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Thursday, May 30, 2019

Allows you to export all your phone book contacts to a comma delimited text file. The file can then be emailed. The fields that are saved into the text file are: first. To copy a contact from the Address Book on your BlackBerry® smartphone to your Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) phone book, complete the following steps. Ever needed to have a contact's number in your phone but didn't really want their name in your address book 'just in case' you were in a.

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I'm used to more advanced android address books, I HARDLY ever communicate by email so how can I hide them?. The BlackBerry smartphone is designed with businesspeople in mind. As such, some functions or customization options may be more difficult to locate. This option displays the phone number of the SIM card in the phone.

Choose your device specification

Name sorts the list of numbers by the names in your Address Book if you have them. Dial From Home Screen allows you to be able to pick up your BlackBerry Curve and, without first switching to the Phone application, start dialing numbers right on the keypad.

First you must enter the phone application by pressing the green Call button. Dial From Home Screen The benefit of setting this feature to No is that it allows you to use application shortcuts from the Home Screen that let you press a single letter to launch different BlackBerry applications.

BlackBerry Q5 review: The apprentice

We will discuss this in more detail later. Default Call Volume defaults to Previous, which means that the call volume of your next phone call will be the same as your previous call.

If you specify a value, each new phone call has the volume set to that particular value. Enhance Handset Call Audio defaults to Previous, which means that any audio enhancement you selected during your last call also is set on any new phone calls.

The settings can be Normal, which means no enhancement; Boost Bass, which boosts the bass of the incoming audio; and Boost Treble, which boosts the treble of the incoming audio. The final setting on this screen is Enhanced Headset Call Audio.

This is identical to the previous setting but relates to a headset. The headset could be a Bluetooth headset or a regular cable-connected headset. When you have changed your settings, press the Escape button to go back one screen. These fields normally are preset by your carrier, so you should not need to change them.

However, if you decide to use a voice mail system that is not provided by your carrier, you can use this screen to set the voice mail access number and a password if needed. Why Change Voice Mail Number Typical uses of a noncarrier voice mail system is when you want to use a voice mail system that translates the voice mail audio into text and then emails the text of that voice mail to your BlackBerry.

However, there could be many reasons why you want to use an alternative voice mailbox, such as Google Voice.

This means that you need to be in wireless coverage to change these settings. Normally your call forwarding is set to forward calls to your voice mailbox if you do not answer them. However, you can reconfigure the settings so that calls are forwarded to another phone number.

Click Call Forwarding. The first setting is Forward All Calls. This is normally set to Do Not Forward. The easiest way to get one is to sign up for Gmail.


This synchronisation can be achieved wirelessly and over-the-air using your 3G or wi-fi connection. You can do this by visiting www. Follow the on-screen instructions to integrate your Gmail account with BlackBerry. Verify that Gmail has been set up correctly on your device. There should be a new icon that allows you to access your Gmail inbox see right.

At this stage, you may also need to provide the username and password for your BlackBerry Internet Service account.

From the list of e-mail accounts, select your Gmail account followed by the Menu button and Edit. Scroll down and expand the subheading for Synchronisation Options. Tick the box for Contacts and select Save. You will now be prompted for your Gmail password to confirm. Once your BlackBerry phone book has been transferred to Gmail, it should automatically appear on your Android device.

This may take a couple of minutes. When you first set up your Android device, you will be asked to log in to Gmail.

You should ensure that you log in to the same account which was used on your BlackBerry device. Unless both your BlackBerry and Android devices are configured with the same Gmail account, contact synchronisation will not work.

Note that if you make any further changes to the address book on your BlackBerry device, those changes will automatically be synchronised to Google and to your Android device.

Configuring Phone Settings

For this reason, you should disable synchronisation before deleting contacts from your BlackBerry device. Contact synchronisation occurs every 4 hours on BlackBerry. How do I transfer my calendar appointments from BlackBerry to Android? You can transfer your calendar appointments from BlackBerry to Android by synchronising your calendar with a Google account.

As with transferring your phone book, you must use the same Gmail account on both your handsets. You may also need to provide the username and password for your BlackBerry account at this stage.

Select Country

You should tick the box for Calendar and select Save. You will now be prompted for your Gmail password to confirm the change.

Your appointments will also appear on your Android handset after a couple of minutes. Although all future appointments will be transferred to your Android device, only the past 14 days of historical appointments will be transferred. Any older appointments that you wish to keep will need to be re-entered manually.

How do I transfer photos from my BlackBerry to an Android device?There's a search field - you don't need to look for it, just start typing with your hardware keyboard and the Search will do its job.

You can change your settings to only allow numbers on your white list instead. Teen T. United States - English You are shopping Microsoft Store in: Sometimes it disappears right away, sometimes after a couple of minutes.

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