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The 80+ volume Annual Book of ASTM Standards contains ASTM's 12,+ Online volume subscriptions (HTML and PDF) are accessed via the ASTM. Annual Book of ASTM Standards Volumes Published This Month. ASTM Volume Space Simulation; Aerospace and Aircraft; Composite Materials. Editor's Update: Click here for information about the most recent edition of The Annual Book of ASTM Standards.

Astm Book Of Standards

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The 80+ volume Annual Book of ASTM Standards contains ASTM's 13,+ standards and is available in print and Subscription formats. The volumes can be . Efficiently access the ASTM Book of Standards online and . Immediate access to current ASTM Book of Standards is available through our Online Version. IHS Markit is your source for the ASTM Annual Book of Standards. All volumes are available in Hardcopy, CD-Rom or Online Access.

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Korean Standards Association LC: Maag Gear Company, Ltd. Meta Solutions MHI: Packt Publishing, Inc.

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Petroconsultants, Inc. Plasa PMI: Prentice Hall PTI: Pressure Vessel Handbook RA: Radiocommunications Agency RAC: Robert S. Means, Inc.

Standards, Specifications, Protocols, Methods, and Codes

RTCA, Inc. Standards Australia International, Ltd. Society of Allied Weight Engineers, Inc.

Synapse Information Resources, Inc. Standards Norway SNV: Springer-Verlag New York, Inc. Syentek, Inc.

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Telecommunications Industry Association TP: Technology Perspectives TPI: Trans Tech Publications Inc. Tyrell Press, Ltd. International Union of Railways UL: UL ULC: United Nations UNI: The U.

Verband der Automobilindustrie VDE: Welding Consultants, Inc. World Scientific Publishing Co. This helps subscribers easily see changes that have been made to previous editions and ensures access to all the available versions. With access to standards online, "I am assured that I am looking at the latest revision," says Cole.

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One of our two major laboratory accreditors actually accredits us to the technical aspects of the application of the ASTM methods in our laboratories. Users logging on to access their subscription volumes can search for standards by alphanumeric designation or keyword.

A newly improved online function divides the search results into categories and subcategories to help target specific documents - fast; searches can also be expanded from the standards found within the user's volume or the entire ASTM library of standards the full text of a standard would be available only within the subscription, however.

Within a standard, a hyperlinked contents list takes users to specific sections, and links are included for citations of other standards, notes regarding content, and referenced sections or tables, as well as the ability to go right to the top or bottom of the document. The vice chair records minutes and assists the chair with the work of the technical section.

The vice chair must also be available to stand in for the chair if needed.

While the staff does not hold voting rights, we contribute to the standards process behind the scenes by helping the chairs keep up with their administrative deadlines and by assisting them in coordinating the meetings.

Evan Rothblatt, Associate Program Manager for the SOM, is in charge of making sure that ballots go out and the standards are ready for publishing on time. Erin Grady and Deb Kim of the publications department also make sure that the standards make their way into the books or online versions of the standards. They maintain standards covering crayons to field goal posts and everything in between.

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You can also get more involved by attending the meetings and proposing ballot items. One of the most confusing terms used by the two groups is the word "subcommittee. An ASTM subcommittee is the smaller group of people responsible for a subset of standard test methods and specifications.

ASTM committees are material-specific or subject matter-specific, and have various subcommittees under them. Each committee has its own leadership group with a chair, vice-chair, and secretary. Then there are the subcommittee chairs and vice-chairs, who run the meetings and lead the balloting processes.

Standards in the ASU Library: AS-AWWA: ASTM

The culture of each committee is a little different in ASTM because they are largely dominated by smaller groups of members.

They all are required to follow the same rules of order and administrative guidelines, but the voting members truly set the culture. All members can attend the ASTM meetings and contribute to the standards development process in person.They all are required to follow the same rules of order and administrative guidelines, but the voting members truly set the culture. Editor's Update: The standards, however, may become mandatory when referenced by an external contract, corporation, or government.

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