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Environmental impact assessment in developing countries: What are the Figures - uploaded by Larry W. Canter Download full-text PDF. Environmental Impact Assessment by L.W. Canter - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. In addition, the number of prepared environmental impact assessments (EIAs) .. W. Environmental Impact Analysis Handbook. - Download Research Triangle Park. L. Environmental Impact Assessment. W. Part 3.

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Environmental impact assessment by Larry W. Canter, , McGraw-Hill edition, in English - 2nd ed. Impact Assessment. Volume 13, - Issue 3. Published online: 6 Feb Article. Environmental impact assessment: the state of the art. the worldwide practice of environmental impact assessment (EIA). Over 15 I Corresponding author for this article is Dr. Larry W. Canter, George Lynn Cross.

These studies must be founded on these principles in order to achieve an appropriate consideration of the environment in project planning and decision-making. Keown and Weathersby -Catalog of information sources for environmental baseline description. Meyers, Fake, and Ausura -Directory of major environmental data bases maintained by federal agencies. Naval Environmental Support Office Sources of environmental information are listed, including federal and California state sources.

Van Weringh, e t al. Downloaded by [ Rau and Wooten Comprehensive handbook for conducting environmental impact studies. Stout, et al. Ward -Book on planning, conducting, and interpreting biological impact studies. Turner -Workbook of atmospheric dispersion calculations from multiple source types.

Environmental Protection Agency -Discussion of singlesource, steady-state Gaussian plume dispersion model. Surface Water Brown abstracts on the hydrodynamics and modeling of heated effluents.

Nemorow -Book on modeling water quality resulting from organic pollution. Ozturk -Model of dissolved oxygen in estuaries. Velz -Book on modeling water quality resulting from organic, inorganic, thermal, and bacterial pollution. Hammer and MacKichan -Overview of quantity and quality aspects of surface and ground water. Prickett -Summary of ground water modeling techniques.

Overton -Modeling of effects of land use changes on streamflow quantity and quality. Environmental Protection Agency -Procedures for predicting impacts of urban stormwater.

Walker -Literature review of irrigation return flow models. Magrab -Book on noise prediction from variety of source types. Army Corps of Engineers O --Systematic methodology for aquatic and terrestrial ecosystem evaluations.

S, Fish and Wildlife Service -Procedural manual for estimating and comparing development project impacts on fish and wildlife resources. Ecosystem Models Downloaded by [ Green -Model for the Chesapeake Bay ecosystem with submodels on wetlands, plankton, seagrasses , other benthos, and fish trophic levels.

0071141030 - Environmental Impact Assessment by Larry W Canter

Najarian and Harleman -Model of nitrogen-cycle dynamics in an estuarine system. ONeill, Ferguson, and Watts references on mathematical modeling, with emphasis on forest biomes.

Veith, Defoe, and Bergstedt -Model for estimating bioconcentration of organic chemicals in fish. Bovee and Cochnauer -Methodology using weighted criteria to assess impacts on stream habitats. Fletcher and Busnel -Book summarizing effects of noise on aquatic and terrestrial wildlife. Mueller -Discussion of burdening capacity of ecosystems.

Assessment 17 Perez -Discussion of persistence limits in ecological systems. Sharma -Conference proceedings on determining the significance of biological impacts.

King -Description of methods for conducting archeological surveys. Harper -Use-oriented method for visual quality evaluation of the coastal zone. Bureau of Land Management Description of visual resource contrast rating system. Bureau of Land Management b Description of method for upland visual resource inventory and evaluation. Forest Service -Description of visual management system used for the 19 Forest Service studies in the northwestern United States.

Soil Conservation Service -Description of procedure for landscape resource quality. Finsterbush and Wolf -Book on methodologies for social impact assessment. Frendeway, Monarchi, and Taylor Model for regional impacts of population, employment, manufacturing, commerce, and service industries.

Specific Projects Downloaded by [ Christiansen Methodology for addressing social impacts of land development projects. FitzPatrick , et al. Fitzsimmons, Stuart, and Wolf Methodology for development of social well-being account for water resources projects.

Muller -Methodology for addressing fiscal impacts of land development projects. Muller -Methodology for addressing economic impacts of land development projects.

Mumphrey, Thayer, and Wagner -Socioeconomic impacts from outer continental shelf oil and gas development. Willeke -Socioeconomic impacts from wastewater management plans.

Matrices Downloaded by [ Sellers and North -Matrix for evaluation of trade-offs between economic and environmental objectives in water resources planning. Tamblyn and Cederborg -Matrix for nuclear power plant site selection. Burnham, Nealey, and Maynard Weighting checklist for combining societal and technical judgements relative to nuclear power plant siting.

Gertz -Ranking checklist coupled with non-parametric statistical analysis.

Sondheim -Scaling checklist for evaluation of a proposed dam project. Modeling Hill -Resource allocation model for evaluation of waste24 water management alternatives. Lavine -Energy analysis model for conducting environmental cost-benefit analyses for transportation actions. Babb and Hickey -Use of computer graphics for evaluation of impacts from conventional energy systems.

Duckstein, et al. Hydrologic Engineering Center -Use of grid cell banks in environmental impact assessment.

Wk9-03 EIA - process-by Larry Canter.pdf - Environmental...

Rubinstein and Horn -Methodology for including risk analysis in environmental impact assessment. Babb, M. Environmental Protection Agency, Washington, D.

Baram, R.

Bhutani, J. Bishop, A. Bovee, K. Thermal Pollution, Part 3. Department of Commerce, Springfield, Virginia. Burnham, J. Busse, A.

Canter, L. Chalmers, J. Bureau of Reclamation, Denver, Colorado. Coastal Environments, Inc.

Daneke, G. Dee, N.

Dickens, R. Duke, K. Finsterbush, K.

Fischer, D. FitzPatrick, M. Fitzsimmons, S. Frendeway, J. Gertz, S. Gilliland, M. Golden, J. Green, K. Fish and Wildlife Service, Washington, D. Guldberg, P. Harper, D. Hill, D. Hydrologic Engineering Center Army Corps of Engineers, Davis, California. Inhaber, H. Keeney, R. Keown, M. M, U. King, T. Department of the Interior, Washington, D. The study considered physical, chemical, and ecological as well as social and economic issues in relation to the various operations in the Bauxite mining process.

All identified impacts, negative as well as positive, were studied in detail. In order to make the impacts comparable in a transparent way the Rapid Impact Assessment Method was employed on the data. The results showed that there is a majority of negative impacts due to the mining activity. The negative impacts relate to the physico chemical characteristics of the site area, geomorphologic changes, surface and sub- surface water quality, air quality, ecological balance, loss of biodiversity, loss of livelihood of the tribals, displacement of tribals, etc.

The negative impacts can be minimized by adopting an effective Environmental Management Plan which includes mitigation measures for improving the eco-profile of the site area. Introduction The Government of Andhra Pradesh having around million tones of bauxite deposits with major reserves in the tribal areas of eastern ghats has decided to give an impetus to the mineral based industry in order to address the primary objective of up grading the employment and income levels of the surrounding tribals.

Sundara Kumar et al at Hyderabad, as a nodal agency to exploit the mineral reserves. In order to meet the demand of bauxite, APMDC proposes to acquire mining leases for bauxite and supply 1. Veedhi Mandal of Visakhapatnam district which has a total reserve of The bauxite reserves in the mines in the first phase are planned to be exploited for the period of five years.

The total lease area for mining is 85ha. The exploitable reserves of bauxite at Jerrila Block I are estimated at around 6. The ore is suitable for extraction of alumina and manufacture of aluminium metal. To produce 1 tonne of aluminium it requires 1.

The alumina in turn requires 2. The ratio for aluminium to bauxite ore thus becomes 1tonne of metal needs 5. The ore not used in the process will go to waste in the so called red mud pond. The process of environmental degradation, which starts with the extraction of minerals resulting in land degradation and addition of pollutants in the air and water, continues even as the extracted mineral ores are further processed and developed for their ultimate uses.

The study area is shown in the Figure 1. Environmental Impact Assessment of a Proposed Bauxite 31 Methodology In the present work a team of experts covering the disciplines of civil Engineering, sociology, economy and environmental management have visited the proposed mine site and conducted various surveys and collected relevant data. The data has been incorporated in the detailed assessment of all possible impacts of the proposed project. In order to structure the impact assessment of the proposed bauxite mining the study focused on four primary fields of concern: 1.

The issues of importance to be assessed were identified within each field of concern. The impacts were described and quantified and qualified according to the quality of the data.Najarian and Harleman -Model of nitrogen-cycle dynamics in an estuarine system. Orlob, G. Effects of Noise on Wildlife. Lucia Kara Chance. Turner -Workbook of atmospheric dispersion calculations from multiple source types. Department of Systems and Industrial Engineering.

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Overton, D. Internationale Vereingung f u r Theoretische und Angewandte Limnologie. Bureau of Reclamation, Denver, Colorado.

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