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Rebuild Hair Program - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online . Diet for hair Shampooing It All the time Doesn't Cause Hair Loss Either. REBUILD HAIR PROGRAM PDF BY JARED GATES - In this site isn`t the same as a solution manual you buy in a book store or download off the web. Our Over. Description. Discover what's inside The Rebuild Hair Program PDF eBook by Dr. Blount and Jared Gates NOW! «NOT a B.S. Review.

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What Jared Gates The Rebuild Hair Program PDF All About? Does The Rebuild Hair Program Book Review Really Work? Find Out The Truth About The Rebuild . Hair Loss Protocol by Jared Gates is as a detailed guide that supplies a detailed nutrition guide for people who want how to regrow their hair naturally. Rebuild Hair Program By Jared Gates And Dr. Blount Reviewed. Are you losing hair more than what is normal? Well, you're not the only person in this group.

This Rebuild Hair Program review goes behind the bold promises to provide readers with a comprehensive look inside the new hair loss protocol, its creator, and the science behind hair loss and natural treatments. Despite trying conventional medication, Gates experienced adverse reactions and disappointing results.

Faced with ever-worsening hair loss and an enlarged prostate, Gates invested his time, energy, and money into researching the science behind DHT. The goal was to find a natural based remedy that could limit the conversion of testosterone to DHT in the body.

It is this process and his own successful trials that form the basis of the hair loss protocol described inside the Rebuild Hair Program. In the last few decades, scientists have gained a greater understanding of male and female pattern hair loss. Testosterone has long been implicated in the balding process, but it is only more recently that DHT has been identified as the main culprit in both men and women. Going bald? Dihydrotestosterone DHT is probably to blame. Scientists have found that the production of DHT via testosterone is caused by an enzyme called 5-alpha reductase 5AR.

In layman terms, DHT is bad because it shrinks hair follicles by preventing proteins, vitamins, and minerals from providing the needed nourishment to maintain them.

As the hair follicles shrink, hair is replenished at a slower rate, resulting in thinning hair. Eventually, the follicles no longer produce any hair at all. The link between pattern hair loss in men and women is now universally accepted within the scientific community, and there are significant resources and studies available online that make reference to them including the American Hair Loss Association : the only national, independent consumer organization dedicated to educating communities, medical professionals, and legislators about hair loss.

Prospective users can take comfort and have a great degree of confidence in the Rebuild Hair Program, because the scientific foundation and premise of the program is proven and universally accepted.

A beneficial by-product of using the Rebuild Hair Program relates to its claimed ability to increase testosterone levels and reduce the growth of prostate cells which can lead to prostate cancer. A French study published in the Annals of Oncology, a peer reviewed and well-respected medical publication, found that men in their 60s with prostate cancer were twice as likely to experience male pattern baldness beginning in their 20s than men without cancer.

A more recent study in the Journal of Clinical Oncology, another well-known, peer-reviewed journal, found that from nearly 40, test subjects, there was an increased risk of aggressive prostate cancer in those men suffering moderate hair loss from the age of Gates also refers to a number of scientific studies on his website which confirm the link between DHT and both male pattern hair loss and prostate cancer.

The Rebuild Hair Program is a step-by-step, natural diet-based treatment protocol that has been scientifically proven to be effective in reversing the effects of hair loss and successfully regrowing hair in as little as 4 weeks. It divides the foods into four simple categories with one food item from each category required for each day of the diet. A sample day diet is also included. Current treatment programs for hair loss often have mixed results. Some stop the process of hair loss, but work poorly to actually regenerate new hair.

For example, the primary drug used to treat male and female pattern hair loss, Finasteride , has been found to inhibit the production of DHT and stop hair loss. While Finasteride has some success in stopping hair loss, it has only limited success with actually reestablishing hair growth.

In addition, the side-effects of the drug can have a serious and long-term impact on the health of individuals discussed further below. Unlike many medications prescribed to treat hair loss, the Rebuild Hair Program does not require the consumption of any substance which, on their own, would cause any adverse side-effect. A study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that classes of medications containing Finasteride which inhibit 5AR and DHT can have sexual side effects, such as erectile dysfunction , that may persist even after the drugs are discontinued.

Creams like Minoxidil Rogaine have also been found to cause allergic reactions, weight gain, and hair growth in unwanted areas. In addition, users are not required to radically overhaul their diet. The program simply requires a selection of four separate foods to be added to an existing diet, once a day, for the duration of the 28 day program.

By preventing any major change in diet, it makes it much easier for users to complete the program in its entirety without becoming discouraged.

This in turn will cause you to struggle with being able to control your hair. This in turn can cause you to develop a real problem with your hair in the long run. It can be a real threat to your hair. This is especially as DHT will move right into your hair follicles.

Once it gets there, your hair is fair game. It can be destroyed rather quickly and the process of hair loss will end up being hastened as a result. But what is it about DHT that makes it risky? Let's take a look at this component in your body and how it will influence the way how your hair will develop in the long run.

This can also be found in the female body but it is typically more likely to actually be found in men. The thing is that men and women alike can develop it but men clearly have more of these androgens than others.

Still, it is something that will occur upon people at any age; it typically does not discriminate against race or hair color either. The 5-alpha-reductase compound will synthesize DHT around the hair follicles, adrenal glands and the prostate. In some cases the body's metabolic rate will change dramatically as a result of the development in the compound but in most cases it will be responsible for causing hair loss about all else. DHT will work by moving its way into the dermal papilla.

This is a key component of the hair follicle that will be required to help you get more hair. It is practically the deepest space of your scalp. This will be the main hub for the production of hair in your scalp so it will continue to look vibrant and attractive for anyone to see. The dermal papilla is designed to where it will stay within the bottom part of 25 your scalp and make the hair that it is attached to look a little nicer.

Think of it like the foundation for a house; you need that papilla in order to actually keep the hair upright and ready to be displayed. If you don't have a strong papilla then the hair itself will not stay up. This classic image of the way how a hair follicle works shows that the papilla is on the way bottom part of the hair. This is going to cause the growth of the hair above anything else in the area.

The papilla is right next to the bulb. It triggers the development of hair and will provide it with the energy to move through the dermis and other parts of the hair. The dermal papilla cells will get in contact with the new hair follicles that are trying to support the development of hair all around. The purpose is to keep them strong and ready to function. The dermal cells will particularly be in direct contact with the body's bloodstream. This will attain all the key nutrients that the hair requires in order to get the follicle to grow as needed.

It will promote the growth of hair while also making it stronger and less likely to break off. If the follicle area ever becomes smaller in size then it will be harder for the hair to stay strong. It will be likely to either fall out or become overly weak over an extensive period of time. This big part of this aspect of your hair is that it is a deep material that will be stuck quite well inside your skin. In fact, it is so deep that if you plucked out a hair then that papilla will not come out.

Its cells will stay entrenched deep inside your skin. Besides, this is why hairs that are plucked out of spots where you don't actually want to have hair on will keep on growing back. After all, if you plucked one of those hairs out then you'll notice you're not bleeding after you did so. The papilla is still intact and is still attached to your bloodstream.

So what role does DHT play in this process? DHT will get into the dermal papilla and keep the area from receiving the nutrients that it requires in order to develop new bits of hair. In addition, the resting phase of the hair follicle will extend if there is too much DHT. In some cases the resting phase will last for years. All hair follicles will contain resting and growing phases. These are to tell when the hair is to grow and what it should not.

This is typically managed in many spaces around the scalp to ensure that hair will grow the right way.

If the follicles are not treated properly then DHT will easily move into the area, thus causing the resting phases to last much longer than necessary. This in turn will cause your hair to wear out and fall out.

You can get a DHT test to determine if you have this problem.

A DHT test is often used in testosterone therapy procedures to determine if people have too much 27 testosterone. The key for this hormone is to develop properly; if testosterone is not managed the right way then it can cause hair loss. This does not automatically mean that people with plenty of testosterone in their bodies will develop hair loss.

Those with loads of this hormone can live without hair loss if their bodies are kept healthy. A typical DHT test will entail a blood sample. The sample will then be analyzed in a proper lab to determine the total amount of DHT in your system. This in turn will help you to analyze your hair and to receive some form of treatment that you know will be effective and suitable for your goals at large.

Miniaturization One critical aspect of hair loss in this case comes from miniaturization. This is a process where the hair follicle is going to keep shrinking. The papilla will grow at the earliest stages of your life to the point where it can maintain thick and fullydetailed strands of hair.

This is great to have but at the same time you will be at risk of losing your hair after a while because the DHT in your scalp will cause a hair follicle to shrink. While the follicles can shrink on their own in some peoples' cases, the process will be hastened if you have a great deal of DHT in your scalp. The DHT will cause the follicle to shrink all the way to the point where it will end into its vellus stage.

This is where it creates a vellus. This is a light and very thin type of hair that is very fine in its texture. That is, it will be very light and can easily break off. It is a real burden but it can be a hassle that needs to be fixed in order to keep your hair from being at risk of damages of all sorts. What's more is that this may end up being the last of a particular hair that you will ever seen unless you take care of the DHT problem and reverse its effects.

Notice how the follicles shrink over time and the resulting hair ends up becoming small. While that hair is still technically there, it is clearly not as strong as you might wish it could be. This can all occur regardless of how often your hair is cut or how often you take care of it. As hairs come out from your scalp, they will come back in smaller and smaller forms.

It eventually gets to the point where the hair will not even come out or be so small that it will be next to impossible for people to see it.

The miniaturization of the hair follicle will cause it to weaken and keep you from looking your best. The worst part of this is that it can happen on all parts of the head.

Some people like in the picture you see above will still have some hair on the sides and back as this area tends to be less likely to be impacted. Still, there is always that risk that even those parts of the scalp are going to be hurt in some way.

This is not to say that the follicles are going to disappear altogether. They will just get small enough to the point where you cannot get new hair to come out of them. You will have to place in a greater amount of effort in order to keep the hair loss from being more of a burden to your life than what it is already like. A good way of considering the overall importance of DHT in your life will be to take a look at a proper report.

A report from the American Academy of 29 Dermatology states that 5-alpha-reductase will indeed cause hair loss, specifically male pattern hair loss, to develop due to the way how this component will convert testosterone into DHT. If an appropriate inhibitor is used in order to control the development of DHT and 5-alpha-reductase then it will be rather easy for hair loss to be stopped right from the source. This report particularly focuses on a drug called dutasteride. This is a drug that is designed by GlaxoSmithKline today for the treatment of benign prostatic hyperlasia, a condition also referred to as an enlarged prostate; however, it may also have some benefits to your body in terms of preventing hair loss.

However, the same study also says that this medication is not going to work for every single person. It only shows that keeping DHT from developing is critical in terms of keeping hair loss at bay. Besides, dutasteride has been found over the years to cause prostate cancer in some people.


Remember, you cannot just assume that medications are going to work well. They sound great in theory but it is not as though just anyone can use medications and get some real benefits off of them. The Consequences DHT really is a big problem in your life. It only keeps you from having hair that you know would normally grow on its own. DHT will make it very hard for you to get the most out of your hair.

The DHT will keep you from getting new hairs because the hair follicles will have shrunken to the point where they cannot work any longer.

Rebuild Hair Program by Jared Gates

In addition, the old hairs that you had will stay to fall out and will not grow back because there is no support system for you to work with in order to get those hairs to actually grow in some form.

This can be a real burden to anyone's life but it is a problem that often occurs in people who just want to get their hair to look their best. Fortunately, many hair follicles around your scalp are not going to go away altogether. They will have 30 shrunken to the point where they cannot promote the development of new hair but they will still be around and can always be expanded upon if you just do the right things for your life.

This is never something that is all that fun to bear with but the truth is that you will have to think carefully about what you want to do if you're going to keep the effects of DHT from being any worse than what they might already be like as it is. There are three goals that you need to take a look at: 1. You need to stop the production of 5-alpha-reductase in your 2. You also have to stop the production of DHT, the compound body.

You also need to adjust your diet so you will consume the right materials that will promote the development of healthy hair follicles. This is all done with two points in mind: You will need to use these ideas to get rid of your hair loss problem for good.

Rebuild Hair Program Review – Can Jared Gates Help You Stop Hair Loss And Regrow Hair Naturally?

It's also to potentially develop new hair in the long run. If you work hard enough to clear out the DHT in your body, then it will be rather easy for you to get new hair and to look a more enjoyable and pleasing on anyone's eyes. You need to be certain that you keep yourself from bearing with many of the unhealthy materials that people claim will be a threat.

Remember, while you could technically try and go after some of the many pills, creams and shampoos that promise to control the development of DHT and other related materials, these are not going to work every time and will often cause some rather risky side effects in some of the worst cases. You need to be certain that you can use the right standards for taking care of your body the right way so you'll 31 stop hair loss and potentially reverse it.

Besides, lots of those products that people claim will work are just products that were designed with the intention of getting scientists, doctors and others in the pharmaceutical industry to make money. Have you ever noticed that these companies make billions of dollars and people keep on getting ill even after using them? And let's not forget about all those commercials where the listing of side effects takes up an extensive length of time in the commercial.

Have you been avoiding hats? Maybe you have been worrying about your workouts and fearing that testosterone levels in your body are going to be far too strong. The thing is that people all around the world are doing different things in the hopes of keeping their bodies from bearing with hair loss. Still, these are often problems that people really do not have to think about. There are many stories that people will believe in when it comes to hair loss.

They often feel that they need to adjust their lives in many ways just to keep their hair. Many of these stories have been passed down from one generation to the next. The fact is that many of these stories that people hear about are nothing but old wives' tales. That is, there is no real way how anyone could actually experience hair loss as a result of some of these issues.

This chapter is all about debunking the many myths that come with hair loss. You need to get away from all these bothersome myths if you are to actually get the hair that you want again. But you are probably thinking that it's going to cause your hair to wear out as you use it.

Besides, many people often associate hats as things that others wear just to hide the face that they are bearing with serious problems relating to hair loss. One very popular myth that people often hear about in their lives entails the way how hats can cause them to go bald. Many people have taken this myth for fact after noticing how many people who enter the military go bald rather quickly. This is particularly believed to be because these people will wear hats all the time while in 33 the military.

This is nothing more than a silly story. The truth is that many of those people in the military who become bald are ones who were at the age where their scalps were more likely to experience an added amount of DHT production to begin with. Hats are designed to protect the scalp from the sun's intense rays.

They are not going to cause any damages to your hair in any least. However, there are some actual cases where people might suffer from hair loss as a result of wearing a hat but these are for some rather exceptional cases.

These include the following problems: Hair bits break. Some people wear their hats way too tightly. This can cause some hair bits to break off from the added pressure. However, this is typically the case for those who have very long strands of hair. Blood circulation problems.

Wearing a very tight hat can cause the circulation of blood and nutrients into the scalp to stop, thus causing the hair to become too weak over time. The only time when this actually happens can come from the hat being on tightly enough to the point where the user is actually exceptionally uncomfortable.

If you are careful when you are wearing a hat then you will not be at risk of hair loss as a result of this fine fashion accessory.

Be careful when you wear it and you will not be at risk of any serious problems after a while. Don't ever wear a hat any tighter than necessary. Always make sure you wear any hats that you've got to the point where they will be relaxed and easy for you to utilize. If you know how to wear a hat the right way, 34 then you will not have to worry about hair loss.

In fact, you could even wear hats while working with the processes listed a little later in this guide and you will still end up getting your hair to grow back while stopping the root cause of your hair loss. It's not like the hat is going to inhibit the overall process of getting more hair. It is best to clean any hats that you have on a regular basis though.

Dirty hats can cause your scalp to become infected, thus increasing your chances for hair loss. Washing off your hats every few weeks helps but it's especially key to wash them off even more often if you sweat quite a bit while wearing a hat. This is a great pointer that works well no matter what kinds of hats you might have. Keep your hats in check the right way and you will have a better look to your hair.I stopped using irons on my hair.

The production of DHT will cause a person to develop a 5-alpha-reductase deficiency. You should not be afraid of what people might think about you if you do want to discuss hair loss. If you research this, you will see that much of the medical community feels that you are much more likely to see miniaturization with androgenetic alopecia. This classic image of the way how a hair follicle works shows that the papilla is on the way bottom part of the hair.

Amongst the worst situations of hair loss is when people start losing their hair in their early 20s which certainly affects their way of life.

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