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Spanning a period of three centuries, the novel traces the period of British explorations in Assam, the setting up subsequently of the tea industry in Assam with. Books shelved as assamese: Aseemat Jar Heral Seema by Kanchan Boruah, Felanee by Arupa Patangia Kalita, Some Assamese proverbs by Philip Richard. 23 ফেব Size of this JPG preview of this PDF file: × pixels. English: First Assamese novel (not as book) published serially in 'Bijuli' magazine.

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With the FREE AssamKart ebook Reader Apps, you can read Assamese ebooks on any device (iPhone, iPad, Android phones, Android tablets etc.). AssamKart offers the first ever Assamese ebook Reader App for you. There were some individual efforts to offer one or two books in PDF. Assam has a rich cultural heritage, Wheather it is about Assamese literature or Assamese Download all these 15 Assamese novel pdf Download from here.

Grouped together in Deoli is a mass of people who know no difference of caste or creed or nation; who are bound together by the creed of struggle for existence, for survival and a determination to overcome the shackles of their middle class existence.

The author has acknowledged that all her protagonists are from real life; she has not departed much from lived history in her depiction of people and their circumstances, especially so in her depiction of the victimization of an entire community due to a wrong policy adopted by the Indian government in While dealing with the social aspects of war, the devastation of civil life and social security, loss of faith the writer also makes a strong pacifist statement blaming war and aggression directly for the life shattering course of events.

The lifelikeness of the protagonists is perhaps due to their basis on truth and the poignancy of the tales they have to narrate. It is possible to trace a line of descendants through three generations in the novel, starting with Ho —Hun and ending with Lielin, his granddaughter.

These are stories of their dreams and aspirations, joys and sorrows all woven into their personal historical space. Within these stories one finds the history of a post -independence India, of political insecurities and turmoil.

In comparison to the first generation Chinese and their Assamese spouses , the lives of the second generation Sino- Assamese are relatively stable and secure both socially and financially.

But such security and stability prove short lived as they are hit by the consequences of the Indo-China war of It is thus that a generation that had somehow emerged from the tragic circumstances of the past is once again pushed into the quagmire of politics , into the net of inter-state and inter-country deportation where they have to pick up the threads of their lives all over again.

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Drawing from history and folklore and blending into it a powerful imaginative capacity, the writer weaves the historical saga of a forsaken people. Towards the end of the novel when in a strange turn of events the once separated and settled across nations meet and recognize each other, there does arise a sense of the melodrama in the mind of the reader but so beautifully are the loose ends strung together that one is drawn by the narrative to accept even the most improbable of endings.

At the same time , the analytic and informed reading of history not only enhances the narrative but also interrogates a burning question of history.

Montrose also raises the very pertinent idea of a parallel reading , of an even significance being given to history and literature. One is inclined to read Makam as a text that gives in to such parallel readings.

The novel must be read in terms of the horrifying colonial aftermath that influenced the policy makers of the 60s. It draws attention to the marginalizing and dehumanizing of a minority people who wanted nothing but peaceful assimilation in their adoptive country.

This book is written by the well known Assamese author, poet Rita Choudhury. In this novel, the author depicted the University LIfe. The Hostel life, the enjoyment, the love, the romance and the friendship of University life of a student are well described in this Assamese book by the author.

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She is an influential Assamese author and her this novel is also a must read Assamese book for the Assamese literature lovers. The story of this novel begins in and included the Quit India Movement of It is the best novel written by Arun Sharma.

Antoreep by Dr. Our Assamese book list is not so long but you will update more Assamese books to read red online as soon as it is available.

Some famous Assamese books are Miri jiyori, burhi aair sadhu, Assamese novel makam,deo langkhui, Assamese novel of ranju Hazarika, Assamese novel Anuradha Sharma Pujari pdf etc. So keep visiting our website. Download Miri Jiyori - An Assamese novel free: This novel is based on a deeply sympathetic picture of the immortal love of a Miri couple Jonki-Panoi.

Download Kakadeutar Harh- An Assamese book free download: This book was first published in the year The book won Sahitya Akademi Award in To read this Assamese book you can download Assamese book from here- Download Ebook.

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Download Makam- An Assamese novel online: This post is especially dedicated to all Ranju Hazarika fans. Here I am sharing the first edition of the book.

Here we are going to share with you a horror story in Assamese. Ranju Hazarika is the author who has the glory of writing a maximum number of Assamese books.

Top 15 Best Assamese Novel To Read In 2019 [Updated]

His books are mainly thriller and adventure based. Personally, I am a great fan of the adventure and mystery novels written by Ranju Hazarika in Assamese. Please note that we have uploaded these books only which are currently not available in the market and at least 10 years old.

The only aim of publishing eBooks on this website is to create a trend of e-reading in Assamese.Here I am sharing the first edition of the book.

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This work is in the public domain in the United States because it was published or registered with the U. Permission Reusing this file. This novel based on a simple love story of mishing A native Assamese community couple. From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository.

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