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Thursday, August 8, 2019 || Flash alchemy and other miracles || Flash 5 Actionscript experiments in math and particles. Macromedia Flash Professional 8 Hands-On Training [James Gonzalez] on By using this book, a know-nothin' beginner can be up and running with Flash 8 in. Macromedia Flash 8 for Dummies book. Read 2 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Make the Web interactive with your own animations Liv.

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Offering breakthrough video capabilities and powerful run-time effects, Macromedia Flash Professional 8 is poised to upend the Web video market, posing a. These are books that are popular and have received good reviews. Explore the depth and flexibility of Macromedia Flash 8 with Sams Teach Yourself. WELCOME To Object-Oriented Macromedia Flash MX. This may be the only Macromedia Flash book entirely devoted to object-oriented programming (OOP), .

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To create Flash applications that sizzle, you have to learn the code. In this comprehensive guide to the latest version of ActionScript, the object-oriented scripting language for Macromedia Flash, you'll get the detailed instruction and step-by-step tutorials you need to write robust code and create sophisticated interactive animations.

Work with objects and components, interoperate with JavaScript, create games, and more - it's all here in this informative book for developers, programmers, and designers. Inside, you'll find complete coverage of Flash 8 ActionScript Master the basics of ActionScript expressions, functions, and variables Work with numbers, arrays, and strings Transform your movie clips with colors and filters Program sound and manage video Manage data with Web Services and Flash Remoting Call ActionScript functions from JavaScript Learn scripting for the Flash stand-alone player Bonus Companion Web site!

Find code downloads and example files at: If you want to take your Flash Professional 8 skills to a new level while learning how to produce games that rival anything available on the web, this is the book for you.

Macromedia Flash Professional 8 Game Development is written by a professional game developer. Using the power of Flash and the most recent advancements in ActionScript, the book progresses through the entire development process to teach programmers and Web developers how to create professional quality games quickly. It teaches techniques for producing fast 3D effects that can be used with? It details the actual science of game development, including design, character development, the physics and motion of a game, and audio issues.

And in this new edition, all of the latest features of Flash Professional 8 are covered, including the new sound channels, bitmap caching, texture pages, and more. The book covers many advanced topics in a simple, easy to understand way. It emphasizes the incredible power of the new BitmapData class and teaches how it can be used to take the performance of Flash games to a whole new level. Reading Sound Properties. Detecting Sound Events.

Controlling Information Flow. Initializing Information. Using Variables and Expressions. Loading External Variables. Storing and Sharing Information. Modifying Variables. Concatenating Variables and Dynamic Referencing.

Testing Information with Conditional Statements. Providing Alternatives to Conditions.

Branching Conditional Statements. Combining Conditions with Logical Operators.

Looping Statements. Controlling Text. Input Text. Dynamic Text. Selecting Text-Field Options. Concatenating Text. Displaying HTML.

Tweening Text Fields. TextField Properties. Generating Text Fields Dynamically. Modifying Text in Text Fields. Manipulating Text-Field Contents. Controlling the Focus of Text Fields.

Controlling the Selection Within Text Fields. Detecting Changes in the Text Field.

Macromedia FLASH Professional 8: Training from the Source

The String Object. Analyzing Strings. Rearranging Strings. Modifying Strings.

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Manipulating Information. Calculating with the Math Object. Calculating Angles with the Math Object. Using Sine and Cosine for Directional Movement. Calculating Distances with the Math Object. Generating Random Numbers. Ordering Information with Arrays.

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Keeping Track of Movie Clips with Arrays. Using the Date and Time. Building Reusable Scripts. Building Custom Classes with Functions. Managing Content and Troubleshooting.

Sharing Library Symbols. Sharing Fonts.

Using Components. Editing ActionScript.

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The manipulation of input and dynamic text fields requires a more advanced level of ActionScripting than this book can cover; if you need to know more, check out Macromedia Flash 8 Professional Advanced; Visual QuickPro Guide, from Peachpit Press.

Using the Text Tool The text tool creates blocks of editable text. You can set the text to read horizontally or vertically.

You can also apply a variety of text attributes to text—including text and paragraph styles. To create a single line of text for use as a graphic element In the Tools panel, select the text tool or press T Figure 3. Figure 3. For this task, use the current settings for type and paragraph styles.

You learn to change these settings in upcoming tasks.

Move the pointer over the Stage. The pointer turns into a crosshair with a letter A in the bottom-right corner Figure 3. Click the Stage at the spot where you want your text to start. Flash creates a resizable text box with a blinking insertion point, ready for you to enter text Figure 3. The round resize handle indicates that the text box does not have word wrap turned on.

Each corner of the text box has a draggable resize handle; the round handle in the upper-right corner indicates that word wrap hasn't been set on this text box.You will cover such subjects as: Manipulating Information. Flash 8 uses a new text-rendering engine called Flash Type, which makes fonts more legible especially at small sizes.

The round resize handle indicates that the text box does not have word wrap turned on.

The lessons in this book are designed to introduce you to Flash. Creative Cloud. This legibility shows up in the authoring environment, as you create your movies, but it also comes into play for your end users if you publish your files for Flash Player 8 see Chapter Beginning to Animate with ActionScript.

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