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Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Create a Print-at-Home Pattern PDF: This How To has instructions on how to tile a DIY fashion and sewing community offering downloadable sewing patterns. How to make sewing patterns for sale as PDF sewing patterns, including how to digitize, how to draft and how to grade sewing patterns. Most of us love to make things, you may even have a small business selling 5 online resources to help create and sell PDF sewing patterns.

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Here is a great way for you to be able to share your patterns online as PDF's just the way we do it at BurdaStyle. Follow these steps and soon. When you purchase a PDF pattern from the Colette Patterns shop, the final You don't want to do this with a sewing pattern because it would. It covers the things I've learned while making patterns for the last 5 years, plus instructions for how to use OpenOffice to format a PDF sewing.

If you have the Creative Suite you have Adobe Acrobat Professional already, otherwise you can download one online.

Sleeveless Top Pattern

See the collection Get the pattern bundle here Cold feet or nasty stomach ache? This hot water bottle helps to cure ailments — and looks sweet too! Read more Download the free template Download the pattern See the gallery From the toolbar on the left, choose the Eraser tool and click on the tiny arrow at the bottom corner of the icon which will give you more Eraser options.

Click on the Magic Eraser option. Click anywhere on the blank area of your scanned pattern piece and it will remove everything matching that color, making the background transparent and leaving only your black lines behind.

Sometimes the scanned images will be hard to see when you open them in Photoshop. You can increase the Contrast and decrease the Brightness on each pattern piece layer to make your hand drawn lines easier to see and line up.

The Levels tool under the same menu will produce similar effects. Once the pattern pieces are fully reassembled, you can get rid of all the layers by going to the Layer menu, then choosing Flatten Image. The next step will be to trace your reassembled pattern piece with the Pen Tool to get rid of all the hand drawn cutting lines and messiness. On your now reassembled pattern file, create a New Layer and then select the Paint Bucket tool from your toolbar on the left.

Click anywhere on your canvas with the paint bucket to fill in the layer — I used a white fill layer but you can use whatever color will give you a good contrast against the hand drawn pattern lines.

This new filled in layer should be on top of your pattern piece layer, hiding it from your view for the moment. With your New Layer selected, choose the Pen Tool from the toolbar on the left.

Click along the outline of your pattern. Each spot you click will connect to the spot before it, until you have come back to your starting point and enclose your pattern shape.

You can adjust your line to fit and curve as you go by clicking on any point on the line. This will make 3 dots appear. Next, right-click inside your enclosed dotted line and choose Make Selection from the pop up menu. The outline will start sort of blinking. Now, using the Paint Bucket tool again, fill in your pattern piece with a different color I chose a set of pastel colors just for fun.

This will fill in your selection.

Now you can hide your hand drawn layer by clicking the little eye icon next to it you see only your finished piece. When I stack them all on top of each other, each size is clearly shown in a different color making it easy for the final user to cut out the size they want and get to sewing! You can now add a text layer to your finished pattern piece providing all the important information using the Text Tool from the toolbar on the left. You can also use the pencil tool to draw an arrow showing the grainline.

The Pencil tool is also found on the toolbar. Choose the weight in pixels for your line, and you can make a perfectly straight line by holding down the Shift key as you draw your line across the screen. Now your finished pattern is neat, clean, and ready to share. Flatten each of those files down to a single layer if you had text, and multiple size layers like in my example by going to the Layer menu and choosing Flattern Image.

Next, use the Rectangular Marquee Tool from earlier to draw a box around your entire pattern piece. Copy your selection, then paste it onto your New File. With the marquee tool still selected, right click and choose the Free Transform tool that you used earlier when assembling the pattern pieces to move your finished piece into your desired print layout position. Whatever your plans for digitizing your hand drawn patterns, this finished product is sure to save you time down the road.

You can easily copy patterns to share with your friends or for a class, or you can offer your patterns for sale either as a print or digital download. Check out my tutorial for how to sew your own soft and stretchy jersey raglan using this pattern too. See what fun, new applications you can discover for your own digitized patterns! This is wonderful! Thank you so much for this tutorial! The timing could not be more perfect!

Then a person just picks the pattern size, the material print, and has Spoonflower print it all.

How To: Digitize Your Sewing Patterns

That would save so much time. Thanks for sharing. What a great tutorial. Thank you so much for taking the time to share this tutorial. I love your patterns, I did a test run of this Rarity to put on a fleece hat but I ran into some trouble. Do you have any tips for embroidering on fleece? You will however, need a scanner. Fortunately they are low cost, especially second hand.

Avalon Shorts PDF Sewing Pattern for Women

Wear it as a dress or a coat, over other garments or on it's own. Wear with just about everything. Making this up is a great way to learn the principle of sewing a roll collar. Collarless and with easy in-seam pockets. A little bit of saddle stitching gives it a certain sophistication.

This one is quite different though. Roomy but elegant, this smock type coat will suit any figure type. No fitting required! Wear it belted or flowing.

Pinafore Dress Pattern No - Making up the pinafore dress is a sewing lesson in just about everything apart from sewing sleeves. Learn about darts, zips, patch pockets, embroidery, topstitching.

See my very first tutorial Make a Dress and then again, watch the Add a Lining version. Sun Dress Pattern No - Another very popular pattern. Quite a nostalgic shape reminding me of long summers and school holidays!

For day or evening. Plenty of movement. Popular for Dance Classes. Make it up in linen, wool, leather even. Add hand stitched Saddle Stitching.

Very cool, sporty but elegant. Nicely shaped for easy dressing. Looks wonderful made up in a Jersey Print. The RaRa shape is never out of fashion it appears.

It is great for summer on the beach, cute for your exercise class and generally easy dressing for everyday. Upgraded sewing pattern format with colour coded pattern pieces, fabric cutting out layouts and fabric requirements table. An easy to follow eBook Sewing Guide to help you achieve courture results. Classic Pencil Skirt Pattern - A classic Pencil Skirt Sewing Pattern is a must sew for anyone wanting a versatile, wearable wardrobe that is equipped for every occasion.Easy Sewing Patterns.

Is there a way to interact with the instructor and fellow students? Wear it as a dress or a coat, over other garments or on it's own. You will need Adobe Illustrator and InDesign. I have made this dozens of times and never tire of the shape.

Princess seaming. Today, we have a guest post from Devon , who recently taught the Moneta sewalong over on the Colette Sewalongs website, and is currently running the Myrtle Sewalong.

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