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A great addition for your John Green Collection. Check out Looking For Alaska and its audiobook and PDF. Sign in. Main menu. Written by the acclaimed author John Green, who wrote the best selling novel " The Fault in Our Stars" [Read The F Looking for alaska pdf.

Looking For Alaska Pdf Google Drive

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The award-winning, genre-defining debut from #1 bestselling author of The Fault in Our StarsWinner of the Michael L. Printz AwardLos Angeles Times Book. Looking For Alaska. Home · Looking For Alaska. Read more Looking for Rachel Wallace Learn how we and our ad partner Google, collect and use data . 2. i store all my books in google drive; therefore, all these links redirect to the The Fault In Our Stars (pdf) [note: this has an ad on the first page that i can't get rid of, Collection: An Abundance Of Katherines, Looking for Alaska, Paper Towns.

We were like an old married couple. For a moment, I thought. It's massively unwise to throw litcigarettes around a barn full of hay, but then the moment of caution passed, and I just made a sincere effort notto flick ash onto any hay. Your turn, buddy. She spoke softly and quickly, but the quiet day wasbecoming a quieter night—the bugs gone now with the arrival of winter—and we could hear her clearly.

Icame home from school. She gave me a hug and told me to go do my homework in my room so I could watch TVlater. I went into my room, and she sat down at the kitchen table, I guess, and then she screamed, and I ran out,and she had fallen over. She was lying on the floor, holding her head and jerking. And I freaked out. I should havecalled , but I just started screaming and crying until finally she stopped jerking, and I thought she had fallenasleep and that whatever had hurt didn't hurt anymore.

So I just sat there on the floor with her until my dad gothome an hour later, and he's screaming,'Why didn't you call ? Worst day. You drink.

But yeah. How could he not? I was too surprised and uncomfortable to talk, trying to fit this intowhat I knew about Alaska's family. Her mom told her the knock-knock joke—when Alaska was six.

Her mom usedto smoke—but didn't anymore, obviously. I was a little kid. Little kids can dial They do it all the time. She drank without lifting her head from the hay. What the hell do you say? In the long quiet that followed, as we passed around the wine and slowly became drunker, I found myselfthinking about President William McKinley, the third American president to be assassinated. I want to go,too!

When she cried and told me that she fucked everything up, I knewwhat she meant now. And when she said she failed everyone, I knew whom she meant. It was the everything andthe everyone of her life, and so I could not help but imagine it: I imagined a scrawny eight-year-old with dirtyfingers, looking down at her mother convulsing.

So she sat down with her dead-or-maybe-not mother, who Iimagine was not breathing by then but wasn't yet cold either. And in the time between dying and death, a littleAlaska sat with her mother in silence.

And then through the silence and my drunkenness, I caught a glimpse ofher as she might have been. She must have come to feel so powerless, I thought, that the one thing she might havedone—pick up the phone and call an ambulance—never even occurred to her. There comes a time when we realizethat our parents cannot save themselves or save us, that everyone who wades through time eventually getsdragged out to sea by the undertow—that, in short, we are all going.

So she became impulsive, scared by her inaction into perpetual action. When the Eagle confronted her withexpulsion, maybe she blurted out Marya's name because it was the first that came to mind, because in thatmoment she didn't want to get expelled and couldn't think past that moment.

She was scared, sure.

But moreimportantly, maybe she'd been scared of being paralyzed by fear again. There's your labyrinth of suffering. We are allgoing. Find your way out of that maze. None of which I said out loud to her. Not then and not ever. We never said another word about it. Instead, itbecame just another worst day, albeit the worst of the bunch, and as night fell fast, we continued on, drinking andjoking.

Later that night, after Alaska stuck her finger down her throat and made herself puke in front of all of us becauseshe was too drunk towalk into the woods, I lay down in my sleeping bag.

Lara was lying beside me, in her bag,which was almost touching mine. I moved my arm to the edge of my bag and pushed it so it slightly overlappedwith hers. I pressed my hand against hers. I could feel it, although there were two sleeping bags between us. Myplan, which struck me as very slick, was to pull my arm out of my sleeping bag and put it into hers, and then holdher hand. It was a good plan, but when I tried to actually get my arm out of the mummy bag, I flailed around likea fish out of water, and nearly dislocated my shoulder.

She was laughing—and not with me, at me—but we stilldidn't speak. Having passed the point of no return, I slid my hand into her sleeping bag anyway, and she stifled agiggle as my fingers traced a line from her elbow to her wrist. So much for me being sexy. She laced her fingers in mine and squeezed. And then sherolled over and keessed me. I am sure that she tasted like stale booze, but I did not notice, and I'm sure I tastedlike stale booze and cigarettes, but she didn't notice.

We were kissing. I thought: This is good. I thought: I am not bad at this kissing. Not bad at all. I thought: I am clearly the greatest kisser in the history of the universe. Suddenly she laughed and pulled away from me. She wiggled a hand out of her sleeping bag and wiped her face.

I laughed, too, trying to give her the impression that my nose-slobbering kissing style was intended to be funny. Soon we were entirely out of our sleepingbags, making out quietly. She lay on top of me, and I held her small waist in my hands. I could feel her breastsagainst my chest, and she moved slowly on top of me, her legs straddling me. In the dark, I could make out the outline of her face and her large,round eyes blinking down at me, her eyelashes almost fluttering against my forehead.

We had almost never talked, Lara and I, and we didn't get a chance to talk anymore because of the Colonel. So wekissed quietly and laughed softly with our mouths and our eyes. We slept togetherin her sleeping bag, which felt a little crowded, to be honest, but was still nice. I had never felt another personagainst me as I slept. It was a fine end to the best day of my life. Lara was wrappedin my arms, folded into my body.

Time to roll up. All right. No screaming. Head hurts. I could feel last night's wine in my throat and myhead throbbed like it had the morning after my concussion. My mouth tasted like a skunk had crawled into mythroat and died.

I made an effort not to exhalenear Lara as she groggily extricated herself from the sleeping bag. We packed everything quickly, threw our empty bottles into the tall grass of the field—littering was anunfortunate necessity at the Creek, since no one wanted to throw an empty bottle of booze in a campus trash can—and walked away from the barn. Lara grabbed my hand and then shyly let go. Alaska looked like a train wreck,but insisted on pouring the last few sips of Strawberry Hill into her cold instant coffee before chucking the bottlebehind her.

The fox cannot summitStrawberry Hill. Have fun? She's in good shape. Y'all have a good day. It was not an eventful day. I should have done extraordinary things. I should have sucked the marrow out of life. But on that day, I slept eighteen hours out of a possible twenty-four. As I pulled on my shoes, Kevin knocked once and then opened the door, stepping inside.

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Kevin's now sported a crew cut, a small patch of short blue hair on each side ofhishead, just above the ear. His lower lip jutted out—the morning's first dip. He walked over to ourcoffee table,picked up a can of Coke, and spit into it. I noticed it in my conditioner and got right back in the shower. But I didn't notice it inmy gel. It didn't show up in Jeff's hair at all. But Longwell and me, we had to go with the Marine look. Thank GodI have clippers.

The short hair accentuated his features, specifically his too-close-togetherbeady eyes, which did not stand up well to accentuation. The Colonel was trying hard to look tough—ready forwhatever Kevin might do—but it's hard to look tough when you're only wearing an orange towel.

If you say so. We'll talk when it's over, I guess. The Colonel grabbed the can, opened the door, and threw it at Kevin—missing him by a good margin. We were very cutesy, even though we didn't know the first thing about eachother and barely talked. But we made out.

She grabbed my butt at one point, and I sort of jumped.

It's just a little sore from the swan. We were watching The Brady Bunch, which she hadnever seen. The episode, where the Bradys visit the gold-mining ghost town and they all get locked up in the one-room jail by some crazy old gold panner with a scraggly white beard, was especially horrible, and gave us a lot tolaugh about.

Which is good, since we didn't have much to talk about. Like, out of nowhere. I mean, what made you think of that?

It was so brazen. Ithought I would explode. I never thought. I mean, from Alaska, hearing that stuff was one thing. But to hear hersweet little Romanian voice go so sexy all of the sudden I mean, you don't have to. And then with me sitting watching The Brady Bunch, watching Marcia Marcia Marcia up to her Brady antics, Lara unbuttoned my pants and pulled my boxersdown a little and pulled out my penis. And then she wrapped her hand around it and put it into her mouth.

And waited. We were both very still. She did not move a muscle in her body, and I did not move a muscle in mine. I knew thatat this point something else was supposed to happen, but I wasn't quite sure what. She stayed still.

I could feel her nervous breath. For minutes, for as long as it took the Bradys to steal the key andunlock themselves from the ghost-town jail, she lay there, stock-still with my penis in her mouth, and I sat there,waiting. And then she took it out of her mouth and looked up at me quizzically.

Everything I'd learned from watching porn with Alaska suddenly exited my brain. Ithought maybe she should move her head up and down, but wouldn't that choke her? So I just stayed quiet. I mean, I don't think. I think—I mean, that felt good. That was nice. I don't know if there's somethingelse. Maybe we should ask Alaska.

She laughed and laughed. Sitting on her bed, she laughed until shecried. She walked into the bathroom, returned with a tube of toothpaste, and showed us.

Looking For Alaska

In detail. Never have I sowanted to be Crest Complete. Lara and I went back to her room, where she did exactly what Alaska told her to do, and I did exactly what Alaskasaid I would do, which was die a hundred little ecstatic deaths, my fists clenched, my body shaking. I picked up a biographyof Argentinian revolutionary Che Guevara—whose face adorned a poster on the wall—that Lara's roommate hadon her bookshelf, then I lay down next to Lara on the bottom bunk.

I began at the end, as I sometimes did withbiographies I had no intention of reading all the way through, and found his last words without too muchsearching. You are only going to kill a man. I read the last words out loud to Lara. She turnedon her side, placing her head on my chest.

Like in the Civil War, a general named Sedgwick said, 'They couldn't hitan elephant from this dis—' and then he got shot. Andso last words tell me a lot about who people were, and why they became the sort of people biographies get writtenabout. Does that make sense? I didn't know how to talk to her. And I was frustrated with trying, so after a little while, I got up to go.

I kissed her good-bye. I could do that, at least. I picked up Alaska and the Colonel at our room and we walked down to the bridge, where I repeated inembarrassing detail the fellatiofiasco. I mean. Pudge got his hog smoked. She and theColonel had been celebrating a lot the past couple days, and I didn't feel up to climbing Strawberry Hill, so I satand munched on pretzels while Alaska and the Colonel drank wine from paper cups with flowers on them.

They chatted some, but mostly they drank, and I drifted out of the conversation and ended up squinting throughthe dark, looking at the book spines in Alaska's Life Library. Even minus the books she'd lost in the mini-flood, Icould have stayed up until morning reading through the haphazard stacks of titles. Played out in seventh grade or still cool? Too drunk. It was that quick. I laughed, looked nervous, and she leaned in and tilted her head to the side, and we werekissing. Zero layers between us.

Our tongues dancing back and forth in each other's mouth until there was no hermouth and my mouth but only our mouths intertwined. She tasted like cigarettes and Mountain Dew and wineand Chap Stick. Her hand came to my face and I felt her soft fingers tracing the line of my jaw. We lay down as wekissed, she on top of me, and I began to move beneath her. A hand grabbed one of mine and she placed it onher stomach. I moved slowly on top of her and felt her arching her back fluidly beneath me.

I pulled away again. I thought the tongue was the whole point, but she was the expert. She moved my hand from her waist to her breast, and I felt cautiously, my fingersmoving slowly under her shirt but over her bra, tracing the outline of her breasts and then cupping one in myhand, squeezing softly. Her lips never left mine as she spoke.

We movedtogether, my body between her legs. To be continued? We didn't have sex. We never got naked. I never touched her bare breast, and her hands never got lower than myhips. It didn't matter.

And then I was asleep. That deep, can-still-taste-her-in-my-mouth sleep, that sleep that is not particularly restfulbut is difficult to wake from all the same. And then I heard the phone ring. I think. And I think, although I can't know, that I felt Alaska get up. I think I heard her leave. How long she was gone is impossible to know. But the Colonel and I both woke up when she returned, whenever that was, because she slammed the door. Shewas sobbing, like that post-Thanksgiving morning but worse.

God, how many times can I fuck up? Are you sureyou're okay? We did not say: Don't drive. You're drunk. We did not say: We aren't letting you in that car when you are upset. We did not say: We insist on going with you.

We did not say: This can wait until tomorrow. Anything—everything—can wait. We walked to our bathroom, grabbed the three strings of leftover firecrackers from beneath the sink, and ran tothe Eagle's. We weren't sure that it would work again. But it worked well enough.

The Eagle tore out of his house as soon as the first string of firecrackers startedpopping—he was waiting for us, I suppose—and we headed for the woods and got him in deeply enough that henever heard her drive away. The Colonel and I doubled back, wading through the creek to save time, slipped inthrough the back window of Room 43, and slept like babies. I rolled over as he opened the door, and the morning light rushed into theroom.

I squinted toward him, the Eagle himself backlit into invisibility by the toobright sun. We were done for. Too many progress reports.

Looking for Alaska

Too much drinking in tooshort a time. Why did they have to drink last night? And then I could taste her again, the wine and the cigarettesmoke and the Chap Stick and Alaska, and I wondered if she had kissed me because she was drunk.

Don't expelme, I thought. Don't I have just begun to kiss her. But you need to go to the gym now. WhenHyde's wife died. I guess it's the Old Man himself now.

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Poor bastard really didn't have many breaths left. He closed his eyes. I wasn't that drunk. Let's go. I sported baggy jeans, a sweatshirt with no shirt underneath, and abad case of bedhead. All the teachers were in the dorm circle knocking on doors, but I didn't see Dr.

Iimagined him lying dead in his house, wondered who had found him, how they even knew he was missing beforehe failed to show up for class.

A podium had been set up in the middle of the basketball court,close to thebleachers. I sat in the second row, with the Colonel directly in front of me. My thoughts were split betweensadness for Dr. Hyde shuffled into the gym, taking tiny, slow steps toward theColonel and me.

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The Alaskan section was completely paved during the s. The lower 50 miles of the Canadian portion were paved in , [15] but the remainder was largely gravel. Now completely paved mostly with bituminous surface treatment , as late as the mids, it included sections of winding dusty road sandwiched between high quality reconstructed paved segments.

The settlement of Destruction Bay was originally a work camp for the highway. The British Columbia government owns the first Public Works Canada manages the highway from Mile The State of Alaska owns the highway within that state Mile to Mile The Alaska Highway was built for military purposes and its route was not ideal for postwar development of northern Canada.

The historic milepost markings are therefore no longer accurate but are still important as local location references.

Some old sections of the highway are still[ when? Four sections form local residential streets in Whitehorse and Fort Nelson, and others form country residential roadways outside of Whitehorse. Although Champagne, Yukon was bypassed in , the old highway is still completely in service for that community until a new direct access road is built. Rerouting continues, expected to continue in the Yukon through [ needs update ], with the Haines Junction- Beaver Creek section covered by the Canada-U.

Shakwak Agreement. The new Donjek River bridge was opened 26 September , replacing a bridge. Under Shakwak, U. The Shakwak Project completed the Haines Highway upgrades in the s between Haines Junction and the Alaska Panhandle , then funding was stalled by Congress for several years.

The actual length of the highway inside Alaska is no longer clear because rerouting, as in Canada, has shortened the route, but unlike Canada, mileposts in Alaska are not recalibrated. The latest BC recalibration was carried out in ; using its end-point at the border at Historic Mile , the Yukon government has recalibrated in three stages: in , from Mile to the west end of the Champagne revision; in fall , to a point just at the southeast shore of Kluane Lake, and in fall , to the border with Alaska.

There are historical mileposts along the B. There are 80 mileposts in B. There are 31 "historic signs" in B. There are 18 interpretive panels in B. Route markings[ edit ] A monument at the southern terminus of the Alaska Highway Dawson Creek The Canadian section of the road was delineated with mileposts, based on the road as it was in , but over the years, reconstruction steadily shortened the distance between some of those mileposts.

In , metric signs were placed on the highway, and the mileposts were replaced with kilometre posts at the approximate locations of a historic mileage of equal value, e.Not cool.

What a pity no one could turn Miles Halter into a dragon; it might have been a character-building experience. John Green is seriously talented, and even though i don't like this book as much as i love his " The Fault in Our Stars ", it was still wonderful book. He would never forget that night. The author John Green was able to make this story come alive and depict the lives of many young people today living on the edge.

I like looking into stories about lives because of last words. This is an outstanding coming-of-age novel that doesn't resort to a "happily ever after" ending, but the characters each seek closure on their own terms.

Takumi took theheadband off and put it in his bag. The book is about Alaska right?

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