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Thursday, August 1, 2019

It comes with a pretty artsy book about architecture but I personally feel the book doesn't do a good job engaging us lego readers to make connections with lego. LEGO Architecture Studio book. Read 4 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. An inspirational guidebook filled with pages of tips. Lego Architecture Studio Book on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

Lego Architecture Studio Book

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Two years ago, I purchased the LEGO Architecture Studio set. I never Some of the models in my book require parts not included in LEGO. This content is a natural extension of the content in the book, and I hope you I bought your book and I can´t wait to have the LEGO Architect Studio Set for. Oooooo. LEGO Architecture studio o co . than a book: it is an invitation to a hands-on . Technology and architectural studio KRADS, created.

There are problems, however. And yet, the pretty white blocks are begging for you to outdo the great architects of the world with your own take on timeless design, which is where the LEGO Architecture Studio Set comes into play. This is not a LEGO set created with even a hint of child-friendliness.

From the white box to the white, well, everything else, this is clearly something aimed at adults. Despite this, the Studio set is an educational product pitched at adults who want to learn something about architecture in a fun, hands-on way.

Could Lego Architecture Studio actually be useful for architects?

First of all, this includes 1, LEGO pieces. Still, it works out to about 15 U.

You can then use the mix of white and transparent bricks to try those fundamentals out for yourself. As with the majority of LEGO sets, you have to sort the bricks yourself, but to help you with that job there are two sorting trays included in the kit.

Each tray has four compartments, giving a total of eight sorting spaces. While I never really stopped building one or two small LEGO sets a year, I usually built the model on the box without putting much thought into the other things I could build.

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I was drawn to the LEGO Architecture Studio set because it pulled at something from my childhood — the joy of building something creative and new. The first thing I did when I opened the box was to sort out the parts by type so I could see what I had to work with.

Not unsurprisingly, the next project was to re-create my own home using this wide open canvas of new bricks. I eventually took the time to thumb through the included book to see what it had to offer. I was on my way….

Inspired by the handful of challenges in the book, I decided to try and complete 30 LEGO Architecture challenges and document the project on my blog. I explored scale , made a sphere , some furniture , and an MC Escher model.

Exploring Shed-style Architecture during my day challenge.

My favorite challenges were the many architectural projects, where I learned about a specific style of architecture like Art Deco , Prairie style , Shed-style , Brutalism , or Craftsman. Admittedly, it did not take long for me to break the first rule of my day challenge , to only use the parts contained in the LEGO Architecture Studio set.


I discovered Bricklink, a website where you can buy any LEGO part ever created, in whatever quantity you want. Having bubblewrap envelopes containing additional LEGO bricks appear in the mailbox is pretty awesome but be warned, it can be addictive.

I started organizing my LEGO using a combination of Ziploc bags, plastic tubs and craft boxes with dividers. My initial solution was a stack of plastic boxes with removable dividers and tight fitting lids.

They stack easily, but it is challenging to get the parts out of the small compartments without spilling parts everywhere.

My final solution was the inexpensive, yet durable drawer system by Akro-Mils drawers. The small drawers hold small or uncommon parts, and larger drawers are perfect for very common or large parts.

To make things even easier, I developed a collection of LEGO labels which you can print and affix to the front of every drawer. You can download the labels from my website at: The labels are designed for a Brother Label printer.

The longest chapter in my 2 years with the LEGO Architecture studio set follows my experiences getting approached by a publisher, conceiving of an initial idea for a book, finding the right publisher, writing the book, and seeing the warm reception by LEGO enthusiasts from around the world. This was an exhausting yet exciting experience, especially now that I can share my excitement for the finished book with the world.

Much of this time was spent researching styles and editing the book, but I also spent a lot of time designing and refining the LEGO models featured in the book. I decided pretty early that it was more important to create compelling LEGO models that capture the most important characteristics of their respective styles than to ensure that each model could be built using only the parts from the Architecture Studio set.

Since I have arguably spent more time with the Architecture Studio concept than almost anyone else while writing my book, I feel qualified to call out some of the shortcomings of the set and my hopes for a revised edition. However, in your book there are several special LEGO Bricks been used in your models but, I am finding difficulties to find these bricks in Market whereas, only the standard bricks are available so, I appreciate your advice on how to find these special bricks ….

I prepared an article helping people acquire the remaining parts here: Chad, I have created building instructions for many models.

2 years with LEGO Architecture Studio

I also made instructions for a few additional models available at http: We did all the projects in it, though I did have to order a few extra bricks to do it. Thanks for this resource! When I wrote the book, I hoped that it would serve dual duty — Inspiring young people to explore Architecture as well as appealing to adults. I am blessed an honoured to hear from people like you that it is something that young people are enjoying too.

Do they tend to jump around in the book, or are the able to focus on a single style of architecture for a single session?

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Further, I hope that it was easy for you to acquire the extra bricks… Did you use the resources at http: It did offer some new ideas, like the art-deco inspirations, that id never explored.Here is a closer look at how it developed.

Despite this, the Studio set is an educational product pitched at adults who want to learn something about architecture in a fun, hands-on way.

Instead of being a one-time set that you construct and put somewhere on a shelf, LEGO Architecture Studio sets is focused on the heart of architecture and design; free-building and free-flowing ideas and creativity. Altair marked it as to-read Apr 08, This building set is sure to delight kids and adults alike as they recreate the famous London sites with cool model Oct 09, Isabel rated it really liked it Shelves: This model focuses on the front facade and left porch of the home.

The ability to express ideas through 3D forms is essential to people in the architecture professions.

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