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― Devil's Game is the first comprehensive account of America's How the United States Helped Unleash Fundam and millions of other books are . Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Starred Review. One of the CIA's first great Similar books to Devil's Game: How the United States Helped Unleash Fundamentalist Islam (American Empire Project). Devil's Game: How the United States Helped Unleash Fundamentalist Islam is a book by Robert Dreyfuss, an American investigative journalist. It discusses .

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Devil's Game book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Liam Hunter Blake hates the Reapers MC. Born and raised a Devil's. Buy the Book: Buy Devil's Game by Robert Dreyfuss at Amazon Buy Devil's Game by Robert Dreyfuss at Barnes & Noble Buy Devil's Game by Robert Dreyfuss. Devil's Game: How the United States Helped Unleash Fundamentalist Islam. by Robert Get the latest book reviews delivered to your inbox.

Like the Muslim Brotherhood, the Devotees had their own assassination squads. They failed, in , to assassinate the Shah.

Two years later, however, they did assassinate Iran's Prime Minister Gen. Ali Razmara.

Ironically, General Razmara's murder led the Shah to appoint Mohammed Mossadegh as the new Prime Minister, setting the stage for yet-another Anglo-American coup against a secular nationalist regime, falsely branded "communist. The coup in Iran became the food of legend, about CIA officers Kermit and Archibald Roosevelt, who organized the bazaari to stem the tide of communism and stop the nationalization of British oil holdings. A well-informed Iranian source reported that Mossadegh made the decision to step down, rather than either side with the Soviet-backed Iranian Communist Party or unleash his own mass base of supporters to battle the Muslim Brothers and the allied bazaari.

It was Mossadegh's concern about the Iranian people that had more to do with the so-called "coup," than the clandestine prowess of the Roosevelt boys and their British partners. Princess Ashraf Pahlevi, the Shah's twin sister, despite her own dubious personal role, voiced the views of many when she zeroed in on the British role: "Many influential clergymen formed alliances with representatives of foreign powers, most often the British, and there was, in fact, a standing joke in Persia that said if you picked up a clergyman's beard, you would see the words 'Made in England' stamped on the other side With the encouragement of the British, who saw the mullahs as an effective counterforce to the Communists, the elements of the extreme religious right were starting to surface again, after years of being suppressed.

And again, the Muslim Brotherhood was London's weapon of choice. The group had been founded by Ramadan, the son-in-law and heir of Brotherhood founder Hassan al-Banna. When a Baathist military coup took place in , the Brotherhood began a campaign of irregular warfare, that built momentum throughout the s. In , the Muslim Brotherhood staged a military assault on the Syrian Army academy at Aleppo, setting the main building on fire and killing 83 cadets.

A war between the Brothers and the government ensued, resulting, again, in thousands of deaths.

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Ultimately, the Syrian Brothers fled to Saudi Arabia. But even before the battle for Syria was concluded, the United States had been drawn into what would be the hallmark campaign of collusion between Washington, London, and right-wing Islam: The Afghan War. Again, Dreyfuss provides the reader with a thumbnail history of the evolution of the Muslim Brotherhood in remote Afghanistan. Again, the roots are found in Egypt.

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A group of young Afghan students spent several years at the al-Azhar mosque in Cairo, a center of Muslim Brotherhood activity. They returned to Afghanistan and formed a branch of the Brothers, the Islamic Society. In an interview with French journalists, then-National Security Advisor to President Jimmy Carter, Zbigniew Brzezinski, boasted that he had convinced the President to authorize pro-active covert support for Afghan mujahideen rebels, provoking the Soviet invasion.

The three leading Muslim Brotherhood figures named above led the major factions of the Afghan insurgency. But, as Dreyfuss documents, an estimated 35, Arab "Afghansi" from 43 countries were recruited during the decade-long war in Afghanistan to join the battle.

The Service Bureau served as a hospitality service for incoming jihadists.

Azzam had been recruited to the Brotherhood in Syria during the s. While Washington neo-conservatives such as Michael Ledeen and Richard Perle spent much of the Reagan era parading Hekmatyar and other "Afghansi" leaders around the halls of Congress, promoting them as valiant "freedom fighters," at least one CIA officer with vast experience in the Middle East was warning about the blindness of American policy.

Martha Kessler told Dreyfuss, "We had a World War II-era system of just plopping our officials down in capital cities, and the Islamist movement wasn't happening in those cities, it was happening out in the country and in small towns.


I was one of the school that it would be largely anti-Western in tone. Baer recounted that he "started looking for documents on the Muslim Brotherhood.

He maintained that the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt was preferable to the Mubarak regime, and that Shi'ite domination over Iraq would herald an era of Western-style democracy.

Even Ayatollah Khomeini stood up favorably to Gerecht's target Mubarak: "Khomeini submitted the idea of an Islamic republic to an up-or-down popular vote in , and regular elections with some element of competition are morally essential to the regime's conceptions of its own legitimacy, something not at all the case with President Husni Mubarak's dictatorship in Egypt Anti-Americanism is the common denominator of the Arab states with 'pro-American' dictators.

By comparison, Iran is a profoundly pro-American country. One vital step toward reversing the present foreign policy and national security folly called the "Global War on Terrorism," is a grasp of universal history.

The Dreyfuss account of America's thoughtless embrace of Britain's Muslim Brothers, while far from flawless, is a very commendable step toward offering the kinds of historical insights that can lead to a major long-overdue overhaul of American policy.

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April 3, The Great Transformation: January 5, Israel created Hamas. Dreyfuss's volume reaches farther and deeper into the subject than most.

He convincingly situates America's attempt to build an Islamic bulwark against Soviet expansion into Britain's history of imperialism in the region. And where other authors restrict their focus to the Afghan mujahideen, Dreyfuss details a history of American support—sometimes conducted with startling blindness, sometimes, tacitly through proxies—for Islamic radicals in Egypt, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Syria.

At times, the assistance occurred openly through the American private sector, as Dreyfuss describes in a fascinating digression on Islamic banking.

But ultimately, too few government officials were paying attention to the growth and dangers of political Islam. A CIA officer summarizes Dreyfuss's case when he says, "We saw it all in a short-term perspective"—the long-term consequences are what we're facing now.

View Full Version of PW.But overall, kid-testers found the games to be interesting and fun to play. They're both stubborn, hot headed and because of trust issues they both have a hard time expressing their true feelings.

That, more than any other action, would remove a global casus belli for the Islamic right. The idea was not just defensive. For me, however, that was perfect; since I already knew of Hunter and Em from book 2, I liked that this book was sort of a continuation and not a rehash of the same details — she gave us a totally different perspective despite going through similar timelines from book 2.

They fight, they make up, then they fight some more and then make up once again. Full review to come closer to the release date It is not an all-powerful organization Biker genre, Strong Women, Romance.

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