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custom-speeches.com - Free ebook download as PDF File . pdf) or read book online for free. e practice of 64 Yoginis is one of the most esoteric and potent of all tantric practices. Yogini means “power of union” or “the power that facilitates union”. In tantric. Rudrayamala tantra hindi pdf - cenamocac nbsp; Rudrayamala tantra hindi pdf Book: Rudra Yamala - Uttara Tantra Language: Sanskrit Edited.

This long process has led to Tantra becoming bowdlerized and commodified here in the West, and to its sanitization and general rejection in South Asia. Kiss of the Yogini is a rich and complex effort, as White calls upon not only numerous Sanskrit texts which he translates himself , but also a wide range of ethnographic, artistic, architectural, and sociological materials.

He does this in a witty and engaging style, which only enhances his scholarship. He also includes one hundred pages of notes, bibliographies and index. E Tantric texts entailed.

However, anyone who is interested in a sophisticated modern understanding of the myriad and often transgressive uses of human sexuality throughout history should read it. It is well worth the effort. White provides wonderful translations of previously- unstudied Sanskrit texts, many of which contain graphic passages concerning the ritual uses of sexual fluids in the propitiation of the goddesses and Yoginis. For example there are many throughout the book one vivid passage from a late Kaula composition states 74 : The Goddess is fond of the vulva and penis, fond of the nectar of vulva and penis.

Therefore, one should fully worship the Goddess with the nectar of vulva and penis. A manwho worships the Goddess by the drinking of the virile fluid and by taking pleasure in the wife of another man, as well as with the nectar of the vulva and penisknows no sorrow and becomes possessed of perfect mantras.

The meru, or bead to mark the beginning and the end of the mala, should be made of a king's tooth.

Yogini Tantra

Shiva proceeds to outline the number of times the mantra should be recited holding the rosary and the way the fingers should count. He speaks of the nature of other rosaries including pearl, tulsi basil when worshipping Vishnu, ivory for Ganesha , and rudraksha or red sandalwood for Tripura. Dhattura growing in a cremation ground is used for Dhumavati.

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He then describes ritual accessories to be used in the puja and the times in bright and dark fortnights of the moon which are favourable and unfavourable as well as other restraints due to time as well as suitable places for the rite.

Third Patala Devi asks how catastrophes including war and fever can be warded off.

In reply, Shiva recites a kavacha or armour which can be used to protect against malefic influence. It is not to be revealed lightly.

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He then speaks of a way to subjugate the world jagadvashyakara. Sage Narada also asked Shiva to speak of this of old. Shiva says that when she is imagined as a naked Devi, Kali is the deludress of the world. He then gives the Trailokya Mohana Kavacha armour bewildering the three worlds. Kalabhairava is the rishi of the mantra, anushtubh is the metre, Shmashana Kali is the devata. After giving the armour, Shiva describes how to make it.

It should be written on bhurja birch bark and worn round the person.

It should be written on the eighth day of the bright fortnight and placed inside a golden container. Wearing it on different parts of the body gives different results.

On the head, it destroys disease. On the right shoulder, it gives whatever is desired. Vishnu now chimes in and says Narada achieved the desires he wanted by employing this kavacha.

Yogini Tantra - Sanskrit And Hindi (Rare Book)

Fourth Patala The Devi now wants to know of other prayogas to give dominion, knowledge and wealth. Shiva mentions the Phetkarini Tantra and the Nila Tantra as sources.

One process is to draw a hexagon with the mantra of Tara within plus the sadhya the object. Devi asks about the satkarmas, six magical acts.

Shiva says these are pacifying, subduing, causing enmity, driving away, uprooting uccatana and causing death. He says there are six Shaktis appropriate to these acts.

The Padmini is suitable for pacifying and Sankhini for subjugation. He then outlines the mantras appropriate to the six acts. Fifth Patala Shiva describes a great sadhana in the cremation ground, involving the fifteen Kali Nityas.

This sadhana can also be performed in a desert, by the side of a river, on a mountain, at a crossroads, at the root of a Bilva tree, at a place where there is a single lingam, at a place where there are no people as well as in the cremation ground.

Sixth Patala Devi asks about the different classes of sadhaka. Shiva says they are divided into the divya divine , vira heroic and pashu herdlike categories.

The meditation for the divya should be concealed, Shiva speaking of vira meditation. He says a vira should meditate on the three bindus in the form of a 16 year old woman.

The first is as bright as 10,, dawn suns,extending from the head to the breasts. The second extends from the breasts to the hips and the third from the yoni to the feet.

This is the Kamakala form, the very essence of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. The vira and the divya may employ madya, mamsa, matsya, mudra and maithuna the five 'm's in their worship.

Tantra Books

According to Shiva, the rishis, the vasus, the daityas all became great through this puja. Shiva speaks of this worship for the four Hindu divisions varnas and also for the Avadhuta.

Much of this material is repeated in the Yoni Tantra.

He says the great nectar flows from Kundalini when it has risen to the top of the head. This is the great wine. She is the supreme Shakti within the body. He gives the mantra. Shiva says: It is the cause of great miracles, declared by Mahakala.

A sadhaka who masters the mantra sees everything in his dreams he wishes.

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The god then speaks of the Mritasanjivani vidya. This appears to give the power of bringing back the dead to life. He describes other vidyas including Madhumati and the Trilokyakarshi vidya.

This attracts whatever a sadhaka desires in the three worlds.After giving the armour, Shiva describes how to make it.

In answer, Shiva says he will declare the great Yogini Tantra, the giver of both wealth and liberation. She has a rolling tongue, makes a terrifying roar, three reddened eyes, and has a wide open mouth.

Fourth Patala The Devi now wants to know of other prayogas to give dominion, knowledge and wealth. The daitya Ghora then recites a hymn to Devi, celebrating her victory over the Daityas.

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