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Mine To Hold Wicked Lovers 6 Shayla Black ecclesiastes, or the preacher - geneva bible - ecclesiastes 2 1 i said in mine heart, go to now, i will prove thee. Mine To Hold Wicked Lovers 6 Shayla Black the proverbs of solomon - geneva bible - 18 surely her house tendeth to death, and her paths unto the dead. PDF Mine to Hold (A Wicked Lovers Novel) Library Best MINE TO HOLD WICKED LOVERS 6 SHAYLA BLACK mine to hold wicked.

The parking lot was dark and empty. I helped her out. Do I need to enact a strict no-anal-sex policy at the club? I thought she knew the score.

Mine to Hold

What I do with the girls has never bothered you before. What is this really about? The other redhead, the one with the baby bump, clutched a water bottle and shifted in the seat.

Never mind.

Alyssa wagged a finger in his face. Delaney remembered his thirtieth birthday party, during happier times, back when she and Eric— She shut down that thought and listened to the conversation. Joking aside, I will curb some of my.

See a Problem?

I appreciate your concern. You have someone in mind.

But that one has purity written all over her. No fucking way. He scooted her out of the way with a nudge of his powerful thigh.

It had taken her forever to track him down.

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She was at the end of her cash reserves and the end of her rope. Time had run out. No way could she wait until he felt like coming home again to confront him.

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There was too much at stake. Dragging everything she loved and owned behind her, Delaney clung to the shadows, watching for anything suspicious, and ran for his front door. Damn it, if this was another meddling female trying to tell him how to run his life, he was going to shove a bottle of wine in her hands and send her out back with the rest of them. He had better things to do, like slap some sense into his buddies.

What the hell had possessed all of them to marry such interfering women? Clenching the knob with almost as much gusto as he gnashed his teeth, Tyler yanked the door open with a curse on the tip of his tongue.

It died abruptly. He drank in the sight of the familiar, petite brunette. He knew those wary blue eyes, framed by thick, dark lashes, and that sweet oval face.

Her stubborn chin. That wide bow of a mouth. His heart pounded. He found himself unable to take a breath.

Was it even possible that she stood at his door? Or was he hallucinating after two silent years of wondering what the fuck had happened? Often times I find that sex can be really over the top and overpowering in an erotic story, but this book has a strong suspense storyline that balances the steamy sex that Tyler and Del eventually give in to.

Tyler really steps up and starts acting like a man who knows he's found the woman he's supposed to be with.

He's an alpha all the way, he wants to protect and help Delaney and he was an easy hero to root for. Delany takes more time to actually get on the "Tyler is now committed to one woman" train.

She, understandably so, can't let herself imagine a life with Tyler. As badly as she wants him in his son's life, she takes a long time to believe in him. Tyler wears her down and convinces her to give him and them a chance. Fear kicking him, he gingerly withdrew and threw the condom in the nearest bin.

Then he rolled Del into his arms and looked down at her with a frown of worry. She wasn't hurt, but her blue eyes were a sea of pleading. Tears ran down her cheeks.

He'd undone her utterly.

Now he had to put her back together. Still struggling to get his breath under control, he fused their lips together and let her have all the emotion roiling around inside him.

The sated exhaustion, the reverence of a man who knew he'd been blessed by someone special, the silent promise to love and protect her, the determination to never let her go.

She wasn't ready to trust him totally with her heart yet. But she was going to roll the dice with him, give herself, and hope that he didn't let her down. The suspense was well paced throughout.

Mine to Hold

Carlson has a lot people working on his side, some surprising people, and Del and Tyler spend much of the story trying to get enough facts for Del's story to put him away. There's an added storyline about Del's ex-husband Eric. He's pretty messed up and goes way over the top in one scene, forcing himself and his anger out on Del and Tyler, and I liked how Del was able to handle herself.

Xander shows up and helps out, and oh my God I'm already in book lust with this man. He's playful, flirty, and dealing with enough family angst to last a lifetime. His brother, Javier, is going through a horrible time, so in between helping Tyler keep Del safe, Xander is dealing with a brother who sounds like he's spiraling downward fast.However, what I will say is the love was undeniable written between Tyler and Del. And Tyler's man whoring was disgusting.

After two years of living with regret, Tyler finds Delaney on his doorstep, her husband having abandoned her long ago. You have someone in mind. Smut, yes. Still struggling to get his breath under control, he fused their lips together and let her have all the emotion roiling around inside him. Rating details. What she wasn't prepared for was Tyler's reaction to seeing her again. What the hell had possessed all of them to marry such interfering women?

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