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Download and look at thousands of study documents in Quantitative Techniques on Docsity. Find notes, summaries, exercises for studying Quantitative. Quantitative Techniques –. Introduction. Notes: (a) Write your answer in the space given below. (b) Please go through the lesson sub-head thoroughly you will. BN – QUANTITATIVE TECHNIQUES. ABS / Quantitative Techniques. Number of ii. make full use of course notes and other instructional materials.

Quantitative Techniques Notes Pdf

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introduction: general comments module outline also document (has slides) module web site: stat introduction to quantitative methods lecturers/tutorials/. Download MBA Quantitative Techniques Notes pdf. Students can Download MBA 1st Sem Quantitative Techniques Study Materials & Books through the. Lecture-notes for Quantitative Methods. Spring • Katarina Katz.,,. Karlstad University, Universitetsgatan 2, 88 Karlstad. Tel. Katarina.

We can use the scientific management analysis to find out how much the investments made will be worth in the future. There are many scientific method software packages that have been developed to determine and analyze the problems.

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In case of non-availability of past data where quantitative data is limited, qualitative factors play a major role in making decisions. Qualitative factors are important in situations like the introduction of breakthrough technologies. Application of scientific management and Analysis is more appropriate when there is not much of variation in problems due to external factors, and where input values are steady.

In such cases, a model can be developed to suit the problem which helps us to take decisions faster. Linear Programming Linear programming is a technique for specifying how to use limited resources or capabilities of a business to obtain a particular objective, such as least cost, highest margin, or least time, when these resources have alternate uses.

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For example, these restrictions may be on machine time, man-hours, materials, contract specification, etc. Transportation Problem All linear programming problems can be solved by simplex method, but certain special problems lend themselves to easy solution by other methods.

One such case is that of Transportation problems. Transportation problems are encountered in physical distribution of goods.

Source of supply, availibility of material for distribution, the requirement of demand at particular place or destination or at numder of destinations are some of the parameters involved in the problem.

The objective is to minimize the cost associated with such transportation from place of supply to places of demand within given constraints of availability and level of demand.

These distribution problems are amenable to solution by a special type of Linear Programming model know as 'Transportation Model'. It can also be applied to the maximization of some utility value such as financial resources Network Analysis Network analysis is a system which plans projects both large and small by analyzing the project activites.

When all these activites are arranged in logical sequence, a network diagram is one which presents visually the relationship between all the activities involved.

Time, cost and other resources are allocated to different activites.. Network analysis helps designing, planning co-ordinating, controlling and decision making in order to accomplish the project economically in the minimum available time with the limited resources.

Network techniques are developed from milestone chart and bal chart.

This may consist of numbers, words, or images, particularly as measurements or observations of set of variables. Data is often viewed as a lowest level of abstraction from which information and knowledge are derived Correlation and Regression Analysis Correlation is a statistical tool which studies the relationship between two variables.

Six handouts of lecture slides are available in PDF. Licence: Not known: assume All Rights Reserved Added: 24 Jan Introduction to calculus for economics and business Stephen J Silver, The Citadel Military College of South Carolina This is a refresher PDF document summarising differentiation including maxima and minima, partial differentiation and the Lagrangean multiplier and integration with examples from economics.

There are eight pages of content apart from the title page and an appendix summarising differentials and integrals of common functions.

This link goes to Economics Network's index of these materials. Gallen From an MSc course in Summer , this page PDF document has detailed lecture notes and graphs, arranged in nine content chapters and a reading list.

Licence: Not known: assume All Rights Reserved Added: 14 Dec Special topics in economics : asset pricing fall Adam Szeidl, University of California, Berkeley This Fall course site has 15 sets of lecture notes and three problem sets, all in.

The course "begins with static portfolio choice, reviews the capital asset pricing model CAPM , then develops dynamic equilibrium asset pricing theories and studies some of the puzzles in Financial economics and proposed solutions. Finally, the course discusses market microstructure and behavioral asset pricing.Job Interviewing Techniques and Skills Although, use of estimates and probabilities have become very popular in modern statistics but there are other techniques, as well, which are also very important.

Insurance law Bowley The main features of the above definition are : i Statistics or Data implies numerical facts.

Geodesy and Cartography 3. Earth Sciences It allows us to collect pertinent information about the behaviour of the system by executing a computerized model.

Data are collected either by counting or by measurement of units or individuals.

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