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Read or listen and synch easily across your Kindle eReader, Kindle for PC, Kindle for Android (phone + tablet) or iOS (iphone + ipad). Share book samples and. Cloud Collections are supported on Kindle Paperwhite (5th Generation), any You can add as many items as you like to each collection, including books, active . Instead of folders Kindle offers collections to organize books. you can't drag-n- drop a book (and even more several books) to collection.

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Note: Importing a collection from another device does not import the books or other items to your Kindle if they aren't downloaded already. However, books. Get thousands of books on the Kindle and this full guide will show how to Method 4: Kindle Collection manager plugin with Calibre. genre and subject. Find out the best places to go to download free Kindle books for your eBook reader. Massive collection of eBooks. Customer reviews and.

Click on the button before the book title and choose " Add to collections ". Then a dialog box will pop up which allows you to select already existed collections or create new collection. You even can select more than one collection to add this book to. When all these have been done, you just have to go to your kindle device and choose " Sync and check for Items " at the menu.

Then all created collections will be shown in cloud. Amazon only allows you to manage the books that you have purchased from Amazon store. Create and name your collection by date, author name, subject and so on.

Here are a few of my collections as follows: Press and hold the cover of ebook. Select " Add to Collection " from the popped up box. Then check the box next to the new collection where you want the book to appear.

6 Ways to Create and Manage Kindle Collections

At last, press Done at the bottom of the screen. If you have books in your Kindle, it's a huge workload to organize these books in order one by one.

And this method is only applied to purchased books from Amazon. First, this following step will take Kindle for PC as an example. If you use Kindle for Mac and encounter operating problems, please leave your reply.

Compared with the method 1, using the desktop kindle app is easier to set up and manage kindle collections. Make sure that you have logged in Kindle for PC with Amazon account. Right click the cover of ebook and select the "Add to Collection" from the drop down list. Click "New Collection" and name the title of the collection.

And you can also move the book cover to collections which you have created by holding the left mouse without loose. Switch to Cloud View, open the menu and select "Import Collections". Then select "OK" on the pop up screen.

Wait for a moment, all books will appear in the corresponding collections in order. Conclusion 1: The method 1 and 2 above can only are applied to Kindle paperwhite and Kindle Touch. If you have an older Kindle with keyboard and earlier, please refer to the method 3 and the method 4. Conclusion 2: Both method 1 and 2 above just work effectively with Amazon purchased books.

It's easier for us to make and manage my collections on pc. The main function of this program allows us to import and manage Kindle Books and collections.

First Download and install Kindlian for win. Plug your kindle into a computer and run this program. Choose your kindle version. Once you tap kindle paperwhite and press the icon, the pop up screen prompts you to disconnect kindle.

Then reconnect kindle with your computer.

At last press "OK". Then it will enter the scan mode and then the new interface appears. Step 2: Create new collection. Drag the books into the collection folder which you create. And you can add epub books from your computer to kindle device by clicking "Add files to Kindle" icon.

Because it will automatically convert epub books to mobi. But it will load DRM epub books in failure. Download DRMed epub to mobi converter alternative can help us make it. Once you finish adding books to your destination collection, and click "disconnect" icon.

Then it will prompt you to disconnect your kindle with computer. Just for a while, the "kindle collection test'' which I just create appears in my kindle paperwhite now. Wonderful, I succeed in managing my kindle books. The Kindlian just offer Window version. As a mac user, Scida offer us a way to organize eBooks and manage our kindle device.

The method 3 also works with non Amazon books. I will demonstrate a proper way to manage your kindle books and group books together into unique collections. Here is a full guide which teaches you how to jailbreak Kindle Paperwhite step by step.

Download Kindle Collections Manager here. Plug you kindle paperwhite into your host computer. Copy CollectionsManager.

For my computer, it should be placed in H: Disconnect your kindle paperwhite and go forward to click the Kindle collections manager to launch it. If you fail to open the CollectionsManager. If you get any problem, please leave your comment. In fact, if you just want to manage your kindle books on the Paperwhite, there is no need to follow this step 3. By installing Calibre plugin, we can manage kindle books via Calibre. There are two plugin versions for Calibre: Locate "Kindle Collections" plugins and click "Install" button.

Refer this guide about how to add plugin to calibre step by step. Situation 2: Download the plugin called " Kindle Collections. Browser the location of "Kindle Collections. And select it and add this zip file to calibre.

Refer to this guide about how to load plugin into Calibre step by step. Make sure you have plug your kindle into the host computer. At last, add all books to library by right clicking. Once you have created the custom column successfully, navigate to Kindle Collections from the main menu and choose " Import Kindle collections to Calibre And you can rename the collection. Once you have kept your collections in order, click "Save" button and save collections to your kindle paperwhite.

Then it will prompt to restart the Kindle. Finally, it will save the new collections to Kindle paperwhite.

Compared with the method 3, the method 4 is too complicated to operate. But both methods can be applied to Amazon purchased books and non Amazon books. And if you think these methods are too difficult to follow, maybe you can have a good look at this new tool I found it interesting: Epubor eBook manager.

6 Ways to Create and Manage Kindle Collections

It helps manage kindle collection by editing, adding, creating, copying, renaming, and more powerful functions that your kindle books will like. It's totally free.

Ada Wang works for Epubor and writes articles for a collection of blogs such as ebookconverter. Sadly on my side my new Kindle Oasis does not show up in the dialog window for importing collection to Kindle for PC.

I do use last version 1. Is there an issue on my side?

I just would like to import my Kindle Oasis collection on my laptop. Yes, I'm having the same problem. Also, nobody can give away best-sellers for free. How to recognize a genuine site A genuine site: Never asks you for money if you want to download a free book.

Does not have "premium accounts" or other hidden corners. Does not ask you to participate in promotions or games. Here are some genuine sites. Of course Project Gutenberg is a genuine site. We will never ask you for money before allowing you to download our books, but voluntary donations are welcome.

See the button on the left. There are lots of free kindle books on Amazon. Manybooks offers our books in a different formatting.

If the book you downloaded from us doesn't work for you, maybe you can get a different copy of the same book here. Feedbooks offers our books in a different formatting. It also offers ebooks for sale.Because it will automatically convert epub books to mobi.

Deleting Kindle Books

Visit DailyCheapReads. Your Thoughts Do you need to organize your Kindle books? Then select "OK" on the pop up screen. Cleaning out your bookshelves can be a painful experience, and your digital bookshelf is no exception. New titles added often. Unread speaks for itself.

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