in than any other Cathayan city. The climate is cold and the planting season is short. The Red Mansion is close, so raids from Chaos warbands are relatively common, so natives of northern the northern provinces are tough, literal minded people. In past Cathayan dynasties incursions of Chaos Lately, rumour has it that the Emperor has been have never been much of a serious threat, as the sending supplies to the Hung in their war with the gods of Chaos seemed to turn most of their Old Ones in return for safe passage of the trade attention to the Old World nations.

However, caravans. Some of the cave dwellings are more or within the present Dynasty they have becoming less permanent settlements. One of them, Da M'Arg more and more frequent- terrorizing the border is a small city. Built originally by the Cathayan as a provinces to the north and the south. Two large trading post during the heyday of the old Spice enclaves are situated at the northern Red Mansion.

Road, it was taken by the Hung when the humans Villages in this province are usually enclosed by a died of plague in IC. Since then, it has grown stout wall to repel these raids as well as to serve as into a haphazard collection of buildings and hovels corrals for the sheep and horses that are commonly both big and small encircled by a as are dried meats herded here. The Emperor of the Dragon Throne and fruits. What the town is really famous for claims the whole Cathayan peninsula as belonging though, is the 'Thinkun Tank' - a massive bronze to Cathay.

This claim is hardly realistic. Most of the bell turned upend and now the sight of nightly pit land is covered by hot deserts and dry shrub land. Mercenaries looking for work get their first The population lies largely in the coastal cities or chance for employment with a good showing in the the towns and villages surrounding them.

Warhammer Fantasy Armeebuch Cathay

Not surprisingly, a fair number of ogres are to be found here along with an occasional troll. The Steppes The Steppes are harsh and rocky, its only valuable Dunyang mineral a rugged black stone known as The ill-fated city of Dunyang in the north of Cathay flashpowder. Volcanic in nature, boiling magma has been a thorn in the side of the Emperors since lying underground tainted with other substances to its founding.

For the first time in history, greed at give the spraying lava from the mouths of the the wealth to be found in the desert overcame the mountains a rich dark maroon colour. This is a loyalties of the Lowborn of Dunyang and they loose confederation of petty Khan clans revolted against the rule of the Emperor.

Apart from the city itself was ultimately destroyed, the periodic thrusts west, the Khanates primarily Dunyang rebels, as the survivors of that battle came interest itself with the taxing trade routes while to be known, were not. While most are greedy and guarding them from smaller bandits. Warbands make seasonal raids on spreading the faith of the Dark Gods to the weak neighbours. At various times, the Khanates have and easily tempted.

The Magistrates have little shrunk to as small as two or three clans or expanded tolerance for those caught with the Dunyangs, and to as many as eight. It was not the beast's words. Flames coursed into its skull cavity. The beast rose out of the ash and flame. Guo leaped forward and grabbed the discarded spear with both hands.

And the fact that this thing. With one swift motion. The rest of the goliath dropped straight down. It was twisted and crude more like a dead tree trunk than a spear and lacked the necessary balance for one as skilled as himself. Guo cursed himself. The liche had not prevailed in its attempt at recovering the object.

The goliath waved his arm violently to try to shake off his attacker. He tapped his fingers across its tight surface and smiled. But the fire roping through the goliath's lurching frame was too hot even for a grand master.

And there would be others. The forest exploded into flame. Guo thought to himself as he ducked another thrust of the beast's mighty spear.

He then stuck his hand into the right pocket of his robe. The flames splashed against the empty chest of the beast and leeched through its body. The mindless assault of the bone goliath forced Grand Master Guo Liang to draw back and redress his iron fan. But now was not the time for reflection. He raised it above his head and raced toward the mass of burning bone trying to right itself through piles of seared bark and branches.

But now he turned his attention to the long walk before him. He was a Dragon Monk. Guo held on tightly as if he were grasping the reins of a wild horse. Guo smiled. The beast slowed. This conflict was far from over. Guo drew the sharp edge of his weapon across the tender gap between neck bones. The goliath thrashed to and fro. Now or never. He checked it twice..

The weapon seemed ineffective against the raging monstrosity of bone whirling before him. Guo drew his fan and snapped it open.

Warhammer Fantasy Arabia Armeebuch

But it seemed to understand that its jaw had been severed. The rough bone of the beast's arm scorched Guo's bare hands. The skull dropped forward again. An escape of hot breath came up through its charred mantle and washed across Guo's face. There he would take succour and bathe his sore feet. Guo dodged another fist blow. If the situation weren't so dire. Here the bone had been spared the flame.

And then. Guo was grateful for that.

Warhammer Fantasy Armeebuch Cathay | Unrest

Whoever controls it. The day would take him out of the forest and into a flat land where the fortress monasteries of the monks resided.

Somewhere in the forest where the trees were not burning. Guo Liang drew back a great inhalation of air. At least until his next attempt. I've overdone it again. The goliath's skull rolled forward. Guo screamed and drove the tip of the spear into the soft dirt on the side of the path. Some kind of mad.

Then he let go. The fight was over. He found the path again and located his bedroll. The goliath's assault had surprised him. Maybe so. Pain shot through his arms.. Every loose strand of dry cloth. Guo watched as his cuts grew larger. Was it the liche. He knew better than to take on a liche's construct with such methods.. The goliath flailed madly.

The goliath's head tumbled off its shoulders and hit the ground with a deadening thump. He waited -. He could feel the heat singe the frayed edges of his red robe as he released his grip from the spear and flew. He landed square upon the hard. No one. The spear bent but did not break and Guo vaulted himself up and over the fire. The object. He could feel the fan cut through the dry.

Guo wondered. He lighted gently upon the ground. Guo thought to himself with a frail smile. Guo drew the fan back and made another cut. But the day was cold. Guo could almost appreciate the size. For this reason. The discipline and honour of the Grand Army is On the following pages are the complete rules for legendary across Cathay.

Fully and the Celestial Dragon Monks. Refer to the special rules section of gear and upkeep. To resources available. The armies of Cathay are based on large regiments Special Rules of infantry. Each entry includes called up to the elite of the elite. The Grand Army is pages?? At the end of the section are some special characters — famous Cathayans that you can field in your army.

All units with this rule may Fight in Extra Ranks as who are unsurpassed as light cavalry.

Warhammer Fantasy - Bretonnia - 5th.pdf

Cathay believes such as The Art of War. Also attached to the army is a variety of Many troop types have special rules to reflect their skirmishers. Cavalry is rulebook. Strategy is considered a Warhammer for the full details of how the rule philosophical as well as a martial pursuit in Cathay. Using sing a special version of the repeating crossbow. Grand Army Soldiers are common men who would otherwise be working the rice paddies. This is the pragmatic Cathayan approach to recruitment.

Strength 3.

The Warhammer Game Kingdom of the Shifting Sands

Grand Waterway. Soldiers are also recruited from town own law enforcers. Regiments of these units accompany the Imperial Infantry. Most in the ranks of the Grand Army. Professional soldiers can also be found serving Warlords as mercenaries.

To become a Dragon Lancer is a great These deadly one-shot weapons Veteran 4 4 3 3 3 1 3 2 8 give them an edge versus hand to hand combatants. When doing so. In the beginning of the position to flank the enemy battle line to support first round of combat. It also brings several Cathay army. One use only. Warhorse 8 3 0 3 3 1 3 1 5 While not being as powerful as the knights of the Special Rules Old World.

They are sometimes armed with fire lances. The typical employment of horse archers in battle is as fast cavalry capable of moving swiftly to avoid close combat. They are among the best human bands are usually led by some younger glory- cavalry in the world. Their manoeuvrability is almost infallible. The Mangudai would feign retreat. From time to time.

Far from home. He was the first to recognize their use on the field as allies rather than foes. Bahdur 4 3 5 3 3 1 3 1 7 Warhorse 8 3 0 3 3 1 3 1 5 They are absolutely merciless and have no problems being cut off from their parent tribe.

The foundation of the Mangudai way are nothing if not pragmatic. These rampaging isolated units.

The manoeuvre requires superb equestrian skills. Most renowned and most emulated of their skills is the parting shot. Hill Tribesmen still perform an important role in the army. Ambushers Treated with blatant disrespect from the Cathayan aristocracy. They usually move ahead of the main force. For this reason they are very rarely relied upon. They are they live in small colonies outside of society and recruited as auxiliaries in support of the main battle have established smaller fiefdoms for themselves.

The Emperor leaves them be and allows them to sort out their own affairs as long as they do not bother in his or those of his servants. While being cheap soldiers to maintain. All shots made with a by the Dragon Monks. Whenever they go to battle it is mostly for food or equipment to bring to their tree colonies that they do not have the materials to make for themselves.

As dextrous as they are deadly. These lie predominantly in the southern region. Monkey Warriors are sometimes hired into the armies of Cathay. Like the Beastmen of the Old World.

Enemies limbs. Whether the forests provide better protection or they congregate here because it is in their nature. Whether they group Climbers: Monkey Warriors ignores penalties for together for similar reasons as more common beast impassable terrain like walls.

Note that they may still than their Old World counterparts. On the battlefield they run around the enemy troops. If reported sightings of green apes in these parts are anything to go by then the creatures prefer to live in tight packs high up in the bamboo canopies.

It is a style that has been copied 3. These forest denizens are able to fight using all four Quarterstaff: Requires two hands. As the young Swordsaint ages.

Some put only by the Elves. It is not entirely uncommon to see a Special Rules Swordsaint leading units of Lowborn or teaching Glory for the Dragon Emperor them some simple techniques and skills before a battle. It is this independence yet reliance on both peers and masters that give Swordsaints their beliefs and effectiveness as a fighting unit. He will then sleep with others his own age under the sky in the central square of the monastery.

It is armour piercing. A Cathayan Longsword is their art. Swordsaints bolster the Imperial Infantry in battle. Inspiring Presence: The battle garb of the Nightblades varies. Poisoned Attacks small strike teams. When they appear on the field of battle. Occasionally a Nightblades will be tasked with the destruction of the enemy commander and.

When they appear on the battlefield it is usually in Scouts. Armed Crescent sword:Fully and the Celestial Dragon Monks. Arabyans admire the strength Araby are considered free. But constant were thrown upon shields. The magic is nearly all augment in nature, which is quite appropriate; halflings aren't actually that great at magic and are better at dispelling than casting The Special Rules for the Master Chef which all depend on the stew that he simmers, the spices he adds and a roll of the scatter dice to see which direction the wind carries the aroma across the battlefield - once again inspired!

As alike before fore taking his leave of them. The basic necessities. There are about 40 items, which are probably a bit weaker than those you're used to. Ozuk was defeated and captured seven times.

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