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pe n g u i n b o ok sB A R E D T O YO U'Bared to You has an emotional feel similar to 1 but would love for you to visit her A rapid-fire series of images flashed through my mind, showcasing a . About the book: Bared to You Book. Author: Sylvia Day. Series: Crossfire (Book 1 ). Publisher: Berkley. Publish date: (June 12, ). ISBN Ebook download any format Bared to You (Crossfire Series) Unlimited Free E- Book Details Author: Sylvia Day Pages: Binding: MP3 CD Brand: ISBN: Download or read Bared to You (Crossfire Series) by click link below Download or read Bared to You (Crossfire Series) OR.

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Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James Bared to You by Sylvia Day Fifty Shades Best experienced, The Crossfire series is Gideon's and Eva's epic love story. Sylvia Day Bared To You Download Pdf by Breinunit, released 27 October de cifras significativas pdf download schaum's outline series pdf download in. Bared to You: A Crossfire Novel EPUb/PDF Book by Sylvia Day Synopsis: The first book in the darkly sensual and seductive Crossfire series, from.

Because while some of the sex scenes were hot, they were almost always laced with one or two lines that had me laughing so hard I was in tears.

Without further ado, I'm going to treat you to a small sampling. Seriously, prepare yourselves for this. Take a deep breath, make sure your bladder is empty and that you've got water and aid nearby in case you fall over. And for the love of eye bleach, don't let your kids read it: I can feel it against my stomach Because it's just not.

He can feel his dick through her abdomen? That's not how wombs work. Or dicks. Or anything. Just take your pick because my mind shorted out for a few seconds.

I hate the word "puckered" and all its variations now. I really wish she'd just called it her puckering poopshoot and at least given the reader the joy of alliteration. Did I mention he's apparently ramming his semen in there?

Oh, and this is after she stands up and drips his load all over the floor, making Gideon all hot and bothered because, apparently, lack of adequate hygiene is a major turn on for rich, neurotic alpha males.

And you know what? I still don't find this book hot. I always get sidetracked when writing reviews like this because all I ever want to focus on is how funny it all is, but maybe you want to hear how the story stacks up, how the characterization is, how the plot progresses, or what the obstacles are. I can probably sum each area up in five words or less.

Two people fucking. Cliched and irritating. Plot progression: It's two people fucking? Sexual abuse and shallowness. Yes, they're both damaged and need each other and he's dark and brooding and she's blonde and angelic and the two of them end up in this mindfuck of a relationship, this monumentally codependent clusterfuck of sex and jealousy and petty mind games, and when I wasn't laughing, I kinda wanted to shoot myself in the face.

Guess what else?! Gideon gets all rapey when he's sleepy!

No, seriously, he rapes in his sleep It's stupid. Really, really stupid. So why two stars? I'll tell you why two stars I turned toward him And found him masturbating with shocking viciousness. View all comments. I do get the comparison, but truly this is a MUCH better read. Simply put, this book had the polish that FSoG grossly lacked. I read FSoG just before I read this one. Sadly, I found it disturbing and only gave it a 1-star review.

The major similarities: Unlike Grey, Gideon never tries to coerce and manipulate Eva into doing anything that is for his sole pleasure alone. This series will continue, so hard to say where it will go.

Tight, edited and well plotted. It is also quite refreshing when compared to the comic book tone of FSoG. Yep, Eva has a dark soul too and it controls her. There are some other small similarities to FSoG, but for the most part I found this book stood well on its own. Gideon was a damaged soul, and the relationship between him and Eva often felt like a co-dependent mess and not a true romance.

Beneath all the layers of their relationship I did believe they will find true love and heal as best they can from their past. This was a gripping story and I loved watching these two come together and try to get it right.

If you like dark, edgy erotica romance with great writing, then forget the comparison to FSoG. Loved the narrator. I think I enjoyed this book even more the second time through. The connection between Gideon and Eva is so deep and emotionally raw, and I think I connected with them even more in my re-read.

They are intensely interesting characters, both individually and together as a couple. I picked up on many of the subtle details this time that helps to further explain why they are damaged souls, and why their turbulent relationship might be the healthiest thing for them. View all 87 comments.

This book was absolute perfection for me!! It had me swooning, drooling and panting over Gideon Cross and had me reading for the better part of it with the world's biggest grin on my face. The story is told from the perspective of Eva Hammel, a 24 year old girl who comes from money but wants to make it on her own in the world. She chooses to start at the bottom and work her way to the top and gets a job in an advertising agency where she meets the guy who owns the company she works for and pretty much everything in NYC Gideon Cross and its just an instant connection between then.

Sparks fly from the first glance. And things go from there. Gideon Cross is just pure perfection in my eyes! I love how on the outside he's this unobtainable larger-than-life god but on the inside, he's just a man who wants to be loved by his girl. He caught me to him and cupped my cheek in one hand. Just tell me what I have to do. And give me some room to screw up. I've never done this before.

There's a learning curve. I loved how open and honest they learned to be with each other. They both made mistakes but they were understandable mistakes, nothing that make me want to throw my Kindle at the wall, nothing where I couldn't understand the reaction they had, and they always talked everything through after. I loved how their love for each other made them stronger than any problems that came their way. It was so refreshing and heart warming.

We completed each other. Even now, as his hands roamed possessively over me, I felt a thawing in my soul, the desperate relief of being held - finally - by the man who understood and satisfied my deepest, most intimate desires.

Not that I have a problem with either one. But it was refreshing and realistic that they had both been in a normal amount of relationships for a couple of mid-twenty year olds. Eva's boss Mark and his partner Steven were delightful and fun. Her bi-sexual room-mate and best friend Cary was just so lovable.

He was the ultimate big brother character with his own set of problems - I really really hope he gets a HEA. He so deserves one! We don't get to see much of his past, but you can tell its really heart-breaking. I loved how he knew Eva so well, he just knew when something was wrong just by looking at her. Show me the way, Eva honey. Make me believe. I swear I was fanning myself from the moment they met which was pretty much right at the beginning till the very last page.

For those of you wondering about the connection between this book and Fifty Shades, I'd say they have about as much in common as Fifty Shades does with Twilight. Sure the basics are similar, mega-billionaire hero who is possessive of his girl I found this book more deeply emotional than Fifty and I loved Gideon even more than Christian which is saying a lot cuz all of the Fifty books are on my 6 star list.

Happy, resolved but leaving me biting my nails waiting for October to pleeeeease get here faster!!

We'll never be over, Eva. For more of my reviews, come visit http: I picked this book up at NetGalley based on the blurb.

For my enjoyment of contemporary romantic fiction, there has to be at least some believability to the plot, some credibility to the characterisations. The more so for con 1. And this is where this novel most notably failed for me. Where are all the unattractive people? Or just the homely, plain, average people? The fat, plump, thin? The big-eared, big-nosed, lank-haired?

The neat, but plainly-dressed, the badly-dressed? The everyday people that play the secondary and tertiary roles in fiction.

This novel was void of any such realistic characters. It's a given in romance that the hero is handsome. Sometimes the heroine is pretty or even beautiful. But the secondary characters here were described almost universally as pretty, good-looking, attractive, beautiful, handsome, gorgeous, stunning, exquisite.

Even the extras, those usually nameless characters used to fill out the scene — waiters, receptionists, passers-by — were described in the same glowing terms.

I may have possibly missed an average-looking character, but it was so over-populated by the beautiful people I wondered if NYC indeed has any ordinary-looking people at all. Ah, NY.

You rock. If this was a mistake on the part of the author, I find it hard to believe. But what's wrong with having plain or unattractive people in the story? It lends an authentic feel and degree of realism. Otherwise, as here, it pushes contemporary fiction too close to fantasy. The hero The next major departure from reality for me was in the characterisation of the hero.

This is a man who at the relatively young age of twenty-eight has taken the business world by storm. Not just a comfortably well-off, self-made man. Not just a millionaire. But a billionaire. In other words, older men. I realise this is fiction, but at least a passing acquaintance with reality is necessary. Why must he be so young? A man in his early 40s or even late 30s would be much more believable.

A sensitive issue I read a book recently where the plot revolved around Hurricane Katrina and was asked if the author was sensitive to the plight of those who were affected. I understand the concern and share it as I too dislike when an author uses a natural disaster, a major calamity, an act of terrorism, a serious social or health issue in a way that feels exploitative. Afterall, these things are real. Survivors of childhood sexual abuse can spend years dealing with very real, very serious problems.

Often they have a number of very deep emotional, psychological, even spiritual issues. Self-worth, self-esteem has often been eroded. Usually therapy, counselling, support and sometimes even medication, are the necessary paths to a fulfilling life. Success in careers, education and relationships, and financial independence is very, very difficult. The fact that Cross could possibly become this billionaire business tycoon at twenty-eight, negotiating through all the pain and problems of childhood sexual abuse, is beyond ridiculous.

Besides the lack of realism The connection, the relationship between the hero and heroine, regardless of the setting, the number or type of sex scenes, the time period or sub-genre.

There was a lack of emotional connection. There was little chemistry. It lacked any romantic subtleties or affectionate nuances or sweet build-up or passionate climaxes. The sex scenes were not overly explicit.

Yet the protagonists' relationship was based strongly on a sexual connection which came off as harsh, sterile and shallow.

This book relies heavily on the erotic for its appeal. With numerous, over-wrought sexual interludes, this may suit many readers. Some may even consider Cross the ultimate silver-tongued Lothario. A bit of dirty talk in the bedroom between lovers can be wonderfully erotic.

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The same talk from a near-stranger comes across as creepy, ill-mannered and bizarre. But as far as romance goes, both Cross and this novel were about as romantic and charmingly glib as a fourteen year-old schoolboy sniffing around for his first conquest. Something vaguely familiar There's something vaguely familiar about the premise of the book. A billionaire businessman with a history of childhood sexual abuse, who's into control, and a dominant.

Other issues Briefly, some of the other issues I had with this novel. There were many inconsistencies.

For example, Cross is afraid of being at his parents' house, he rarely goes there. Whatever gives him nightmares has happened at this house. Despite this, he has time at one point to stay long enough to go a couple of rounds with the heroine, regardless that he was desperate to leave.

I suppose this inconsistency was overlooked so that the setup for the exhibitionist sex scenes could be played out.

Bared to You (Crossfire #1)

Because of their pasts neither indulge in anal play. Suddenly out-of-the-blue, the heroine announces she wants it. No prior discussion, no build-up, no need of counsel, no step-by-step increments towards including this in their sexual lives.

When this has been such a monumental and painful issue for them both in their pasts. The heroine who starts out independent and self-assured, seemingly loses these strengths upon meeting Cross. She stumbles around him. She's obsessed and jealous.

She gushes on and on about how beautiful he is. She comments constantly throughout the novel on how good he smells. Her first response is to always run away when there's a hitch with Cross. Her way of dealing with her problems is too often with alcohol. To have either the hero or heroine with a tortured past in romantic fiction is pretty standard. To have both, is stretching it. Yet we have not just the hero and the heroine, but her best friend as well.

And her mother and possibly his brother have some real emotional baggage. In conclusion Overall, I found Bared to You terribly melodramatic, unrealistic, with major lapses in character consistency.

The hero was crude, crass and lacking charm. Unoriginal, trite and using childhood sexual abuse in such a context, felt too much like trivialising an indescribably painful issue. The romance lacked subtlety. The relationship between the protagonists never seemed to develop from its superficial, sexual beginnings. View all 95 comments. Warning-Contains minor spoilers!! May hinder your reading experience!! My very Honest review -- fans of this book please bear with me.

The story is written from the perspective of Eva Tramell. Because of her new job she has just moved to Manhattan from San Diego. The first time she meets with Gideon Cross, sparks fly.

The tension between them is palpable and their chemistry is nearly explosive. I really liked the first few chapters,which shows them skirting around each other.

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It was quite good. So,why th Warning-Contains minor spoilers!!

So,why the 2 stars? Gideon says that he wants to fuck her. She is offended to be seen as vagina with legs.

And I was so happy to have a clear headed,strong heroine who does not take any shit. When Gideon asks her what she wants,she says she does not want a relationship but will like to know something about the person she sleeps with. Gideon agrees. It's all well and good Until the first time they have sex in a limo. A connection forms between them in those moments. Gideon, stupid man emotionally withdraws. And Eva very,very hurt;runs aways. Gideon of course goes to Eva and tries to make up.

This is where I began to get irritated. She knows that he was emotionally closed off. She herself had said that she did not want a relationship ,but instead of taking a stand and telling him what she felt,she runs!

The next time,Gideon takes her to a hotel room he owns the hotel and they have a very good time together. Gideon is in shower,and Eva is about to join him when she finds out that Gideon brings all his women there.

See a Problem?

She becomes angry,very angry. Now,her anger is justified because Gideon means a lot to her and she too wants to mean something to him. But does she confront him? Does she give him a swift kick which he so rightly deserves? Also she was the one who said that she did not want a relationship,only sex. So does she give him a chance to make up??? She runs. Gideon runs after her and apologizes again. This goes on again and again and again But really their idiocy crosses the normal level the night Eva tells Gideon about the sexual abuse she had to endure when she was a child.

Then she becomes upset to see pity and horror in his eyes,not lust. Really,she has just told the man who may not recognize it yet but in reality loves her fiercely,that she had been a victim of sexual abuse for 4 years and what was he supposed to do??? Jump her. Well to stop her from leaving,Gideon does exactly that. Still,at night when Gideon has another of his terrifying,somehow sexually related nightmare it might be that he too was a victim of sexual abuse ,Eva asks him to tell her about that.

He tries to turn the topic and This time Gideon lets her go. Eva too does not approach him. First,she thinks to herself feeling hurt -- "He does not want to share his past with me. Well,that's a deal breaker for me. She has not tried to approach me. I'll try and let her go.. Well it goes on and on and on like this Eva runs,Gideon comes after her and they have sex and make up and then something else occurs,Eva runs, By the end I was literally banging my head!

Well that's all View all 69 comments. To give credit where credit is due, Sylvia Day is not E. Her grammar is good, she varies her sentence structures and, although her propensity for purple prose is at times off-putting, she's a competent wordsmith.

That being said, I would not want to imply there was anything remotely literary about this book. There isn't. Which is a shame, because someone should start writing literary er I decided to read Bared To You because it was sold as a well-written version of Fifty Shades of Grey.

Which is a shame, because someone should start writing literary erotica again. It was certainly gratifying to discover that at least this heroine wasn't a year old virgin who'd never masturbated. However, like FSOG, it casts improbably young people in improbably mature situations.

Eva is 22, a recent graduate who has landed a job at an ad agency in Manhattan with little to recommend her. She lives in an apartment with a wine fridge and a bi-sexual roommate who tucks bottles of Cristal on ice for her as a favour.

Gideon Cross is a year old billionaire who seems to own half of Manhattan. I have to admit to being puzzled by the choice of age of the characters, both in this novel and in 50 Shades, until I realized that there is no way the litany of contrived conflicts in the plot would work with even marginally mature grown-ups. It takes characters with hair-trigger reactions, non-existent impulse control and an expectation that your lover comes to you without a past to make the plot move forward.

Just like 50 Shades, the story jerks spasmodically along from emo moment to sex scene to emo moment like pawns doggedly inching their way across a chessboard of adolescent over-reactions. The sex is interestingly written. He's either going down on her repeatedly, or gasping out lovelorn remarks like 'your cunt's so tight'.

Well, she's I'm not sure how this goes down with the mommy consumers of mommy porn. Does it remind them to redouble their kegel exercise efforts, or do they resign themselves to saving their pennies for a vaginoplasty?

Still, I'm unsure whether it's the sex that is supposed to get you off or the conspicuous consumption. The book is littered with brand names. An ever-present materialism thrums like drone through the whole novel and is eerily reminiscent of Bret Easton Ellis's psychopaths obsession with brand names. Along with the consumerism is an unvarying textual obeisance to the buff, ripped, perfect body. No one in this novel has any flaws.

No one is plump, no one is bony, no one has acne, no one has visible scars. No one has a single physical shortcoming. It's a world of Calvin Klein ad models, toned and photogenicly sheened in odorless sweat, fucking on the immaculately decorated set of a feature piece for Vogue.

Their perfect bodies might be read as an ironic juxtaposition to their myriad emotional scars. But probably not. It has the heavy taint of soap opera about it: There is a supporting cast of the mildly villainous and the long-sufferingly loyal to provide that friction: My past was as violent as his, and I was just as broken.

It was too hard, too painful Those moments when the driving hunger and desperate love were the most exquisite insanity. We were bound by our need. And our passion would take us beyond our limits to the sweetest, sharpest edge of obsession I saw the dangerous and damaged soul inside—so much like my own. I was drawn to it. I needed him as surely as I needed my heart to beat. No one knows how much he risked for me. Entwined by our secrets, we tried to defy the odds.

We made our own rules and surrendered completely to the exquisite power of possession… Gideon calls me his angel, but he's the miracle in my life. My gorgeous, wounded warrior, so determined to slay my demons while refusing to face his own. The vows we'd exchanged should have bound us tighter than blood and flesh. Instead they opened old wounds, exposed pain and insecurities, and lured bitter enemies out of the shadows. She would snort and collapse into fits of giggles because someone said 'thrust' or 'chest'.

How could she not ask that? And really, it was to the point that if she tried to lie, Jester would probably call her out on it. Never mind the fact that she was blushing, which was so un-Beau-like as to be a celestial event. And if she was lucky, admitting the truth would put an end to this much sooner. People who do that sorta thing. But honestly, Jessie, how could you think that? Everybody was there, and it was obviously just a joke.

Still, in a Yeah, I I can see it. She grinned from ear to ear, the way she always did. Then she playfully bumped shoulders with her. I saw you blushing a little biiiiiiit. But it's not like it's even that big of a deal, you know. I mean, when my mom tried to have the The Talk with me, I asked so many questions that at some point I had her telling me about all the crazy things the people who visit her wanted.

A little leather is like One guy? He just wanted to put his head in her lap so she could play with his hair? Super weirdo. Beau should have known Jester could be just as good at fixing things as making them awkward.

And Beau was saying a prayer to any god listening that this was the end of things and they just went to sleep.

That would have been perfectly okay. But this was not a perfect kind of scenario. Jester still had her usual impish grin, and the cogs in her head were definitely turning. Plotting something nasty. We're in a different setting now. Like a particularly intricate punch from Dairon, she was paralyzed. Her voice reached that familiar, embarrassed pitch in an almost impossible octave. If it's something you think you might enjoy, and You know maybe I would enjoy Then it's worth figuring out!

This isn't just shit that friends do together for kicks! This was fucking ridiculous. What was she thinking? Once again, a heavy silence settled over the room. What about when it's people who aren't just friends? And when I say more I mean like the kind of people who share a lot of interests and tension and I know that most of what I know comes from dirty books and the stuff my mom did but I swear I'm not a complete idiot. And if maybe I was right and the two of us are like very close friends or possibly something else entirely then this would be a good way for us to figure things out!

There was Beau continued to pace the room a bit as she processed everything that had been word-vomited up onto the floor of their room. She hadn't been speaking complete nonsense. The two of them could be shockingly similar. They were the first ones to jump into a bar fight, and they always roomed together. Jester cared a lot about her, and she cared about her too. She'd always hoped there was something to it.

But it was so fucking weird to hear it out loud. That's not what I was trying to say, Jessie! If that were the case. Within moments, she had pulled out a good collection of the items that Beau had been wearing during their very ineffective little campaign as human slaves. Jester's grin was bigger than she'd maybe ever seen it. You know that by now. Instead, she shook her head and approached, looking almost innocent. A collar has to be put on you by someone else.It tasted like sickly sweet cough syrup.

This was fucking Jester. He wore a black sleeveless shirt and long shorts. No news can be good news. He said a few things to Mark about sports, I think, but I was too focused on the way I was reacting to him to care about the small talk.


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