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Ask Adam book. Read 44 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Can one wild night of passion turn into the romance of a lifetime? Lexi Ta. Download free PDF Ask Adam (Tanner Siblings #2) by Jess Dee. Can one wild night of passion turn into the romance of a lifetime?. Once Jess discovered it was okay to leave the bedroom door open in her romance Ask Adam. Photo Opportunity (Series). Book 2. Jess Dee Author ( ).

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The sexual tension between Adam and Lexi is so thick from the second that they make their first connection that you can feel it. Great job Ms. Dee, I'll be looking. Island Idyll. • Tropical Desires. • Afternoon Rhapsody. • Tropical Haze. • Tropical Haze Box Set – Coming Soon. THE TANNERS. • Photo Opportunity. • Ask Adam. Jess Dee. 8 tapered down to lean, square hips. Not to mention the .. It was on the tip of her tongue to ask what line of work he was in, but she made a He swallowed, his Adam's apple bobbing in his throat.

They played the chords of an imaginary guitar, strumming away to music only Seth could hear. Luke had always found it sexy as hell. Always loved to watch as those fingers moved with an intuitive ease that came from a lifetime of playing.

He www. The words. Take your time. The songs are alive. They live in my head, growing and developing all the time. But when circumstances beyond my control stop them from growing, they freeze.

This particular song is frozen. It has been since I was fifteen years old. Seth spent his days lost in thought, lost in all the wonderful, magical possibilities of what could be. He imagined the ideal and then set about making it a reality. Time to start dreaming big. To reach for the stars. Luke pushed his hand away firmly, conscious that his chest tingled where Seth had poked it. I was just a childhood fantasy. The one who understood you, appreciated your unique needs.

The one you could identify with. And you were my biggest dream of all. You still are. Seth was barely old enough to shave. No reason he should be wearing the damn stuff.

Especially not when the scent made Luke hard as a rock. Goddamn it. He was no good for Seth. No good at all. Luke would taint his dreams and sour his fantasies. He had to let go, had to push Seth away before he hurt him emotionally and physically—just like his father had hurt his mother.

And him. Eyes that brimmed with desire. He was far too pretty for his own good. With his perpetual unshaven cheeks and low-slung jeans—which covered a prime, male ass—he was, quite simply put, beautiful. And when the beautiful kid looked at Luke with his eyes at halfmast and his face an open book of intent, Luke knew he was in big trouble.

His cock stiffened, making him squirm in discomfort. Seth read his reactions all too easily. He gripped his belt. We can realize my dreams together. We can write a whole new set of lyrics together. He shook his head. You know that. Holy fuck, he tried. But…Jesus, Seth knew how sensitive his nipples were. Shivers tore up his spine. Maybe aggression would work better. It always had for his old man. A good backhand across the cheek or a fast jab to the stomach and his father got whatever he wanted.

Not so easy to speak between gritted teeth. He gave up trying and shoved Seth instead. Shoved him hard. Or he attempted to, anyway. But the second his hands found Seth, instead of shoving, they grabbed, tightening around his shoulders and hauling him closer.

Seth groaned. Did his resolve in. Made every decent thought in his head vanish. Every good intention. He growled low in his throat and tried to pull away. But when Seth and Luke came together, when their mouths tangled and their bodies touched, rejecting the passion that flared between them was nothing short of a physical impossibility. Seth kept his lips soft and pliant, inviting and enticing, designed to draw Luke in deeper.

And man, was he ever drawn in deeper. Seth knew exactly when to stroke them gently for maximum pleasure and when to squeeze them to the point of pain. Luke had watched crowds of women scream hysterically when Seth twisted like that onstage.

The kid knew exactly what effect the move had, and he damn well knew Luke responded as helplessly as any one of those screaming fans. Christ, Luke wanted more. Not even close. Not with two pairs of jeans between them. Luke was suddenly starving. Ravenous for more. His body bucked in rebellion, wanting to see the kiss through to its natural conclusion.

Or maybe begged. No matter how much you fight it. You always have been, and you always will be. As much as I do. Seth was the only goddamned person alive who called him Lucas. Lust had turned those baby blues a whole shade darker. They burned with a desire as fierce as Luke had ever seen.

Seth could move, and when he did, it left Luke feeling like he had two left feet and a cock the size of a cannon. Five years and counting. Every day. Even so, emphasizing their age difference helped Luke keep his relationship with Seth in perspective.

Luke shook his head, desperately trying to put obstacles between them, to get Seth to look at him differently. I never have been. But you and I are right for each other. You deserve the best, someone who can give you everything. Had indulged in many threesomes together. Luke had deliberately hauled in other people to maintain an emotional distance between himself and Seth.

A physical excitement. Watching you fucking someone else turns me on. Always has. We mess around. Luke almost jumped out of his skin. Fuck, he could come just like this. Could blow his load right now. Luke clenched his teeth and counted to ten, chasing down the urge.

Nothing more? An uncomplicated fuck and an easy lay. Just like that, grief slammed into Luke, wrenching his heart. Seth was leaving. He never wanted him to go. He glared at Seth.

The kid had to go. For his own good. Seth bit his lower lip as he shook his head. You may not believe this, but I understand exactly what you want. It never was. Not between us. Not what Luke had expected. Not by a long shot. Luke shuddered.

His legs turned to Jell-O. Goose bumps erupted over every inch of his flesh. Too much information. He never wanted Seth to know what he was capable of. His fingers 28 www. Oh, man, Luke was in such deep shit. Nothing less than concentrated pain that stirred extreme lust and unmanageable hunger.

The simple action had Luke rooted to the spot. Had his legs and arms locked in position, unable to shift even an inch.

Luke saw stars. The words and the music. His throat closed on a moan. Luke was powerless. Seth was an expert at blowjobs, and he used every one of his skills to drive Luke out of his mind.

Seth was too damn stubborn for that. Too damn convinced of his love for Luke. Seth had him enveloped in the heated cavern of his mouth.

Luke flung his head back, emitted a silent groan and let the kid have his way. Not that Seth was the aggressor in their relationship. Hell, no. Luke was the aggressor.

He had to be. It was in his blood. Luke was the one who took control, the one who seduced while Seth responded. Even now, they both knew it was only a matter of minutes before the balance of power changed, before Seth pushed him too far and Luke became the one controlling the moves. To the enticing strokes of his fingers, the velvety suction of his cheeks and the smooth, wet licking of his tongue.

Not hard enough to hurt— he made dead sure of that—but with enough force that Seth released him, pulling off his cock at leisure, savoring every last inch. His gluttonous moans and wordless protests hit Luke full in the stomach. Last thing he needed now was to trip.

He chased Seth into the bedroom and left him there to grab what he needed from the bathroom. Luke had already donned a condom by the time he walked over to the bed where Seth sat, stripping off his jeans. Seth pushed them over his trim hips then leaned back to finish the job, tugging his shoes off in the process. He loved watching the guy get naked. Seth made undressing look like a sensual, inviting dance. And damn, Luke wanted to dance with Seth. He primed his cock with long, tense sweeps of his hand, coating the condom with lube.

But after a few steady strokes he had to squeeze the base of his shaft real hard. Every time is like the first time.

A frantic rush to fuck. And you know why that is? You and me? We work together sexually. You make me hot, I make you sweat. We get each other off. It left a tiny wet patch on his T-shirt. He tugged on it as he watched Luke stroke himself. Seth laughed softly.

Deny it all you want, but the urgency is there because you love me. Just like I love you. Especially not about love. He was focused on keeping this whole encounter as emotionless as possible. He lost the shirt, exposing slim, washboard abs, defined arms and shoulders and a lean, beautiful torso. The very sight made Luke ache to hold him. Protect him. Emotionally anyway. A kid 32 www. At seventeen, Seth had still not been old enough, but temptation had hung thick and inviting before Luke, making rejection difficult, but not impossible—yet.

Luke had finally given up the fight to keep seeing him as a child. But Luke had still avoided getting involved with him, still resisted temptation. The Pace family had welcomed Luke into their hearts and home with open arms.

Made him part of their family. And taking what Seth so generously offered would definitely count as abusing their trust. But, Jesus, Seth had been persistent. And so damn sexy. So pure. Luke had tried. But he was no saint. A kiss. Nothing more. That one taste had morphed into an unquenchable thirst. Long into the night and well into the next day.

And the next week. And the next year. But falling harder for Seth with every passing day did not take away from the destiny Luke had been born to. Where the abused becomes the abuser.

Learned the arts of selfdefense and sparring. His pride in his actions and abilities had lasted for all of two minutes. Until her desperate crying had turned from incoherent moans into rational pleas for him to stop.

That should he ever settle down, his significant other would forever be in danger—of him. He refused to ever subject Seth to that kind of risk. Found it impossible. Found his challenges irresistible. Luke shook off his thoughts, focusing on the moment. Get up on your knees and show me that ass. Luke needed Seth in that position now. Needed the lack of intimacy. Needed to look anywhere but into those baby blues. With Seth on his knees, Luke could make it hard and fast.

A sweaty, panting race to the finish line. An impersonal fuck that would leave them both sexually satisfied and Luke emotionally uninvolved. He hoped. Seth smiled slowly and shook his head. Not on my knees. Not tonight. Perspiration trickled down his spine. He should have guessed Seth would want it like this—face to face.

Should have known the kid would take away every impersonal aspect of this encounter and make it profoundly intimate.

Shit, he should roll Seth onto his side and take him like that—just to throw him off his game. Or better yet, even more impersonal, shove him up against the wall and let his front embrace nothing but cold, dried paint. But the sight of Seth stroking himself, his leg bent in open invitation, his hole just visible between his butt cheeks… It was more than Luke could bear.

Who was he kidding? He just wanted Seth. Any time, any way, any how. Luke climbed onto the bed, and Seth immediately spread his legs, making space for Luke to kneel between them. Refused to look at him. He leaned over his lover, guided his cock into position and with as much control as he could muster, thrust once.

With his cock buried halfway inside Seth, he stopped. A wordless moan rent the air. Keep your distance. Force yourself. Perspiration broke out on his forehead. Christ, how often had he and Seth done this before? Luke pulled out and drove back in. He knew exactly how to angle his cock for maximum penetration and exactly how fast he could go those first few 36 www.

Not too fast, but not too slow.

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Just a steady, sensual pace until Seth grew accustomed to his presence. Another thrust, a little deeper this time but still not all the way.

Oh, Christ. Seth wanted a kiss. Wanted to touch those plump, shiny red lips to his. Luke tensed, refused to budge, but Seth ignored his silent denial. Closer, closer, until Luke could no longer protest, no longer wanted to. Until their breaths merged and their lips touched. Hours later, or maybe it was just seconds—Luke tended to lose track of time when Seth kissed him—Seth rolled his hips, reminding Luke to pull out and stroke into him again. Get The Stressed Sex: Global Issues: Low Carb Slow Cooker: Modern Welding: Negative Self Talk Destroyed: Puppy Care: Read Online Read Online Medical Marijuana: Read Online Old Guy Dad: Read Online Tin Men: Waiting on the Lord: Four Secrets to a Forever Marriage: English Number of items: Hardcover pages 8 of 8 people found the following review helpful.

I highly recommend this!! By ECM A great story and kept me turning the pages. But even more the practical marriage insights. I wish I would have had Product Description Good marriages don't just happen. So what makes a marriage work? They forget to use a condom. He accuses her of trying to trap him into a pregnancy.

At least this time she broke up with him. And then the end, he admitted that maybe he subconsciously chose not to use a condom, so that he wouldn't feel guilt about asking her to marry him?

And she forgave him?? I'm glad they got their HEA, and that he's moving on from the death of his son. But wow I just don't think I personally would have put up with his shit. Dec 30, Pleasures Chest rated it really liked it Shelves: From the Publisher: His instincts tell him to run but his heart wants to give Lexi—and love—a second chance.

My reveiew: This is the first book I've read by Jess Dee and I was not disappointed. The characters are well developed. Adam comes off as being an ass at first because of the emotional issues that he isn't ready to deal with.

Jess Dee does such a wonderful job of expressing his emotions I choked up many times. Lexi is a great character, she's funny and passionate. It took me on a very emotional journey.

One of humour, sadness and great happiness. Very hot! Can't wait to read more of her books. View 2 comments. Jan 26, Wicked Nyx rated it really liked it Shelves: I have not read the first one and had no problem following along. Lexi is a social worker looking for funding for a program at her hospital, little does she know that her one night stand is the man she has asked for the funds. Adam is a business kingpin with some major angst issues.

He eventually works through his issues, although we are told about it, not shown it — which I think would have been more effective. The way he treats Lexi when he sees her again after their one hot night will make you want to run him over — repeatedly — with a Hummer, or a Bradley Armored Assault Vehicle.

However if you are looking for a man with enough angst for several main characters, and sex so scorching it nearly melted my kindle, then you should probably read Ask Adam. Four and half stars! Oct 14, Heather in FL rated it really liked it Shelves: While Adam could be such an ass, the resolution of it all was so great.

I don't have any experience with the trauma he experienced, but I can understand his reaction to it. Especially after so much time.

It explains why he was so hesitant to give it a real try with Lexi. I really can't imagine taking a guy I just met to my hotel room, but I'm not Lexi either.

But it was a really neat story with a While Adam could be such an ass, the resolution of it all was so great. But it was a really neat story with a great HEA.

Mar 15, Stephanie rated it liked it Shelves: Part of me understands some of it due to the pain and loss he suffered in his life. But he runs so hot and cold on Lexi, that I think I would have punched him long before she did.

Not a bad story over all. Oct 17, MaggieReadsRom rated it liked it. Full review coming soon.

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Dec 08, Alyssa rated it it was ok Shelves: You get involved, you get hurt. First few pages and it was burning hot already, I cannot. I was not prepared for that kind of attack. I was used with the slow burn of things, not that instant sizzle. I wished, while reading, I wished so hard for Lexi to hold herself back a little. To save something for herself because I was afraid for her but she's not that kind of girl, she's fearless to bare her all. She literally couldn't control herself in front of Adam.

I couldn't imagine that in real life. AJ Riley. He's literally hot and cold. He changes his demeanor in an instant. So weird and annoying. But so interesting reading. I would have liked for a longer ending.

It felt abrupt. Like it just ended and I didn't feel the closure I needed for their story. I wanted more details. I would have preferred to atleast read some thing about the wedding or the white picket fence house in the epilogue or Lexi meeting Adam's mom or Tracey or Matt's reaction about the happy couple.

Nothing less than a whole lot of honest-to-goodness, real-life time spent in each other's company would do. Sep 15, Lara rated it it was ok Shelves: Dee's writing in certainly steamy when it's not tackling tough issues, but I had a hard time with Adam. He could be painfully cruel, nasty I'm sorry, but Hugh Jackman could be on his knees begging for my forgiveness and if he treated me the way Adam treated Lexi I'd tell Hugh to take a flying leap off the CN Tower.

Her quick forgiveness left me with a bad feeling. I am still looking forward to Dee's writing in certainly steamy when it's not tackling tough issues, but I had a hard time with Adam. I am still looking forward to reading more of Dee in the near future, though. Hopefully there won't be many more Bad Boys to have to deal with. Jul 19, Katie Keller rated it it was ok.

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It's book was so effing stupid. It had such potential and somewhat likable characters but it fell flat on so many levels True love my ass. The basic storyline was interesting enough and the side characters were fine Mar 14, Syafina Hasan rated it really liked it Shelves: Setting di Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, saya yg punya khayalanbabu ke sana jadi makin penasaran.


Pas klimaks, saya yg cemen ini sih gemeeees. You just never know what you'll find in your old iPods. I read this book without reading the first in the series and feel that it could be read as a standalone.

AJ is a rich entrepreneur with a broken heart and icy anger. Lexi is determined to see her charity thrive and survive. She just needs AJ to help to see her goal achieved. When in Melbourne she literally falls for a dark stranger that leads to 9 orgasm night of hot monkey sex. When she wakes she finds her dark stranger gone. Well needless to say when she returns to Sidney to meet with the AJ a I read this book without reading the first in the series and feel that it could be read as a standalone.

I felt bad for Lexi because she keeps falling for it. I was happy to see that they finally got their HEA at the end but the process of getting there was bit maddening.

Sep 21, Julie rated it liked it Shelves: If I wasn't sick and sneezing and drowning in my own snot, I'd probably enjoy the story x2 more, therefore, I'll leave the story at 3stars. The sex was hot -but that's all there was to it.

I hated how Adam constantly accused Lexi of scamming him, etc and how easily she forgave him. The whole pregnancy scam was the last straw. That was stupid. First of all, the foundation of a relationship is trust, and if Adam had the audacity of accusing Lexi for trying to get pregnant to scam him- then it's obvious he doesn't trust him. Also, not only did Lexi not acknowledge his lack of trust, she blamed herself for his anger and apologized first.

A heroine with no spine whats-so-ever? Count me out. The first part was really really really fun. How it all turned up until they started fucking again. Then the wedding scene with the little kid is so so cute. And then the ending was also good. I think if Lexi was pregnant when Adam proposed, Lexi wouldn't have agreed to marry him.

Anyway, it was good that she wasn't preggy yet cause it was quite obvious Adam wasn't ready but deep inside he said he unconsciously forgot the condom because he wants a child. A pressing matter is when Adam keep sayin The first part was really really really fun.When they were alone, he gave everything.

And the sex for the most part was pretty engaging to read. Yet teachers are seldom asked to study the language they teach or how its The door was closed behind them. The author had a decent story line going but it was fairly jumbled and fast paced. She's decided to found an advocacy group that supports siblings of cancer patients. To date, it has been watched over 10 million times.

What makes life worth living in the face of death? We work together sexually.

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