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EASY 7-CD Edition: All you have to do is listen 15 minutes a day for 4 weeks to absorb words. + FREE Memory Course. abase v. TOEFL vocabulary list is to quickly learn and review TOEFL words and shows In addition, the PDF of TOEFL vocabulary list is available for VIP to . A proven TOEFL vocabulary list of words, learn and review the vocabulary in fast way, and show definitions on Vocabulary Study · Print Vocabulary PDF.

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Download existing or customized TOEFL vocabulary PDF files, show you how to make own PDF files from available TOEFL TOEFL Vocabulary List. TOEFL - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. very oftenly asked questions in TOEFL. Peterson's Master TOEFL Vocabulary, used as a self-tutor, will help you improve own money to have 5, games made by a small company. He sold the.

If you think this word list doesn't match with your circumstance, please spend some time to get a right one. Here we recommend 2 other vocabularies. In addition, this list offers explanations in multiple languages, an important feature that some ESL students prefer.

It helps very much to enrich writing vocabulary. The web app actually can load all vocabularies of the website and offers many powerful features to edit or organize word list.

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The first 3 groups are free to download. Anyway, thanks!!! Reply Lucas May 7, at am Thanks for the feedback! This list is meant to be the most common and most important academic words that you see and use on the TOEFL.

They will be in the reading passages, as well as in the lectures and yes, in your essays, too! Rachel Wisuri July 20, at am Thanks, Angelina!

Ashley October 6, at am Thanks a lot! Keep up the awesome work, guys!


Mubeen January 1, at am Thank you very much! Just note down that word and the sentence and check their meanings after you read the whole text.

Even before you pick up the dictionary try to guess the meaning of the word.

Then check whether you were correct. You are more likely to remember the word and the usage if you do this simple exercise.

It is also crucial to understand the meaning of the word and in what situations you can use it. Furthermore, I recommend watching TED talks with subtitles and a transcript on the side. This will help you understand how certain words are used in a sentence or a particular phrase.

The talks on the TED official website are usually accompanied by a transcript, which you can look at as you listen to the conversation. Your vocabulary list has to continually keep improving and expanding and hence, you should have someone who could assess you weekly.

Download Customized TOEFL Vocabulary PDF

Make your own flashcards from the vocabulary list Make sure you are having fun while learning. There are common vocabulary games like scrabble and pictionary which we have grown up with.

The most effective, however, is to use flashcards. You do not need a partner for this activity, which allows repeating it at any time you want. Categorise your flashcards with different colours based on the selected categories. Have a look at these flashcards whenever you have a five-minute break.

Ensure that you take at least five of these breaks a day. I usually put a reminder in my phone for such tasks.

This is a word you might wish to learn in a writing section a matching task but not for speaking. People typically do not talk like this. It is better to be practical rather than ambitious.

5000 TOEFL-ielts Words

Once you have the vocabulary, try this simple exercise to your vocabulary skills.An officer appointed to reside in a foreign city, chiefly to represent his country. The state of progressive restoration to health and strength after the crew under an officer.

To assign or affix a date to earlier than the actual one. To combine into one body or system. Any strong fortress.

5000 TOEFL Words.pdf

To act in opposition to. Not in sympathy with or desiring to associate with others. Pleased or satisfied with oneself.

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