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Easy Address Book is exactly that, an easy-to-use address book for your computer. You can use it to store your contacts and send messages from your usual. EZ Home and Office Address Book v $ Easy to Use Address Book Software for Home and Office Simple to use yet powerful enough for thousands of . Efficient Address Book is an elegant contact management software program. such as Habits and Hobbies; Easy to Sync Data across PCs and Mobile Phones .

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Efficient Address Book Free. Manage Contacts Easily by Recording Detailed Info of Each One, Photos, Hobbies, Birthday Comment Help Record More and. Easily consolidate all your contacts in one secure, online location. With Keep&Share you can view & edit your address book from any device, anywhere, 24/7. My Personal Address Book is an easy to use address management system. It simplifies keeping track of you addresses, and yet provides many powerful features.

Print reports on regular paper 8.

We have planner paper for your printer available in 2 sizes: Planner 5. Our address book software is very easy to use. You'll be viewing reports and printing address labels in minutes!

Plus, you can always receive free technical support. Still have questions? You may find your answer in our list of Frequently Asked Questions.

You can also email your questions to sales allprosoftware. Import Addresses Stop re-typing! Import addresses from Outlook, and other software programs using a comma delimited file.

Simple Phone Book

Reports Create reports of any info you've entered. Great for printing your own Address Book or Phone Book for a handy reference next to your phone or for your day planner. Birthdays Never miss another birthday! View the Birthday Report to see upcoming birthdays and how old someone will be.

Option to turn-on reminders to alert you of upcoming birthdays. Families Keep all family member names together under one address. You'll never have to wonder what their kids' names are again or how to spell them! Notes There's even a place to keep your personal notes. Enter donation records, directions to the house, best time to call,time zones, dinner preferences.

Return Address Save a step and have your return address automatically printed on envelopes and postcards. Change Address Placement This is a nice option if you have custom address labels with a logo or picture.

You can re-position where the address prints to accommodate your custom label.

Windows Address Book Software

Choose Fields for Labels If you need to print something other than name and address - no problem. The city and state are automatically filled in when a zip is entered and phone numbers are auto formatted.

Pictures can be added to the address book and viewed in the picture gallery. A phone book can also be printed. Name and address labels can be printed using many common label forms and pictures and clip art can be added.

You can print on any size envelope. You can also print file folder labels and business cards.

There are birthday and anniversary reminders when the program starts and a printable birthday and anniversary calendar. There's a function to easily select names for labels, envelopes, and email lists for Christmas or other special occasions.

Other functions include daily reminders, a reminder calendar, Google and MapQuest address mapping, a recipe organizer with pictures, a budget maker, and saving sensitive information in an encrypted lockbox.

You can even customize the program to only show the features you want. More than one database can be added so you can have one for home and one for business. Names and addresses can be imported from programs, including Parsons, that can export to a CSV or tab delimited file.

Sample graphics are included with EZ! EZ makes it simple to print labels for Christmas, holidays, special occasions, bills, or anything else. Clip art and pictures can be added to any label. A return address can be added to some of the larger labels and to envelopes. Labels that have already been used on the label sheet can be skipped. You can also print file folder labels.

Sample clipart and pictures are included with EZ including Christmas trees! There are 3 different picture sizes that can be displayed click the 'Select' button. Select the fields you want on the report click the 'Select' button.

Manage Contacts' Detailed Info On The Go---Get Closer, Know Better!

The name, address, phone numbers, and email address are displayed. Only one email address is displayed and 'Email' takes precedence over 'Work Email'. Birthday and Anniversary Reminders When the program starts, the Birthday and Anniversary Reminders Screen is displayed if any birthdays or anniversaries are within the Day Range set in Options.

If the Day Range set in Options is zero, the reminders screen will not be displayed.

Click 'Calendar' to display the Birthday and Anniversary Calendar, click 'Printable Calendar' to display the Printable Birthday and Anniversary Calendar, click 'Printable Report' to display the Birthdays and Anniversaries printable report, or click 'Label' to print a label for the selected name.

Click on an email address to start an email. Click 'Reset' to select the original EZ screen colors. Select 50 to for the Default Zoom when a report is first displayed. Leave a field blank to use the default. You can create custom fields, where can store insurance information, loan data, hosting information etc. You can easy print list of contacts and details of selected contact. Free Address Book is absolutely free!

Manage your contacts easily and fast!

Current version 1. Testimonials Very nice softwere for use as a address book and birthday reminder Radaly Salmasan Thank you so much for sharing this software at free. May God bless your company more. It was been so useful to me.

By using this program I was able to download my database from LinkedIn and in just a few steps have it up and running on my desktop. Thanks, awesome program and hope to see more in the future. Thank you for your work in developing it. I have tried numerous address books and none of them do what I want.Great for printing your own Address Book or Phone Book for a handy reference next to your phone or for your day planner.

Thank you for a very nice software program. The user interface is designed to provide ease of use when entering new records or updating existing records. And by the way, we do not add advertising in your address books nor do we alter them in any way.

I just loaded your address software, added addresses, and printed out to the appropriate label. Easy Address Entry All entries are listed alphabetically.

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