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Mage the Awakening, Storytelling System and World of Darkness Armory are No character can prepare fully for the dangers the World of Darkness will throw. World of Darkness Armory Reloaded - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. World of Darkness: Armory is here, and it looks good, but a few mistakes slipped through to publication, so here are the corrections. Also, some perfectly good.

World Of Darkness Armory Pdf

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World of Darkness: Armory - Nothing out there is friendly. PDF + Hardcover B&W Book For use with the World of Darkness Rulebook. World of Darkness: Armory is a sourcebook for the Chronicles of Darkness. It contains various forms of weaponry for all the races of the world. Contents[show] PDF: · Bullet-rpg Bullet-nip. Price: Print. World of Darkness: Armory Reloaded is a sourcebook for the Chronicles of PDF: $ A Character Book for World of Darkness™.

The character still has no ability to store that Essence within himself or use it for any means. Make Do: Note that the character cannot speak effortlessly in these languages. Reading the language requires an Intelligence. Reduce all penalties stemming from poor or inappropriate tools by the number of dots you have in this Merit. Possession of this Merit makes the character a threat to some endangering their supplies of Essence and a resource to others potentially doubling their daily Essence acquisition.

You must specify which language your character is familiar with when purchasing this Merit. With poor tools or the wrong tools. Each success allows the character to draw out one point of Essence.

See the Meditation Attribute task in Chapter 2. Note that this Merit does not add dice to your pool. This requires a Morality roll that the character can only attempt once per day. Your character knows an additional language besides his own.

Your character can effortlessly enter a meditative state when she chooses. There is no limit to the number of languages that a character may learn. Because the Storyteller judges access to any Merit on a case-by-case basis. Your character can draw Essence from a locus. This Merit can be purchased multiple times to apply to multiple Skills. If he wishes to convince others that he is a native speaker.

When you purchase this Merit. If the character somehow has the ability to use Essence. Individual Storytellers must decide what Skills are suitable to be paired through this Merit based on the background and nature of the character involved. Your character has some experience working under sub-optimal conditions. Some combinations Anatomy as a Specialty for Weaponry. This roll may suffer negative dice modifiers maximum of —5 dice if the. The player can spend one experience point for the character to become fluent in one of languages covered by this Merit.

Each point of lethal damage the character suffers frees one point of Essence into the air. And spirits can sense it. The character with this Merit can express very simple ideas one to three-word phrases without any roll. Even if these rolls succeed. This Merit can only be purchased once for any character. While most spirits would rather preserve a renewable source of Essence. Your character releases spirit energy — Essence — into the world when her blood spills.

Some might try to slaughter her all at once when they really. Your character has an intuitive sense of her scientific discipline. It must be linked to one Skill — either Science or Academics — when it is purchased and cannot be changed thereafter. Others notice her as a resource of their enemies and might decide to make a surgical strike against them but at her.

Your character relies on rational thought. She can bribe them for information or favors. Specialties do not alter these effects. If a character has both this Merit and the Common Sense Merit. Because Essence is such a valuable resource to spirits. Good decision- making is habitual for her when it comes to her work. This Merit. In short. For the next several turns before the Essence dissipates. Melee Weapons. Edged Weapons. A character who possesses this Merit does just that: Unlike Encyclopedic Knowledge.

You should write a brief note about this on the character sheet. In addition to identifying an item. Guardians Of The Veil. With two points. Your character has some skill when it comes to guiding others through intense psychoactive head trips. With regard to items that fall within the chosen focus only.

In your presence. With a successful roll. With one point in this Merit. With the one-dot version. Dogs Of War. Just as for any other character. You gain no bonus to this roll. A Trained Observer can spot the smallest anomaly. Midnight Roads. Consumer Vehicles. During this turn in which she cannot engage in combat or other stressful situations. No detail escapes his notice. This Merit confers no actual bonuses or abilities when the character attempts to use an item that falls within his field of study.

After that. The pivotal moment of becoming or being changed into a being with supernatural capabilities eliminates it. Mortal non-supernatural. Vision is not in itself a supernatural power. Whether he uses his vision to paint. The character reacts when phenomena of the included sort are present. Your character has vision.

A character with two or three dots in this Merit has vision on a smaller scale — he sees his sculptures. The Storyteller has final say on whether a given trait can be replaced. Regardless of how much the character knows about the occult or the Shadow Realm she may know absolutely nothing.

Though a character may be said to have gained this Merit through supernatural means. It might be a response to a specific type of supernatural phenomenon such as ghosts or vampires. Over time and with a little trial and error.

He is capable of visualizing his wants with great clarity and knows how to use that vision to guide his work. This Merit does not enable a character to spend more than one Willpower point per turn.

The hairs on her neck may stand up. Your character has a sixth sense about spirits and the strange phenomena that surround them and their world. A character with four or five dots in this Merit has a uniquely vivid vision of whole worlds. Each dot in this Merit adds a category of phenomenon to those that the character can sense.

By spending a Willpower point. The specific type of supernatural phenomenon to which your character is sensitive must be determined when this Merit is purchased. Your character may substitute his dots in Vision for either an Attribute or a Skill when rolling to assist another character on an extended action.

Regardless of the manner. It can be something as vague as a creepy feeling when in the presence of ghosts. Perhaps his hair stands on end. How the character reacts varies from one to the next.

Only mortal. Vision may be no substitute for Strength when lifting a boulder. Even on a success. He can purchase the Dream Merit see Mage: The Awakened. The character receives the 9-again benefit on any Social roll involving dealing with a foreign culture. The character has either made a study of customs and practices in cultures other than his own or.

This knowledge is purely practical. If the spirit is attempting stealth. When a Numen or Aspect targets her. The Mysterium. Unseen Sense Spirits has a drawback. Only exceptional successes are at all clear. They know how to move and conserve energy in heavy chain mail or even full plate. Armory Reload. If they fail. The Brawl and Weaponry Skills are equally appropriate for use with this style. Your character can move up to his Speed and perform an Athletics Dodge maneuver in a turn.

Stick and Staff Fighting Styles. Your character knows how to fight in heavy armor. He essentially draws on his knowledge of how his body moves to parry and evade attacks rather than rely on his raw ability alone. A character in a berserker haze occasionally has difficulty telling friend from foe.

Styles that require careful precision such as Evasive Striking or Light Sword are not appropriate. Characters who fight in a berserk haze often purchase Iron Stamina to represent their ability to ignore pain. Once the character has entered the berserkergang. Dots purchased in this Merit provide access to special combat maneuvers. World of Darkness Rulebook. Langschwert groups that emphasize historical techniques learn to fight in full armor.

The character supplements his chosen style or Skill with his own maddened fury. Berserk characters work themselves into a violent rage. Each maneuver is a prerequisite for the next. Athletics Dodge applies against incoming Brawl-and Weaponry-based attacks. Working oneself into this fury requires an intense exercise of will. These benefits can be combined with one another or with an associated Fighting Style Merit during the same turn.

The character remains in a berserk state until she either spends a second Willpower to calm herself. Melee Defense and Speed penalties for heavy armor by 1. Defensive styles are explicitly incompatible with the aggressiveness required of berserkers.

Your character does not suffer the -2 penalty for using his off-hand in combat or to perform other actions. Her behavior is so violent that she inflicts lasting damage on her foes.

Trick shooters and show marksmen often possess Gunslinger. Those combat artists who reside in Hollywood often possess the Stunt Driver Merit. Throwing and Two-Weapon. Fighting Finesse. The character supplements her chosen style or Skill with a carefully-trained showmanship. The Expression and Weaponry Skills are equally appropriate for use with this style.

The character sacrifices her Defense during a turn in which she uses this maneuver. Sniping and even Archery find occasional crossover with this style. These maneuvers represent those who value style over substance. Exceptions do exist.

The character may still use Willpower to enhance her attack or Defense. If she has already applied her Defense against an incoming attack during the turn. The character gains an additional 2 dice for a total of four dice when using Willpower to avoid suffering an attack.

He essentially draws on his training in blocking and evading attacks rather than relying on his raw ability alone. If used to supplement Expression.

As such. The character gains a point of armor against bashing and lethal attacks as she casually shrugs off weak attacks. Combat artists often learn their skills in professions that are not traditionally associated with violence. Light Sword. Combat Art is rarely combined with the teaching of those schools that teachings are overwhelmingly pragmatic.

Her movements are graceful yet expedient. Quick Draw and Student of the Blade are all popular Merits for those whose primary combat training is primarily for show.

Brawl and Firearms versions are widely learned. The berserker gains an additional die for a total of three when taking all- out attacks page The character sacrifices part of her Defense in any turn during which she ignores wound penalties on a one-for-one basis for example.

Brawling Dodge applies against incoming Brawl. While this might provide little benefit to a brawling novice. Your character can move up to his Speed and perform a Brawling Dodge maneuver in a turn. If she has already applied her full Defense against an incoming attack during the turn. The berserker gouges at eyes. Fast Reflexes. In a mad. A berserker goes all-out. The character gains a bonus equal to her rating in her supplemented Skill or Fighting Style to Expression rolls when utilizing her combat prowess as a performance piece those using Combat Art to supplement Expression may double their Expression rating.

The bonus does not. Disarming is a different activity than specifically attacking or breaking weapons or items carried by opponents. The character must spend one Willpower point during any turn in which she benefits from this maneuver.

This maneuver can only be used with another individual who is working to fake the fight and typically functions as a teamwork action. The character gains a bonus to Expression or Subterfuge rolls to falsify combat equal to her rating in the supplemented Skill or Fighting Style.

This may be used to win competitions. This bonus lasts until the end of the scene or the character suffers a successful attack from an opponent whichever comes first. Your character has refined his Weaponry Skill to the extent that he can use a weapon to disarm opponents in close combat. Your character either has training in how to handle himself in a fight. Against sufficiently skilled opponents. A weapon lands a number of yards away from the opponent equal to your successes rolled. He can enter unfamiliar territory and always retrace his steps back to his starting point.

A master sees through such petty posturing and thinks less of the student as a result. The character gains one half of her rating in the supplemented Skill or Fighting Style.

The character performs an example of her style in order to threaten rather than entertain though audiences often experience a thrill when witnessing such a feat as an instant action. She gains a bonus to Intimidation rolls equal to her rating in the supplemented Skill or Fighting Style. When making a normal attack. Characters who enter the scene after the flourish is performed are not affected by it.

Lethal Stun and Unable to Attack. The character has trained to make perfectly safe and choreographed combat seem exceedingly real. A number of combat hacks involving the effects of pain and stress do not apply to this character.. These hacks are: Freezing Under Fire. The character has learned how to marry life and art. Your character has an innate sense of direction that instinctively allows him to remain oriented. The character is very comfortable with driving fast.

Your character knows how to use a blunt weapon to enhance her holds and locks. If she has a blunt weapon in hand. Your character knows how to strike an opponent to upset his balance.

Used by bootleggers during Prohibition. Driving through strange or unsafe conditions — icy road. The pursuer can perform maneuvers such as bumping the back end of the fleeing car or distracting the fleeing driver by weaving in and out of traffic behind him even disappearing momentarily behind.

If you inflict damage with a Brawl-based strike. It only works with weapons that have a maximum Size of 3. This must be your next attack.

Driving Style: The effect is the same for whether the character is the pursuer or the pursued: Dots purchases in this Merit allow access to special driving maneuvers. For this character. In doing so. The character must expend a Willpower point at the beginning of vehicle pursuit to achieve this effect.

When locked in vehicle pursuit see pp. Whether the character is the pursuer or the pursued. The quarry might drive over the median. Your Defense does not apply during the turn in which you attempt an entering strike. Your character is trained in advanced driving techniques. Also known as a J-Turn. She presses the weapon against joints and muscle groups. Your character can eschew direct attacks in favor of launching arrows high into the air to plummet straight down on hapless victims. All of the following maneuvers work only with bows.

With that one weapon a rapier or katana. The character can throw an opponent quickly and forcefully.


Double the Ranges of any bow your character uses. Your character knows how to fall properly and get up quickly. Treat a shihonage throw like a standard Brawl strike attack. Note that this Willpower expenditure does not add three dice to the attack. The character can attempt multiple grappling or shihonage attacks per turn. He may make one additional grapple or shihonage for each point of Dexterity that he has above 2. Fighting Style: Damage and Range.

If he forgoes his standard Defense. This Merit may be purchased multiple times to gain agility with more weapons. Each extra action is rolled at a cumulative —1 modifier. She knows how to blend with the force of an attack and amplify it to send her enemy sprawling. He may employ this maneuver against Brawl. Aikido Throwing. Your character has devoted years of practice to the bow. He may stand up from a prone position but not both once per turn as a reflexive action.

Your character is a skilled practitioner of aikido. Spend one Willpower point per attack. Your character prefers to fight with a chosen weapon in a manner that favors agility over power. Some aspects of traditional aikido involve a weapon. Aikido maneuvers are based on the Brawl Skill and work in conjunction with unarmed combat.

Dots purchased in this Merit allow access to special combat maneuvers. Once per turn. Weaponry or close-range Firearms attacks.

Your character can maintain a withering rate of fire. She may be a competitive archer. Your character is a master of estimating range. The first and second attacks made against her cause no negative modifiers to her Defense. Your character cannot use his Defense against any attack in the same turn in which he intends to use this maneuver.

All maneuvers are based upon the Weaponry Skill. If he uses Defense against attacks that occur earlier in the Initiative roster. During the entire turn. Your character may use this maneuver only outdoors or in enclosed spaces large enough to provide for several hundred feet of vertical flight e.

A brutal blow inflicts lethal instead of bashing damage. Your character can deliver powerful blows that leave opponents reeling and gasping for air.

This defensive maneuver is made against an incoming attack Brawl or Weaponry-based. Your character is trained in the art of boxing. Chain weapons are notoriously unpredictable unless mastered — a poorly skilled fighter is as likely to tangle or cut himself as he is to harm an opponent.

Your character also takes no penalty for defending against multiple opponents until she faces three attacks. Your character may choose not to attack in a given turn. When a foe attacks with a weapon or with his body. He is too busy bobbing and weaving out of the way of attacks.

He might have participated in the sport in high school or college. Note that a character using chained weapons who possesses no Dots in this Merit suffers an automatic —2 to all attack rolls.

If it succeeds. He can make two Brawl attacks against the same target in a single action. A Stamina roll is made for the victim. The second attack suffers a -1 penalty. If it fails. Your character can deliver powerful.

If a combination of Brawl. Each maneuver is a prerequisite for the subsequent maneuver. Or he might have taken some classes at the local health club as a form of exercise. Your character is trained in the difficult art of fighting with chain weapons. Dots purchased with this Merit allow access to unique combat maneuvers with chain weapons. On a targeted attack. Your character negates her Defense for the rest of the turn. Each attack not directed against her initial target suffers an additional —1 penalty.

If the foe achieved more successes on his attack. Your character at this level is highly adept at using chains. In a single action. If your character has applied her Defense against any incoming attack before her turn. When using a lever-action. In addition. By whirling the chain a few times. If your character is successful on the grapple. This maneuver. Whenever she begins a combat situation with a firearm already in her hand.

If she uses Defense against attacks that occur earlier in the Initiative roster. Your character cannot use her Defense against any attack in the same turn in which she intends to use this maneuver.

All attacks made with this maneuver must be single shots. If your character is successful. She most likely has experience in law enforcement or the military. The maneuvers and their effects are described below.

Each extra attack is made at a cumulative —1 modifier. In other words. This maneuver is not to cause damage or kill the opponent — this maneuver is to render him unconscious by pressing the chain against the arteries of his neck. This combat maneuver is ineffective against characters who need not breathe. She must declare the targets of all attacks before rolling the first one.

For every turn that the choke hold is not broken. Your character is not only proficient with firearms. To perform this maneuver. If he has already applied his Defense. Your character is trained in the art of Filipino fighting. With this move. Once the character reaches the fourth and final level of this style.

If your character achieves even a single success. He steps out of the way of the attack using his Dodge i. For more information on swords as melee weapons. This attack is fake. Note that this is different than the Disarm Merit. Dots purchased with this Merit allow access to unique combat maneuvers with blunt weapons.

If your opponent suffers any further attacks on a turn where she has used Riposte. Fencing is meant to be performed with specific swords. The thrust is a simple yet powerful attack. If the character wields two weapons. This weapon is potentially one escrima stick or a pair. Any other type of sword incurs a —1 penalty against any of the maneuvers listed below.

Most escrima techniques use weapons and are meant predominantly for self-defense. When your character makes a thrust attack. A Riposte requires an attack to be made against your character. Your character knows how to make a fake attack intended to throw off an opponent. This attack does cause damage to the opponent. Take the successes gained on the attack roll and halve them round up.

If the successes are equal to or exceed her Stamina score. Dots purchased with this Merit allow access to unique combat maneuvers using fencing weapons. This additional cut requires no additional roll. To enact this maneuver. While his opponent is open. If your character makes a successful hit on an adversary with his sword.

He may have learned this from an instructor or a family member. The maneuvers below can be used without penalty provided your character is using one of the following swords: The opponent takes this damage. Note that to perform these maneuvers. He likely learned this skill at a fencing academy. Your character is trained in the art of fencing. If the initial attack roll fails. Your character knows how to work together with other soldiers to hold a position and better withstand an oncoming attack.

If successful. All soldiers in the formation raise and overlap their shields. The Legio Mortuum makes frequent use of Formation Tactics. Characters taking part in the Testudinem Formate cannot attack while they benefit from or contribute to this Defense bonus. Your character can take part in a shockingly powerful assault. He may be a career soldier. They are not diminished at all by attacks made after the first. This attack can take any form: This attack is made at a —2 penalty. If he attempts to attack the opponent.

The quick assault knocks enemies off balance and forces aggressive attackers to go on the defensive. Your character has completed extensive drill training. With this attack. Your character is trained in assuming a circular.

Only one maneuver can be performed in a given turn. If she applies her Defense. The attack is made at a —2 penalty. Requiem For Rome.

For every three soldiers in this formation. This capitalization requires no additional roll. The individual protected may not participate in combat. Your character can participate in a fast-moving wedge formation designed to break and scatter enemy lines. To participate in this formation. Escrima practiti ways often unparalleled in other weapon-style systems. There is little in Necropolis more intimidating than the sight of four or five Kindred legionnaires moving quickly into a coordinated and powerful display of arms.

In this case. If a character in this formation scores a successful hit with her melee weapon on an adversary. If the attack roll fails. All of the maneuvers are effective only with a shield and melee weapon. Your character can continue choking an unconscious victim. This additional damage requires no roll. Your character can efficiently choke enemies by cutting off blood flow to their brains.

If the weapon is removed. You must declare a Brutal Sacrifice as your action before the attack roll is made. If the attack roll is successful.

Your character unleashes a powerful blow designed not to injure the opponent but to push his weapon or shield out of the way and create an opening that can be exploited. Adamantine Arrow. Your character is a hardened warrior. Your character knows how to rapidly close with your enemy and take him to the ground. This penalty lasts from the moment of immobilization to end of the next turn.

Your character has an innate understanding of the various types of armor and their weak spots. If the victim does not remove the weapon himself. If he overpowers an opponent in a grapple. If the roll is a success. You must declare a Stunning Attack as your action before the attack roll ismade.

All of the maneuvers are based on the Weaponry Skill. He uses leverage and positioning to out-grapple opponents. Note that your character must scream or howl while making this attack — it cannot be performed silently. In lieu of securing a grappling hold.

Your character can make a sudden. If the weapon is not removed. Your character has trained in a form of submission grappling. She knows how to use crude weaponry.

The victim falls unconscious if he endures a choking attack for a number of consecutive turns equal to his Stamina. The character has mastered defensive kata designed to intercept incoming attacks and deflect them with the blade of the weapon. If two characters possess this maneuver. His Defense is doubled as usual. The character sharpens his already capable ability to quickly enter combat. Quick Draw Effect: Your character has studied the art of iaido.

Enshin Ryu teaches jujutsu and suemonogiri the practice of cutting. This can result in two characters killing each other in the same heated moment. Practitioners of iaido often cultivate the Wits Attribute.

The character gains a bonus of two dice to all rolls to avoid an impending ambush. A character with this Merit may make a reflexive counter-attack when successfully attacked at point-blank range by an opponent by surprise.

If the character begins combat with his weapon sheathed. If the Storyteller utilizes the optional initiative rule from page of the World of Darkness Rulebook. After making his counter-attack. In a single swift motion. Iaido maneuvers are based on the Weaponry Skill and are used with a curved sword. Initiative Modifiers are not compared and initiative is never determined by a roll-off though if multiple characters aside from the iaido practitioner rolled the same initiative.

Iaido Defensive Striking.

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Such characters are paragons of self-awareness. Defense penalties for being attacked multiple times during a single turn are not affected by this maneuver in any way. The character spends one Willpower point per turn using this maneuver.

The character must commit to an attack against an opponent during the first turn of combat to gain the advantage of this maneuver. The character draws. This maneuver requires the user to expend a Willpower point. Students of this style may purchase the following specialized maneuver instead of Kan Ken No Metsuke. The character strives to remain ever aware of his surroundings. The character only benefits from this Merit when taking a full Dodge action.

The character makes an immediate reflexive attack against the opponent at a one die penalty. The character relies as much on the quality of his sword as he does his own speed of thought and motion. This Merit duplicates the effect of the Danger Sense Merit. The player is encouraged to work with the Storyteller to determine an appropriate item — a large. Regardless of what it is. While the techniques called waza are slightly different. When the character uses the all-out-attack option in a fight while wielding an improvised weapon acquired with the first technique of this Fighting Style.

It involves shouting loudly while making a distracting maneuver. Note that. Krav Maga maneuvers are based on the Brawl Skill unless otherwise noted and are used unarmed.

Characters invariably pick up this brutal. While wielding an improvised weapon acquired with the first technique of this Fighting Style. Krav Maga Defensive Striking. Weaponry 1 During the course of their journeys upon the Road.

By interposing her weapon no matter how small or inappropriate for parrying it might be in the path of an oncoming Brawl or Weaponry attack. If the weapon is reduced to zero Structure. The player must declare the use of this option before the attack is made. A character can perform kendo waza with katana.

The character has an instinct for grabbing something dangerous in almost any situation and maximizing its lethality once in hand. Note that the character may use this technique in conjunction with the previous one.

Perhaps the first. Brawling Dodge Effect: Your character practices Krav Maga. Wits 3. On an exceptional success. The bonus from this maneuver combines with that from Brawling Dodge.

The character moves defensively. Your character can unleash a storm of blows against an opponent. He may have begun his training at an early age.

By focusing his might and concentration. He has an effective armor trait of 1 against bashing attacks only. She gains a bonus equal to her Initiative equal to her Brawl Skill when fighting armed opponents.

The character has trained her reaction time to a tenth of a second. The character must expend a Willpower point to perform this maneuver. The character may add his rating in his Brawl Skill to his Defense or Dodge against a single incoming attack. This acts as the Disarm Merit save that it utilizes the Brawl Skill.

He can make a number of extra Brawl attacks for each point of Dexterity that he has above 2 in a single action. Your character is trained in one of the many forms of Kung Fu. Your character has mastered the ability to fight defensively. This maneuver costs the character one Willpower point to enact.


A strike inflicts lethal instead of bashing damage. The character has learned to act quickly to neutralize a threat and make a fast escape. This maneuver is reflexive. Physical conditioning and accuracy allow your character to deliver blows at vulnerable spots on targets. He can move no more than his Speed while performing a Defense Attack maneuver in a turn.

After making her counter-attack. The character declares and benefits from a Dodge action including Brawling Dodge. When using this maneuver. The character knows that offense and defense are one in the same. Penalties to hit specific targets are reduced by one. Each extra attack is made at a cumulative -1 modifier. Langschwert Heavy Sword. Rather than knocking the weapon away. She may abort that action to make an immediate. Initiative Modifiers are not compared and initiative is never determined by a roll-off though if multiple characters aside from the Krav Maga practitioner rolled the same initiative.

Your character has hardened his body to physical blows. All attacks must be on the same target. Even when a specific part of an opponent is not targeted. Because the lethal attack takes place in that turn. Your character grabs the midpoint of his weapon to rain more powerful thrusts and blows at a shorter range.

Your character knows how to use his weapon to deflect and threaten away attacks. The human body has a variety of pressure points. Your character strikes the enemy with two quick cuts. In game terms. He can make two Weaponry attacks against an opponent in the same turn. The foe may resist each turn at a cumulative —1 dice pool penalty. When striking with a Brawl or Weaponry attack. The trained fighter knows where to strike for maximum effect. If his attack succeeds.

This is an instant action. The character gauges the body language of combatants in his proximity. Add 1 to his Defense when he wields a weapon compatible with this Fighting Style. The character may apply the choke hold from the following turn.

Your character steps in with a powerful blow. His Defense is applied in full to each and every simultaneous hand-to-hand attack in a single turn. Each dot of this Fighting Style is the prerequisite for the next higher dot. A successful Brawl strike delivered in a turn in which he spends Willpower delivers lethal. The character is trained in fighting off multiple opponents simultaneously.

Your character knows how to hold his weapon low to seemingly invite attack. Langschwert maneuvers are based on the Weaponry Skill and work in conjunction with a Size 3 or 4 blade or staff.

This maneuver is designed to render the foe unconscious. With the release of the Vampire: I was surprise that the PDF product seems to be completely without any kind of equipment list, though. Can anybody tell me which White Wolf product I should get so I can have some guns in my Vampire game? I found Armory and Armory: Reloaded, but those are for the World of Darkness, not the classic World of Darkness. Would the Armory books be compatible? If not, what book am I after?

You might want to copy the tables down to local files since the site apparently hasn't been updated since '06, and I don't know how stable the place is. So White Wolf really published an anniversary edition without any kind of equipment list? I have a growing suspicion that the quality of role-playing games is deteriorating. CanRay Freelancer Mr. Johnson Posts: Quote from: Zen Shooter on Simagal Chummer Posts: There is a chart on page of the V20 book with firearms on it, near it is also combat maneuvers, and melee weapons.

Smiley Omae Posts: For VtM 3rd edition, The Storyteller Companion page 45, if you like more choice and doesn't mind a little tweaking, there's a more exhaustive list of various equipment from guns to armor and accessories. Frag yeah! Always is when that involves a bucket full of drek! Simagal is right, there is a short equipment list. It's just not listed in the table of contents, the PDF bookmarks, or in the index under Equipment or Weapons, so I had some trouble finding it.

Deplore killings made in the name of religion. Can't it just be for fun? One of the advantages of the wod games is that you can use a Sears Catalog do they even print one for most gear.It's an offering for a loved one who's died. The character gains one half of her rating in the supplemented Skill or Fighting Style.

Characters taking part in the Testudinem Formate cannot attack while they benefit from or contribute to this Defense bonus. Your character can move up to his Speed and perform a Weaponry Dodge maneuver in a turn. Certain of these individuals are like charming snake oil salesmen. But… but… Jesse Ventura did it!

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