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In John Kehoe withdrew into wooded seclusion to spend three years in intensive study and contemplation of the inner workings of the human mind. Using Mind Power by John Kehoe - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File . txt) or read online for free. In Mind Power Into the 21st Century, John Kehoe has articulated a set of life- changing principles for charting a course to success and happiness.

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In Mind Power Into the 21st Century, John Kehoe has articulated a set of life- changing principles for charting a course to success and happiness. More than that. Book Summary: Mind Power: Into the 21st Century (Zoetic) by John Kehoe. Number of Pages: pages. ISBN Book Finished: 15 Dec. Download Mind Power Into the 21st Century- By John Kehoe.

Spend five minutes every day reading this list over and acknowledging your positive traits, feeling successful. Let these elements seep into your consciousness.

An acknowledging list can be either general or specific. For example, lets say youre going to a job interview for a sales position. You might make a specific acknowledging list that highlights the particular qualities you possess which will help you succeed in such a position, such as: Im a good communicator, I have great people skills, Im organized, and so on.

By focusing on this list you are building a specific success vibration. But the same principle works whether youre closing a million-dollar deal or getting an entry-level job or finding that perfect partner. Create a success vibration and you will attract success. What are you waiting for?

Get started today. Eliminating Negative Thinking Having a successful life and achieving your goals are skills that everyone can learn using Mind Power.

To do so, the most important point you need to remember is: What you focus on you attract. Simply put, you train your mind to think about what you want in life, and you avoid thinking about what you dont want.

Worry, fear, negative thinking, these are all allowing the mind to focus on what you dont want. Not only does this drain your energy but it is counterproductive. That is why fear is so destructive and why despair and hopelessness must be avoided. They are in many ways Mind Power in reverse. So how do we eliminate this negative thinking? The first step is to recognize the importance of eliminating them, and the second step is to be aware when negatives are happening to us.

Now you cant avoid negative thinking entirely. Sometimes negative thoughts just pop into our mind. What we can do, however, is to be vigilant and aware, so that we immediately recognize when we are thinking negatively.

And when we catch ourselves thinking negative thoughts we can use any of these techniques: 1. Change the negative thought into a positive one. For example, if you are worried and focusing on what could go wrong in a situation, change your thoughts to what could go right.

The mind can only think one thought at a time; so changing the negative into a positive eliminates the negative. Use an affirmation. Begin affirming to yourself something positive and selfsupporting. The mind will focus on what you are repeating to yourself. Use humor and fun. We get very serious and stressed when were thinking negative thoughts. Think of something funny to change the energy, or do something fun like going to a movie or having a night out with friends.

Dont let your negative thoughts have power over you.


Be proactive in eliminating them. Remind yourself that the negative thought you are thinking is only a negative thought. It has no power other than what you give it. Negatives gain momentum from your thinking them over and over again. So stop thinking them. The key is to be diligent in monitoring what you are thinking, to catch the negatives before they have time to become entrenched. With practice you will notice right away when you are thinking negatives, and you then can take the appropriate actions.

Kehoe John. In Mind Power. Into the 21st Century

The mind is a creature of habit, so encourage positive thoughts and eliminate negative ones. You wouldnt allow stinking garbage to build up in your house without taking action.

Likewise dont let negative thinking build up in the inner sanctuary of your mind. We are responsible for the thoughts we think. Take action to eliminate negative thinking. Importance of Eliminating Negative Thinking September Our topic for September is the importance of eliminating negative thinking. Eliminating negative thinking is not simply about having a good attitude or feeling good or being positive just for the sake of being positive, although all these things have their benefits.

It goes much deeper than that. The student of Mind Powers recognizes that thoughts are real forces and that how we think directly affects the things that happen to us. Our mind is like a garden, and we are the master gardeners.

Through care and diligence we can create a botanical masterpiece, or through neglect our garden can be a mass of weeds--negatives, insecurities and failures. Understanding this, it becomes our duty and responsibility to eliminate negative thinking. I'm going to give you five excellent techniques for eliminating negatives from your mind.

Each technique is separate and independent from the other. In fact some of these techniques will seem contradictory, but each will be highly effective in dealing with negative thinking.

Mind Power Into the 21st Century – PDF

The first technique is called cut it off. With this technique, the instant you recognize that you are thinking a negative thought, you end it.

You don't argue with it, you don't analyze it, you don't defend yourself against it, you cut it off. The moment you recognize that you're thinking a negative thought, simply cut it off and insert a totally different thought into your mind. And the key here is the instant you recognize you're thinking a negative thought. So whenever you become aware of negative thinking, act immediately, cut it off and set a totally different thought into your mind.

The second technique is called label it. As soon as you recognize that you are thinking a negative thought, instead of cutting it off as you did with the first technique, label it. You say to yourself, "What is happening inside me now is that I am experiencing 'a negative thought. You keep reminding yourself that "It's only a negative thought. It's only a negative thought. I'm going to write it in bold letters and I would like you to read it over at least three times before you continue on, so that it becomes imprinted into your mind.

Here it is: Negatives only have power over you if you react to them. Go back and read it again. Continue to read this statement until you fully realize that it's you reacting to negatives that gives them power.

The minute you start worrying in this way, the minute you start reacting to the negative, the minute you start working yourself up about it, it's got you. But when you recognize that negatives only have power over you when you react to them, then you simply choose not to react. Label it. Remind yourself that it is only a negative thought. And then move on to something else. Don't get trapped into thinking about it.

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Dismiss it. Once again, negatives only have power over you if you react to them. Now the third technique for eliminating negatives is to exaggerate the thought into all ridiculousness. The exaggeration technique is a great technique, but you must exaggerate it into ridiculousness.

And the key word here is ridiculousness. Let's say that you're a salesperson and you're out making your sales calls and suddenly the thought comes to you, "Ah, what's the use, I'm not going to make another sale today. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if, when I visit this next company, as soon as I open the door people are going to be throwing pails of water on me, and then they're going to release pit bull terriers and German shepherds and I'm going to be bitten and I'm going to be wet, and then this great big mechanical boxing glove will come out and it's going to smash me in the face.

And then everybody is going to leap up on their desk and reveal this great big banner that says, 'You fool, why did you come here? You're never going to make another sale! Wouldn't it be great if when we had negative thoughts they came with warning signs reading, "It's only a negative thought, you don't have to believe it if you don't want to.

They come disguised as apparently real problems, or quietly, slipping in when we're not paying attention. And if we're not aware of the fact that our mind is the great trickster, forever conjuring up negative thoughts, then we'll buy into every single destructive thought that occurs to us.

But with these techniques we have ways of dealing with negatives. That's why they are so valuable. The fourth technique is to counteract the negative with the exact opposite. Whatever the negative is saying to you, you counteract it by thinking the exact opposite thought. When the negative thought comes to you: "I'm not going to make another sale today," you counteract it with, "I'm going to make several more sales today.

It might seem to you that you're thinking many thoughts at a time, but what is actually happening is you're thinking one thought after another one thought after another one thought, and so on. At any given moment, you're only thinking one thought. So if you take out the negative and put in the exact opposite, you are taking the power away from that negative.

Don't feed the beast. This is often exactly opposite to what most people do. Most people, when they have something that they don't want to have happen to them, they think about it, they worry about it, they focus on it, eventually they manifest it. The fifth technique is to use affirmations on the negative. If you don't know what affirmations are, they are simply statements that you repeat to yourself, over and over and over again.

In Mind Power into the 21st Century I have written a whole chapter on affirmations. Affirmations are extremely effective, especially on those reoccurring negatives, the ones that have haunted you for years.

What you do is the next time that you find yourself thinking that negative, calmly inform it that, "From here on, every time that you come to me, you will be met with two minutes of affirmations stating the precise opposite of what you are saying. So when your mind comes up with a negative such as, "I'm never going to get ahead in my life," as soon as that thought comes to you, counteract it with two minutes of affirmations stating the exact opposite: "I'm going to be tremendously successful in my life.

I'm going to be tremendously successful in my life. And if the negative comes back, hit it again with another two minutes. If you respond with two minutes of affirmations every single time it comes to you, I will guarantee you that very quickly, often within days, that negative will cease haunting you.

These are five excellent ways of dealing with negative thinking. Use whichever ones you find beneficial, use them in combinations with one another, but most importantly, use them. Because you no longer need to be overpowered by negatives.

No longer do you have to let these negatives bring you down. From this point on you possess the tools and techniques to eliminate negatives. Now go out and use them. The Subconscious Mind While most of us are aware that we have something called a subconscious mind within us, there are very few of us who know much more than that about it, let alone how to harness it. This is unfortunate, for your subconscious mind can and should be a great ally in achieving success in your life.

All you need to do is to establish a working relationship with your subconscious mind. In order to do this, one must become conscious and familiar with this hidden, mysterious aspect of ourselves, and the role it plays in our life. One of the ways we can do this is by affirming to ourselves for several minutes each day, My subconscious mind is my partner in success.

By doing this we are reeducating ourselves as to the fact that we possess a second powerful mind, and that it is our partner in success. Becoming conscious of our subconscious, and moving beyond thinking of it as some abstract concept or figment of our imagination is an important step.

The second step is to be aware of how our conscious and subconscious minds work together, to learn the functions and roles of each. The subconscious has two main functions in our life.

The first function is to attract to us conditions and circumstances according to the predominant thought patterns that reside within it. My reoccurring mantra is, What you focus on you attract. Now with this new subconscious information, you can begin to understand why this is true.

Your subconscious mind is not limited in any way and will forever attract to you according to your thoughts.

Creativity 91 No Problems, Only Opportunities Healing Ourselves Prosperity Consciousness Fulfilling Relationships Training for the Magnificent Pay-off Suggested Readings Preface y goal in this book is to share with you a num- ber of important tech- niques I have found useful in creating new realities. In Mind Power Into the 21st Century I will share with you stories of how people are successfully using these techniques and show you why they work so well.

Harnessing the forces of the universe and actively partici- pating in the creative process of making your goals happen is an exhilarating experience. This book provides you with all the tools necessary to do that; all that remains is for you to apply them.

For twenty years I have had the joy and gratification of personally instructing well over one hundred thousand peo- ple in this system. Now, through this book, I will be able to reach countless others. If this book is in your hands for the first time, then welcome; I am sure you will benefit from what I've discovered, and I am very pleased to be able to in- troduce the Mind Power system to you.

Huge amounts of new knowledge and research a must read for people looking to advance in life. John takes the stuff he taught before and delving deeper into the all the various aspects of the quantum world that we live in. If you thought the law of attraction and the mind power exercises were amazing and an eye-opener, this takes all that, and totally kicks it up and raises the bar. I have enjoyed Mr. This book takes it a step further. I will be rereading often.

If you want to take your life to the next level, and fully understand how the universe is connected then this is a MUST. The Seven Disciplines will teach you to really discipline your life and to connect with the energy that is ever present in and around us. This book is my companion and I will be reading it over and over again to cement my learning and also each time I read through it I know I will be picking up what I need in my life at that time — possibly something I never noticed in the previous reading.Most people omit this step.

Use a phrase or at maximum one sentence. This is why visualizations, affirmations and repeated images can have such a powerful effect in our life. Its not magic and it doesnt happen overnight, but if you persist in your vision, you will achieve it. Andy Ursache. The important thing is to make sure youre doing some exercises every day.

I will always try to teach you the most I can about your personal powers, but what you gain of those powers will depend on your own individual efforts. Mind Power Into the 21st Century has sold millions of copies, and has become an international bestseller, translated and published in a multitude of languages including, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Bulgarian, Lithuanian, Italian, and Serbian.

We have incredible power within us to use any way we choose.

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