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Pierce, Tamora - Immortals 1 - Wild Magic Pierce, Tamora - The Immortals 01 - Wild Magic 1 0 Tamora Pierce - Circle of Magic 1 - Sandry's Book. Pierce, Tamora - The Immortals 01 - Wild Magic 1 0. Read more · Tamora Pierce - Immortals 1 - Wild Magic · Read more · Tamora Pierce - Immortals 1 - Wild. Discover a land of enchantment, legend, and adventure in this first book of the Immortals series, featuring an updated cover for longtime fans and fresh converts .

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Wild Magic. Book One in The Immortals. Young Daine's knack with horses gets her a job helping the royal horsemistress drive a herd of ponies to Tortall. Soon it . Read Wild Magic by Tamora Pierce for free with a 30 day free trial. Still, my magic will keep us safe at night, and she can handle a bow. Daine! she called. Wild Magic. Wolf-Speaker First published as A Guide to Tamora Pierce: The Immortals as an ebook in The PDF ebook is available to libraries from. Ebrary.

She gets a job as an assistant to the horsemistress of Tortall's Queen's Riders, and she learns new things about herself and gains a new family.

The Immortals 01 - Wild Magic

Plot summary[ edit ] The reader is introduced to Veralidaine, who goes by Daine , a thirteen-year-old girl who can speak to animals. Daine meets Onua, the woman in charge of the horses for the "Queen's Riders", the group of warriors who ride with and for the Queen , and is hired to help bring up a group of new ponies to the capital of Tortall.

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Along the way, Daine and Onua are attacked by strange creatures called Immortals, which are mystical beings including monsters such as spidrens, huge, carnivorous spiders with human heads , and Stormwings, metallic birds with human faces that feast on the dead. They later learn that nearly all of Tortall, Scanra, Galla, Tusaine, Maren and Tyra are being plagued by these Immortals, despite the fact that they were supposed to have been locked away years ago.

Wild Magic

As it turns out, the Immortals that attacked them had been on the chase of a hawk, which Daine rescues using her powers.

With the help of Alanna of Trebond , Daine turns him back into a human, and he turns out to be Numair Salmalin , the most powerful mage in Tortall and one of the few black-robe mages in the world. Upon reaching Corus, she continues as the assistant horsemistress, teaching Rider trainees such as her friends Miri and Evin and learning more about her own powers of "wild magic" from Numair, who becomes her teacher.

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Wild Magic Tortall: The Immortals by Tamora Pierce ebook. Subjects Fantasy Young Adult Fiction.

Discover a land of enchantment, legend, and adventure in this first book of the Immortals series, featuring an updated cover for longtime fans and fresh converts alike, and including an all-new afterword from Tamora Pierce. He is always insulting and teasing her, but shows rare kindnesses, like awkwardly comforting her when she believed Numair was dead.

In Wolf-Speaker , he is shown to have a soft spot for Maura of Dunlath, his ward. They are released at the end of Emperor Mage and become Daine's allies.

Daine accidentally informs Rikash of their whereabouts, startling the Stormwing because he and his kind were told that they had been killed in a fair fight. Animals[ edit ] Cloud: A pony that Daine has had since before the series started. She is quite stubborn, but is very loyal to Daine.

It was partly through her ability to speak with Cloud that Daine learned of her wild magic.

The Immortals Series

She refers to Numair as "Stork Man". Cloud's mind was changed after repeatedly biting Daine and getting some of Daine's wild magic inadvertently transferred into her, and she can reason and think like a human.

It is revealed that she can transfer her energy to Daine, as shown at the end of Wild Magic , so the girl could kill the Stormwing Queen, Zhaneh Bitterclaws. Tahoi: A large dog his name means "ox" that works with Onua and Daine on the trails with the horses, he saved Onua's life when her husband had beaten her and left her for dead. He is a "one woman dog," but takes to Daine anyway. He is an expert at guarding the ponies and avoiding being kicked by them.

Zekoi: A pygmy marmoset that Daine befriends after saving it from crocodiles in the River Zekoi during the events in Emperor Mage.

He is said to have a family back in the wild and has a fascination with keys. After he was captured, he learned more about keys, and then vowed to always have keys from then on.

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He later frees Daine from Ozorne 's prison with a set of his favorite objects. It is discovered as the series progresses that she has become The Green Lady, a minor goddess of women and childbirth, and was married to Weiryn. She was a midwife before she was killed, and possessed the Gift. Weiryn: Daine's father, and a minor god of the hunt.String it.

Many, if not quite most, of my books are in good condition. I can't have been much older than, say, third grade at a stretch. That Tortall?

Only this child was different: Heir of Fire. Carefully she set her feet, and gently she brought the string back as she focused on her target. She refers to Numair as "Stork Man". When the ponies were ready, Onua placed their packs on the first animal in each string.

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