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METU is among. World's Top Universities. Ranked by Reputation*. 1. 2. 8 If you read the bulletin regularly, you can learn everything concerning the rules and . For more information about departments offering double major and minor . FOREWORD This book is a collection of the reading sections of the exam papers each student to read extensively at his own level and to move on to the more Our thanks are extended to Abdullah CAN of the METU Printing Office for. METU/SFL. DBE. – BEGINNER GROUP. ACTIVE VOCABULARY LIST FOR. MORE TO READ 1. 46 VENUS. SLEEP to be located in a place. There are six.

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What is Middle East Technical University? It was one of the ten universities that were financially supported and founded by United Nations and UNESCO in order to find solutions for the unplanned growth and slumming issues in developing cities Tan, The METU campus was founded in and developed over time.

It is located 4 miles away from the city center on a rural area at the southwest direction, covering approximately This area was mostly covered with moorland, which is the typical vegetation type of central Anatolia. Educational facilities; the faculties, are located on the west side of the alley, whereas administration and social facilities; the auditorium, cafeteria, social building are settled on the east side. Architects: Behruz-Altug Cinici, designed in The main spatial characteristic of this core area of the campus was provided via some architectural features such as water elements, semi-open spaces and small courtyards.

These elements define the relationship between the interior and exterior spaces, while creating visual and audial meanings and also used as microclimate units Tanyeli, , p. As stated by Tanyeli , p. This pedestrian-friendly setting not only aims to connect buildings to each other, but also presents the opportunity of creating social interactions in a comfortable, modern environment. A ring road surrounds the aforementioned pedestrian core, in order to provide motorized transportation around the campus.

Another axis, which leads to the accommodation units: dormitories and lodgings, intersects this ring road and alley.

In between the core zone and accommodation zone, there is a green zone, composed of recreational areas, sport halls, swimming pools, medical center and shopping center. METU was one of these pioneer buildings, which constitute significant examples for postwar-modernism in Turkey.

Tanyeli refers METU as the architectural laboratory of Turkey in s, where the limits were questioned and pushed forward both in design and technology p. The campus complex is more than a group of brutalist buildings; it is a host of an architectural variety. As stated by Tanyeli , the campus design was inspired by many modernist architects such as Le Corbusier, Aalto, P.

Rudolph, K. Maekawa, and many other post-war Japanese architects and Bakema and bringing a variety to the architectural approaches p.

According to Tanyeli , diversity in the planning creating corners, level differences and building heights and use of many different building material types exposed concrete and brick, plasters and masonry in various characteristics, wall and floor coverings, concrete blocks, wood types etc.

In addition to this, it was for sure, without the glimpses to modern art works on the alley and in buildings, an important part of this polyphony would be missing. The realistic planning and execution of the campus project is another important aspect that should be mentioned. The campus project was divided into phases, which were annually planned according to the budget availability of the respective year and was to finish the overall project including the landscape and plantation projects, in 20 years Tanyeli, , p.

The initial campus plan was also including plantation of several trees in order to create a forest area. Approximately 40 modern buildings, with 7 or 8 new buildings added each year, extremely modern laboratories and libraries, various student facilities and a reforestation campaign of The landscape design and foresting project of the campus started in , under the guidance of Prof. Alaaddin Egemen, in order to find a solution to the air pollution in the city Re-forestation Programme of Metu, n.

As stated by Kemal Kurda? Tan, Later this first planting festival became an annual tradition, which still continues today. Today, METU forest accommodates many endemic species with its special fauna and flora.

What is METU spirit?

Its presence in political history of Turkey should be underlined as contributor of what it presents in collective memories. They were at the frontline of many political student upheavals, which affected the history of the country. Ever since it was founded, METU campus has offered its students not only a place for, but also a lifestyle within its natural and modern settlements.

Students create a social life in the campus, where they collect memories at the same time. He devised a folding toothbrush for travellers.

Before landing the plane, the pilot checked with the tower for verification of her location. Eagles deliberately position their nests in high trees or on cliffs away from other animals. Rhythm, although associated most often with music, is a component of poetry as well.

Most of the conversation between the men was intelligible. Proper insulation prevents heat loss during the winter and allows the building to remain cool in summer. It is inevitable that smoking will damage your health. Do you think your question is pertinent to the matter we are discussing? The teacher asked the student to eliminate all the long sentences from the text.

Fish have lived on the earth longer than any other backboned animal and have shown great diversity throughout their lifespan. He cannot possibly continue his life as a bachelor. Corporations are starting to reach the conclusion that desk-bound jobs constitute occupational hazards, so they are spending large sums of money on medical care to keep their employees physically and mentally healthy and productive.

Many people who have to start the day early find it difficult to wake up properly. For some of them, the solution is to drink two cups of coffee. It is undeniable that TV has very adverse effects on child psychology. Plastic furniture is light-weight and comfortable. When a man competes, it seems winning becomes his primary objective. We think of learning and memory as somehow separate functions.

Metu, Ethiopia

Men tend to be attracted by the speed of their computers. It is a well-known fact that divorce is an unpleasant experience for all the members of a family. DNA tests seem to solve many problems. Apart from being a means of communication, human language is one of the principal means of all mental activities.

No matter how broad minded and modern we become, we cannot get rid of the tendency to see women as second-class citizens. The wild turkey existed in great numbers when the settlers first arrived in America. Recent game propagation laws prohibit the shooting of anything but the bearded animals, usually males, to protect the brooding hens.

The fundamental components of the environment are plants, animals, minerals and water. When their inter-relationship does not change much from year to year, we observe a balance of nature. Balloons have recently been used in a new medical procedure, known as balloon valvuloplasty, to open up stiffened heart valves in aging adults.

The four valves in the heart keep the blood going in the right direction, and if the valves become stiff, the result can be deadly. Earthquakes are caused by the movement of mile-thick plates that comprise the earth's crust. More than two thousand earthquakes occur daily somewhere on our planet, but about 95 percent of them are too weak to be felt except by sensitive seismometers. Deliberate car-wrecking exhibitions, known as demolition derbies, may be safer than you think.

The cars used are reinforced in places that might give way on impact, injuring the driver, so now the process of wrecking cars while keeping the person inside safe has practically been reduced to a science.

You can fly to the Orient on one of our daily flights with confirmed reservations and at big discount off Economy Fare, too. To qualify for our special fare you must buy your ticket at least 21 days in advance 6 of when you plan to leave.

Your flight will be confirmed seven to fourteen days before the week you take off. Come and see! The Plaza Shopping Centre is in London. You can go to the Plaza Shopping Centre by car only. The Plaza Shopping Centre has a big car park. You can shop at the Plaza Shopping Centre 24 hours a day. The Picnic department is open seven days a week.

High quality clothes for men and women. Car Park. Park your car in safety, in the hotel car park. Exchange Bureau. You can change your foreign currency and traveller's cheques in this hotel. Closed on Sunday. Snacks or meals from 8 am to midnight every day. Flower Shop. Flowers delivered. Gift Shop. Gift items, newspapers, magazines, books, pens, stamps.

Max's Halrdressing and Beauty Salon. Have your hair done by Max. Open to men and women. The International Bar Open 11 am -1 am.

The International Restaurant Open 7 - 1 1 am for breakfast. Free to residents. Swimming pool. We hope you enjoy your stay. How many days a week is the Exchange Bureau open? What is there opposite the Coffee Shop? Where does Max work in the hotel? What time does the dinner service start? You want to buy a stamp. Which floor do you go to? It is 3 pm and you are very hungry. Where can you eat in the hotel? Must have a driving licence. Typing necessary.

Some cleaning also. Must be good with children. Contact John Brown. If you are 16 to 19 then send handwritten details to: Salary negotiable. Electronics 41 Stoughton House, Suffolk Tel: Graves, H. You are 16 and you can type well. You can work for The Selton Times. The school bus driver starts work early in the morning and finishes late in the evening. The company called PK Electronics is in Suffolk. Graves is looking for an office assistant. Sarah is a secretary.

Pete drives a taxi and Bette teaches music. But tonight they are in London. They're playing at The Cave. Who are they? From Monday to Friday they work in Manchester. At the weekend they sing in pubs and discos.

They've got two jobs and they work very hard. Sarah Jones says, 'It isn't easy. I'm very busy. My office opens at 9. I'm not working today because we're singing tonight in London'. Why are they in London? Do they sing in Manchester? Where does Sarah usually work?

Why isn't she working today? We offer: Do you like rock music? Don't miss this concert. Richard James BA hons. We have contacts in many countries. Write to: You want to study English in London. You phone for information. The rock concert starts at eight in the evening. You can get information about the Edwards College of English from the school secretary, Mr. Richard James. The pen-friend club is in Brighton. It is near the Pacific Ocean. People think it is the capital of California, but it isn't.

First, people from Spain lived there. Today, Austrians, Italians, Chinese and others live in the city with Americans. The Chinese live in Chinatown. There are many Chinese restaurants there. The houses, post boxes and telephones in the streets are very interesting. This part of the town is exactly like China. Fisherman's Wharf is another place where tourists want to go.

You can find a table in a nice little restaurant near the sea there. You can eat sea food and look at the Golden Gate Bridge. You can watch the ships passing under it and the cars crossing it. After you finish your meal, you can take a boat trip to Alcatraz. Alcatraz was a famous prison between and , but only tourists go there now.

San Francisco is different from other American cities. It is more European. The sun always shines there and there are a lot of things you can do at night you can go to the nightclubs, discos, restaurants, cinemas and theatres.

That's why a lot of young people want to live in San Francisco. Where is San Francisco? Is it the capital of California? Who came to San Francisco first? Which interesting places do tourists visit in San Francisco?

Who lives in Chinatown? What can you watch in a restaurant at the Fisherman's Wharf?

What is the symbol of San Francisco? What was Alcatraz? Are there any prisoners in Alcatraz today? Why is San Francisco different from other American cities?

Fifteen million people visit the city every year. Halima and Ahmed, her brother, left their home in Egypt and travelled to the United States last week. They are visiting Washington D. Here is the letter they wrote to their aunt. On Saturday, we were Busy, too. This is where the President lives. It's a Big, white Building. They were chasing each other. Later we visited some of the museums. Love, 'Halima and Ahmed 20 w 1. How many people visit Washington D. Where are Halima and Ahmed from?

What is Ahmed's aunt's name? Do Halima and Ahmed like the city? When did they visit the Capitol? Are Halima and Ahmed staying at Tom's house? What's the White House like? What did Halima and Ahmed take a picture of?

He liked horses so he wanted to be a jockey. Today, at 55, he is very famous and has got a riding school in Ascot, a few miles from London. He drives to Ascot three days a week, visits his horses and rides them. He says he enjoys his days at the riding school a lot. Why did Derek Matthews want to be a jockey? What does he enjoy? Was he a good student at school? How does he get to Ascot? How far is Ascot from London? Roland is a very active person. He is a good basketball player.

He started the sport at the age of eleven. And he goes skiing in the Alps every winter. Roland's mother and father live in New York. He was with them last year. Roland wants to live in the States, too. Evi Pappas is from a small town near Athens and she studies English at university. She wants to be an English teacher. She plays the guitar in a group called New Band. She says, "We play in the evenings at a cafe. Many people like pop music.

They come to the cafe and listen to us. Evi speaks Greek, English, French and Italian. Delia Chan is from Hong Kong. She is a student at a school for foreign students in New York.

She has a restaurant in Hong Kong. She wants to speak English to the people in her restaurant. What sort of music do New Band play? What spare time activities does Roland do?

In which city does Delia study English? Where does Roland live? Who is Luigi? She is from the U. She works for a big airline company. She flies to a lot of countries. She wrote a letter to her father from Tokyo. Dear 'father, 'We are. I zoos in a Cot of different places Cast month.

The food wasn't very good but it was cheap. Then we went to the city and saw a Cot of interesting places, too.

The peopCe, the houses, the food! I want to buy some things for you here. I thinks I've got a wonderful job but I was really very tired last month. Love, Tarn 24 1. When did Pam get this job? How many countries did she see last month?

Did she phone her father from Istanbul? Where was she yesterday? Were they free for lunch in Istanbul? Did they have lunch on the plane? Where was the restaurant? Was the food good? What did they see in Istanbul? How long did they stay in Istanbul? Does she like Tokyo? What does she want to do in Tokyo?

Konu özeti

Where are they going next? Computers were very interesting for her so she wanted to work with computers. She finished school two years ago and started to work as a computer programmer. Now she enjoys the work in the office very much. She can draw pictures with computers. Why did Joan want to work with computers? What does she enjoy? When did she start to work as a computer programmer? What can she do with computers? Ask and answer if Joan was a good student at school.

He became one of his country's leaders. Life was difficult when he was young. He got married at the age of thirteen; a common custom in India at that time. He studied law at the university. He went to London and became a lawyer. Then he returned to his country. A few years later, he went to work in South Africa.

Twenty years later, he returned to India. There, he worked hard to help the poor. A fanatic killed him in Where was Gandhi born? When was he born?

Why did he get married at the age of thirteen? Why did he go to London? Where did he organise demonstrations? When did he return to India? Who did he help in India? Who killed him? His father, John Shakespeare, was an important man in the town - William did not come from a poor family.

When he was eighteen, William married Anne Hathaway in Stratford. But he didn't want to stay there. He wanted to be an actor and the best theatres were in London. So, in , William went to London, where he worked as an actor in a theatre called The Rose. He began to write plays for the actors. Everyone liked his plays, and he became famous.

When James I became King in , Shakespeare worked for him, and performed his plays for the King and his friends.

He also worked at the famous Globe Theatre. There was a gun in this play, and fire from the gun burned the theatre down. In Shakespeare went back to Stratford. He wanted to live there with his family, but he died on April 23rd, He was only forty-six years old.

How old was Shakespeare when he got married? What was his wife's name? Why did Shakespeare go to London? What was the name of the first theatre he worked in? What was he famous for? Fill in the table with what happened in Shakespeare's life in these years. Write only one thing.

He went to school and university there and in he started to work with a British film company. In he also married Alma Revelle, his wife for the next sixty years. They had one daughter. In he left Britain because he wanted to work in Hollywood. He lived in Los Angeles for the rest of his life and made many of his 53 films there. Soon after that, in May , he died in Los Angeles. Where did Hitchcock go to school and university?

What happened in ? How many children did he have? What are the names of his famous films between the years ? Where did he make most of his films? What are the names of his two famous films? Who made him 'Sir Alfred'? He first appeared in music halls and then acted on the London stage. In he started to work at the Keystone Company in Hollywood. There he made his first film, Making A Living, in In his second film, Kid Auto Races at Venice , he introduced the little tramp.

This character made him famous. Chaplin got married several times. He met his last wife, Oona O'Neill in and married her a year later. Chaplin was then 54 years old and Oona He left the USA in for political reasons and lived with his family in Switzerland for the rest of his life.

He died in Where was Charlie Chaplin born? When was he bom? Where did he first appear? Where did he go in ? What did he do in ? When did he make his first film? What character did he introduce in his second film? There was a bad accident in the English Channel at about two this morning. An English oil tanker crashed into an Italian cargo ship. They say that the accident happened because it was very stormy What time did the accident happen?

What was the weather like when the accident happened? The four-floor building has everything from books to shoes. You can find fashionable clothes for your family and friends. You can have breakfast, lunch and dinner at the lovely cafes and restaurants.

Monday-Friday 7 am - 9 pm Saturday 7 am - 10 pm Stores open: What can you buy at the new shopping centre? Is there only one shopping centre in Selton? Can you have dinner in the shopping centre on Sunday?

Are the stores open at 9 am on Saturday? He arrived yesterday and he is here to meet Mr. This is Mr. Lebrat's second visit to Selton. He was here in when he opened the store. Next year, Mr. Lebrat wants to open a store in Rome, Italy, too.

Lebrat can't stay in Selton for very long. He has a busy programme. He is flying to Madrid tomorrow morning to visit the stores there. Lebrat is from Spain. He came to Selton on Thursday. Lebrat is in Selton because he wants to open a new store.

Lebrat is leaving Selton on Wednesday morning. Fill in the chart with numbers according to the text. A man took his dog to the cinema because a he bought two tickets b he didn't like going alone c the dog liked watching films d he didn't want to leave his dog at home 2. The usherette was very surprised because a the dog sat near the man b the hero died tragically c the man and his dog went inside d the dog watched the film and cried 3.

The usherette spoke to the man because a the man was very interested in the film b the man wanted to take his dog inside c the dog cried when the hero died d the film was very sad 4. Line 2, 'she' refers to 3. Line 5, 'He' refers to 36 34 Tom is a student at the Bailey School.

This is his diary. Last week, there were no dosses in the mornings. She's staying at the Mayfair 'Motet, just opposite the 'Bailey School'. I don't. I was at the folk. I want to see Anna again'. At Tom's school there are dance classes every morning. Tom enjoys studying 'Endgame' very much. On Tuesday evening Tom was at the coffee bar.

Tom enjoys being with Anna. Where is Anna from? Where is the Mayfair Hotel? What doesn't Tom like doing every night?

How was the folk club? What is the name of the book Tom is reading?

His twin brother died at birth. Elvis grew up in a poor home, but his parents, Vernon and Gladys Presley, were kind and loving. After he left school, Elvis worked in different jobs.

He worked in cinemas and supermarkets, and he worked as a lorry driver. This was the job he liked most. Two people helped Elvis in his career. One was Sam Phillips. Sam had a record company called Sun Records. He was the first person to realise that Elvis was a good singer. The second person to help Elvis was Tom Parker.

Tom became Elvis' manager in and he made him into a famous rock and roll star. Elvis won a lot of gold discs in his life. He died on August 16th, Many people say that he died because he took too many drugs and pills. Elvis' parents were not good people. Elvis was the youngest child in the family. Elvis worked in different jobs because he wanted to earn more money.

Elvis enjoyed working as a lorry driver. Tom Parker was the manager of a record company called Sun Records. Elvis died on a winter day at the age of People sometimes say "p" instead of "pence", for example, "eighty p". A cheaper solution is a ' bed and breakfast' in someone's home.

Reader at Work 1

Information centres or tourist offices can help you to find these. There are also youth hostels and campsites in many places.

Often it is inside a small shop. If you are under 24 or over 65, or if you are travelling with a family, ask about 'railcards' for cheaper fares on the train. There are also coaches long-distance buses between some towns and cities; these are cheaper than trains.

In towns and cities, there are usually buses, and in London there is also an underground. But the underground is not easy to use, so you should learn about it before you use it.

Forumları Ara

You can get information about the system in all the stations in London. But Indian and Chinese restaurants serve good meals, which are cheap.You can get information about the Edwards College of English from the school secretary, Mr. It's clean, the service is fast and the prices are reasonable.

The initial campus plan was also including plantation of several trees in order to create a forest area.

Why don't some students want to stay with Mr. After four days she came to a river. What do friends think? Tan, G. And Church Street has some interesting old churches.

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