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Pintu. This is a short story written by Sharadindu Bandopadhyay. This is the first “ BHUTER GOLPO” narrated in Bengali Audio Book. Enjoy!. If you are a bookwrecker and it is not possible for you to survive in the book, then you are in the right place. Because now you have come to the Audio Book. The Eye "Chokh" Bangla Audio Book By Humyun Ahmed.

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Latest Episodes. Rasmanir Chhele (2) by Rabindranath Tagore, Read By Shila Biswas: May 10th, · Rasmanir Chhele (1) by Rabindranath. Top Free audio books that you can download in mp3, iPod and iTunes format for your portable audio player. Audio previews, convenient categories and . Summary: This is a Bengali audio book podcast by Anindita Bhattacharya. Listen your all time favorite Bengali stories, novels and poems in this podcast.

His original name is Zakir Abdul Karim Naik. He is an Islamic researcher, speaker and writer and mostly influenced by religion. He is a doctor by his profession and preaching himself from He is the founder of Islamic research foundation and conducted peace TV network.

He speaks about Islamic religion and explains by Quran and Hadith.

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His main speech is Islam is the best than other religion. Though he is popular in Muslim world but also he is reviewed in some places for his speech and opinion.

Zakir Naik Life: Zakir Naik was a student of St. Peters high school in Mumbai. Then he admitted in Kishinchand Chellaram College. His main goal is to educate Muslims who thinks Islam is outdated.

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His some essays were published in a newspaper Islamic Voice. Zakir Naik Peace conference: Zakir Naik arranged a peace conference on November in Mumbai and it is one of his main lectures.

Beside Zakir Naik here also speaks 20 Islamic scholars. He talked about the Shia and Sunni conflict. He said that fight Karbala was politically motivated. From Zakir Naik opinion terrorism is created by Media. In a YouTube media he told that he did not know Bin Laden and never met with him.

He also told I hate terrorism because Quran said that killing a man is same to killing whole humankind. He said that if any Muslim wants to leave Islam he can but do not speak against holy region as he will be considered a traitor and should be hanged as Quran says. He says that evolution is only a suggestion and some more an unproven hypothesis. According to him it against the Bible and scientist do not support it. Zakir Naik Speech and Books: Naik has addressed different issues at different times.

In his speech, several people invited and took part in front of not invited audience. In Bangladesh some publications also published his series of books. Some of his books are; Quran and modern science, the existence of the major religions, Terrorism and Jihad, Hinduism and Islam harmony, Quran and the Bible in the light of science, Interest free economy, Why not embrace Islam in the West, Media and Islam, The moon and The Quran and many others.

Zakir Naik Reception , awards , titles and honors: Zakir placed 89 th position of most powerful Indians by the survey of The Indian Express. In his position was He received many awards and Honorius in his life. Amartya Sen Quick Facts.


Amartya Sen Born: Indian Spouse s: Amartya Sen was born on 3 rd November He is a Bangladeshi- Indian Nobel prize winner. He is also an economist, philosopher and writer. In he got Bank of Sweden Award which is known by Nobel Prize of Economics for economic theories of famines, social justice and social theory.

He is the man who invented Human Developments Indicatives for developing UNO human resource development and different countries education. He is the first man who got National Humanities Medal in America. Presently he is the professor of Thomas W. Lamont University and Harvard University. His writing books are published in 30 languages since last forty years.

He is the trusty of economist for piece and security. In Time Magazine told him that he is an Indian hero and in he placed a position in powerful men. Amartya Sen Early life: He was born in Manikgonj, Bangladesh. His old place is in Dhaka.

It is said, Rabindranath gave him a name Amarta which meaning is immortal. Atmartya was born in an aristocratic family. Some more he was the professor of cultural language and second chancellor of Visva-Bharati University.

Amartya Sen Educational life: Sen admitted in St. Same year he elected Cambridge association president. In he has completed his PhD degree from Trinity College. Amartya Sen Professional Life: When Amartya Sen was only 23 that time he started his career. He was the founder of economics department of Jadavpur University and worked as a full professor here.

He was a visiting professor of Massachusetts institute of technology, Stanford University, Cornell University and California University from to In he joined as a professor in London School of Economics.

He was a teacher of Oxford University from to Currently he is the professor of Harvard University. Amartya Sen achieved honorary degrees. He got Nobel Prize for economics in Amartya Sen Books: Actually Alex Rutherford is not real name of true writer.

This name is used by two popular writers Diana Preston and her husband Michael Preston. They used Alex Rutherford as Pseudonym. They chose Rutherford name from the Nobel Laureate Ernest Rutherford and Alex chose normally may be it will be male or female.

Alex Rutherford is familiar for his series writing books and historical fictions Empire of the Moghul. They love travelling and already visited over countries. They have completed their education from Oxford University and the subject was History and English. Early history of Preston: They Love India very much. They explored the original history of Mughal Empire. Then they read all the Mughal periods to know about Mughal, their history, where they came from for their fiction series Empire of the Moghul.

Babur and his Mughal Empire ruled India over years. Empire of the Moghul Series: So finally they have done their first attempt historical fiction series Empire of the Moghul.

The Prestons decided to make difference of their persona between early writings and new Mughal series. Empire of the Moghul series stated that how the epic Mughal empire rise and fall of the powerful dynasty. The series contain six books and they are:. Raiders from the North: Babur fight against foreign enemies and treachery.

Brothers at War: This book tells on Humayun who was son Of Babur. Humayun hold empire ten years and battled against Sher Shah. Ruler of the World: Akbar was a bold ruler and he had many enemies.

He is the best of Mughal kingdom. The Tainted Throne: Shah Jahan made Taj Mahal for the memory of his wife Momotaj. His son Aurangzeb planned to take the throne. Traitors in the Shadows: This series contains the reign of Aurangzeb. Alauddin Al-Azad Born: Bangladeshi Occupation: Alauddin Al Azad was born on 6 th May He was a famous Bangladeshi novelist, essay writer, poet, dramatist and researcher.

He was an optimist and fighter. His writing main theme was the common people life. He was an active worker in language movement. Alauddin Al Azad Life Story: Azad married Jamila Azad. He joined as a lecturer in Government College.

Later he joined as a professor in Chittagong University and retired from here. He was an education secretary in education ministry.

He also worked as a cultural adviser in Bangladesh High Commission of Russia. He died on 3 rd July at his personal house called Ratnadip in Uttara, Dhaka. Alauddin Al Azad Work Life: He is one of the litterateurs in Bengali who enrich literature.

His writing subject was village life, political movements and continence. His literary works are included in our school, college and university textbook. His major works are given below:. Azad received many awards for his remarkable literary works and they are: Ahsan Habib Quick Facts: Ahsan Habib was born on 2 nd January He was a famous Bangladeshi poet and litterateur. Long term he worked as a literature editor in a daily bangla newspaper. He was a modern poet in the decades of fifty.

Ahsan Habib Birth and Educational life: Ahsan Habib was born in the village Shankarpasha under district of Pirojpur in He had five brothers and four sisters.


He was the first of his siblings. His father financial condition was not good. He had risen himself within literature environment. He started his writing from his boyhood. He completed his matriculation in from Pirojpur government high school.

Then he moved to Barishal and admitted in famous B. But he did not complete his education because of financial problem. Again he moved to Kolkata for searching the work after one and half year completing study in Barishal.

Ahsan Habib Work and Personal Life: He married Sufia Khatun on 21 st june Sufia Khatun is from Bogra district and his father name is Mohsin Ali.

In his first poem mayer kobor pare was printed in Pirojpur government school magazine. He got confidence when his writings were published in different newspaper of Kolkata.

He started his struggle life in Kolkata. In he worked as a co-editor in a daily newspaper dainik takbir. Here his salary was 17 taka. Some more he worked in akashbani as stuff artist from to He died on 10 th july, Ahsan Habib Literary work: Ahsan wrote total 25 books. He wrote books, essay, novel, rhyme, poem etc.

Some of them are given below:. Child literature: Ahsan Habib Awards: Ahsan received many awards for his remarkable literature and they are bangle academy award , adamjee literary prize , ekushey padak , UNESCO literary prize and many others.

Ahmed Sofa Quick Facts Name: Ahmed Sofa Born: Mirpur Shaheed Buddhijibi Kabarsthan Occupation: Writer Nationality: Bangladeshi Genre: Ahmed Sofa was born on 30 June He was a famous Bangladeshi poet, writer, criticizer, translator and intellectual.

He is considered as one of the most intellectual person in Bangladesh. He is renowned for understanding the social dynamics and international politics. He was the second child of his parents. Sofa had one brother and four Sisters. His parents name was Hedayet Ali and Asia khatun.

He was ever single in his life. Ahmed Sofa Education Life: He had very financial problem in his life. Then he admitted in Dhaka University in Bangla department. But he did not complete his graduation from here. Again in he admitted in Brahmanbaria College and completed graduation here. Finally he passed MA in political science.

Ahmed Sofa Literary Life: Sofa wrote many novels, non-fictions, essays, poetry and fiction also. Sofa had a great personality and his expresses were outstanding.

Before liberation war Sofa published a newspaper called protirodh. Then he moved to Kolkata and published a patrika Dabanol. Sofa wrote novels with thought and plaaning and his writings are based on the middle class people. Sofa was very innovative because he wrote all fiction from all his personal experiences. Sofa also wrote Islamic history, society and politics. His remarkable writings are:. Short story: Nihata naksatra.

Sofa loved young generation people very much. He died in a Dhaka hospital on 28 th July and at that time his age was Ahmed Sofa was buried in Mirpur Martyred Intellectual graveyard.

Abdullah Abu Sayeed Quick facts. Abdullah Abu Sayeed Born: Bangladeshi Notable awards: Abdullah Abu Sayeed was born on 25 th July He is a multi talented person and social activist. He is also an educationalist and literature writer. He is the poet of sixty decades.

That time also he contributed himself as a criticizer and literature editor. But slowly Abu Sayeed stops writing. Nowadays he also writes self-story. He is also a good speaker.

In he achieved great popularity as a TV presenter. His remarkable works is Bishwa Sahitya Kendra is an organization which main theme is to promote literatures and increases readers. Abdullah Abu Sayeed Birth: His father lived in the village named by Kamargat under the district of Bagerhat Zilla. His father was a famous teacher. He loved his father profession and wanted to be like that. Abdullah Abu Sayeed Work life: As a teacher Abu Sayeed touch the top popularity.

As a Professor he is also a reputed person. Tarashankar Bandyopadhyay July 23, - September 14, is remembered for his unique prose and his insight into human characters, particularly the characters he met in and around the arid land of Birbhum.

Our episode for this month is one of his famous short stories, Nari O Nagini, a rare kind of rivalry between snake and human-being. Khora Sheikh catches hold of a wild snake and tames it with care. The pet soon becomes his favourite, earning a golden ornament for its nose. Bibi leaves Khora at the time of mating.

But she returns to the chagrin of Zobaida and bites her. Ruma is a physiotherapist. She has little education. This is the only profession she could resort to when her husband went away, leaving her alone with a son.

Though most of her clients are women, the profession has its hazards. Sometimes she has to attend male clients. Their behavior does not always seem decent. She receives a lucrative offer from a neighbour who runs a beauty parlour. She wants her to entertain her male clients. Ruma refuses, boldly; but the humiliation hurts her. Although she considers herself a failure, a female client admires her.

She fights, she suffers from insults, but she does not give up. Just follow the story to the end.

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You will find a beautiful reversal of feeling that refreshes our minds. This is not at all the theme of the story. It is all about singing, singing Tagore song. The singer is an aradhika, a worshipper who must render into the song her emotions and feelings, her sorrows sufferings, her aspirations and anxieties. Norah Burke — spent her childhood with her father in India. Her father, Redmond St.

George Burke, was a Forest Officer who often had to change his post in different jungles of India. This Bengali version was first published in the Sandesh of January Gajendra Kumar Mitra November 11, - October 16, won hearts of Bengali readers with the gift of his story-telling ability. This particular faculty made him a successful writer of novels and short stories.

A prominent feature of his stories is the dominance of fate. Irony of sequence has played tricks with many of his characters. We have selected for this month Utsarga, a short story where both Arun and Neelima fall victim to such an irony of the inscrutable destiny. Today is Children's Day. We present for our young friends a very uncommon story, Bandarer Daktari by Kanti P.

Dutta, an animal story which you would surely enjoy. We are sorry that we could not collect any authentic information on this author. Durgapuja is celebrated with ancestral enthusiasm everywhere in the world where a few Bengali friends have met.

We cannot imagine the kind of horror associated with some of the old pujas in the past. Then human sacrifice was considered a glory. Though very few in number, some Hindu zamindars performed this brutal ritual.

We are fortunate that now animal slaughter as a ritual sacrifice is no longer in vogue. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Lewis Carroll. Aesop's Fables Aesop. The Return of the Native Thomas Hardy.

The Art of War Sun Tzu. Great Expectations Charles Dickens. Treasure Island Robert Louis Stevenson. Dracula Bram Stoker. Emma Jane Austen. Short Science Fiction Collection Various. Sense and Sensibility Jane Austen. The Odyssey Homer. The Decameron Giovanni Boccaccio. Romeo and Juliet William Shakespeare. Walden Henry David Thoreau. Gulliver's Travels Jonathan Swift. Pollyanna Eleanor H. Short Ghost Story Collection Various.

Beowulf Unknown. War and Peace Leo Tolstoy. Oliver Twist Charles Dickens. Don Quixote Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra. King Solomon's Mines H. Rider Haggard. The War of the Worlds H.Surya tumi sathi, Uddhar, Alatachakra, Dinga binga brogan etc.

Then he went to USA for study and worked as a sub librarian. He wrote also science fiction story se, tin songi, golpo solpo. He married Sufia Khatun on 21 st june His main goal is to educate Muslims who thinks Islam is outdated. His Romanticism is a brand which is developed in his first career. Visually challenged readers will be delighted to know that we are getting ready with an audio fersion of The Man-Eating Leopard of Rudraprayag bby Jim Corbett, translated into Bengali by Mahasweta Debi.

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