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Saturday, June 1, 2019

Yii 2 for beginners will take you step by step through setup and The book focuses on creating a reusable template that can serve as the basis. Yii 2 for beginners will take you step by step through setup and installation, and then on to coding in the most exciting PHP framework available today. The book . This book is for sale at I just bought Yii 2 For Beginners by Bill Keck and I can't wait to build something.

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Very important! I was diagnosed with a brain tumor. I had an operation during which he was removed. After four years I had a relapse and had. Yii2 By Example □. Author: Fabrizio Caldarelli. Develop complete web applications from scratch through practical examples and tips for beginners and more. Qiang Xue, creator of the Yii framework; Alexander Makarov, and the Beginners to MVC can easily make the mistake of putting code in the wrong place–.

Learning this would be so much easier, if I just had a book! How ironic is it that 6 months later, I end up writing the book I yearned for?

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Well, I kept very detailed notes on my development and I noticed over time that I could organize them into a book. I just had to be willing to sacrifice the time, which could have been spent developing actual sites, which instead had to go into writing lessons for other people.

It was a tough choice, but I chose to write the book, it seemed like a worthwhile endeavor.

It turned out to be an incredible challenge. It pushed me mentally and physically.

I spent long nights picking apart every detail, striving for excellence and clarity, so that others could more easily understand how to use Yii 2. I started out fairly objective about PHP frameworks, simply looking for the easiest framework that could support robust development.

Although I had a lot of respect for Symfony, I felt it was overly complicated and bloated. This has a downside for businesses that have to hire programmers because it then becomes more expensive to train programmers.

So in that sense, Symfony is an expensive discipline.

The problem was, I just never felt like they were helping me build anything. None of the examples I found at the time, for example, dealt with a robust user login and verification.

And without that, what kind of site do you have? I turned to Yii 1. In retrospect now, since I came up to speed on Yii 2, I understand 1.

The reality was that it was difficult to learn, but easy to use. You just had to be at a certain level as a programmer to get that. I hated that about it. This allows you to start working on the system you want to program. Framework Yii has in its resources: change of operating language, components, caching, error handling, library for sending e-mail, system log, database support, URL manager or checking and providing information about errors.

PHP Tutorials by Bill Keck

Additionally, Yii is equipped with a module called Gii - it allows for automatic generation of elements such as controller, model or entire CRUD management systems. Using the framework we will build an application based on the MVC pattern, which will sort different elements of the application and in the future there will be no problem with finding the right fragment of the code.

By using models with queries to databases, views containing page templates and controllers containing program code, we create a solution that is consistent with developers' practices all over the world. Additionally, Yii has an element called ActiveRecord, thanks to which the creation of simple queries to the database does not have to be done in the model. For this purpose it is enough to use controller where appropriate methods are used to create a query.

The framework will process them on request in SQL language. Unfortunately, ActiveRecord must be used in moderation because of the resources used.

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This book was written to show you how to use most of the popular and most frequently used libraries. Only working with the whole system from A to Z will allow you to learn the knowledge, which after a few repetitions becomes very simple and friendly.

I hope that this book will help you in programming using the Yii framework.The author is continuosly improving it and is allways willing to answer your questions.

If you use wampp then it will www and if it is xampp it will be htdocs.

I recommend it to all people who create small CodeIgniter framework services, but if you are going to create a medium or large website, then I recommend Yii.

I know just how frustrating it is. What is YII?

Next, you will walk through Model and ActiveRecord, key concepts in database interaction. Secure 3.

This book was written to show you how to use most of the popular and most frequently used libraries. It will ask you whether to create the web application or not.

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