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BhautikiI. NCERT/CBSE class 12 Physics book BhautikiI · BhautikiII. NCERT/ CBSE class 12 Physics book BhautikiII · PhysicsPartI. NCERT/CBSE class NCERT Books for Class 12 all Subjects. Download NCERT Books for Class 12 maths, phy, chem, bio and all other subjects in PDF form. All chapters of NCERT . physics, ncert books, books, class 11 books, download pdf books, ncert physics book for class 11 download, ncert books for class 12 download, cbse board.

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National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) Book for Class XII Subject: Physics. NCERT Class XII Physics Book Part I and Part II are given. Download NCERT Physics books for class 12 and start your studies on BYJU'S. You can also get many other study material of class 12 Physics. Download NCERT class 12 Books for all Subjects (Science, Commerce and Download the NCERT Books for Class 12 in PDF format for Maths, Physics.

This is the last chapter and consists of 10 important topics.

We all know that the three basic elements of communication include the transmitter, channel, and the receiver. This chapter explains the role of each element in details. It also talks about the bandwidth of signals, the bandwidth of transmission medium, the necessity of modulation, amplitude modulation, production and detection of amplitude modulated wave, propagation of electromagnetic waves, etc.

NCERT Books for Class 12 all Subjects

After a thorough explanation of the topics, there are exercises to solve at the end of the chapter. For all those students who require additional guidance, Vedantu has got your back, as it offers online solutions to improve the chances of a higher score in the exams.


This is highly beneficial for problems where the steps involved constitute elements that a student is unfamiliar with. In these situations, you can end up spending too much time trying to understand simple concepts.

The Vedantu faculty can help clarify any doubts that may grow in the minds of the student. The intense pressure of board exams can have a negative impact on students and right coaching can help negate the same. Chapter 2 — Electrostatic Potential and Capacitance In this chapter, students of Class 12 CBSE shall learn about the electrostatic potential, electrostatic potential difference between two points in an electric field, the various factors that lead to electrostatic potential, the relationship between electric field and potential gradient, the potential energy in an external field, and more topics related to electrostatic potential.

Chapter 5 — Magnetism and Matter After a brief discussion on Magnetism in the previous chapter, this chapter delves deeper into the subject of Magnetism and Matter.

Chapter 6 — Electromagnetic Induction After explaining in details about Magnetism and Matter, the sixth chapter of the book talks about Electromagnetic Induction. Chapter 8 — Electromagnetic Waves This chapter on Electromagnetic waves discusses three important topics in Physics — displacement current, electromagnetic waves, and the electromagnetic spectrum.

Chapter 10 — Wave Optics After introducing students to optics and optical instruments in the previous chapter, this chapter talks about wave optics at length. Chapter 12 — Atoms After discussing the matter in the previous chapter, this chapter discusses atoms in details. Chapter 13 — Nuclei After discussing the atom in details, this chapter proceeds onto the next topic, i. Chapter 15 — Communication Systems This is the last chapter and consists of 10 important topics.

Chapter 1 - Electric Charges and Fields. Chapter 2 - Electrostatic Potential and Capacitance. Chapter 3 - Current Electricity. Chapter 4 - Moving Charges and Magnetism. Chapter 5 - Magnetism And Matter. Chapter 6 - Electromagnetic Induction. Chapter 7 - Alternating Current. Chapter 8 - Electromagnetic Waves. Chapter 9 - Ray Optics and Optical Instruments. Chapter 10 - Wave Optics. Chapter 11 - Dual Nature of Radiation and Matter.

Chapter 12 - Atoms. Chapter 13 - Nuclei. Chapter 14 - Semiconductor Electronic: Material, Devices And Simple Circuits. Chapter 15 - Communication Systems. Revision Notes for Class Important Questions for Class Class 12 Math Formula. RD Sharma Class 12 Solutions. Home Tuition in Bangalore. Home Tuition in Mumbai. Home Tuition in New Delhi. Home Tuition in Lucknow.

Download Latest (2018-19) Edition – NCERT Physics Books Class 11 & 12 (Part 1 and 2), Hindi Medium

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School Syllabus. Revision Notes. Important Questions. Math Formula Sheets. Become a Teacher. Reproduction in Organisms Chapter 2: Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants Chapter 3: Human Reproduction Chapter 4: Reproductive Health Chapter 5: Principle of Inheritance and Variation Chapter 6: Molecular Basis of Inheritance Chapter 7: Evolution Chapter 8: Human Health and Diseases Chapter 9: Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production Chapter Microbes in Human Welfare Chapter Principles and Processes Chapter Biotechnology and its Applications Chapter Organisms and Populations Chapter Ecosystem Chapter Biodiversity and Conservation Chapter Lost Spring Anees Jung Lesson3: Deep Water William Douglas Lesson 4: The Rattrap Selma Lagerlof Lesson 5: Indigo Louis Fischer Lesson 6: Going Places A.

Barton Flamingo — Poetry Poem 1: Keeping Quiet Pablo Neruda Poem 4: The Tiger King Kalki Chapter 3. Journey to the end of the Earth Tishani Doshi Chapter 4. The Enemy Pearl S.

Buck Chapter 5. On the face of It Susan Hill Chapter 7. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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NCERT Books For Class 12

But you can get admission in a good recognized institute or university, only when you have scored the minimum qualifying marks. In this and subsequent Chapter on magnetism, we adopt the following convention: A current or a field electric or magnetic emerging out of the plane of the paper is depicted by a dot.

The main reason for preferring use of ac voltage over dc voltage is that ac voltages can be easily and efficiently converted from one voltage to the other by means of transformers.

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