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MacGregor, Kinley (aka Sherrilyn Kenyon) - Brotherhood 03 - Born in Sin MacGregor, Kinley (aka Sherrilyn Kenyon) - MacAlister 03 - Born in Sin. Read more. KINLEY MACGREGOR BORN IN SIN For Lyssa and all her wonderful insights that FIFTEEN Callie watched as Sin dressed, his muscles rippling with every. Though few can equal her skill with the sword, Caledonia MacNeely fights an unfamiliar shiver when she is offered in marriage to the infamous "Lord Sin.

Born In Sin Kinley Macgregor Pdf

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It was a scrawny, frail boy dressed in Saracen rags. They belonged to a demon who had seen hell firsthand. Henry looked down to see similar injuries on both of his wrists. Aye, someone made a habit of chaining the child like an animal. And the boy had made a habit of fighting his manacles. It had been quite a feat for the child to get this far already. Still, his sun-blistered skin was fairer than most of those born to this region.

The sharpness faded from his eyes and revealed a pain so profound that it made Henry ache from the intensity of it. I was squire to an English knight, who sold me to the Saracens so that he could buy passage home. Now he understood the poor shape of the boy. What kind of monster would sell a child into the hands of an enemy? The cruelty of it overwhelmed him. The boy narrowed his eyes suspiciously.

Henry watched as the child went to squat by a wall with one hand on the canvas, no doubt ready to flee should Henry make a sudden move. Slowly, so as not to frighten him, Henry got up and left the bed. The boy looked about nervously. They always find me when I escape.

The boy began to pant in panic. He drew his dagger again and moved toward Henry. I have only myself. Someone drew back the tent flap. The guard shouted for reinforcements. Henry watched in awe as the scrawny child fought like a cornered lion.

Had the boy possessed any strength on his starved bones, he would have easily defeated the twelve-man guard. But as it was, they brought him down hard on the floor.

Still the boy fought so furiously that it took five guards to keep him there. His nose was bleeding and he had a cut on his forehead. Still, the child made no sound as he pushed himself to his feet. He merely held the broken arm to his side while he watched them warily as if expecting the absolute worst from them.

The child neither begged nor pleaded, and that told Henry much about what horrors the boy must have lived through. He stood strong and defiant before all of them. His guards regained their feet and the captain came forward to address Henry, but he still kept a jaundiced eye on the youth. I am sure he is one of them. When he spoke, his voice was barely audible. It was used to mean either maggot or worm. When Henry had offered to return this boy home to his father in Scotland, the old laird had said as much.

Sin was the only one of the Scottish boys whose father had refused to have him. Obviously, that had been a mistake. But he felt it now. It gripped his heart with unfamiliar pain and burned in his soul. This poor, unwanted boy had been his ward and he had left him to a fate no child should ever know.

Part of him still expected the king to hang him. At the very least beat him. That was all he was fit for. That and killing. The vague, elusive dream of that word had haunted him all his life. His father had thrown him out of Scotland, where no one had ever wanted him, and the Saracens had spurned and spat on him in Outremer, but maybe this time, when he went to England, the people there would want him. Maybe this time, he would at last find the home he had ached for.

Aye, in England he would find peace. King Henry II stood a few feet away from him without the protection of a bodyguard or other courtier.

They were alone in the throne room, and no doubt any other man would be cowering before his monarch. But Sin had never cowered in his life, and Henry knew better than to expect such behavior from him now. Sin answered to no man, be he king, pope, sultan or beggar. But then, there was nothing in life that awed Sin. Nothing in life that commanded him, or touched him. He was completely alone.

And he preferred it that way. Will you marry the Scotswoman? He clenched his teeth so tightly that he could feel the angry tic starting in his jaw. You know the Scots. You are one of them. Not ever. You alone are capable of this. Should I send another, those bloodthirsty savages would no doubt cut his throat and send his head back to me. The last thing on earth he desired was to be shackled to the Scots.

He hated everything to do with Scotland and its people, and would sooner rot with pestilence than ever put one piece of his body in Scotland again. You are also a man of honor, and I know you would never walk away from a friend who needed you. The only other subject who could possibly end this matter is your brother Braden. He had been glad to see his brother wed, but how he wished Braden were a bachelor once more. Braden was the one who knew how to please a woman. Sin knew war. His home the battlefield, all he had ever trusted in life not to betray him were his sword, his shield and his horse.

You will have no trouble siring a child on her. He balked at the thought of siring a child, especially one simply for the purpose of passing on titles and lands that meant nothing to him.

And most especially not with Henry. She knows nothing of you. He had no doubt Henry would do just that. He also knew who would be asked to fulfill that decree. But in all honesty, I truly wish to see you wed. I have valued your service, but it has always concerned me that you have nothing in life you value. All the years I have known you, you have lived with one foot already in the grave. Henry paced a small path in front of Sin and fell quiet. By his face, Sin could tell he was thinking of something long ago.

When the king spoke, his voice was thick with nostalgia. Do you remember what you said? And I need your loyalty now. Philippe is on my heels trying to wrench Normandy and Aquitaine from my hands, my sons are yapping for their own slices of power, and now this Highland clan attacks the few Englishmen I have guarding my northern borders.

I cannot continue to be attacked from all sides. Even a raging bull can be brought low by a pack of hungry dogs. And I am tired of it.

I need peace before they kill me. Will you help me? Damn his blackened soul for it. Sin growled low in his throat. Surely there had to be a means to escape this wretched event. And surely he… Sin almost smiled as the thought occurred to him. Sin smiled evilly. In the last nine years, he had been excommunicated five times.

Henry would never find a priest who would dare allow Sin to take part in a sacrament. As you said, I know the Scots and know they would accept nothing less than a sanctified marriage. I have merely given you the conditions of our union. I accept your terms and intend to hold you to them. She knelt beside his little body. Callie smiled to soften her harsh words, and straightened the brown Phrygian cap on his small head. His face still held the baby-fat cheeks and bright, trusting blue eyes of the toddler he had been not all that long ago.

His hair was the same shade as her own. But that was all they shared, for Callie looked like her dearly departed mother and Jamie favored his own mother, Morna. At six years, the boy had seen more than his fair share of tragedy. God willing, he would see no more of it.

She kissed the lovable little demon lightly on the brow and rose to her feet. Her stomach knotted with nerves, she led him slowly down the lone corridor toward the spiral stairs that should exit by the rear of the castle.

They had to get out of this place. Callie could stand no more. If she had to stomach another Sassenach leering at her or making crude comments about her wild Scottish heritage, she would have his tongue for it.

But it was what they did to Jamie that truly made her blood boil. The son of a laird, he was equal to the highest-born of the English. And those beasts made him serve them like the lowliest of peasants while they mocked and belittled him.

The English were animals! Yet, for all her careful cunning, these wretched English beasts were truly spawns of the devil. But this time—this time, she would succeed. She knew it. She pulled back the corner of her linen veil and cocked her head to listen. It appeared no one was about to challenge them. They were free!

The maid, Aelfa, had promised her that once they left the stairs, the back door opened just a few feet from the postern gate that the servants used during daylight hours to travel from the castle into London.

The maid had sworn to her that no one would stop her once she reached it. She rushed down the dark spiral steps at a breakneck speed, with Jamie one step behind.

She could taste it. She could smell it. She felt her body pitch forward and all she could do was extend her arms in hopes of catching herself. But instead of falling, she felt strong arms wrap about her and pull her against a chest as hard as the dark stone walls surrounding her. Faster than she could blink, the man released her to stand on the stair above him. Being on the tall side, she was used to standing eye level with most men. But where she expected to see his head, she saw only wide, muscular shoulders encased by darkness.

Her heart pounded. For those were very large shoulders indeed. Callie frowned at his black clothes. Never before had she seen a man not of the Church dressed all in black. And this man was definitely no priest. His mail, coif and surcoat, which were darker than pitch, bore no markings on them whatsoever. How very odd. She tried to take a step back, but Jamie on the stair behind her and her narrow perch on the step prevented it.

This was a dangerous man. A deadly one. She felt it with every instinct she possessed. She dared to look up his tanned, strong neck, which bore a deep scar, then over his handsome face, to see the eyes of the devil himself. Those midnight-black eyes burned with intelligence and fire. They seared her with an eerie light that made her tremble. Callie swallowed. Never had she seen such a man. Hair as black as his clothes fell past his shoulders in the style of her Highland brethren.

And as she stared at him, she saw the tiniest of flaws on his face. An almost invisible scar above his left eyebrow. But it was those black eyes that held her captive. For they were cold and empty. And worse, they were narrowed on her with far too much interest. Remembering that she was garbed as a servant and that the man before her was obviously a lord of some standing, Callie decided she had best make a hasty retreat. Sin frowned at the door as it slammed shut. There had been something very strange about what had just happened.

Nay, his instincts had been honed from years of training. They were trying to tell him something. Indeed, her light blue veil was an abomination that did nothing for the green of her eyes or the fresh sunkissed skin of her face. And refreshingly tall. Standing well over six feet, he had seldom met a woman so close to his own height.

Though she had been a bit too slender for his tastes, her breasts had appeared ample enough to satisfy even his lustful brother Braden. And her eyes… Vibrant and warm, they had sparkled with vitality and intelligence. They had… They had been too bold, he realized with a start. The Scotswoman. And she was headed for the back gate. Cursing, Sin bolted after her. Callie stopped abruptly as a group of knights came between her and the gate. There were six of the demons, to be sure. Six of them armed from training and on their way into the castle.

Of all her unfortunate luck! She gave a gentle squeeze to comfort him. They would simply have to try and brazen it out. Aye, with any good fortune at all, the knights would pay her no heed and would let her pass without thought. One of the men cut her off. But she had to get them out of here. Callie clenched her teeth in frustration. She was caught now. The knight grabbed her and pulled her close for a kiss.

Before his lips could make contact with her own, she kicked him hard in the little bulge he seemed so very proud of.

Her only thought survival, Callie seized the hilt of his sword and pulled it free of the scabbard. The men laughed at her. One of the braver men unsheathed his sword. They stared at one another for several seconds and she knew the thought in his mind.

He assumed her weak. Well, she was all woman, to be sure, but her father had seen her well schooled in the art of swordplay. Not even when the Scot was a woman. Roger smiled evilly. With the flair of a seasoned warrior, Callie parried his thrust. If the man wanted a fight, she was definitely the one to give it to him. She was one move away from disarming him when a cold, familiar voice gave her pause.

Yet what stunned her most was the way the other knights reacted to his presence. They actually shrank away from him. Callie turned to face the man who terrified the others. He stood as still as a statue and watched her with a guarded look that betrayed nothing as to his thoughts or mood.

The light breeze stirred the tendrils of his black hair and he stared unblinkingly at her. Aye, he was a deadly one, to be sure. She doubted if old demon Red Cap himself would be more fierce to face. She held her sword steady. The black knight smiled coldly. Her face flushed bright red at his crude comment.

I admire a woman who can hold her own. His body and tone gave her no indication. Please, I beg you. The last thing ye be wanting to do is cross his lordship. She took a step toward the black knight. He merely stared at her with those black, soulless eyes. Like an adder waiting for its prey to come close enough for it to strike. She paused. Then, before she could blink, he stepped forward with an amazing speed, caught the tip of the blade between his forearms, and flipped her sword out of her hands.

It arced high into the air, spinning as it fell. His smile was even colder than before. All she knew was that he had defeated her. No one had ever disarmed her before. The humiliation of it stung her deeply. All the knights laughed except the black knight. His eyes blazed furiously at the others. Can we not have a bit of fun with him?

What say you that you and I have a bit of fun? He knew as well as she did that he had bested her. Yet now, to unmask King Henry's foes, he must return to the hated Highlands -- wedded to a bewitching lass whose flaming red hair matches the fire of her spirit. A cold, hard heart has always been the key to Sin's survival, but this beauty awakens in him a perilous need he's never known.

Given to the Englishmen when he was still a child. With them he went to a cruelty beyon comprehension so he grew up to be the cold-hearted soldier and protector of the king today. Could she be the one to open him up? She has a way to put the brotherly connection to words that make you instantly fall for them.

Kinley MacGregor had me highly entertained with this story. English though he might be, there was something about Lord Sin that she found greatly appealing. Something about him that made her body burn with a lustful throb that stunned her.

At a score-and-six in age, Callie was a far cry from an uninformed maid who knew nothing of the relationships between men and women. Even though she had never been touched by a man, her married friends had seen her well schooled in the mechanics of wifely duties. In that moment, her thoughts had taken a sharp turnaround. For some reason, the thought of being so intimate with him seemed anything but disgusting or crude.

Of how his large, tanned hands would feel on her body while she ran her fingers through his silken hair. He was simply breathtaking when he smiled. He wheeled his horse about and started for the castle.

Can you not understand that? His was bare and suddenly she understood why. But it was difficult. Especially since his arms surrounded her like bands of steel, keeping her locked onto his saddle. The scent of elderberries and sandalwood clung to him. It was a warm, intoxicating smell. She could feel his strong heart thumping against her shoulder blade as they made their way back into the inner bailey of the castle.

He was so handsome, this stranger, and though he denied it repeatedly and the courtiers constantly assured her otherwise, she suspected he was not the devil he pretended to be.

Nor would he have cared what happened to her or her brother. As they drew near the stable, she saw the English king waiting with two of his guards standing behind him. There was also a small group of noblemen and women who eyed them and the king curiously. No doubt they were seeking gossip fodder. The lady merely felt the need to get a breath of fresh air. I had my eye on her the entire time. Simon held her brother back with a gentle hand. When the king glanced back to Lord Sin, she noted the way his gaze softened ever so slightly.

He knew she had no knowledge of what he spoke and it angered her for him to toy with her like this. Fury that sparked and built at the mention of her name. Should we find a priest for the event, you would adhere to our agreement. But in this, there is no trickery. She had no intention whatsoever of honoring any agreement forged by two Englishmen without her consent.

Especially since such an agreement would be to the extreme detriment of her clan. I will not marry an Englishman. We shall march our army into your lands and put down every man and male child to ensure peace. We shall start on the morrow with the death of your young brother. His face horrified, Simon scooped the lad up and held him close.

He patted Jamie on the back comfortingly. Henry gave her a stare that made her tremble. Not over something this important, especially while he threatened Jamie. If he even attempted to carry out that threat, she would see to it herself that he paid for his crime with his life.

Now, do you honestly think you could stop us from doing what we must to ensure the prosperity of England? Aye, Henry could be that ruthless.

They both knew it. The choice is entirely yours. How she wished this were a bluff. But she knew better. The rebels in her clan, led by an unidentified man known simply as the Raider, had been unmerciful to the English who had dared settle in Scotland.

She was sure the only reason Henry had refrained thus far from marching on her clan was the rather large matter of her kinship with King Malcolm of Scotland.

It was also what had kept her safe in his hands. As cousin to the Scottish king, she had spent much of her early life at his court and knew of the royal way of life and the way kings thought.

And she knew that if she dared take Sin into Scotland, those rebels who had been attacking the English would no doubt attack him and his men as well. It would be open warfare in a matter of days. This had all the trappings of a disaster. Neither side would back down nor be reasonable.

Her clansmen would never stomach an English army on their lands. Whatever was she to do? I will go alone.

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The only chance for peace is one man against them. As did his courage. But it was beyond foolishness to walk alone into enemy territory and expect them to surrender and bow. The day would never come when the Scots would do such. Henry shook his head. Henry cursed. I figure it would be easier traveling with you, but either way, I will make for Scotland. You need someone at your back. Something that obviously bound these two men together on the level of brothers.

Something that seemed sinister and cold, judging by the tormented looks in both their eyes. Callie wanted to argue, but she knew better. There was only one hope for her. She was nothing to Henry except a political pawn to be used as he saw fit.

Let him find an English heiress to marry. Or some other lass who caught his fancy. She had to get away from here. From these men and this horrible country, or else all was lost. Jamie shook his head like an old man chastising a child. Well, at least the lad had found his tongue again. Scales, too. I think I still have the bruise. Dermot said it went bone-deep, though it just looked kind of purple to me.

The woman had reversed herself just a little too quickly and he knew her mind, could see her thoughts plainly. She was plotting a new escape. He motioned Simon to him. Watch her just the same. She has an incredible knack for getting herself into trouble. Oh, cursed toads, Sin must have sent the knight to watch over them.

No matter. It merely made her escape more challenging. It by no means made her plans impossible. In her youth, she had often thwarted her intuitive nurse to slip out of the castle so that she could swim naked in the pond.

As Simon approached, she noted the black raven on his green surcoat. By the cut and cloth of the stylish piece and pride of the knight, she surmised he was a man of some standing and wealth. No doubt a great nobleman. He opened the door for her. I am a landless knight. Whatever had happened to them, it must have been horrible indeed.

Simon glanced to where Jamie was waiting for them at the top of the stairs, near her door. He lowered his voice to keep Jamie from overhearing him. He almost lost his own life that day because of it. From the wall where I was hidden, I could hear the beating he took rather than reveal my location. There are times at night when I can still hear and see the blows he received defending me not just that night, but for all the years we lived at Ravenswood. I shudder to think what was done to him over it.

But knowing Harold as I do, I am quite certain he made good on that promise. But it went a long way in explaining the man she knew Sin to be. Once they reached the top of the stairs, Callie gathered Jamie to her and opened the door to her room. Lord Sin was a fascination for her, but that was all he would ever be. Not while she had an escape to plan. Sin spent hours trying to dissuade Henry from his madness.

The man would not be swayed. A wife. The mere thought made his stomach queasy. What would he do with a wife? And, God forbid, love. All he wanted was to be left alone. Unbidden, an image of his brother Braden and sisterin-law Maggie drifted through his mind. No one had ever given him such a look. Less than a handful of people had ever looked at him with anything other than scorn or hatred.

Not that he needed any tenderness in his life. Why would he want it to change now? Still… Sin shook his head.

No more thoughts on the matter. He would do as Henry wished, but there were ways yet to thwart him. An unconsummated marriage was easy enough to dissolve. Henry would be happy, and he was quite sure Caledonia would as well…. He cursed at the irony of her name. I hate everything to do with Scotland and its people, and would sooner rot with pestilence than ever put one piece of my body in Scotland again. Disgusted, he made his way up the stairs toward his room. Not until he heard a rhythmic thumping that echoed from the other side of her door.

With one hand on the hilt of his sword, he paused with a frown to listen.

Thump, thump…thump, thump…thump, thump…He cocked his head and moved closer to the dark oak door and splayed his hand over the wood. Especially when he heard the muffled grunts. He curled his hand into a fist.

Surely Simon knew better than that. Sin pressed his ear to the door. There was no mistaking the sound. It was definitely a bed striking the stone wall with a tremendous amount of force.

And the rhythm could be nothing other than a man thrusting. But for some reason, the thought of Simon deflowering Caledonia made him want blood.

Every last tiny drop of it. Both lumps froze. Shock rooted him to the floor as he took in the full sight before him. Simon lay on his side, fully clothed, tied both to the bed and to a lump of pillows with a rope. A gag of linen was stuffed into his mouth. Sin sheathed his sword, then pulled out his dagger to cut away the gag. With that amount of time, she could be anywhere in London.

Caledonia paused as she glanced around the streets of London. The afternoon crowd that bustled in between the large buildings was fairly thick. None of them should recognize her or Jamie. The keeper had owned a stable with horses to be bought.

If she could get to those horses, she would buy one for each of them with the money she had managed to hide from Henry. Once they were safely away from the inn, they would don the robes of a leper and no one, not even thieves, would dare stop them then. They would be home in no time. Callie smiled. Can we not stop for a rest? Just a little one? Not when they were so close to leaving this place behind.

Lifting Jamie up in her arms, she held him to her side and continued on. Poor Jamie barely remembered their father, who had died almost three years ago. And to a wee bairn, no less. God loves all people equally. Your mother is a good soul who loves us, and the Lord in His mercy will see her in heaven along with the rest of us when, God forbid, she dies. Please, no more questions. Callie walked on for as long as she could, but after a time her arms and back ached.

A hundred? Two hundred? Think about being home again. Callie pulled him to a stop as she spied a group of mounted knights riding through the city.

Laughing, the mounted knights paid no heed to her. Oh, Lord, nay! She saw no sight of his brown cap. No sight of his red curls. Where could the wee lad be? Where was he? Where could he have gone to? Especially not in unknown places where strangers were about. Oh, Lord, anything could happen to him! Could he be in trouble? Her heart hammering, she searched all around her as fast as she could.

Just please, God, please let me find him before something happens to him. He could have fallen in the river or he could have gotten run over by a cart. He could have been kidnapped by thieves or some horrid such! Her mind played through numerous horrific scenarios, and all of them culminated with Jamie needing her and she not being there to protect him. If anything happened to him, she would never be able to live with herself.

The pain in her chest was excruciating. It tore through her lungs, making it hard to breathe. She had no idea where to look. No idea how to find him in this foreign city. Through her panic only one clear thought emerged. Lord Sin. He would find Jamie.

She was sure of it. Now she just had to find him. Sin scanned the crowd around him while he rode through the streets. Now he just had to get to the inn before the wench bought her horses. With Simon behind him, they were making good time. Out of the crowd, Sin spied a light blue veil on a woman so tall she stood head and shoulders above those around her. Even though she appeared frantic and hurried, he recognized her instantly. She stopped immediately.

Instead of running away as he expected, she rushed to his side. Never in his life had anyone said such a thing to him, let alone held such a sincere look about it. Something bad must surely have happened, for her to want to see the likes of him. Sliding from his horse, he held her by her arms. He was here a few minutes ago and then he vanished. Several people looked at them, but no one answered. Can you see him from up there? Maybe one street over. I believe so. But I did wash your eyes out.

Do they still burn? When Simon spoke, his voice was colder than a snowstorm in January. Thank you, milady, for your kindness. Her eyes relieved, she grabbed on to him and he noticed the tiny bones of her hand.

The softness of her touch. I even showed him where the shop was located and he said he would give anything to see the pastries and cockapies. I have a feeling he might have gone there. I swear my head still throbs from the little demon. I swear that part of it was an accident.

Born in Sin

Jamie knew better than to leave her side. And the lad had best be in trouble when they found him. If not, she was going to throttle his young life right out of him. Simon led them a few yards over to a small bake shop, where an old woman was leaving with a basket full of bread. As they approached the store, Callie saw the squirrel Simon had mentioned and she recognized the small face staring out the window, scanning the passersby, and noted the smile of extreme jubilation as its large blue eyes focused on her.

He was obviously as glad to see her as she was to see him. Relief tore through her as she slid from the horse and ran inside the store to her brother. Tears ran down her cheeks again as she swept him into her arms. I never meant to scare you. I was just hungry. At the love the two of them had for each other. The boy looked up at Simon. Callie looked up as Lord Sin handed her brother his purchase. At least not alone. She closed her eyes as pain swept through her. It would be the death of the poor woman who had been a mother to her as well.

But then what was she to do? Her thoughts turned to the man who would be her husband. Could she trust him? For an Englishman, he seemed reasonable enough. As did Simon. Perhaps, if she allowed them to go home with her, her clan might see that not all Englishmen were beasts. Perhaps they could win them over…. What are you? Get your head out of the dream world, lass, and put it on earth where it belongs. It was a long shot, no doubt, but it was the only one she could see. If she married Sin, they could go home safely.

Like it or not, she would submit to this marriage and trust in the Lord above to see her through it and to know what was best. Surely it must be His will, otherwise she and Jamie would have succeeded by now and been on their way home. This day had been an omen, and Callie believed wholeheartedly in omens. Tomorrow Sin would be her husband.

She watched Sin mount his horse.

He was a fine sight there, handsome, strong. The kind of man a woman dreamed about at night and hoped to see just once in the flesh. And he could be hers…. The hand he extended to her was both powerful and tender. He might not be her first choice for husband, but there was kindness in him. Fairness, too. If only he were of Scots blood. Still, there were far worse men to be married to. The very idea of returning to Scotland made him ill. Of course, he did have his brothers there, and while he was with her, he would make a point of seeing them.

They alone made the idea of leaving England tolerable. But even as the thought swept through his mind, he became aware of the woman before him. The way she smelled and felt in his arms. She was warm and soft, a gentle balm to soothe him. Never even dared hope for any kind of comfort in his life.

He sneered at the word. That was his life and he had no desire for it to change. He had fought too long and hard for his peace of mind to let this little bit of baggage in his lap come along and rattle him. She had her head tilted to study his hands.

Born In Sin

The smell of her stirred him furiously. His arms were pressed against her rib cage and her red lips were parted just enough so that he could easily claim her mouth for a passionate kiss.

The thought fired his body even more. The devil preserve him, he wanted this woman in a way most desperate. She stared at his lips as if she felt the heat between them. As if she, too, were dreaming of the kiss he longed to give her. But I am working on it. I wish you much success. She was a rare treat. One he would love to take a bite of and see if she was as saucy in his mouth as she was in his lap. He was teasing her. The light in his eyes said as much. Charmed by his uncharacteristic behavior, she teased back.

The woman need do no more than glance down and she would see proof enough of a horn that desired only to be naughty with the nymph in his lap. Oh, the spirit of this wench and the education he would kill to give her. He could just imagine her lying naked in his arms, her breasts pressed up against him. The taste of her flesh on his tongue. She was a temptress without equal. Surely I am foolish. Aelfa assures me you eat small children every morn to break your fast. Do you? Not worth the effort, really.

She pushed a stray piece of copper hair back beneath her veil. Milady, your fire is missing a few logs if you think that of me. Is that not right, Simon? The man nodded. Not even as a child. I did have a few years of fun with my brothers and a moment or two with Simon in our youth. I had four of them.

You must miss him much. The knowledge that his brothers had all been home and were being cared for was the only thing that had made his hell bearable growing up. As he had suffered at the hands of Harold and the others, he had reminded himself that if not for him, one of his brothers would have been tortured in his place.

Better he should be beaten and humiliated than any of them. They were good and decent, and they deserved only the best that life could provide for them. I am the eldest. They reined to a stop just before the stable.

Simon slid down with Jamie while Sin helped her down. Or do I need to hire a bodyguard for you as well?

That was good. Mayhap this knight could help her better understand the man who would be her husband. As they entered the castle, Jamie pulled away from her and bounded up the stairs ahead of them.

Simon gave her a suspicious stare. He hides it well, but every now and again I see it. A muscle worked in his jaw, as if he were warring within himself over whether or not he should tell her anything about his friend. Finally he spoke. His nose was still bleeding and his lips and jaw swollen. Still, he stood erect and faced Harold of Ravenswood with a strength and dignity few men possessed.

The old earl was renowned only for his cruelty and love of all things brutal, and as such even the stoutest of heart was known to grow a bit pale when they looked upon him. And yet here was a boy who stood without flinching.

One who met the earl with his lips curled and his eyes narrowed in hatred. Harold asked him how it came to be that he held such courage before him. She could barely imagine a child saying such.

She slid her gaze to Jamie as the lad swept into their room, and tried to imagine him in such a state. All little Jamie had ever known was loving arms and a doting family. And why? Why would anyone do such a thing to a mere lad?

Everyone deserved love. It was what her mother, God rest her soul, had always taught her. Talking loudly to himself, her brother knelt before their trunk and started digging out the toys Aelfa had brought for him. He lined the knights up and catapulted them with his shoes while she and Simon went to stand by the window.

Sent as a guarantee that his father would no longer oppose King Stephen. Go ahead and kill him. I have hammer and anvil with which to forge even stronger sons. How horrible for Sin. Her own father would have killed any man who even looked askance at one of his children.

MacGregor, Kinley (aka Sherrilyn Kenyon) - Brotherhood 03 - Born in Sin

He learned long ago to trust no one. Not even a woman.That basic philosophy was what had gotten him through his short, hard life. And this man was definitely no priest. One of the men cut her off. For they were cold and empty. She rushed down the dark spiral steps at a breakneck speed, with Jamie one step behind. Connie Cornish: Hey guys, do you wishes to finds a new book to study?

Just who would dare say such?

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