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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Building on the core works of The Rational Male – Preventive Medicine presents a poignant outline of the phases of maturity and the most commonly predictable. Hello, does someone have a digital version of this book. I wanted to buy it on amazon, but it is currently unavailable (due to some quality. Posts about Preventive Medicine written by Rollo Tomassi.

The Rational Male Preventive Medicine Pdf

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If the red pill and Game-awareness have a lasting effect of any future significance , my hope is that the red pill becomes preventative medicine. I'm prefacing this week's continuation of Preventative Medicine with this graph because it will be an integral element to understanding the. Building on the core works of The Rational Male – Preventive Medicine presents a poignant outline of the phases of maturity and the most.

Keep in mind that modern social pressures social media etc. The most secure, monogamous attachments women will make are with Men they perceive are 1 to 2 degrees above what she perceives is her own relative SMV. I ostensibly began the relative SMV graph at age 15 since this is about the post-pubescent age during which girls come into their maturation and teenage boys begin to take a real awareness of them.

Between the ages of 15 and 25 women associate and prioritize men according to their physical features.

The main reasoning for this is fairly obvious in that physical cues though also influenced externally are primarily innate.

This physical interest from adolescence through young adulthood is the top prioritization in attraction. Long term provisioning potential during this phase is rarely even an afterthought for a young woman. Further reading on the physical aspects of this phenomenon can be found here. This priority will build a foundation for her attraction cues later as she matures, but the primary importance is looks and performance.

The danger being long term life decisions made in order to maintain a relationship he believes his sacrifices will be rewarded for in favor of personal goals or developing passions and personal potential. This will be the first test of the red pill versus your feminized conditioning. Statistically the girlfriend you expected to build a Disney-story life with will break up with you as her options expand while yours constrict due to prioritizing her goals above your own.

A lot of manosphere moralists believe that women ought to marry and get pregnant during the party years since this is the point of peak fertility as well as physical beauty, and in the not so distant, pre-sexual revolution past this certainly made sense. The available opportunities — social, sexual, educational and career-wise — that a woman experiences during these years are afforded to her in relation to her SMV.

At no point will you find a woman more cocky and self-assured of her predominance in society according to the option she enjoys relative to her attractiveness. The physical arousal priorities she had in high school remain a top attraction priority, however, as she matures into the new experiences her SMV peak affords her, status, and later affluence wealth or potential provisioning start getting added to the attraction mix.

As women learn the utility of their relative SMV, and begin to understand a future need for long term provisioning on some level of consciousness they come to understand the transactional nature of their sexual agency.

Generally this is between a year difference, however Roissy postulated that even more mature men still have potential depending upon their own SMV:. Hard to believe, but it is often easier to bed a very young woman than an older woman, if you are an older man.

It is hard-wired in them, and this hard-wiring can be reinforced by poor family upbringing resulting from divorce of parents or absentee fathers. Single moms are the greatest source of future generations of slutty daughters the world has ever known. The idea is one that an Alpha Man might be tamed, in some cases coerced via pregnancy, into assuming the providership role the other half of her sexual strategy demands.

One point of attraction older men who capitalize on their SMV potential have is that their capacity to provide for more than themselves, and still maintain an above average physique, tends to be a form of preselection for this hypergamic balance as women mature past the latter part of their party years.

Just to be clear, as a woman becomes more cognizant of her decreasing capacity to sexually compete with the attractiveness of younger women, her attraction for more than just the physical aspects of men begins to assume a higher priority. Those aspects status, confidence, affluence, worldly maturity, etc.

I should also add here that, there are incidents of women who, for some condition or circumstance opt out of their party years. Either their socioeconomic situation prevents it, or an early, unplanned pregnancy, or for religious convictions, but whatever the reason they move past this phase without a sense of having capitalized on it.

This post is the first in a 3 part series. Tags SMV. Looking forward to reading the whole series.

Preventative Medicine – Part I

I disagree with your graph in so far as Status always matters to women. Even the teen years shows this. Whether or not he is the best looking guy on the football team, the team captain benefits significantly from a relative high status.

Also, even less physically attractive high-status men can still get younger women with ease. Brilliant as always. Status does NOT matter to many women.

Will be retrieved frequently, I predict, as my boys blunder on into young adulthood. My short advice to young men, even to young men who want to become husbands, would be: DO NOT work on making yourself a better nice guy husband. With regards to the original SMV chart, especially the older peak for males, the salient point is one that women themselves ALWAYS throw out as a bone to formerly undesired young males: When in reality what happens, if they become desired, then those males become desired by other younger hotter women instead.

I see her once a week and apart from hanging out and banging spend no money on her. When we met online she said she was religious. I just gamed her and offer no promises of anything. Damn the breakdown on this. I mean, reading your blog for some years now I knew and had a understanding of all of this already but, man. Deep down that small voice just gets louder as they age as it does with us. Looks like you are dead on Rollo.

Women leave the beta with cash and prizes to ride the cock carousel again. Fuck that. But trying to enter the SMP at approaching 50 appears futile — until we get some serious soul-searching and better quality women. Why should I go through all that effort for a whore? Well done, Rollo.

The Rational Male PDF Summary

My experience, though, is that the Break usually comes later, when a woman is finishing up college or thereabouts, or starting a job or grad school. There could also be more than one Break — one at around 18, and another at around 22 or 23 I suppose. The point is that Breaks seem to occur with women at the time of major life events. I worked as a bouncer for awhile about years ago when I was in between professional white collar jobs. What an awakening.

Definitely got a glimpse into a different side of female nature. The graph in this article should be printed out and posted on every guys bathroom mirror so he can see it every morning. Just a PSA for this series: But this comment does sit into the point of this post and this request, that idea of a synopsis, a prescriptive list of what is what. I am there for ADHD and sleep issues. I have had 3 appointments so far. Two with a psychologist that specializes in sleep disorders and one with a psychiatrist for the ADHD meds.

Rollo — Alpha re-interest intrigues me. Or is it there all along, just sublimated by the urgency of provisioning needs? The majority of the women in their 30s I was meeting, e. Yes, but. Clearly, we know, or ought to know, she is not less likely to resent him and to divorce him even nowadays. I go back over there this week to see a medical doctor. Let me research some things, and I will walk into the office of the DAV and American Legion reps to inquire about grants, funding policies, provider rules etc.

Here is a weirdo fact. A couple of years ago, I was pulled into discussions about creating a web site for a non-profit. The attitude is best described in Saving Your Best. I think that women hit two walls, the first in their late teens, and the well-known one in their late twenties. This bloom of youth was well-known and obvious until relatively recently. I think a life course perspective would help here.

In other words, the typical serial monogamy. Which also applies to her earlier hookups. She was complaining about a recent dating experience that had turned sour: Why is it she starts missing those alpha humping days? I wonder if income level, net worth, career etc are important factors as well?

Or is it perhaps more horomonal like jf12 says? I mean, it does seem weird to me. I would emphasize that crisis more centrally to the diagram. I think of it as a mid life crisis thing. Once the bitch was paid off, other women started showing up…interesting.

They are too much of a liability to me. I wish you well! Glenn, Kaizer, have you read this yet?: The fact that the bloom of youth makes even plain girls pretty, for a while, is one reason why the common marriage age in the s, and earlier, was rarely past the mid to late teens,.

But no matter what some of you may read from the value curves above, it has proved a useful tool for predicting when Cougar-Cub couples get together, and when they are likely to break up. The value curves also provide clues of what types of Cougar-Cub relationships stand the best chance of surviving in the long run. There are other studies and graphs that reflect this basic model. Statistically, most women express a desire to settle down, be married and start a family at or around the age of 27 to 30, and most marriages do happen between 26 and 30 for western women.

Preventive Medicine

At no other time will a woman feel more urgency in capitalizing on her still prime attractiveness and sexual agency with a man she believes will fulfill the dual dictates of her sexual strategy. Side note: Lastly, bear in mind that women in this phase experience this urgency in direct proportion to what their looks, sexuality and command of male attention will afford them.

Thus, some attractive women may perpetuate their party years until such time as that attention abruptly ends. Between the ages of 28 to about 30 sometimes later for attractive women perpetuating their party years women often enter into a more cognitive awareness of their personal conditions with regard to their declining SMV. It is of primary importance to men to fully understand the significance this phase has for women.

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Combined with this is the awareness that they can no longer sexually compete at the same level as young women in their SMV peak for the attentions of men they now hope to consolidate their hypergamy on in long term commitment and provisioning security.

This is a precarious time for women where she makes attempts to reassess the last decade of her life. As a woman moves into the Transitory phase this re-prioritization also coincides with the adjusted self-perception of her own SMV. There are many feminine social conventions already pre-established to help her deny or buffer this reassessment. And as you may guess this self-assessment is also subject to the influences of social media and social conventions that pander to this same Transition period anxiety.

I believe it was Roosh who stated that the only women who complain about men needing to Man Up or how men have somehow shirked the masculine responsibilities the Feminine Imperative society expects of them are always 30 years of age or older.

However, as always, feminine social conventions are already in place to absolve her of any real personal accountability for this incapacity. While the experiences may differ, the underlying influences that prompt these phases remain more or less the same. Tags Alpha Fucks , Beta Bucks , beta guy , feminine imperative , gender relations , hypergamy , physical attractiveness , sexual market value , SMV , social conventions , women.

At each and every stage there are a slew of different organizations and support sources which encourage women along every step of the path.

Would be a good thing to map them out, actually. Great point dude. You guys who are complaining about how women treat you badly all the time. Maybe not as deep-rooted as hypergamy but something similar for men? Or direct me to a link where I might find what I am pondering. Interesting to note your observations.

Realistic prob setting at an 8. The attractiveness of women through ioi and opening me is incredible. Social matching theory in action. To what Donalgraeme said, the sources are virtually too numerous to name.

And always being regenerated, like shark teeth. Sit coms like this new one that came on after Modern Family tonight. On right now is repeat of Bethanny talk show and she has on two women who wrote a book about rules on dating some time ago.

Same two women now have a book about new rules and have co-opted some of the same things said in this blog and others. Like if he text, make sure you text back with less words than he did. And have some where to go in the middle of date or meeting them, to create a scarcity feeling. You and I are the same age, and the last girl had just turned The current target is That whatsyourprice.

Money talks, and bullshit walks. This is revealed preferences in its most pure form — impossible to argue against. And that realization is like getting hit with a two by four.

As one of those weirdo women who settled down at 22 and has never regretted it, the idea that a woman should spend her most fertile, attractive years drinking and riding strange penises confounds me. Couple of additional thoughts: The latter party years and transition stage are my favourite female life phases to analyze. Based on observations in the UK, the latter party years for most women stand a little earlier at 24 to 25, and the transition period commences at Depending on the venue, the pronounced female ages are 17 to 22 or post early 30s.

This is no mean coincidence. But, as you said, my falling out of love was key in getting my wife to start to realize she had to be better. Do you think there is a similar MAP for men? Or are most men so conditioned by the feminine imperative that they follow what women want? Should men seeking to maximize their SMV follow a certain life path?

However if men do want children or family, what path should the follow? It makes sense that a 40 yr old woman who has already borne children would be more fertile, possible a lot more fertile, than an otherwise similar 40 yr old woman who has never had children.

What I always find interesting is how the hamster kicks in during Epiphany and Transition in order to explain the Party Years. I always wanted to find a great guy to settle down and have kids with. It just never happened for me.

I made a lot of decisions that seemed like a good idea in the moment but when aggregated make me look kind of bad to you now. You are one of the few who hit the jackpot. You were able to do what all the other girls out there are trying and failing to do. You were able to lock down a very attractive man with options. And you were able to do it using pretty much the same tactics that girls use now, except toned down and in a less raunchy environment.

The difference is the caliber of man you selected. Great post Rollo. I wish I had this info when I was younger. I think the chart on women is slightly off.

I say thanks again Rollo for making me aware. Some men do in fact buy the sports car, get the new hottie wife or act in some fashion that appears reckless and irresponsible. Donalgraeme, documenting the feminine operative social conventions on a by age basis would be a valuable part of preventative medicine. Thanks for understanding. This is one of the problems of the manosphere women.

They are happily married because they married an alpha. They used the same trick that other women use to land an alpha that is, giving the goods before commitment. This is not an insult. They have confessed to have done that. Now, they recommend other women to be chaste, shun alphas and marry a beta.

That is, the exactly opposite of what they did. Do what I say not what I do. Watching helplessly as your dutiful beta provider, who has bent over backwards to keep you ensconced in comfort and security for years suddenly have his own epiphany that his SMV has shot way ahead of yours has to be very scary and humbling for any woman.

It just is what it is. There always were and always are a few women who luck out, hit the jackpot, and get early commitment from a high value man with options.

This, of course, leads to two immediate thoughts that I believe Rollo has already touched on. Elspeth, which men ever GET to demand anything, much less demand better? It would require men as a collective refusing to marry used up women. You live and learn. Would a former alcoholic be who managed to never get caught or convicted for his DUI be wrong if he advises others not to drink and drive?

Before I forget it, the reason some women can say things like this: Time when the main focus is to find a long term partner 30 - 36 - Security.

Reference Manual on Scientific Evidence: Third Edition

Most women at this age hit the wall and the main interest for them is social security, financial support and stability. They can't compete with younger women and they are focused on raising their kids 37 - 40 - Development phase. Men reach their peak at age 37, in terms of career, social status, life experiences, i.

Women are still focused on raising their kids - Redevelopment. The kids are almost independent at those times. This is the time when '40 is the new 30' and woman is trying to have the same fun as she had in her party ages while simultaneously maintaining her security relationships. This is the time when she appreciates 5 mins from her party years with a fun guy more than years of relationships with her husband 48 For woman this phase is mostly based on emotional and intimate dependence with her partner.

Financial provisioning is crucial, but plays a smaller role.I guess the main thing that bothers me is the tone in general. Rational and pragmatic, the book explores the intergender and social dynamics of each stage of women's maturity and provides a pra Building on the core works of The Rational Male — Preventive Medicine presents a poignant outline of the phases of maturity and the most commonly predictable experiences men can expect from women as they progress through various stages of life.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Thanks Tam, fixed. Lastly, bear in mind that women in this phase experience this urgency in direct proportion to what their looks, sexuality and command of male attention will afford them.

The fact that the bloom of youth makes even plain girls pretty, for a while, is one reason why the common marriage age in the s, and earlier, was rarely past the mid to late teens, Quite true. And you were able to do it using pretty much the same tactics that girls use now, except toned down and in a less raunchy environment.

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