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Čítanka III. k literatuře v kostce - Marie Sochrová ke stažení PDF Česká literatura přelomu a století. Česká a světová literatura 1. pol. století. Marie Sochrová. Čítanka IV. k literatuře v kostce - Marie Sochrová ke stažení PDF Česká a světová literatura 2. poloviny století. images_books/86_//citanka-k-literature-v-kostcegif. LITERATURA V KOSTCE PDF DOWNLOAD | More Pdf Napište nám · Izrael ve světě · STIPENDIA / Studujte v Izraeli! DALŠÍ STUDIJNÍ.

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Předně je to samozřejmě muslimská literatura, zejména ta současná, a pak.. Íšvarčandra Guptu v kostce představuje anglicky psaný životo- pis. BEN - knihy v PDF () BEN - archiv (94). Knihkupectvà Uebnice, odborn literatura / stedokolsk vuka / opakovn, souhrny / edice Maturita v kostce. odborn . Secondary School Teacher Training in Czech Language (programme PdF, N-SS) Světové literatury století v kostce: americká, britská, francouzská, italská, Latinské Česká a světová literatura pro 3. ročník středních škol. Vyd .

Each unit begins with a Warm-up section which aims to prepare students for Part 1 Introduction of the Speaking Paper.

It includes a variety of question-based exercises designed to develop the students confdence in asking and answering personal questions and improve their skills in expression of opinion on general topics. In the Vocabulary section, our aim is to recycle and enlarge the vocabulary crucial for discussing general topics.

Within this section, we also focus on the development of general study skills, such as the skills of working with monolin- gual dictionaries, and organizing and recording of vocabulary. Each vocabulary section also includes a reading element which develops important exam-related reading strategies.

Many of the texts are structured in a way as to promote the students interest and knowledge of English speaking countries. The Speaking section contains two essential parts a Sustained Long Turn and an Interaction, which correspond to Parts 2, 3, and 4 of the Speaking Paper.

Anglictina v Kostce - Konverzace a Realie

Special attention is given to the controlled practice and active use of functional language. Also, the Sustained Long Turn part provides additional practice in reading skills and B1-level text-based work, including additional tasks on pronunciation.

Finally, a Background Studies section aims to make students aware of the basic facts about the English speaking coun- tries. It is important to emphasize that this knowledge is required to successfully pass the higher level, B2, of the State School-leaving Examination.

Instead, the emphasis is on employing the skills of working with materials and abundant Internet resources, combined with individual and group project work and discovery techniques. In addition, this section is designed to be utilized and adapted by secondary school teachers, since it is the school itself that specifes the content of this part of the State School-leaving Examination.

Představujeme Vám pohodlné a bezplatné nástroje pro publikování a sdílení informací.

The methodology of the book is communicative and interactive, enhancing group and pair work, project work and problem-solving. Students are also constantly invited to assess themselves and their peers in order to promote the higher aims introduced by the CEFR and language portfolios.

Trim 7 We honestly hope that you will fnd this book useful when preparing yourself for the Speaking Paper of the State School-leaving Examination. Speaking Paper State School-leaving Examination General overview The new format of the State School-leaving Examination, as you probably know, is the result of a long-span of work aimed at reforming the Czech school-leaving examinations.

Teacher s doc. Students will use and develop their knowledge of literary genres and movements in the period in question and relate it to the specific nature of their poetics.

Mapping of media literacy practices and actions in EU-28

Learning outcomes The graduate is able to actively use theoretical knowledge of literary history. Syllabus Osnova 1. General topics in the world literature. Outline of the great european literature - poetry.

Outline of the great european literature - prose. Main literary genres.

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