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Khuda Aur Muhabbat Novel By Hashim Nadeem Pdf Free Download. Urdu novel Khuda Aur Mohabbat By Hashim Nadeem Read online Free Download in Pdf. Nov 5, Khuda Aur Mohabbat is becoming one the most famous novel now a days. Many people are reading it but carrying a novel everywhere is. Khuda aur Mohabbat / خدا اور محبت book. Read 34 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. یہ ناول امیر غریب مزہبی غیر مزہبی عشق و محبت کے ت.

Khuda Aur Muhabbat Pdf

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Khuda Aur Muhabbat is a Pakistani drama serial that aired on Geo TV. It is based upon . Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version. A beautiful urdu novel Khuda Aur Muhabbat written by Hashim Nadeem. Mar 31, Download or read on-line another very beautiful and popular Urdu romantic novel "Khuda Aur Mohabbat" (God and Love) by Hashim Nadeem.

Khuda aur Mohabbat / خدا اور محبت

Go to bed now and well talk about the matter at some other time. Kamran patted me on my back and went towards his room while I remained seated there in the easy chair in front of the window and continued to hear the typical sound of the falling snow on the branches of the trees which were bending down under the weight of snow.

Outside, the sky had turned fiery red and inside the room, there was the sound of the snapping of wood in the fireplace and the shadows of rising flames on the wall.

At this hour of the night, my mind traveled back to that evening two years ago, when I had my first meeting with Iman. After retiring as Commissioner, my father began taking care of the vast agricultural lands that had once belonged to our forefathers.

It is another thing that he could never become a landlord in the true sense of the word, because, the strict bureaucrat that lay hidden in him, always figured prominently in him and dominated his personality. My mother was the daughter of an eminent landlord and thus possessed all the characteristics of educated women belonging to the feudal class.


Even her Masters degree in English Literature had failed to bring about any change in her personality. We were a happy and prosperous family of three brothers and a sister and were passing our life in our own typical fashion.

My father had always been in close contact with the most important political figures of the country and every evening, our drawing room was filled with the incumbent ministers and members of the ruling class. Since childhood, it had been a matter of great astonishment for me that despite the frequent change of governments in the country, the same political faces could be seen in different forms in my fathers drawing room.

Perhaps, my father enjoyed friendly ties only with those politicians who were capable of always rocking in the cradle of power, whatever the circumstances might be. It was perhaps, due to this very reason that he had arranged the marriage of his eldest son Sajjad and his daughter Madiha into such ruling families.

My sister Madiha was married to a boy belonging to a highly influential family of Sindh.

Khuda aur Mohabbat / خدا اور محبت

Apparently, they belonged to Sindh, but their new generation had seen no other city of Pakistan except its capital Islamabad. Madiha had also started living in Islamabad after her marriage. My elder brother Sajjad was also married to a girl belonging to an aristocratic family of Punjab.

My Brothers wife Abrina was always keen and anxious to prove that her high class family was in no way inferior to ours. My brother Sajjad was always so busy in his business affairs and foreign tours that he could hardly ever spare some time for his wife. Consequently, she and my mother kept themselves busy in making arrangements for all the family parties and functions.

As far as I Hammad Amjad and my younger brother Ibad who was the darling of the whole family were concerned, we did not have the least interest in the noisy activities and festivities of our home.

I had recently got Masters degree and Ibad had also completed his graduation. Right from the beginning, I had never been interested in leading my life according to some particular plan or discipline and, therefore, despite the repeated insistence of my father, I had not yet agreed to assist him in his business affairs.

For this very reason, he was somewhat annoyed with me in those days. On the other hand, Ibad had never wanted to do anything in Pakistan. He had always been obsessed with the desire of settling abroad but he was too shy to talk to Father on this matter in a decisive manner.

Parties and get togethers were held most frequently in our house, under one pretext or the other. At times, I thought that we the rich people have got very few excuses for enjoyment and celebration.

I have read somewhere that the rich are wrong to believe that the poor are happier than they and in the same way, the poor are wrong in their opinion that the rich are leading a happier life than theirs.

Perhaps, someone has said it very rightly. Another party had been arranged at our house on that day on the pretext that the only son of my brother Sajjad had completed the first Para Part of the Holy Quran. In imitation of one another, it is becoming a common fashion in the rich families to employ some Maulvi in order to teach the Quran to the children in the evening.

Or, it might have been the outcome of the strict training and upbringing which my father had received from his father in his childhood. Whatever the reason was, he ordered Brother Sajjad to arrange some Maulvi who could come in the evening and teach the Holy Quran to his little son Sunny.

It is another thing that on most days of the month, the Maulvi had to return home from the gate of our bungalow without teaching anything because of some party or ceremony being held inside. How could be a simple minded poor Maulvi and his old-fashioned bicycle could be fitted into the clamour and glamour of the highly sophisticated parties? Abrina My brothers wife herself strongly disapproved the coming of this type of Maulvi to teach her son but who could speak out against the dictates of our father?

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Thus, quite unwillingly, this formality was www. I wonder why we the rich are so far away from such formalities while the poor are so near to them. While we treat religion as a mere formality, the poor observe every formality as a part of religion. On a couple of occasions, I myself had an informal exchange of greetings with this Maulvi outside the home on the way as well as in that part of the lounge where he used to sit and teach Sunny.

Maulvi Alimuddin was a simple man, having a thin and lean body, and an impressive looking bright face. He used to wear spectacles and was always dressed in white clothes consisting of Kurta Pajama Shirt and trousers.

He was a quiet sort of person having a dignified appearance and always liked to lower his head and eyes while talking.

Daily at four in the evening, he arrived on his old-fashioned Rally Bicycle and silently sat wherever he was told to sit by the servants, and waited for Sunny to come down.

I always wondered how he was able to control a naughty little child like Sunny. I had personally seen the way in which Sunny had always been giving a very tough time to the rest of his home tutors. But quite unexpectedly, he always sat in a respectful and decent manner in front of the Maulvi.

On one or two occasions, I secretly attempted to incite Sunny to make some mischief with the Maulvi, but Sunny remained unaffected. Sunny had successfully finished the first Para Part of the Holy Quran and to mark this occasion, a party was being held in the house that evening. As Sunny was the cause of the party, he had requested the organizers of the party to invite his teacher the Maulvi along with other guests.

He had threatened that if his request was not granted, he would stay away from the party and would not wear the dress of his mamas choice. Initially, this request of Sunny was bitterly criticized by my mother and Abrina. How could a poor old man having a long white beard be accommodated in a modern party being attended by all the prominent ladies of the city, who were expected to arrive wearing dazzling dresses and sophisticated jewellery, accompanied by their domesticated and henpecked husbands, in their long majestic cars of the latest model?

It was like a patch of coarse rug in a velvet sheet, or like a fly in the ointment. But no one had ever been able to stand against the obstinacy of Sunny and the same thing happened that evening. At last, it were the ladies of the house who had to yield.

However, another problem arose which brought fresh tears into the eyes of Sunny. During the previous evening, the domestic servants had already informed the Maulvi about the party and told him not to come the next evening.

Thus, there was no chance of his coming and attending the party. As Sunny wept and cried, it was revealed that my fathers special driver Shakir knew the Maulvis address, because, once he too lived in that old locality of the city where Maulvi Alimuddin was still living. It was decided that Shakir would go and formally invite the Maulvi and his family to attend the party.

Sunny was still somewhat doubtful about the matter and, therefore, he also accompanied Shakir in his car to the Maulvis house. The time fixed for the start of the party had almost come. There was already some delay while we were all waiting for the Maulvis arrival.

At that time, I was indolently lying on the bed in my room and changing the channels of the TV placed in front of me. All of a sudden, my younger brother Ibad opened the door and burst into the room. Addressing me he said, Hi Big B! Are you in no mood of coming downstairs? The party has already started.? As usual, Ibad was dressed in a suit and matching bow for the evening party.

Seeing him, I laughed quite spontaneously.

Well Ibad, the way youve got ready for the party suggests that the issue of your marriage is finally going to be decided this evening. Come on Big B. You know I always love to remain smart and well-dressed, replied Ibad with an unpleasant expression on his face.

I switched off the television with its remote and threw the pillow towards Ibad I know all about your elegant dresses and your smartness. In this spick and span condition, you must be going to the party in order to welcome some new love. I wonder if all the girls of the city are suffering from the inflammation of eyes.

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Otherwise, how could they ever look towards you? Same is the case with me. You people are not aware of my real worth, replied Ibad with a big laugh and added, Anyhow, get ready as soon as you can. The Commissioner has issued strict orders that all the people should be present downstairs. While we were alone, Ibad and I used to refer to our father as Commissioner. I was somewhat annoyed and disgusted and said, O my God! What the hell is this all about!

Why is an innocent and trivial formality relating to a child being so much exaggerated into an ostentatious public affair? Daily, all over the world, thousands of children finish the whole Quran and learn it by heart, but nowhere is it so much publicized.

Im simply fed up with the parties on such occasions. He is admitted in hospital after the shocking death of Imaan. When his health recovers, his parents send him to America. There he gets admission in a university to divert his mind from the sorrows of his past and meets a girl Sarah Isaac Kubra Khan ,the daughter of Sir Isaac, the university's dean.

This part is shown as a parallel story of Hammad and Imaan in which Sarah undergoes the same situations as Hammad.

At first Sarah hates Hammad but later they become friends. After spending some time with Hammad and learning about his past she starts to love Hammad but he likes her only as a friend. Sir Isaac doesn't like him as he thinks of Hammad being an extremist. By the continuous pressure of her father to marry her cousin Zeshaan, Sara leaves her home in Hammad's love.

Due to Hammad's efforts she comes back home and forgives her parents. They also forgive her. They get the scholar out of their house and blame him for all of the situation and taunt him that it was his own plan to marry her daughter in such a great and rich family. Now the young man faces difficulties from his own family as well as from the family of his beloved.

The young boy goes to the scholar and begs for his beloved one but the scholar refuses and tells him that people will taunt him because people will talk that the scholar has chosen a family for his daughter where he taught the Holy Qur'aan. Now the young boy starts protest in his home against the behavior of his family with the Islamic scholar.

On the other side the young girl is very religious and strictly obeys her father e. The young boy starts meeting and begging the scholar but the scholar tells the young boy that their is a huge difference between his family and the young man's one. The scholar tells him that his family is modern thinking while his family is religious.This is one of the reasons which enabled them to rule over the world for so many years.

On both sides, there were rows of houses. The English are a deeply conservative and traditionalist nation and are not ready to give up their old memories and traditions so easily. Several evenings of my adolescence and numerous nights of my youth were spent on the beautiful wooden benches along the bank of this river.

The snow fall had stopped but as far as I could look around, everything had been covered with snow. Kamrans car was already there. The writer just writes it away simply without making any struggle to prove himself or to make the book a splendid piece of literature,that is the beauty of this book and it definitely has proven to be among the best stories ever written on the sensitive and controversial topic of religion-VS-Love-thing.

At last, it were the ladies of the house who had to yield. With all his evils, he was smiling and looking towards me.

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