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Editorial Reviews. Review. "An incredible storyteller." -Los Angeles Daily News Graham wields a deftly sexy and convincing pen." -Publishers Weekly. vampire diaries the salvation unspoken pdf download - vampire diaries the salvation unspoken the vampire diaries wiki fandom powered by wikia, the originals. the salvation: unspoken [vampire diaries] pdf - l. j. smith. they sold poorly as the hunters, phantom evensong and elena gilbert. after the books.

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Get Instant Access to Unspoken (The Vampire Diaries: The Salvation) By L J Smith. # EBOOK EPUB KINDLE PDF. Unspoken book. Read 86 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. The New York Times bestselling series continues epic battle l. THE VAMPIRE DIARIES: THE SALVATION VOL. 2: UNSPOKEN THE VAMPIRE DIARIES: STEFAN'S DIARIES VOL. 1: ORIGINS THE VAMPIRE DIARIES.

Jack, Meredith and 4 other genetic vampires, Adam, Nick, Conrad and Sadie go and hunt down a pack of vampires in which Jack kills the oldest members. Its revealed by Jack to Meredith that the only way to kill one of them is by stabbing them in the back of the head with a scar thats the result of his experiments and that should kill them.

She takes this info back to Damon who has captured one of jacks creations and has been torturing him with different ways to kill a vampire. He also says Jack has been a vampire for 3 years and his real name is not Jack Daltrey as it was revealed earlier in the book but actually Henry Guch.

He seems to be really distant and worried. He then breaks up with her. She reveals that they are almost exactly alike and that vampire blood was used to create his vampires. Later on, Matt goes to Jasmines apartment and tells Matt he has kidnapped Jasmine and will return her if Matt brings Damon to him.

Matt decides to trade his life for Jasmine in which Jack accepts. Damon and Elena eventually do find Chivean through a spell from Bonnie using the genetic vampire blood. Chievean is the vampire whom Jack used to make his creations. Its revealed that she loved Jack but he loved someone else, so she kills his lab assistant and killed his lover and swears to kill Jack. She reveals the only thing that can kill him is this blue poison from a vial only she has on her.

They go to Dalcrest College to confont and kill Jack. Damon battles him and stabs him with the vial but its revealed to make him stronger and that Chievean tricked them and actually loves Jack.

Elena then kills Chivean as she was going to originally do after they were done needing her. Jack escapes. Jack earlier on stated that he did create a backdoor to his creations and even they werent truly immortal. Damon and Elena go back to Zurich to go through his lab since that is where they found his notebook. Elena and Damon bond and end up kissing. Elena goes to a guard in which the lab is located, she finds out she can compel vampires as he is one of the genetic vampires but it will only work as she doesnt break concentrations.

Through a series of events, she finds a black box of 6 vials of blue poison and realizes this is the poison. She uses it on the guard which it kills him. Jack ends up having gone to Zurich as well. Jack and Damon end up fighting, Elena uses his guardian powers to help Damon fight off Jack. Damon, who is nearly killed by Jack, ends up taking one of the blue poison vials and stabs it into Jacks neck.

Jack as he lays dying, tells Damon and Elena he only made his creations cause Chievean killed his lover and he wanted revenge on her and her race, so he made his own vampires and when he was done killing the magical vampires, he was going to kill his own creations. Elena and Damon seem to have no pity for him and he finally dies. Weeks later, Zander ends up marrying Bonnie.

Alaric rejects a cup of water that can make him immortal to be with Meredith forever. He vows to find a cure to cure her vampirism.

The main reason I wanted to read this book is because Stefan is out of the picture and I wanted to see Damon and Elena finally get a chance to be together. And after all my waiting and some stupid divine intervention view spoiler [from Stefan giving Elena permission to love Damon hide spoiler ] , the most stupidest of technicalities from those asshole Guardians is what would threaten Damon's happiness!!!! This whole book was just building up my anticipation just to crush it!!!!

As much as I hate to admit it I still really enjoyed it. The writing was at times to me, seemed forced like trying to hard to project something but it had me going because I wasn't able to put the book done due to the anticipation view spoiler [of knowing that Damon and Elena won't be together until the end of the book hide spoiler ]. After all is said and done there is only one solution to this problem and I don't know if Elena would want to go along with it Disappointed much ugh!

It always seemed to me like everyone is plotting against poor Damon!! Feb 03, Nicole rated it it was amazing Shelves: Unspoken - The Vampire Diaries: The Salvarion 2 This book was all about Damon for me.

Damon Damom Damon. And I loved it! Man that ending!! The corner of Damons mouth turned up in a half-smile.

You know that. I actually lik Unspoken - The Vampire Diaries: I actually liked this book WAY more than the 3 or 4 that came before this one. One more to go! Nov 20, Jasmine rated it did not like it. Jan 02, Felicia [Felicia's Ink t ] rated it it was amazing Shelves: What a rollercoaster that book!!

Jun 03, Khalia Hades rated it really liked it Shelves: Through his bond with Elena, he knew something had happened to his brother and he returned to D Stefan is gone and Elena is heartbroken.

Dec 08, Jennifer rated it it was ok. I have very few positive things to say about this one that aren't related to the characters. The only reason I am still reading this is sentimental value - I have loved these characters for over 20 years.

While L. Smith is no literary genius, she is a good story teller, and she really created a group of characters that were rich, fun, and easy to love. In the o Yikes. In the original books their growth as people was heartwarming and easy to be sucked into. Unfortunately, the author who has taken over writing these for her is even less talented. She has made these characters very flat.

My favorite thing about Elena has always been how strong and feisty she was - and while she loved Stefan and was stronger beside him, she didn't NEED him, which is a great message for young girls. Unfortunately, this author has made Elena into a Bella-esque character who is whiny and sappy without her man at her side: The only positive thing I CAN say about this author is she or he?

Hopefully the owners of the character rights will realize soon what a mistake they made taking the series away from Ms. Smith and give it back to her soon, or even the most faithful followers of this series will no longer be reading them, myself included. Nov 13, Marjolein rated it really liked it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

To view it, click here. I was really surprised where this book ended. Just as it was a nice surprise to find out that Stefan really doesn't return except for one beautiful scene as a ghost. Don't get me wrong, I like Stefan, and I'm still sad that he died, but I am surprised that they dared to leave him dead. That gives death more impact, and I like that. Matt is finally happy, with a normal albeit I was really surprised where this book ended. Matt is finally happy, with a normal albeit really strong nice human girl, and I hope he will stay that way ok, he'll get in danger, and it's always a much bigger risk because he is "just" human, but at least he's happy!

I'm curious how the Meredith situation will play out. She's definetly not ok with being a vampire And I don't like Guardians God, This series always breaks my heart.

It's really just a long series of people dieing and fighting monsters. But some how I love it. I love the history of this series. How the Salvatore brothers have seen so much in their years and the history of the town is awesome. I wish it would have ended with Destiny Rising though. I liked to see Elena and Damon's relationship. There were a lot of surprises in this book. I can't really talk about them, besides the fact that Meredith turns into a vampire, because that happens in like the first chapter.

I really hope they find a cure for her because I don't like her as a vampire. But overall, this was a great book, like always and I can't wait for the next one. Feb 01, Angel rated it it was amazing. Great Loved this book as much as I hate that Stefan is gone it was beautifully done and I can't wait to read the final book. Four stars just for Damon and the end with travelling Elena with Damon. Dec 18, D. Smith-Lee rated it liked it. I legitimately wanted to hate this one but really couldn't bring myself to do so.

Admittedly I wasn't a fan of The Vampire Diaries before it became a television series when I was 17 and the end of the television series left me hungry for more so I picked up the books. I'm also admittedly NOT a Delena fan But if you are then this book is for you.

The thing that sort of turned me off about the first two books in this series was its leaning into the more sciency aspe Eeeehhhhhh The thing that sort of turned me off about the first two books in this series was its leaning into the more sciency aspect with the synthetic vampires as the villains.

The magical aspects from the previous books seemed to be kind of lacking. Also I hate books where the "bigger good guys" don't show up until the good guys do something wrong.

Bestselling Series

They never show up to fight the bad guys. Overall the book was okay. I think I'll pick up the third one. Nov 21, Kristie rated it did not like it. Must be my obsession for the characters. Damn Alloy Entertainment and harper teen for employing thid ghostwriter. More paranormal drama from Elena and friends. I loved the thread of romance and the cliffhanger that left me in shock! Oct 12, keikii Eats Books rated it did not like it.

I enjoyed the series. You can let yourself go. Get into the books. The characters in the series are good. A nice imagination for a writer.

Jan 07, Ange Mogni rated it really liked it. La historia super interesante , como siempre, pero el final Muy bueno. Dec 19, Yusra rated it really liked it. Cependant, il y a aussi quelques petits points positifs que je dois aborder.

La fin est pleine d'amour, d'espoir et de satisfaction autant pour les personnages que pour le lecteur. Puis les tensions, la peur et l'angoisse refond subitement surface. Mar 09, Carly Fries rated it liked it.

Before I Read the Book Stefan's coming back right? I mean, everyone who dies comes back somehow. It's Vampire Diaries, for fuck's sakes They're gonna let Stefan rot. Seriously, these people's lives are like one big life-threatening roller coaster. Everyone is trying to find a way to kill Jack, while Elena is given a new Guardian task to kill an old vampire named Siobhan. Ironically, it's Siobhan who helped Jack create the fake vampires in the first place, using her blood.

They track her down and she agrees to help them kill him, but it turns out she was lying. Oh well, Elena quickly staked her in the heart. Bye, Siobhan. Jack tricked Meredith into thinking he trusted her, only to fool her with misinformation. Meredith and Alaric vow to find a cure for her fake vampirism.

Zander's big secret is that he wants to propose to Bonnie. But the pack is also moving to Colorado, so Eventually she says yes though, they get married, and move. Elena and Damon head to Jack's lab in Zurich where she finds the real poison that will kill Jack. Jack follows them there, threatens Damon's life, but ends up dead because you can't fight the power of the Dalena. After everything is over, Elena visits her old house in Fell's Church that Stefan bought for them.

And lo and behold, Ghost Stefan is there waiting for her. He tells her he will always love her, but that she needs to keep living, and that if she wants to do her living with Damon, that's okay with him. She heads home, pretty much immediately professes her undying love for Damon, and they head to Paris together.

Unfortunately, at the top of the Eiffel tower, Mylea shows up, claims that Damon broke the rules by killing Jack - technically a human - and that now Elena's as good as dead. Especially after Bonnie said it was close.

I could have told you that. And if ever there's more trouble at the ley lines you can go back and help temporarily? Boom problem solved Too good. Oh, and dick move waiting three weeks after he killed Jack to show up. Like, yay everything's okay now let's go to Paris together hahahahaha nope sorry guys Elena has to die now vacation OVER hide spoiler ] Ormai temo di essere una delle ultime persone che ancora segue attivamente questa saga e ha lasciato perdere pure il telefilm: Se volessi fare spoiler potrei riassumervi il tutto in due frasi e non tralascerei nulla!

Oct 09, R. As you might be able to tell from how long it took me to finish this book 2 months , this series is failing to hold my attention horribly.

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Sad considering that I loved the originals. The further these ghost writers go, the more it feels like they are warping the characters and just keep beating it to death so it keeps going in line with the TV series.

Disappointing to be sure. Stephen is dead, but that can't exclude him from a final all-understanding appearance at the end of the book. What's a m As you might be able to tell from how long it took me to finish this book 2 months , this series is failing to hold my attention horribly.

What's a main character death without a dramatic return and kind farewell, right? After all, Damon and Elena both got to come back to life and stay. Stephen doesn't get that honor though. Damon and Elena's relationship progresses more slowly and naturally this time around, which is a bit of a relief while also being a little unreliable given the number of times to two have fallen and fought against each other all along.

As hoaky as it would have been, I almost would have believed the immediate snatch and keep scenario more, especially with Damon's possessive streak. Meredith is now one of the monsters That little plot twist is saved for the very end to put Elena's life on the line again after just a couple of pages of happy resolution.

PDF 3 - The Salvation Unmasked ENG

Overall, everyone is happily paired off. There is no longer one loner left out on the wings pining after someone else's partner in their little group. Half of them are married while the others appear to be close to same line of thought. And now Damon has to save Elena from yet another supernatural disaster of their own doing. I get the feeling forcing myself to read the next book will be a bit of a chore, though I also seriously hope it is the last.

Jan 06, Hannah Almond rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: I haven't been able to put any of the vampire diaries books down and this book was no exception! It ended leaving me in absolute suspense and itching to read the next book! I have so many questions Will Elena die? Can Damon save her? Can they bargain with the Guardians for her life? Can and will the guardians really let her die, when her blood is so previous to them?

Or now that the old ones are all 'suposably' dead will she and her special blood be of no use to them anymore? Will the I haven't been able to put any of the vampire diaries books down and this book was no exception! Will the only way of saving elena result in Damon having to turn her In to a vampire , really making her his 'dark princess' and resulting in the end of elena's life as a human and as a Earth Guardian? Will Elena and Damon ever be able to live the 'normal' life that her and Stefan failed to have , and that Elena has craved so much?

Or will they end up living in the shadows? Will they ever find a way of reserecting Stefan or is he really gone forever? If he did come back could elena finally have both of them? Could the brothers stand to share her , or would they put there old differences behind and renew the bond that they had made before Stefan died and put aside their jealousies for her? Will they find a cure for Meridith, or will the Vampire Hunter be cursed to live as a vampire forever?

I kind of hope if Stefan does 'somehow' come back, that they could all come to some sort of understanding , put jealousies behind and live together, joined by their love for Elena. That elena could have and love both vampire brothers!!

Although I really would love to see what her life would be like with Damon Feb 18, Ryan rated it liked it. This book I have mixed feelings on. Okay so I will do the bad points first, a little moody I know but it means that I can end the review on a good note. So first off it took me a while to get into this book, I have had it on my bookshelf in my bedroom for a while and have attempted to read it previously however I could just not get into the story.

Before finally sitting down and forcing myself to read it I had tried three times before this without success. The next aspect of the book I didn't enjo This book I have mixed feelings on. The next aspect of the book I didn't enjoy was then ending, Vampire Diaries was a book series that I feel should have ended a while ago, probably when L. Smith stopped writing the books and a ghost writer came into it.

I also feel like the penultimate chapter was the perfect way to end the book and the series but no they added another chapter and another book to the series. I have doubts about the next book but we shall see when it comes to that. The good point to this book, is once you get past the beginning of it and you generally don't mind that it is no longer L.

Smiths It is a good story and plot. The characters do have some development in this book. I think the best way to describe this book is 'meh' maybe upper class 'meh' it was aright but I wouldn't rave about it. Generally I feel like they are trying to hard now and that the next book really should be the last.

I think there is now a total of 15 books in this now Mon Avis: Ils pleurent, ils sourient Bref, aucune surprise. Mais manque de chance, nous ne sommes pas idiots!Now she and the rest of the group want revenge. For anyone who gives a toss, Zander grows distant from Bonnie. Elena remembered this. She and Damon and Stefan were responsible for all the horror that had surrounded them.

The guardian Myea comes to elena telling her she has to track down and kill an old vampire named Chivean. Overhead, the sky was milky and opaque, and the air felt oppressively heavy. He could hear her heart beating, but weakly and irregularly.

Disappointed much ugh! Elena jerked back, her mouth dropping open.

Damon gritted his teeth and tried to keep his temper.

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