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Railways, — Foreign Trade, —The Moral Poverty of India and Native Thoughts . The title of the book is Poverty and Un-British Rule in India, the present. Poverty and un-British rule in India by Naoroji, Dadabhai, , S. Sonnenschein edition. File, Description, Size, Format. Naoroji - Poverty and UnBritish Rule in, MB, Adobe PDF, Thumbnail View/Open.

Poverty And Unbritish Rule In India Pdf

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Total Production of India, z-Calcutta Statistical Committee,. Agricultural Tah1l!ls, z -Fallacy of its Statistics, 3-How Statistics should be Compiled, 4-Central. Poverty and UnBritish Rule in India (Dadabhai Naoroji, ) - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free. The title of the book is ** Poverty and Un-British Rule IN India,"».«., the present system of government is destructive and despotic to the Indians and un-British.

After completing his schooling, Dadabhai Naoroji finished his Masters degree in Mathematics and worked as a professor in the same subject.

He achieved many honors during his academic career and after completing his education from the Elphinstone Institution, he became a partner of the first Indian commercial company founded in Britain. So, he went to England for managing Cama and Co.

While staying in England, he was very keen in exposing the wretchedness in India and what Indians were going through during British rule. In , he established the East India Association in England. This was a platform to put forward the grievances of Indians in Britain. To promote this further, branches of the association were also established in different parts of India.

Further in his book , he stated the loss of million pounds of revenue to Britain. Dadabhai Naoroji considered it as a major evil of British in India. On the footsteps of Dadabhai Naoroji, R. Dutt also promoted the same theory by keeping it as a major theme of his book Economic History in India.

Dadabhai Naoroji gave six factors that caused external drain.

Dadabhai Naoroji and His Drain of Wealth Theory

Dutt, Dadabhai Naoroji and others. Remittances to England by European employees for supporting their families and education of their children—which may be considered a feature of colonial system of government. Remittances of savings by the employees of the East India Company as they preferred to invest at home.

Remittances for purchasing British goods demanded by British employees as well as purchasing British goods in India.

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Government purchase of stores manufactured in Great Britain. Interest charges on public debt held in Britain which excluded interest payment on railway loans and other debts incurred for productive works. As a result of political, administrative and commercial connections established between India and England, the Government of India had to make huge payments to the people of England.

Home charges were consisting of interest on public debt raised from England, annuities on account of railways and irrigation works and payments to British employees, employed in India as well as pensions to retired employees worked in India.

Versa Anstey made an estimate of these Home Charges to the extent of 35 million pounds annually. Moreover, the British rulers realised the cost of battles they fought with native rulers from India by raising loans.

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Estimate of the Drain: Although it was impossible to make a correct estimate of the extent of drain from India in the form of resources and gold bullion flowed from India to Great Britain, during the British rule, however some estimates were made on the extent of such drain.

Verelst estimated that during the period of five years just after Battle of Plassey, total volume of drain from India in terms of goods and bullion was 4, 94, 16, 11 pounds sterling. Saul also made an estimate of such drain based on balance of payments alone and his figure for the year alone amounted to 4.

Dadabhai Naoroji also made an estimate of drain which was around Rs 8 million.

Poverty and Un-British Rule in India

Later on, the volume of drain estimated by Naoroji was Rs 12 million in , Rs 25 crore in In , Naoroji made another estimate of drain for the ten year period of and found the total drain at Rs crore. In , total amount of drain calculated by Naoroji was Rs Another estimate was made by G. Joshi for the period to and total amount of drain from India during this period was estimated at nearly million sterling. Such consequences of drain were studied in detail by various Indian economists like Dadabhai Naoroji, M.

Ranade, R.

Dutta, G. Gokhale, G.

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